Glazer: Scribe Rocks His 40th @ Shawnee Mission East

Many of you have been having those five and ten year reunions…

I just had mine again. I wasn’t worried about it at all. After all, I was a cool kid in high school. Yeah, I had my share of haters there too, but screw them.

I’m not someone to jack with in person and they never do.

Going in I felt like, "Yeah, I’ve done better than you guys thought I would."  Not a good attitude to have. I work out with Bruce Ecton, the chairman of our reunions. Bruce had told me we’d be doing the Blue Moose in Prairie Village on Friday and Indian Hills Country Club on Saturday for the biggie.

So I asked one of my girls, Jessie, a 28 year-old hottie. She’s built and a decent gal but looks way too wild. Hey, I wanted to make a statement as usual – that I’m still playing ball. I’d taken my ex, actress Sandhal Bergman to her 40th two years ago. She was the star of that one, but I knew a lot of her friends since I as a sophomore when she was a senior at Shawnee Mission East.

Many of my classmates remembered that I didn’t attend the 30th. I was too busy being indicted by the Feds. Front page news along with a little thing called 9/11 on the exact same day.

So I was surely the talk of that one but not in a good way.

"I knew Craig was up to no good…dope dealing jerk. Probably sells to our kids. Yeah, he drives a Ferrari. What an asshole."

So yeah, I was in the mood to make a little noise. Since then I’ve had book deals, a book, film deals, three movies I produced have come out, Stanford’s is doing well, on and on. So yeah, I was a litte worked up.

But guess what? I was wrong.

I shouldn’t have been such an idiot. The class couldn’t have been cooler, nicer or warmer to me and to everyone who attended. The Blue Moose was so much fun. Indian Hills redone to the tune of six million bucks was like the new Arrowhead, simply gorgeous. My date was treated great, I made her change her super mini skirt to a top and jeans for Indian Hills. Everyone was glad to see me and me them. It was a great, great time.

I was maybe the only "bad cool kid" there.

The rest of my bad guy and girl schoolmates spent too much time getting high, drinking, and not doing well at life. Some were already dead.

The people at the reunion – about 25% of our class of 700 – were mostly well to do and had nice lives. They were in shape and acted pretty damn nice to each other. Ages 56-58, hey its time to live and let live.

The kids who were geeks were now the ‘stars’ and the cool kids were no more.

People didn’t go into their ‘groups’ as they had at other reunions, like the 10th or the 20th. Yeah, it was nice. Got some numbers of a few old pals and planned a few lunches. But truth be known, in all likelihood most of us will never see one another again as long as we live.

We are all just memories of a life gone by…

I miss being the young "cool kid," I really do. I did great at being cool. And I’m still in shape and handsome in my mid 50’s but man, to be young and me again. Boy, I’d shake up the world Life it just goes by so God Damn fast.

So go to your reunions and remember yesterday cause tomorrow’s just a blink away.

I loved Shawnee Mission East and I miss those days.

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85 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Rocks His 40th @ Shawnee Mission East

  1. Davis says:


  2. Robertoe says:

    Well the Glazer age mystery has been solved. He’s 58/59 – SME class of 71. I was SW Class of 72.

    And Craig you can make a reunion statement without doing it half your age. This was my last SW reunion date. THE SAME AGE as me and everyone else at the reunion.

    You obviously like being vilified, especially by ALL of the women in your graduating class.

  3. Can't say says:

    Raiders owner Al Davis has died!!!!

    Won’t make reunion!!!!!

  4. mark smith says:

    Al Davis was only 36. Glazers dermatoligist got hold of Al.
    “. Since then I’ve had book deals, a book, film deals, three movies I produced have come out, Stanford’s is doing well, on and on”

    No doubt you’ll take umbrage at this question, but I ask it in all seriousness. Why do you keep listing your resume in every post?
    Im guessing you are under the mistaken belief that your “HATERS”, get all worked up and jealous, start stumbling around the room all drunk on the hateraid. At first I though it was just an act, something to stir up the comments. But I was wrong. You actually believe the shit you say. I’ll be honest, your Look At Me shtick has gone from amusing to sad, to painfully funny. Watching a guy who has actually had a few decent successes in the past, try to convince everyone, but mostly himself, that he is still IT, is just plain pathetic. Nothing wrong with growing older Glazer, we all do it. Nothing wrong with being proud of your success. But repeating it like a mantra or some Gregorian chant……Ummmm Im so fucking cool,,,,ummm ummm Ive got a sports car and a plug in vibrating tool….ummm ummm its not a weave….ummm ummm Im the king of sting…ummm ummmm. Hall-AAAAA- Loooooo-Ya.
    So back to that question. I think it’s a fair one. Why do you feel the need to validate your every sentence with your resume? And please spare me the standard ‘Im buff bad ass and Ill beat you up routine. Try something new, an honest answer. Not that I expect one, but it’s a real hoot to watch you implode in the comment section.

    Nod to Robertoe, that is a good looking woman. Glazer would like to know if she has a daughter or grand daughter.

  5. Can't say says:

    Mark u know the answer
    INSECURITY. Also you forgot I’m the best looking and best shape over 50 guy in all of KC. I would suggest another thing. Impotence.

    Mark u recall the guys in gym class that always wanted to brag about their conquests. Craig is just a grown up version of that. Hearne gives him a platform. And yes its sad. And yes he doesn’t realize the joke is on him. And no he won’t answer your comments. At least not in a legit way. Speaking of comments. Boy they have been down since u know who kicked his ass.

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    You need to stay after school and get some help with your math, brother.

    Craig’s last three columns have had 30, 34 and 42 comments. Tell you-know-who he needs to kick in another kick

  7. Can't say says:

    No sir
    apparently u need to do math!!! That would be 7, 30 and I believe 42. And that’s not counting this 6 response. But hey its Saturday so its understandable. So I guess we could add his three last columns and these 6 and he still wouldn’t hit the infamous 100 mark.

    But maybe you two have melded together to the point you feel you are one and the same so you are counting the times you write about him and giving him your numbers.

    Wish you were a teller at my bank. But of course maybe you don’t read KCC and Craig is posting somewhere else and u r counting that. This also explains why you have some confusion when it comes to Craig’s stories. Remember numbers don’t lie.

    Glad to know if Craig can’t answer his challenges you are there for him.

  8. Mark X says:

    …Thanks for the update, Uncle Rico …
    I loved Shawnee Mission East and I miss those days…

    … oh, good lord …

    … and if the Coach woulda put you in the fourth quarter, you’d have been state champions….

  9. COWBOY says:

    Craig Glazer is the BEST
    He is loved by all and is the definition of what Kansas City. Him and those parents of the missing baby. Except they have teeth. Don’t listen to these haters Craig.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Easy math major;

    Craig’s pics are not big comment getters; he’s only done like three and they tend to draw fewer comments plus later ones after the game results are in. That one went up late too. His regular column comments are as stated.

    Here you’re looking at a column that barely went up an hour before you added your comment. Not so fast, dude; slow it down, you’ll enjoy it more…

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Hard To Decide Which Hater To Anser First
    I know none….boys when you can do what I do, then you can talk until then sit in row 47 section B ok…let the men work while you just watch, deal….remember listen, read, learn, write it down….thank you. PS hater Cliffy and gang, don’t you boys ever have anything nice to say, like “hey Craig’s college picks in week five may go perfect again, he’s a genius.” Well I did recommend taking MU, thought I said I would bet it, but I know everyone wanted to know, so I’ll take that as a loss….happy Cliff, even us “cool guys” ain’t perfect….

  12. Super Dave says:

    Words to ponder by……
    Never underestimate the power of the finger.

    Instead of greeting the local egomaniac with the traditional

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    Not An Egomaniac/Su;per Dave You Would Lose Your Finger
    Lets not call you Super,, there is no evidence of that, lets call you “sucky davey” ok, ok, if you did that I would likely have to break your poor little finger…ah…wouldn’t want that, what would you wack off with? Plus pick buggies…not a good idea…

  14. Monkey Man says:

    White People Have Reunions?
    Man those are for all the punks who really went to class. You white people are nuts. If the guy wants to crow, so, its cool. You go boy. Hey Glazer that little lady is a smooth lookin ride brother.

  15. Doormat says:

    Hey Love The Girlie Pictures
    It’s been a minute since I was on the site. Good timing. Can count on Glazer for the best puntang around. She is wild looking for sure. I’d like one.

  16. garethbale says:

    Is this a joke?
    or are you really like this?- a tad over compensating in the testosterone area
    news flash – no one cares if you are still in the game- high schools been over for 40 freaking years-

  17. Matt Wilson says:

    Is this a joke? Nope sadly it is not.
    For a conman who is a convicted felon to forever being an ex-convict who has never had an original thought in their life you sure like to down people and then as well threaten to break others fingers.

    You have issues it appears and they will be your undoing no doubt. I have in the past few weeks just as a little hobby and since I am retired now done some research on you in here and asking around town. We will see if you remember me or not. Oh you have friends no doubt but you have tenfold that many or more that can

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Dear Matt
    So let me get this straight, on a story about my high school reunion, I am now a liar(again) have a wizard working for me on my sports calls, bet Vegas wants that guys number, and stole the title of my book from Apollo Creed.

    Well I don’t see anything in your attack about what I was lying about? The name KING OF STING is as original in the context of me being a sting artist and claiming to be the best of my time, as I could think of, as far as the pretend fighter Creed, he was referring to the art of his punch( a stinging punch), not the same. Having seen the movie a million times, and knowing Sly a bit, I did notice the name or phrase after I used it, cause before I hadn’t, no big deal. Just so you’ll Matt many phrases or ideas are used on purpose or by accident over and over, like “get er done” just that Larry made that famous, thats all..or “dynomite” I think a cartoon animal may have use it before Walker.

    As far as being a convict, there are lots of famous good people who are, heck even Jesus was locked up, huh. For me and in my life it was a badge of courage and even honor, as the book made clear, I held my mud and faced serious danger due to having been a sting artist and robbing drug groups and also having been a real law enforcement man……lets see what else…oh “break a finger” the idea was given out by “stinky davey” (super dave), he offered to stand in front of me and flip me off, I wrote “bad idea”….thats all…matt I have never put down anyone or attacked anyone on this site who didn’t attack me….like you are….so you did research…..huh….where in your pants…..I see nothing you wrote that matters or shows anything… are such a jealous little pup that you now say I CHEAT TO PREDICT GAMES…which of course is impossible…unless you are those guys on the phone who want you to pay them for INSIDE INFORMATION, they always have some….maybe you spoke to them matt, matt the river rat….keep up the investigation old boy.

  19. chuck says:

    Glaze is a raconteur, with a local and sometimes national flavor.

    Our kcconfidential commenting communitas, can be a Hobsian nightmare of mutual predation and despair (I stole that from Chris Hitchens, fuckin fits perfect.), aleviated occasionaly by funny sports stories (I like the new guy.) and Glazer’s tales from the cleft (Use your imagination.).

    No diss, but lemme get this right.

    “I have in the past few weeks just as a little hobby and since I am retired now done some research on you in here and asking around town. ”

    A little clarification here Mr. Rockford. You are making phone calls? You actually got in your fuckin car to go follow some leads? Tossin some cut and pasted head shots of the Glaze across bar tops to unsavory characters and askin, “You know this guy?” Palming a Twenty to get some info?

    No diss, but goddamn is that funny. I won’t be able to get that Rockford Files song outta my head all day. Deh neh, Deh neh, denna denna denna, deh neh…

    If you are drivin a 1977 Pontiac Firebird, in a houndstooth jacket, I fuckin wanna be your friend!

    This is my favorite phone message left for Rockford, at the beginning of his show—

    “”Jimmy, it’s Angel. Don’t pay no attention to my other message. You’re out of it. You’re clean, no trouble at all. Just ignore the first message.”

    Matt! I wanna be Angel! I am little, short, bald and frequently in trouble with the law by way of a distinct lack of enthusiasm for social propriety and, although it is no excuse, ignorance of the law.

    MATT: *picking up the phone* “Matt Rockford.”

    cHUCK: “Matt, you got any work for me today, I am not due back at the Halfway House till 7PM.”

    MATT: “Are you drunk?”

    cHUCK: “Only if the Pope says Mass in Rome on Christmas Day.”

    MATT: “Perfect, I need ya to go over to The Woodside Raquet Club Bar and ask around about a guy named Craig Glazer.”

    cHUCK: “I know that guy, he nailed my sister back in the day.”

    MATT: “We are gonna bring him down.”

    cHUCK: “My sister would like ya to bring him back, she still talks about him.”

    MATT: “Your sister used to be kinda hot.”

    cHUCK: “Are we gettin paid for this shit?”

    MATT: “No.”

    cHUCK: “Usual deal, huh?”


    cHUCK: “Look, why don’t we just go to Woodside, and try to nail a couple of Glaze’s rejects?”

    MATT: “Your sick.”

    cHUCK: “I need a ride.”

    MATT: “Ten minutes.”

    Come on Matt! Partake in the joie de vivre!!

  20. Orphan of the Road says:

    ROFLMAO Chuck
    Hitchens and Hobbs on this site – BRILLIANT!

  21. chuck says:

    Thanks Orphan.

    I gota go outta town, but I hope the kids have fun sown there today.


  22. chuck says:

    DOWN there today.

  23. Orphan of the Road says:

    I’ll report back. Going to try to do the march but since surgery last year, I’ve got a couple of hitches in my get-along.

  24. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Just Jew Haters, Except You Chuck
    Great work Chuck. You crazy cutter.

  25. Self Absorbed says:

    Have you ever
    This almost has a hint of humility in it. If it wasn’t for the chest beating and self promotion. Guessing this is why they list pride as one of the 7 deadly sins and even considered the cause for the remaining 6.

  26. mermaid says:

    Self – Absorbed…
    And not a very good friend I have found out. I try and talk to him about my parents and what I go through and ask for advice and this is his answer- I got a call on the other line I will call you back or the other good one- your parents are old- they are dying and that is it. Also my mother really wants to see the Kauffman Center before she dies – it’s like her make a wish. Well Craig has a connection where he could get her really nice seats and I have asked him 100 times to please get them for her and he still hasn’t and the show is Oct 21. He only cares about himself and only himself and maybe his brothers who he gives most of his money to for their problems. You will never meet a more shallow out for himself person than Craig Glazer.

  27. Craig jGlazer says:

    Mermaid Debbie
    What is wrong with you Debbie, I have been all over your family issues. Wrote about it here and on facebook and asked for people to stand by you. I offered to visit your dad and mom! I have helped you with $ when you have asked, several times….I have gotten you more than 100 tickets to shows and will this one, and of course Stanfords, backstage to Cheech and Chong, met them, only WE WERE ALLOWED BACK…I have been a good friend to you Debbie. You told me that Robertoe nearly attacked you and thats not up here? I have known you, dated you and been your good friend for twenty years…I think you get pissed cause there is a girl in the story with photo…I don’t yell at you when you date, so come on now…

  28. carla says:

    If he isn’t your boyfriend, why does he owe u? Why are ur problems automaticly his? Even if he sleeps with u, does that give u the right for all these expectations?

    If you are exclusive, diff story.

  29. Robertoe says:

    whoa! wait a sec
    Well that never happened!

  30. T says:

    Holy Young and the Restless!
    WTF, eh?

  31. Bob says:

    9/11 30th reunion?
    “Many of my classmates remembered that I didn’t attend the 30th. I was too busy being indicted by the Feds. Front page news along with a little thing called 9/11 on the exact same day.”

    Your 30th reunion was on a Tuesday?

  32. harley says:

    glaze is glaze….
    he is what he is. He’s egotistical..and his world revolves around one thing…himself.
    So stop trying to change him. He isn’t going to change. He is what he is.
    Roberto: leave mermaid alone.
    Mermaid: go get your own seats. If you want something do it yourself. And are you looking for a friend or a sponsor.
    I wonder…seems glaze has helped you out financially when you were in trouble before and now you post this negative
    writing on a publicly read webstie? That’s underhanded! Seems that you and maureen mooch offthe guy for tickets
    and money then attacked him publicly….
    Glaze…pick up the phone and call mermaid…she needs you now. She’s going thru hell. You owe her nothing but to be
    a freind and ally. Pick your friends more accurately
    Bob..glaze didn’t mean his reunion was on 9/11…maybe he got indicted on 9/11..
    all of you behave.

  33. chuck says:

    In my mind, I am goin to Carolina.
    Can’t ya just see the……….

  34. Craig Glazer says:

    30th Reunion
    I would think it was a Friday/Saturday, I was arrested earlier in that week, so it was still in the news each day and fresh….I was dealing with hiring a lawyer and saving my butt, not going to a party. Those were awful times, scary. Glad you were all so worried, God forbid an innocent man go to prison huh…oh yeah I did snort some blow, but life sentence or even a week, really. So Harley is right on that one, not same day, same week….

    As for Mermaid, Debbie, hey I still love her, she has been kind to me, saw me in hospital a few times, means well, good heart, but yeah she is not my one and only and hasn’t been, nor I hers, and thats were it gets weird, someone who wrote all that is correct….

  35. Merle Tagladucci says:


  36. Taco Time says:

    Chiefs Win
    Glazer are you getting nervous?

  37. mark smith says:

    Thats what Im talkin about. The fat is jumpin in the skillet
    Glazer I stand behind my previous statement of the obvious, you write like old people fuck. Not very well. That said, there is no site on the internets where a post can go from High School reunion to scorned women, to claims of a near date rape (sounds dubious at best). You may be as shallow as a kiddie pool (and you are), but goddamn if you don’t draw some of the funniest comments I’ve ever read. I’m begining to think you really do need your own reality show. Your life is one train wreck after another it seems.

    Have you considered stepping into the 21st century and adding some video to this site? Hi def cameras are 100 bucks now. You need to start following this guy around with a video camera. Do a few installments a week. a day in the life type series. If his life is as full of crazy as it seems to be, you might go viral.

  38. Super Dave says:

    Oh no Mark won’t work
    Remember all those people he ripped off? If he got to much face time on internet they might be able to figure out his day and do some revenge work on him..

  39. mermaid says:

    I could care less about Jessie in her Cirilla’s tawdry lingerie she calls a dress. I do not care. I just need a little help here and you are just too worried about yourself. I would like to not wait until the damn day of the performance to give them to her. It would be nice if she had something to look forward too for at least a week. I would rather not wait until the day of and you tell me “Oh sorry I couldn’t get them” which is your usual answer and then I find out you gave them away or had Jack or Jeff sell them. Really. Get real for a minute of your life.

  40. Craig Glazer says:

    Super Moron
    Boy you love get your tush smacked….I have been on national TV a bunch, NBC Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, and so on…two part special on ET…about guess what, THE STINGS…SO I think by now people might be able to find me…remember super moron, these took place in the 70’s, most of those folks were much older than me, so they would be 65 to dead now…Debbie calm down you got your tickets but boy is that all that matters to you? What is wrong with you? How about the 100 I got before for you? Is your memory that short? I know its for your mom, I get it and said ok, you will have them this week, ok. Thank you.

  41. Craig Glazer says:

    Wow I am even impressed with me….the teaser is our friend, it brought us the big win with Pats and Chargers..If the Pack cover we stay a bit over 90%. With at least 12 picks a week, unreal.

  42. Super Dave says:

    What Ever Craig
    In your eyes I might be a moron but I have not or ever been a thief, a lair, a conman, or convicted of a federal crime. And since name calling is another subject you appear to like to do without any warrant so be it. Guess we add that to the list as well. Now you might think because you were all of the above things you are entitled to be someone special just based on the principals but you are not. You got lucky is all but someday your luck might run out. So when things are good sometimes it

  43. harley says:

    no movie coming out…more b.s.
    there is no movie…the book sold almmost nothing…and its all fake..just like the boobs on jessie.
    He is what he is…nothing more.

  44. Dr. Phil says:

    Give her the fuckin tickets, never talk to her again.

    mermaid 06:16:41 PM – Sun. Oct 9. 2011

    I could care less about Jessie in her Cirilla’s tawdry lingerie she calls a dress. I do not care. I just need a little help here and you are just too worried about yourself. I would like to not wait until the damn day of the performance to give them to her. It would be nice if she had something to look forward too for at least a week. I would rather not wait until the day of and you tell me “Oh sorry I couldn’t get them” which is your usual answer and then I find out you gave them away or had Jack or Jeff sell them. Really. Get real for a minute of your life.

    What a load.

    Did she co sign on your house?

    Run for your life Mr. Glazer.

    Hauling this pain in the ass, ‘you owe me, cause you once fucked me’ dead behind the eyes used up, Telemundo drama queen is a Shawshank prison sentence.

    Delete the number, the memory, the past and impossibly horrible future that is associated with this way past her time Parris Hilton wanna be.

  45. Jack chuck Webb says:

    Just the facts ma’am.
    Harley (JoJo), commenting on a Glazer’s book, is akin to a chimpanzee perusing the Kerr Space Time tome on black holes.

    Harley (JoJo), hates black holes, black people and sure as fuck gets lost in space when confronted with conceptual conundrums.

    Glaze’s hopes and dreams of time standing still, and it does, at the speed of light, in a Black Hole (Insert bad jokes.) is fodder for Harley’s ineffectual riposte.

    Mired in ennui with Harley’s (JoJo) retreat from the field, I seek a reconstitution of a one sided conflict for the greater good of the blog.

    Harley’s (JoJo) favorite book, has something to do with Dick running, or Dick seeing, or Dick…

    Harley’s (JoJo) repressed Homosexuality (His ancestors, initiated the Key Party in Sparta.) passes the smell test (Ew…) with every “I hate Glaze, I love Glaze” post.

    All that “Land” Harley (JoJo) owns, East of the Stadium Complex, is a real time “Breakin Bad” chimera of toothless meth heads and rusted out Chevys.

    Sorry Harley (JoJO), I lost $100.00 on football, and your my side of the barn.

  46. chuck says:

    Forgot to mention this.
    White People Have Reunions?

    Monkey Man 08:28:57 PM – Sat. Oct 8. 2011

    Man those are for all the punks who really went to class.

    No doubt, this is posted from the fuckin Water Dept website.


  47. mermaid says:

    Dr. Phil…
    With those scathing words it sounds like you must be some boy I dumped like a smelly bag of trash. Sounds like you have some major issues with me to post something so obnoxious. So sad for you. Hope things go better for you in the future.

  48. Hearne says:

    Now what was it that Can’t Say said about…
    Craig being washed up in the comments section?

  49. Craig Glazer says:

    Harley/JoJo/Nut Job
    “there is no movie, the book sold nothing…..Craig is a fake” thats it for you medicine moron…”oh Craig lets hang out, give me tickets…blah, blah, blah”

    The book was so shitty it went to paperback, psstttt…Harley they don’t do that nationally if it doesn’t sell, just a tip, it was a best selling crime book, still on Amazon and at most stores two plus years later, why do I have to do this again….oh yeah you might check google or IMDB.COM and you might see that King of Sting is still an Eisner picture in developement with Rob Lorenz warners/eastwood…WILL it be a movie, hope so, Rob that low life is now directing CLINT in his next starring roll, THE CURVE, front page news Hollywood Reporter, than maybe we can do mine…they have the paid to me option script is done, that was all in the NATIONAL NEWS…happy….

    Harley you have become just a mad old guy who one day loves me, Hearne,Mermaid,Barbie,Chuck,Bshlotz, and everyone the next we are all dog meat….clearly you have some major mental issues.

    One more important thing ALL YOU HATERS AND THAT MEANS YOU HARLEY have fake names and NO PROOF OF ANYTHING YOU SAY, NONE….Hearne and I are public figures and seem to have to show eveidence at times to things, we have and much too often. Almost all our claims, mine in particular are public record…a ton times over…my life story is now recorded history, documented for the most part,yes even people in the stings have given court testimony…on both sides…so FOR GODS SAKE QUITE MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER…

  50. harley says:

    glaze….sorry to speak the truth…
    in your previous posts you said that eastwood would do yourmovie right after j edgar was done. Well that’s done and nothing
    is coming. There’s no movie….you just keep putting it off and off…until it completely sinks.
    Stop us. We know how you worki. Nothing personal but it won’t be the frirst time you’ve done it.
    Just be honest with us….we can see no movie coming…so fess up.
    Its okay…i’ve said that you’re out to self promote and that’s fine…but when a deal blows honest and frank.
    You can’t be honest adn frank with a friend like mermaid…how can you be frank and honest with strngers.
    And by the way..i do congratulate and defend you and your ways on this site…read my comments.
    You’ve become the lightning rod for many negative comments…most comments are negative about you..
    but i contineu to defend you when need be.
    if you can’t take the heat…go back to pimping asian broads.

  51. Craig Glazer says:

    Guess So
    Know what you’re right Harley you got me, its all b.s. no book, no movie,no nothing, I’m not sure we even have a comedy club…thats fake too, its all fake….good call, you win…bye.

  52. mermaid says:

    In an earlier column…
    Craig said Robertoe arracked me – he’s having some sort of hissy fit over this – he tried to take advantage of me but no he did not attack me. Ok Robertoe you ok now jeez.

  53. Robertoe says:

    no, I’m not ok with this
    OK guys got that? I didn’t ‘arrack’ her. I don’t know what this means but it sounds like it could be something I’d consider!

    I didn’t attack her either – in any way shape or form. I get falsely accused of sexual assault and she has the gall to insinuate I’m over-reacting! This is truly fucked up!

    And you are still mischaracterizing what happened. On that particular night, as soon as you expressed consternation, I hailed you cab, gave you cab fare and sent you on your way. And now I read that ‘I tried to take advantage of you’? That’s sure a funny way of doing so!

    I don’t think you are treating Craig right either by publicly posting this derogatory shit about him. I notice you aren’t denying that hes loaned you money on several occasions and has given you +100 tickets to events over the years. Wow. Talk about a shitty payback!

    I know Mermaid’s going through lots of negative family stuff right now but no one is forcing her to post here. Raking us through the mud won’t improve her unfortunate situation. What you posted about Craig is not right. And the way you allowed me to be falsely characterized as some sort of date rapist is really fucked up.

    I’m sure glad that got cleared up now that its well down the thread and no one is reading it anymore!

  54. Craig Glazer says:

    Sounds Fair Robert
    Look I wasn’t there so I don’t know. Likely she misunderstood something. I don’t think you attacked her. Debbie maybe felt you were sexually interested, hey most men would be, not a crime. Debbie is going through alot you are right. We love our parents no matter what and to lose one or both at the same time is just terrible. We all feel bad for you Debbie. I especially do, but I am your friend and have proven that to you many times. Again I am more than happy to help, as I feel I have before. You will survive all this and things will calm down. Just have some faith. Everyone is not out to get you. You have many friends. Love you.

  55. harley says:

    roberto….you get in bed with
    dogs…you get fleas. Remember that.
    I can’t believe this sexual porblem is being played out on this site. Hearne stop this. this is ridiculous. This is
    not facebook…please discontinue any more comments on this problem that the three of them (mermaid/glaze
    and robertoe)have with each other….

  56. mermaid says:

    You beg me to say you didn’t attack me then you basically screw me over and say bad things about me. You are two faced. Just stop it. Craig is the one who said it not me. So leave it at that. Just everyone leave me alone!

  57. harley says:

    robertoe…..a woman scorned
    is not someone to mess with. you know better. Now drop it.

  58. mermaid says:

    None of this is your business anyway so stay out of it. I wasn’t scorned so what are you talking about! I don’t date Robertoe we are just friends and I don’t date Craig either. I keep my dating life to myself obviously for good reason- to keep it off this site. No one will ever know who I see. So this is all for naught because neither Craig nor Robertoe will be dating me EVER! As far as Craig he is a good friend- he is getting me my tickets and so end of story. Finite.

  59. charlie tuna says:

    he tried to take advantage of me
    Roberto, sounds like you got lucky by not getting lucky. This mermaid broad is clearly a gold digger. Glazer himself says he has done all kinds of favors for her, and she repays him by trashing him. I recall her talking on this site about going on vacation with you, so its clear she was swishing her mermaid tail at you. Count yourself lucky you never got in her panties, you would probably regret it.

  60. Can't say says:

    Hearne I love you brother but you just make a living being wrong. First you screwed up your math now its clear you can’t tell time. Did you flunk first grade? You state your comment was up barely an hour before I commented. Ok lets look at what the time says. You comment at 2:21 and I respond at 4:38. Hearne that would be over two hours correct? But then YOU respond at 5:37 which is less then an hour. So which one of us should be not so fast, slow down, you’ll enjoy it more dude???????

  61. Hearne Christopher says:

    All I can say, is keep reading; keep having fun and try to stay out of the crosshairs!

  62. Monkey Man says:

    GLAZER you pick some hot but odd ladies to jack with, this Mermaid is one tough mama. She knows what she likes, ain’t that Robero man, its you baby. Is she worth it? This babe in the photo is a 9 plus I want her bad.

  63. Mid Town Man says:

    Any Story With Some Sex And Photo Sell
    Glazer knows to put the hot photo in and then bam lots of comments. Good idea.

  64. mermaid says:

    Mr. Charlie Tuna of the Blog
    I was going to pay for every dime of that trip so I am not a gold digger. That is the last thing I am. In fact I probably have more money than Robertoe and Craig so you can really stop with the gold digging comments. I am not going on the trip because I now am unavailable to leave town and I’m not sure Robertoe wouldn’t put some wild South American plant in my food or drink and have his way with me and I wouldn’t even know it.

  65. Biker Bob says:

    Glazer Got Any Hot Mermaid Photos.
    Lets see what the fuse is.

  66. Charlie Tuna says:

    If Mermaid has so much money
    it begs the question, Why would you need to borrow money from the silver back aka glazer? I mean, if you have money, why go through all the drama, comments slamming 2 guys who you also call friends? Why not Buy the Tickets? Why post in a public forum and put your business out there for all to read? I assume that Glazer, who apparently has less cheddar than you, according to you, has one of those new cell phone things. Probably has an email address, home phone, business phone. Hell you could have sent him a letter, maybe had a plane with a big streamer fly over his club, saying “Call Me.” It’s the one thing Ive never been able to figure out, you send him messages through a comment section, then act indignant when someone makes a less than flattering remark. Then as the cherry on the shit sundae, you make an off handed comment implying Robertoe might slip you a tropical voodoo roofie.

  67. Yippie Yippie says:

    I Know Debbie, She Is A Hot One
    Debbie has always been a boy chaser, even in high school. We went to school together. She was a big boobed beauty. She has had a ton of male friends. Not an easy girl to bed. Well known she dated the Glazer off and on for years. She also dated a big dude named Scott. We love you Mermaid!

  68. mermaid says:

    Because Tuna…
    Craig has a family member who is high up at Kauffman and I want the VERY BEST seats in the house- front row middle. Got it? I can’t get that especially at this late date- he can. He has been a little busy buying Lotus’s and chasing whatever he chases and I have not been at the top of his list so I thought if I posted it he might hurry up a little. Trust me he owes me a few. He just had to make one little phone call and that’s it. I really am done talking about it Mr. Tuna so I am done with this. I don’t even care to see the show – it’s for my mother who has 3 to 4 months to live because of a late stage cancer so I really want to do this for her. Again I am so done with this.

  69. mermaid says:

    Yip Yip
    Love you too!

  70. Yippie Yippiei says:

    Mermaid Hope It All Works Out
    So sorry about your mother. Hope things all get better for your family.

  71. Super Man says:

    More 411 On The Babe Please
    Fill us in on this girl who got all this interest. Yeah, the pretty girls catch our eyes and comments. Tell me more, tell me more.

  72. Beech Bonanza says:

    A Legend in His Own Behind
    If you sort out all the numerous aliases that Glazer the “Weave” uses in here, there would be about half as many comments. And if that’s what gets Hearne all wet in his panties, so be it. Numbers don’t mean nuthin’ except when you are stroking the advertisers, or yourself in this case.
    If this guy had done half the stings and other capers he claims and writes about, he would be six feet under and forgotten. Drug dealers with hundreds of thousands in product don’t allow punks like this to continue to breathe air….it just doesn’t happen.
    Calling folks morons when they point out the huge flaws in his tall tales of adventure, is just the work of a well tuned con artist.
    Better watch your six with this guy Hearne, you may be part of the next chapter if his daydreams come true.

  73. kcfred says:

    I love this bar
    ….what a blast. Think Imma gonna try that new Southern Comfort with Tabsco and sit a spell. Hee fuckin haw!

  74. Can't say says:

    MY ANSWER-Can’t say talks about ALL the comments
    What Hearne you didn’t think I would let that slip by did you??? So here is my response about these OVER 70 COMMENTS!!!!

    First a good portion of comments are Craig’s. Second what we saw was a personal issue become a public issue and back and forth banter. The comments had nothing to do with the subject written about. So let’s not break our arm patting our self on the back.

    All that being said it was fascinating reading. It confirmed several things. Including how pathetic Craig is. Plus its great he has money because its clear without he wouldn’t have any friends.

    I also send my condolences and prayers to Mermaid. I hope her mom has a wonderful night out.

  75. Maureen says:

    Love The Hate Craig
    “Many of the comments are Glazers?” What they are all you haters. As many know I dated Craig a few years back. We had some problems, but I never hated him. The ‘haters’ did not read King of Sting, too jealous, its a great book, anyone who read it says so including Hollywood, he’s the real thng haters. You aren’t. Craig you can’t win with these old men, so quit trying. She is a looker, but so am I, see you around.

  76. Can't say says:

    Maureen is there
    anyone you haven’t dated???

    TEN of the comments are Craig’s. Maureen does that seem like “many” to you? Do you know what “many” is? If you slept with over 3 guys in a 24 hour period would that be many? Or would that just be the norm?

    Why don’t you reread King Of Sting tonight.. Sting is that what you tell the dr. you are feeling?

  77. Black Barbie says:

    Best You Can Do
    She ain’t nothing. Big fake tits thats all. At my work she would be just ok. You used to be picky, what happened Craig? Hey can I be on Johnny Dare with you. Ask him please. I am way better than that damn Becky girl. I’m cheaper too. It would be fun to be on with you guys. Let me know. My girlfriend said you was dating a girl from Whispers, hope not, they are all trash. You probably just doing her huh. Call me and let me know about Johnny. Maybe this girl is the Whispers girl, is she.

  78. Hearne Christopher says:

    OK, Can’t say…

    I’ll take your bait again. After just four comments on this post you claimed:

    “Speaking of comments. Boy they have been down since u know who kicked his ass.”

    You never said who you-know-who was. I mean, who hasn’t kicked Craig in the comments crowd?

    Prior to your claim, Craig’s comments stand at 21, 32, 42, 15, 32, and 35. Not exactly a comments drought. Al Davis didn’t do much and yes, he responded 10 times out of 76 in this column.

    And since when do the comments not deviate from the topic at hand? Since never. They often take on a life of their own. That’s part of the magic dude. Just like you rambling away on this number’s game with me.

    And your point is?

  79. Can't say says:

    Barbie is the BOMB
    That’s all that needs to be said. I say let her on Dare.

  80. Black Barbie says:

    Can’t Say Man
    You come to Temptations Saturday and I will give you a free nude lap dance baby. Yeah.

  81. Can't say says:

    Hearne I think ur point is
    Can’t Say you are right again!!!!!

    You Hearne are right that EVERYONE has kicked Craig’s ass.

    Sorry Black Barbie I’m a good boy and you would be to much temptation for me. Got to stay off of the candy store. But offer greatly appreciated. You are to kind.

  82. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’ll second that…the last part, I mean

  83. bschloz says:

    Triple Digits
    Great Thread …

    Jessie: Craigie I’m bored…I want to play around on the couch

    Glaze: Not now sweetie….Arizona St. is in the Red Zone

    Jessie: But Craigie you said we were gonna have fun and go dancing

    Glaze: In a MINUTE—- Baylor scores…YEEEEEESSSSSS There’s my OVER —- 90% Bitchez

    Jessie: Why did you call me a bitch…I’m bored

    Glaze: Never mind …get in the Lotus

    Jessie” Are You Kidding Me…Tanner’s??

    Glaze: Oh sorry…I couldn’t pick up the Hawaii game at the house….be a good sport and I’ll get you a DQ on the way home.

  84. Black Barbie says:

    One Of You Asked For Me Saturday
    Which one of you boys was looking for me this last Saturday. My boss said you was from this online paper. Who was it, I would have spoken to you and danced for you. Next time don’t be a pussy and wait for them to get me alright. I love this thing you guys do. You might need new photos of me, Black Barbie. Craig I was gonna have that tatoo removed Queen of Sting, but my momma said it don’t mean its you, I like it so I am gonna keep it. When you got Damon Wayons Jr. He’s a handsome man. He always liked me. I want to see him when he is there.

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