Glazer: This Week’s Pics; Humble Scribe Handles Crystal Ball With Extreme Caution

"Alright, let’s not get a big head about being at nearly 90% on your picks, Craig."

For four weeks straight. More than likely the best overall picks from – well, hmmmm – anyone, anywhere. Just sayin. Thats why I remain your humble scribe. or THE GLAZE, as some comments lovers and haters call me.

So as we march forward it’s just gonna get tougher. The better teams will be playing better and there’ll be more "equal" teams. In college ball the good vs. the bad have huge spreads now. So let’s try and be smart and use our friend the "teaser" to add or subtract 6 points or even more often.

Don’t get greedy and go for the one big hit.

Even your humble scribe can’t win them all. There will be some weeks where even I am wrong a bit. But let’s try and avoid that, shall we? Here we go.


College Picks:

Last night I had Oregon -22 1/2 over California…close one but YES, cover
Now you’re thinking Glaze you might have just thrown that one in. NO, I had them, but write this on Friday soooo….

*** Let’s tease the two big boys Alabama and Stanford…Alabama is a 29 point fav and Stanford is a 29 point fav. So.

Alabama -23 over Vanderbilt(with the tease)

Stanford -23 over  Colorado (with tease). We must win both to win.

*** LSU -13 over Florida

*** ASU -3 1/2 over Utah

*** Bonus pick: tough call MU -3 over K-State.


Wow, are these hard ones. Teams are so banged up and already looking tired.

*** Green Bay -6 over Atlanta

*** New England -3 over Jets (tease down from New England -9)
*** The Bills 9 over the Eagles(must win both to win)

*** Tenn 9 over Steelers (tease)
*** Detroit 1 over Chicago Bears  (tease must win both)

I would not do anything with KC and Indy. However if I had too – and I don’t want to and won’t – I’d take Indy -2 1/2 to beat KC on the road.

Have another warm fall weekend and enjoy the games!
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21 Responses to Glazer: This Week’s Pics; Humble Scribe Handles Crystal Ball With Extreme Caution

  1. EMAW says:

    What about Cats/MU game?
    Just curious on your take even if you’re not betting on it.

  2. Hearne Christopher says:

    It’s on there…MU minus 3 over k-State

  3. EMAW says:

    Sorry, I guess I was just looking over the pics too quickly. Thanks!
    Cats will win by 10.

  4. chuck says:

    Glaze, I was right on Cincy and K State last week
    I’m turnin it around.

    Go with ya on MU, they should cover easy, win by 2 touch downs. Thats no diss to K State. Its been a great season and Bill S. is a genius. Not this week though.

    The Steelers will LOSE to Tenn. They (The Steelers) are 3 Point favorites at Ceasers, MGM and Stations.

    Detroit has to play in Chi Town. I’m chicken

    So, MU and Tenn to win. MU is giving up 2.5 points and with Tenn, you get 3 points. Thats it.

    I wouldn’t bet the Chiefs either, they are 1 point dogs. Indy should win. Suck for LUCK!!

    Buy the fuckin car, we need to hear some stories. 🙂

  5. Kellys Man says:

    Chiefs Win, Chiefs Win
    Stop hating on our Chiefs, they will go to the Superbowl, this year. You are a big jerk. You haven’t gotten one game right yet. Chiefs win.

  6. Stop it says:

    It’s just not funny…
    ….Kelly’s Man… er Glazer….

  7. chuck says:

    My Tigers are getting killed.
    Our QB sucks.

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Sorry Tiger Fans
    With MU playing OU on the road and nearly winning, then OU crushes Texas at Texas, woo you’d think MU wins, but not the case. I have to accept it as a loss for me since I did say MU though not a bet, but I did pick MU so that was wrong…the rest looking very good LSU covered and so did ASU…sorry Chuck, my Dad is pissed too, he went to MU and loves them.

  9. KU Forever says:

    Opps You Did It Again
    My Jawhawks sure are crap. Mu is not looking too good. Glazer you did it again, without the MU pick as your extra you went 100% on the rest. This time I went with you. Thanks. I’ll try your pro picks tomorrow. Good job Glazer. Hey I don’t hate you.

  10. chuck says:

    There is always next week, and if I can
    come back on Tenn, I’ll be even.

    MU QB sucks bad.

    Congrats to the K State Wild Cats.

    Snyder is a great coach.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck Yes He Is
    To take a team with just ok talent no stars, again, at 71, my God, what a coach. Maybe one of the alltime best, no doubt. He deserves to have that stadium named for him. He outcoached Pinkel badly. MU was never in that game really. I hope K-State does well all year they deserve it…

  12. chuck says:


  13. bschloz says:

    70-28…Jayhawks really struggled from the 3-pt line yesterday.

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    We Missed on Tenn/Bills
    Missed one, need help this afternoon to stay around 90%….we’ll see….

  15. harley says:

    snyder 2012
    tell me this guy hasn’t got the majic. Wow. Tigers were asleep…week off really hurt them but their qbis still young
    and needs some time…but snyder is the bomb.
    Basically little talent..linemen didnt seem to be very big….but they have the will and the positive outlook.
    If snyder could bottle what he’s feeding that team americans could use it to get off their ass and come back to life again.
    they could be undefeated when they play oklahoma in manhattan…that would be huge.

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    Another Big Week
    Well once again thank you for believing in me. Again if the Pack covers we are at 90% for five weeks, extremely hard, in fact almost never happens….the teaser has helped alot, we see how close these NFL games are. Like I said even the bottom teams like KC, Miami,Vikes,Rams can beat a very good team on a given day…not as likely with top College teams….

  17. chuck says:

    I sucked and sucked bad

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Odd Situation Huh?
    I think the obvious here…..for five weeks Craig Glazer, your humble scribe, has delivered without question, without argument, without being silly or kidding THE BEST COLLEGE AND NFL CALLS MAYBE EVER IN FIVE WEEKS! The proof is in your face. Reaction CLOSE TO NONE, why? ITS JUST MORE PROOF THAT GLAZER IS THE DEAL BABY. Haters hate that. They are left with nothing to you can see only Chuck, Henry and a couple others really respond, bshlotz too….no Harley’s,JoJo,Cliffy,Rick(using five fake names now),kcfred, none, WHY? What can they say? Unlike their crazy nut attacks,”there is no book or movie” on and on…this is right in your face on this site, don’t need to send you anywhere else….it’s also some proof of many other things, huh. Craig knows. Course my dad says “if you’re so god damn smart why aren’t you richer”…he’s right about that I called the gold/oil jump and still got hammered, so I’m not perfect…but my instincts in sports has always been better than good, maybe thats why they hired me to produce five sports films,hmmm….

    I never planned to be the full of myself guy here, you comment people pushed me into it…I guess you like the back and forth hating …oh well it never ends, does it….P.S. GREEN BAY ALSO COVERED, 90% still WOW……

  19. chuck says:

    NEXT WEEK!!!

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