New Jack City: Chaos Reigns First Weekend @ New Nordstrom’s Rack

First Trader Joe’s, next Jack in the Box, now Nordstrom’s Rack

Kansas City is on fire with trendy new businesses hitting town. So after writing about Nordstrom’s new Rack at 95th and Quivira a couple of weeks back I decided to take on the masses and check it out this past weekend…

Unfortunately, I went by Saturday afternoon—two days after its grand opening – not a good idea. The parking lot was jammed forcing me to park clear down by Gordman’s to the south and walk and walk and walk to the Rack.

Needless to say, with that many hoosiers clogging up the aisles, shopping at the Rack wasn’t much fun. In fairness however, it was attractive, well-stocked and offered tons of bargains—especially compared to Nordstrom’s main store at Oak Park Mall across the street.

Employees were decked out in colorful RACK t-shirts and were plenty friendly. However it was evident that many of them were newbies and not fully versed in the ways of the RACK.

Give’em time.

How the Rack’s pricing and merch compares to discount retailers like KOHL’s is another story for another day.

Will I return for a less harried visit? And, more importantly, will I actually buy something something the next time?

Count on it.

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12 Responses to New Jack City: Chaos Reigns First Weekend @ New Nordstrom’s Rack

  1. Super Dave says:

    Whats Next?
    In-n-Out Burger is what we need

  2. Hearne Christopher says:

    Agree but don’t think we’ll be getting that one for a bit. But if and when we do, Winstead’s is gonna be back to a one holer

  3. BarKeeper says:

    Herd Mentality
    These are the same type of glassy-eyed drooling slobs that stormed the doors at a Walmart a while back and killed two people going after ten $99 TV’s. Trailer trash savages with prehistoric mentalities all wired up on nicotine and Mountain Dew.

    Wait til they’re all back in their caves gnawing on bones, and you can stroll the place like it was your own.

  4. smartman says:

    Death By Discount
    All this proves is that crap that Nordstrom’s buys for $20.00 and can’t sell for $100.00 at the BIG STORE will sell for $50.00 at THE RACK. Margins are still good and the morons have been fooled into thinking they got a good deal.

    It’s all part of the plan. Thanks for playing.

  5. Pythagoris says:

    I Dreamed I Saw Glazer
    He had his nose and face squashed up against the front door waiting for the manager to unlock and let in the hoarde of bargain hunters. When he got in the store, he found a pair of purple cowboy boots with yellow butterflies stitched into them. Then he danced the hokey-pokey all the way to the checkout stand, where he paid with Monopoly money.
    What’s that all mean?

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    Not sure, but I think it may mean you have a man crush on him

  7. TIAD says:

    “First Trader Joe’s, next Jack in the Box, now Nordstrom’s Rack…
    Kansas City is on fire with trendy new businesses hitting town.”

    Jack in the Box – a “trendy” new business. Wow!

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    You read it right.

    For KC it’s both trendy and new. For me having lived in Arizona years ago, it’s still new. And if you go to either of it’s locations here – including the new one that opened last Monday – you will see people lined up to catch the trend.

    Hey, Starbucks was trendy and new when it first opened here. Trader Joe’s is old hat if you lived in Tucson or LA. In N Out Burger isn’t hot off the presses either, but if and when they open here it will be beyond hot and totally new.

  9. Super Dave says:

    Ummmmm Hearne
    Jack in the Box isn’t new here. It’s the return of what once was here.

    Back in the 70’s after a night of running well ok sucking down a lot of beer and what not was always great to hit Jack in the Box for one or two super tacos before calling it a night. Ahhh the days of cast iron stomachs and the ability to shove what ever in your mouth and it never showed up when standing on the scales.

    Now In n Out will be new for the area and worth the line.

    Hmmm maybe I need to make a LA run for some fun and a Animal style or two burgers while there.

  10. mermaid says:

    I’d cut my left pinkie off for…
    A Taco Cabana – OMG it is mexican worth it’s weight in gold. On my way to AZ I went out of my way to stop at one- it had 3 drive thrus and the place was packed inside and this was just a normal day. If it was a franchise I would be a very rich person. They really need to come to KC. Someone call them and beg.

  11. Merle Tagladucci says:

    As Super Dave said, Jack in the Box isn’t new to KC and people who are waiting in the drive-thru for 30 min have some issues they might want to look into.

  12. Rick says:

    Hearne loves
    Mountain Dew

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