Glazer: Chiefs Win, Now Kansas City is Out of Luck

Well, it finally happened…

The Chiefs pulled out a win over the 0-3 Vikings at home, 22-17. They played an inspired game. Todd Haley yelled at quarterback Matt Cassel on the sideline after Matt, threw one away. And Matt played much better after being bitch slapped by his coach.

A win is a win, however in this case that may not be a good thing.

There’s no doubt, the Chiefs are a very bad football team.

Even with this win, and maybe one or two more. If they finish 3-13 or 4-12, there will be no No. 1 pick, no Andrew Luck. In other words, Chiefs fans are in for more of the same. And they will continue to stink, with or without a new coach.

We must have a franchise quarterback – it’s not Matt.

He’s a guy that can only take a solid team to the playoffs and lose – at best. We’ve had enough of that, right? So winning now is not a good thing for the Chiefs immediate future. Even if it buys Haley a few more paychecks.

I had a perfect college day with picks and missed close on three pro games.

But a miss is still a loss, close or not.

The big surprise was the Bills losing to the Bengals.

The Chiefs game was not a surprise, both team are not very good. Neither has a good quarterback or defense. The Vikings are also going to be on the long comeback from Stink Land.

D-Bowe, Cassel, Tamba Hali, and a few others had nice games today.

Hey, with a soft schedule and some luck this team could be 10-6 again one day. Great!

Oh yeah, and then lose their first playoff game again.

Lets find a coach and a quarterback. Please.
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15 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Win, Now Kansas City is Out of Luck

  1. newbaum turk says:

    All is not lost with this one win. However, the Miami game must be a loss for the Chiefs but that is going to be hard to do. Miami is without Henne and Thomas and are worse than the Chiefs. Indy needs to play like they did against Pittsburgh last week and they will beat the Chiefs next week. The NFL is awful hard to predict so we don’t know what will happen.

  2. harley says:

    Stop the negativity
    chiefs won. Cassell looked good throwing a “longer” pass. Receivers got open…still not much ofa running game without
    charles and thats going to put more pressure on cassell…not his fault.
    See glaze cassell is in a predicament. It’s like you running your club. but you can only bring in 2nd or 3rd tier
    comics. Comics people know nothing about. And you have to make do with the comics you bring in. And when you get
    some good talent to come…they have to cancel…and you can’t get someone to replace them in time.
    Cassell is under immense pressure. His star running back is out which means the defense can charge and blitz
    more often. They don’t have to worry about a top quality running back getting yards…the chiefs don’t have one after
    charles. The receivers are okay at best. They don’t have great speed…so while the defense can come in strong and
    not have to worry about a running game the recievers have less time to get open and its harder for them to get
    separation from the defenders.
    Is cassell the answer. We really don’t know. He’s lost some big time weapons.
    Again…its like the royals…the ownership won’t spend money to bring in talent. 30 million under the salary cap?
    Are you serious. If clark spent that money (like all the big time teams have and do) they might have 2 or 3
    incredible receivers for cassell. They would have super speed and ability to get open quicker. Maybe they buy
    a great back up runner for charles. But no they didn’t. The best safety is out and that throws the whole defense
    If cassell can get this team 7 or 8 wins this year….it’s huge. And how can you blame this mess on him.
    Still early glaze…i think after this weekend you might be changing your language. Going into the break
    at 2-3….having a free week to work stuff out….but this team is losing because of
    1. inability to evaluate talent at the top
    2. cheap hunt not getting more talent…bringing in better players and upgrading the team in a crucial
    year for the franchise. This is clearly a statement that comes from the top.
    If i was casseell…i’d be pissing nails right now. The management and coaches havent given him a fair
    shot at success. The injuries to the top rusher on a team is disastrous….and when the management isn’t
    bringing in better players every year on offense and defense you’ve got to look at haleypiolihunt.
    Someone told pioli not to spend that money. Do yo u think haley no I don’t need any better players
    hell no! Did you think that cassell said “i’m satisfied with inferior receivers” when the free agent market over the
    last 2 years has been filled with much better receivers than the chiefs have now.
    Look to the top buddy.
    I think your anger and disgust is being directed at the wrong people. Give cassell the weapons and players and then
    see what he can do.

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    What about those first pick QBs?
    JaMarcus Russel 2007, Alex Smith 2005, 2004 Eli Manning, 2003 Carson Palmer,2002 David Carr, 2001 Michael Vick, 1999 Tim Couch, 1998 Peyton Manning

    First picks, much less first-round picks, are a 50/50 play for a 60% position.

    Just keep that in mind before fixing on one-player this early in the college season.

    Second pick is just as good, or better, than the first.

    Sad day when all you have to look forward to is the draft.

    Where have you gone Tim Couch?

  4. harley says:

    nice stats orphan
    don’t know about any of you…but i don’tt wake up everyday to go out and lose money…have a bad day..
    thinking that tommorrow will be better if i lay down today.
    The chiefs need to get their shit together and give cassel the players he needs. They’e wasted 3 years
    with their knee jerk shit….
    I didn’t see a bunch of teams (new england/[packers/indy etc.) screaming for thomas jones..
    maybe i’m wrong but do we get cast offs that can’t play.
    And i saw where 12 players that we cut are now starting for other teams…what does that tell
    you about our talent scouts….turk mcbride couldn’t do shit here…bernard powell…the list goes
    before we bury cassel lets see wha he can do with some offesnive weapons….to grade him now when
    the management is screwing him isn’t fair…

  5. chuck says:

    Matt “Man V Food” Cassell
    Who never met a football he didn’t wanna eat, is, as opposed to Harley’s take, an pretty good Division 2 College QB.

    The guy is slow and stiff, he should be pitching Viagra on TV, not play football.

    When he finally gets a pass downfield, its such a fuckin rainbow, the crowd starts singin Kumbaya.

    He stumbles around out of the pocket more than Gary Busey on New Years Eve.

    Ok, ok…

    Still, he sucks.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Missed Just Two Games Not Three
    All college and pro picks were correct except Vikes and one other pro game, picking at nearly 90% for a month, unheard of, I’m even suprised. I was wrong cause I thought Detroit was about to lose but they came back and beat the Cowboys.

  7. EMAW says:

    Did you bet on K-State?
    I remember you saying they weren’t a good team.

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    You Are Right
    Yes I said in a grouping that we have NO good area teams, except MU football that will be likely 8-4 or 9-3, so yes I felt K-State was not going to be this good. Hey I missed one. Yes K-State is a suprise give their Head Coach a ton of credit…he is something special.

  9. KU Forever says:

    K-State Is A Pretender
    They are ok, not great, maybe 8-4.

  10. Tony Tubbs says:

    Like Your Picks, Jarrad Allen Sucks
    nice work on picks Glaze. Allen sucks, he was run over. He must have too much money now,he ain’t the same guy.

  11. EMAW says:

    @ KU Forever, how is winning two very tough games being a pretender? Unless they have any big injuries (knock wood) I see them losing 2 games, 3 tops. Definitely not to KU. 🙂 Thanks Craig for admitting you missed on the Cats. I’ve got some friends close to the program and they were very excited about the season after Spring practices but I think a lot of people are surprised.

  12. John John says:

    More Average Team Ahead
    Yeah, we likely are out of the Luck race. Vikes and Indy likely will fight for that one, maybe Miami. Because we have Miami and Indy ahead we may win those due to their qb injuries. The Chiefs may win a game here with Denver, not likely but maybe and an upset somewhere and then be 5-11. All that does is make sure we get no franchise quarterback and next year finish 8-8 maybe. Great, things are gonna continue to be the “five year plan” for decades.

  13. harley says:

    Pioli’s magic?
    no way. This guy is going to ruin this team. Or the fault may lie with hunt. Whatever the case is haley and cassel
    are going to have to shoulder the blame for what this team has done.
    Pioli is operating the team with players who were here before he came. KK said the number of players that were
    here before pioli came…and the number of players the team released who are now starting for other teams
    in the nfl. I think that was 12 or 13. So pioli really hasn’t done shit since he’s been here. He’s taken the talent
    that was here and made it a little better but we were promised a better team and really havent gotten it.
    Pioli brought in cassel but i wonder how many other starters he drafted/acquired etc. Maybe one of the guys on
    here can provide the info. But in real terms pioli hasn’t done anything near what was expected of him/
    So here they are with ownership pocketing the money and not reinvesting it into the team. Maybe they feel they can
    skate by this year with season ticket holders…move that 30 million to help pay off their share of renovation costs
    and next year or the year after bring in some better players.
    But look on craigslist…other ticket sites and chiefs tickets are now below…below face value.
    Once the weather turns bad the attendance will drop if they don’t improve. But fans are starving for anything
    near a 500 team so winning a few select games still brings fans into arrowhead.
    Again…the county who paid for these renovations should take a trip to dallas and tell mr. hunt that this is
    unacceptable. Show some balls. Maybe county executives can say something about the lack of investment
    money on the hunts part. Chance are slim…they’re not rocking the boat.
    And they’re not going to take on the king of kc.
    oh well…maybe next year. The lions lasted decades with a losing team…what’s 5 or 6 years to the
    people in kc….another bad deal!

  14. Cliffy says:

    This just in …
    I was recently named one of the best posters on the internet along with a guy in New York. Don’t bother to ask me who bestowed this honor on me. It’s not important. Just take my word for it. It’s a pretty big deal and I’m a big deal too. The rest of you are morons.


  15. Matt says:

    Haley should have started yelling sooner…
    and they might have won at least another game. He abandoned his style, then the injuries (Berry’s a killer). The guys a good coach – a motivator. Dorsey, Bowe, DJ and Charles were all marginal until Hailey came in. They’re now or have been productive players. Hard headed prima donna players all around the league all came around for him. It’s a fact.

    Cassels slow feet and release and the injuries are trouble enough but the main problems are #’s 62, 67and 65. They are terrible. There’s not a QB in the league that could operate consistently with those guys in front of him. 62 and 65 are too small and late in their career rejects and 67 couldn’t start in major college conference. Too much inside pressure in the passing game and too many disrupted running plays due to these guys.

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