Glazer: Why Baseball Really Doesn’t Matter Much Anymore & Not Just in Kansas City

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio…?

Joltin’ Joe’s long gone and what was once America’s pastime is now mostly an afterthought.

"Man, I don’t even know who’s playin in the Series," is 95% of the feedback you get today at work or if you speak to ordinary people at bars or in passing. Nobody knows What’s more – and sadly – almost nobody seems to care.

Baseball, like real movies, is fading away.

For many reasons. We all hear it’s too slow. That’s because of the larger scale violence given to us by the NFL and Colllege Footballl. Take out the nine million commercials and football is a fast, violent game. And players are in way better shape in the NFL than in Major League Baseball.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some younger baseball players with decent bods, but too many look like they just ate twice at Gates.

Ladies like player’s butts and bods, but players stay longer in baseball. It’s not unusal to have a team with several 33-plus year olds. Like the YANKEES. To prove my point, there are several more television programs right now on football than baseball even though baseball is in the post season.

And while the NFL has few white players, 90% or more are at least Americans.

In football the uniforms hide the player’s color or "where he’s from" look. Whereas in baseball more than half the players are Latino. Case in point, the Yankee’s lineup yesterday in their final loss sending them home; Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, Mark Teixeria, Mariano Rivera, Rafael Soriano, CC Sabathia and more. And unlike the NFL, these guys just wear a ball cap and no helmet so we can see what they look like.

The only real violence in the baseball is sliding home, a pitcher throwing at your head, running into a wall trying to catch a fly ball or fights between players.

That’s not enough to hold people’s interest.

Throw in Roids, player strikes, too many games, the cost of going to ball parks, and that not as many kids play baseball out in the yard or with dad anymore.

When I was a little kid, baseball was everything.

We’d sneak radios into school just to listen to the Yankees/St. Louis World Series. In fact once in a blue moon our teacher would roll in the crummy black and white TV and let us watch Micky Mantle and Roger Maris try and save the Yanks.

In the mid 60’s our Kansas City A’s stunk but we had a young Chiefs team.

Still the NFL was not anywhere near the level of baseball. There was no Super Bowl yet. In 1964 the talk was about baseball. Two short years later things began to change. Mickey Mantle was gone and a team from Green Bay played the Kansas City Chiefs in Los Angeles for the championship in the first-ever Super Bowl.

Yeah, today baseball is nearly a local sport. Sure, we want the Royals to do well and the New York fans still love their Yanks. St. Louis and the LA Dodgers, along with New York, still matter to many people. Just not as many and not enough.

Baseball is now a distant third behind the NFL, College Football and soon the NBA and College Hoops. Yes, it’s very sad.

Another thing from Kansas City’s recent past is being stomped into the ground.

How do we pay those big salaries?

Yep, "Joltin Joe has left and gone away…..hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey…"
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32 Responses to Glazer: Why Baseball Really Doesn’t Matter Much Anymore & Not Just in Kansas City

  1. Max says:

    MLB attendance was up this year.

    NFL attendance will be down for the fourth straight year.

    NFL is more popular for sure….on TV. Eventually the fact that they can’t get people to pay outrageous prices and battle drunken idiots in the stands when you can just pay for Directv, get replays, get all the games in the comfort of all your home and avoid paying to payrk your car is going to hurt the NFL.

    And its a joke to think baseball is behind the NBA or college hoops. College hoops is only important one time a year – March, and that’s because people like to gamble. The NBA is on lockout and no one cares.

  2. smartman says:

    Glazer Off Base
    Max is right! C’mon Craig this is another one of your stream of consciousness opinion pieces not based in fact or reality. Anybody that can’t tell you who’s in the MLB playoffs this year is not a serious sports fan. HUGE game last night with the Yankee’s getting yanked by the Tigers. Huge game for STL tonight.

    Baseball is en fuego right now. Who cares if the latino players can’t speak English. Most black NFL players don’t speak English either.

    If I had to make a choice between football, where the next play can be your last, or baseball where you can easily have a 20 year career and make a shitload of interest on the tanker load of money you can earn that’s a no brainer.

    Compared to their black compadres in the NFL most latino baseball players are already candidates for sainthood.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Good Opinions From You Smartman But?
    This moring I was at radio, Q and Mix, almost nobody even knew the Yankees lost or cared. Less knew any teams in the playoffs or cared. Point in fact, Vegas takes 60% less bets on baseball than they did just ten years ago. Even the post season. Its just fading, hey I don’t like it either. Sure those are mostly my opinions as to why, but come on now Smartman, NFL is hugely bigger than baseball now. Maybe its not fair, its just the way it is. I was just trying to give you the why…thats all. Yes attendance is decent even here for baseball, but TV and radio are not in love with the game the way they used to be…agreed. Example our own KC Royals win or lose stories have fallen to page four and five when football shows up, right.

  4. Lina says:

    Sounds like you hang around a bunch of douchebags
    The real men I hang around with watch and know a lot about baseball.

    We aren’t sitting around getting pedis and gossiping about our favorite movie stars, though.

  5. Eric says:

    You’re just talking about the local market. That’s because no one cares about post season baseball when your local team sucks but trust me, the last two week’s of the season with two of the top teams having major collapses was a huge story. If you look at actual attendance, it’s been up and down over the last 10 years but not a huge difference: There is just as much baseball on TV, again it’s a local market thing when your team is not in the race.

  6. Cowboy says:

    The NFL is everything now. Baseball is still important but has lost many steps in the last couple decades. Simple as that.

  7. smartman says:

    Q and Mix aren’t exactly hotbeds of knowledge about ANYTHING! Don’t they split the overweight female demo? If they had Don’t Think Tanks Q and Mix would qualify.

    I wouldn’t listen to either of those stations if they were giving out free instructions on how to ejaculate 30 times a day…..and that’s on my bucket list of things to do. I’m up to 17 with the tantric stuff but it’s hard with all the meditation and different positions.

    Lack of interest in baseball in KC among common idiots can be blamed on the Royals. If you’re a REAL SPORTS FAN you know what’s going on in baseball.

    As far as betting goes MLB offers far more sure things on the money line than the NFL. All the big bettors I’ve met in Vegas over the past 30 years make two to three times as much betting baseball as football. It’s not very sexy and most local bookies can’t handle or don’t want to handle baseball bets the way they do football or hoops.

    Baseball is an acquired taste like soccer or hockey. I’d rather watch a well played, low scoring baseball, soccer or hockey game than a 3-0 football game.

    Football gets more hype because of a 16 game schedule and all the bullshit tailgating and nasty meat and cheese trays from HyVee and Price Chopper. Football is also played for the most part during some of the nicest weather of the year. So certainly football has a lot more intangibles in its’ favor to create allure and interest.

    Dollar for dollar, baseball still offers fans and families a far better value and experience than the NFL.

  8. kcfred says:

    Heading to St. Louis
    I’m heading there with family getting ready for tonight. Craig, come on over and find out how much people don’t care about baseball. It’s red from west of Columbia all the way there!! DEAD WRONG AGAIN. QUIT writing about sports…you know nothing. And I’ll say half the people who listen to Q and Mix don’t even know who Steve Jobs was.

  9. Cliffy says:

    The last night of the regular season offered up some of the best sports entertainment I can remember. Basball is alive and well and if the Royals can ever get their shit together we’d see it here in KC again.

    I assume all those radio listeners knew who Dirk Nowitski is, right? Because he’s supposed to be a household name by now, right?

    DiMaggio? How old are you?

  10. Bill says:

    Record ratings…
    Last night’s game did a 6.2 rating on TBS. It was the largest rating ever on cable for a game in the Divisional Series round. I would say plenty of people care about baseball.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    More Than A Moron Cliffy
    Cliff old pal, I notice in all your posts….that YOU HATE MY GUTS…thats ok, cause you are a shmo and I am me….so the refer: to Joe Dimaggio makes me old, huh…well it was from a film hit song: THE GRADUATE, maybe you know that move, no I never saw him play…was too young, but I’ve kinda heard of him….baseball is great, I don’t dislike the game, just stating the facts…its fading from the scene, at least from being Number One…there is no argument that baseball is no longer number one….yes it often has some nice TV numbers, but its a far cry from the NATIONAL PASTIME…SORRY…

  12. Merle Tagladucci says:

    “what was once America’s pastime is now mostly an afterthought”

    Jesus Glazer you are out of touch.

  13. Cliffy says:

    Apology accepted, Glazer. Thanks.

    Maybe I missed it, did you ever let us know who gave your club that high honor?

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hate to say it guys, but therein lies the problem. Most people are not “serious sports fans.”

    That said, when and if the Chiefs or Royals (or whatever team in whatever town) strike it huge, the awareness levels jump. And while baseball may be having an uptick this year, it’s clearly a far cry from the lofty status it once held. And I think that’s Craig’s point.

  15. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s always gonna be true but I think the consensus is baseball has seen far better days. Attendence may be up with 300 million people versus 200 million but the percentage is down is my bet

  16. Hearne Christopher says:

    Those are two huge stations, guys. Diss them if you like, but you keep saying ‘real sports fans.”

    Most people are not “real sports fans.” They have lives and interests that transcend sports. Nothing wrong with that, just the way it is.

    And if you want to truly talk about “real sports fans,” better dial out the ones amongst you who don’t follow passionately follow soccer – “The World’s Game”

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    Come on, Cliffy…

    He’s talking about a song lyric. It’s not like Craig bought his rookie card when it first came out. he did tell me tho he got to attend and watch Babe Ruth’s final game. So how old would that make him?

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    For The Haters
    Haters: there was no award as was stated nine times, its for the best line ups, quality comics from TV,Film etc..for 011/012 as was stated in the article….When you are as well known and in the media as much as Stanfords is, no more needed….I guess when I say we were talked about on Chelsea or the Tonight Show I need tape huh, we are a little bit above that haters, so there you go…when you have accomplished 10% of what we have and I have then you can talk until then, oh well…I guess you want that list, just google me and Stanfords, hey find the bad stories, ask about those….THE TIME TO START WORRING IS WHEN THEY STOP TALKING ABOUT YOU…and that always happens at some point….thanks for all your interest. There is no apology from me on any of this…..for a guy who knows little about sports according to the ‘moron’s’ explain the NFL and College picks! You can’t oh yeah someone helps me, who? Vegas, Nick, who? Again when you can carry my abilities we can talk….until then enjoy the FAKE NAME hate campaign Cliffy and same guy with nine names…

  19. kcfred says:

    Love it…
    …when Hearne has to come on here and back up his boy because his boy says stupid shit. Every post has refuted your claim, but since he’s your boy…he’s right. Now, you want to talk station listeners IQ? I will wager that half of those listeners have no clue who Steve Jobs is. Baseball talk on a soft rock station and a country station…whooo, now there’s a sample.
    Craig writes shit.
    If you can’t see it’s shit…then you need to go back to J-school. Wait, did you ever go to J-school?
    His points have been refuted here with facts and figures.
    Baseball attendeance is higher than ever.
    But, since your boy is an “expert” on sports, I’m the guy you take on.
    Craig, take the first advice given at J-school…write what you know.
    You know chicks, cars, drugs, prison…leave the sports stuff to the new guy.
    He writes what he knows…

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Kcfred,Cliffy,and Crew
    Yep I’m really stupid, huh. Again, I know the NFL and College Football, I have proof, nearly 90% correct picks over one month at ten plus games a week, thats a MONSTER. Again, P.S. UNLIKE ANYONE IN KC I HAVE PRODUCED FIVE SPORTS FILMS, FIVE, You can go online for those numbers, has them, all Champions Forever, but we already knew that. More I think about it, I should be on ESPN, yeah, THATS THE TICKET ESPN….baseball, baseball, are you for real, there’s no boo-hoo in baseball, or was that crying.

  21. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Defending The Glazer
    First off, I enjoy baseball. I do. Glazer is just stating the obvious. Today it has surely lost a few steps. His story wasn’t that baseball sucked, just it wasn’t the event it once was, thats all. I think it has somewhat faded, I don’t like that, but its just true. As far as his club and awards, well I think the Glazers in so many ways, including negative, have more than proved their power position in the world of entertainment, most especially Comedy.

    I think Glazer likes to get you guys going. He pushes your buttons, and you push his, kind of fun for me to watch. Must say his football picks, which I do follow, prove he does know a thing or more about football, no doubt.

  22. kcfred says:

    You know how to gamble on football. Big whoop. You know nothing about anything else that is sport. You prove it everytime you write. And everyone knows it. They ain’t laughing with you, brother.

  23. Craig Glazer says:

    Kcfre,Cliffy and the Rest of The Morons
    Good one Fred, “so all you know about football is how to bet?” Yeah, that means you know alot old pal. Aren’t you tired of me kicking your ass and making you look like the fool you are Kcfred/Cliffy and crew, same guy. Yeah I know nothing about sports, worked for 8 months on Champions Forever Ali, both films, interviewed Ali,Foreman,Fraizer,Holmes,Norton, Reggie Jackson all in the movies and many more….did Formula One Racing film, did middle weights, was hired to the Champions Forever The Quarterbacks with Dawson, Namath, Stabler,Bradshaw and Roger the Dodger….met all but Roger..interviewed them….I can keep this up, oh yeah have been a guest at least several hundred times on sports radio here and across America….I can keep going, oh yeah, have been in USA Today with Sports Film reviews two both 3 1/2 stars, I can keep going….movies featured in Sports Illustrated and last November featured story in Ring Magazine..I can keep going….so you’re right without question the cities most notable sports person is guess who ME…..I can keep going…like getting your ass jacked….your pal THE KING OF STING.

  24. Super Dave says:

    What is an egomaniac?
    “What is an egomaniac and egocentric behaviour” – understanding and handling egotistical people

    We all know someone who has an ego problem, someone with an over-blown ego. These are the people who think everyone is looking up to them, or worse – wants to be them because they are just so smart – so smarter than the rest of us. We all know that everyone is a gift from God, but egomaniacs think they are the only gift. They regard themselves as talented in every sphere of life,even more so than the experts.

    While they appear to be super-confident, any criticism destroys the egomaniacs. They’d rather be doing the criticism. Because they over-emphasise every little achievement on their part, they also tend to take lack of achievement/criticism very, very badly.

    When people feel insecure about themselves, they inflate their egos so they appear superior. Egomaniacs inflate their egos by deflating yours – they shoot you down to their level – they do what is termed ‘levelling’.

    They go around shouting “look at me, I’m so wonderful” and “hey, I’ve done this and that, I am so smart!” Insecurity and low self esteem are the root of this behaviour. Most people can ignore the inflated egos, but the problem arises when they do that at somebody else’s expense – by shooting somebody down.

    These people have normally been picked on or bullied and have now grown to protect themselves by taking on a certain demeanor. Least do they realise that their overinflated egos are driving their loved ones crazy and sometimes away. There is a thin line between confidence, arrogance and egotistical behaviour.

    If a person is confident, there’s a relaxed air about them. If you are sexy, smart or talented, you don’t need to go around telling people you are, people will see it if it is there.

  25. randyraley says:

    hello from st. louis
    Yeah, baseball’s dead.
    Estimates say that the two playoff games here pumped about $6 million into the local economy.
    Now, we a get a few more so…and somewhere didn’t Craig say something snarky about St. Louis and wondering if we would outdraw the T-Bones…dude.
    I don’t have a dog in this hunt, don’t really know Craig, heard from my radio friends that he’s a good guy, but man…
    really…more world championships than anyone but the Yankees.
    You should have looked me up here, could have set you straight.
    Hope the Royals can capture some magic next year, baseball is really America’s game.
    It is here anyway.
    Love this site. It’s lots of fun.

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah
    Really ok, sure you’re right.

  27. harley says:

    glaze…for a guy who says he’s so cool and so wanted…
    and has all the women in kc…and has the looks and money of hollywood star…and has the most famous face in kansas city.
    and has the body of a 40 year old (he does not…saw the belly photo and he looked bad…
    sorry…you have no idea what a fool you are making of yourself. Please stop! You’re making an a$$ of yourself..
    if you’re so cool how come you have to post here at 1 am instead of being out with all the hotties you claim
    to have.
    It seems all your photos are taken with your girl pals…(mermaid etc)….if you’re such a star playboy show us some
    other photos besides your girl pals or the skanky stripper/hos that you have in your other photos.
    Lets see some of your quality material…my belief…is no respecting/upscale/successful/attractive woman
    would want to be seeen with you. Just my belief…maybe you can prove us wrong.
    But the way you talk about women and the photos displayed on here make us all think you’re all talk and no
    action and living in the world of 20-30 years ago.
    Stop…. people hate arrogance…especially when it’s fake.

  28. mark smith says:

    We know your resume, douche nozzle
    Jesus tits man! You go through this bullshit every time you post something. We get it, you are the hollywood idol of KC. golf clap.
    But here’s the rub Rug. You represent this site as a Writer, and I use that in the loosest definition of the word. As a writer, unless it’s fiction, you need to back up statements with some fact. Not vague and ambiguous bullshit. Here is the title of the post you keep dancing around. “Glazer: Stanford’s Named Top Comedy Club, Hot New Stars on the Way”. You have been called on this repeatedly. When asked for a link to who named you TOP COMEDY CLUB, you go off on a tirade of listing all the shit you have done. But you could just as easily offered up the link, or the name of who you recieved this accolade from. Look, you got caught slinging some bullshit. It’s ok. You arent exactly a Pullitzer winning writer. People don’t expect to read your tripe and come away enlightened. They scan your column then go to the bloddletting comments. You get ripped apart again and again. But you keep coming back for more. The reason people keep bringing up a weeks old post about Glazer: Stanford’s Named Top Comedy Club, Hot New Stars on the Way, is because you have reponded to it 5 or 6 times, at length, ad nauseum, yet never actually answered the question. The King of Sting got stung. it’s okay. It happens. Just keep up the bad work. Despite your crude writing ability. Your egomanical tirades. Your glaring insecurities. You are the train wreck that we can’t look away from.

  29. Orphan of the Road says:

    Everybody loves a train wreck

  30. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’ll take that as a (backhanded) compliment

  31. Craig Glazer says:

    Boys, Boys, Boys
    Harley, just to clue you in on Friday I was with a lady or girl as you put it, late night, I have a lap top at home, fun to read this stuff late at night when I get home from Stanfords….you now are saying all those girls online you have seen are pals or skanks? All 30 plus of them, like even my girlfriends or wife, wow….get off those meds…p.s. we can only go so far with the photos, as Hearne will attest, we even have pushed that one a few times.

    My ego and my attitude are based on fact, nearly all of it…I’m sorry if I lived and live a life that is on a different plane than most, not all, but most…and you guys simply do like it, I know. We all have to have heros in life…guess I am your “Dark Hero” hey I used to admire Ali, still do, its ok to have people to look up too. You just have to realize we are all human, even Ali. Harley I thought you were my pal, what happened?

  32. Orphan of the Road says:

    Your Freudian slip is showing
    My ego and my attitude are based on fact, nearly all of it…

    That is a great line Craig. Worthy of PT Barnum or Mark Twain.

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