New Jack City: IMAX & AMC Get Jump On ‘M:I-4’

IMAX and Paramount have proclaimed that the 4th installment of the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE franchise will get a 5 day jump on IMAX screens over the rest of the nation’s movie theatres!

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE-GHOST PROTOCOL‘ starring Tom Cruise and slated for worldwide release Wednesday, Dec. 21st will now actually begin Pre-Opening Previews on Friday, December 16th—but only on IMAX screens.

Every other theatre has to wait.

It’s a first and definitely a major coup for the mega-screen format and at the same time elevates M:I 4 to super-tentpole status!

Kansas City moviegoers are fortunate because there are 4 IMAX screens available in the area all operated by AMC.

They’re located at the Independence Commons, Barrywoods, Town Center and Studio 30 complexes.
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6 Responses to New Jack City: IMAX & AMC Get Jump On ‘M:I-4’

  1. Super Dave says:

    Ahhh Gee Another One?
    How does this actor who couldn

  2. jon says:

    Smart move by Paramount to position their main Christmas release into event status with this IMAX pre release.

  3. TIAD says:

    BFD. I can wait the 5 extra days – and they might even lose my interest during that time.

    four plus five equals nine

  4. Ethan Hunt says:

    “”Jason Statham would to me make a more believable Ethan Hunt that Cruise””

    Peter Dinklage would to everyone make a more believable “Ethan Hunt” than that girly boy tc.

  5. chuck says:

    Collateral was a great movie.
    Maybe his best.

  6. smartman says:

    Cruising for Xenu
    Let’s see how far those Scientology tentacles can reach. TOM CRUISE IS GAYER THAN RYAN SEACREST! How does this semen demon stay locked up in the closet when he buries more seed in the dirt than an International Harvester 1431?

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