Glazer: Weekend Pics; Humble Scribe Bets the Farm Because He’s That Kinda Guy

Well football fans, I’ve had a nice three week run..

Lets see if I can hold it together. My numbers have been so good, I’ll have trouble keeping them this high, but stick with me, maybe we’ll get lucky.

First let’s see how my season-long picks are going.

My number one pick for the season was Kansas City under 7 1/2 games and the Chiefs are 0-3, so that looks like a lock. Next I picked Detroit at over 7 games and that looks very good – they’re 3-0. Last I have Dallas at 9 with the under and they’re 2-1.  That one’s still up in the air, but I still like the under. They seem to have issues, but they’re in a weak division, and the Eagles look to be in trouble as I predicted with Mr Vick. He will likely be out for the season soon.

In College Football the mighty are just that – way better than the rest.

My top teams are 1. Alabama 2. LSU 3. Wisconsin 4.Stanford 5. Oklahoma

Now on to this weekend…

College First:  You’ve learned that sometimes teasing (adding or subtracting 6 points to at least two games) can be a good thing. Remember you have to win them both.

*****   So lets take Wisconsin over Nebraska 10 and lets take Stanford -21 1/2 over UCLA. Teasing it makes it this way: Wisconsin -4 over Nebraska and Stanford -15 1/2 over UCLA.

*****   Texas Tech -6 over Kansas

*****   Alabama -4 over Florida

*****   Bonus Bet:  Tease LSU -30 1/2 over Kentucky and tease down Stanford -21 1/2 over UCLA. So now you have LSU at 24 1/2 over Kentucky and Stanford – 15 1/2 over UCLA.


Now Pro Football:

The pros are always tougher than it looks. Why is that? Last week was the third closest finish for the board of all time. Games decided by 3 or less. That’s tough. Also the score doesn’t matter much in pro ball. In college good teams want to cover so they can get their rankings up.

For example Oklahoma best MU but only by 10 so in many polls they fell from No. 1 to No. 2.

In the NFL it’s just, win baby.  A "W "is a "W." So the score is not as important, though good teams want to prove they are good by beating you badly. There’s also not as big a difference in the NFL from top teams to some of the lower teams, but in college its huge. Like LSU and say Colorado, huge difference.

So here we go…

*****   Vikings -2 1/2 over Chiefs

*****   Detroit 2 over Dallas

*****   Buffalo -3 over Bengals

***** Two team tease: New England -4 over Oakland and Green Bay -12 over Denver. Which makes it
New England 2 over Oakland and Green Bay -6 over Denver.

*****   Bonus bet: Saints – 7 over Jags, Let’s tease again with Green Bay and make it Saints -1 over Jags and Packers – 6 over Denver….

There you have it – it’s never easy – so wish me luck!


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32 Responses to Glazer: Weekend Pics; Humble Scribe Bets the Farm Because He’s That Kinda Guy

  1. Cowboy says:

    I Like Most Of It Glazer
    I’m with you on most it, however I see Dallas going 11-5, like you said weak division. I like the Chiefs to beat Minnesota by 3 or 4. I like Dallas over Detroit and I’m not wild about the LSU over Ky by 30 plus. Hey you are hitting at around 85% so I can’t say you don’t know the game, but everyone falls.

  2. Kellys Man says:

    Ha Ha
    Chiefs win, Chiefs win, you suck, you suck.

  3. chuck says:

    I was 1 out of 4 last week, so I have to double down, right?
    Washington covered, but I thought Pittsburg would kill Indy, and the Cheifs would lose by 21. Ouch.

    So, I suck pretty bad.

    Once more into the breach dear friends!!!

    I listened to everyone tell me how great Buffalo is. They are better. I do NOT like Buffalo, and take Cincy to win. Yep. That shit has gotta stop soon, its fuckin Buffalo.

    Oakland beats New England like a drum, and I hate Oakland, but that fuckin McFaddin is a stud that NE has NO answer for.

    K State not only covers, they win the game.

    Philly covers the 9.5 against Frisco, Andy is way the fuck pissed off, and the Dream Team finally flexes its muscle.

    Glaze is right, NO kills Jacksonville. Jack is number 3 against the run, but drew will light them up.

    Caroliona goes into Chcago. Chicago is a 6 point favorite. I think they kill the Panthers.

    I would NOT bet the Chiefs, but I think they lose by 7

    Just my opinion.

    Cincy is the big upset in my opinion.

    You know, cause I am so good at this. 🙂

  4. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Good picks. I do like KC over Vikings though at home.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Sorry I like Buffalo over Cinn. I didn’t put that up, but if I bet it would be the Bills, I think they are a decent team.

  6. chuck says:

    Ok buddy.
    $25.00 says Cincy covers.

    Easy money, I lose like crazy.


  7. chuck says:

    Hey Glaze, I ain’t bustin your balls.
    If ya took every bet a commenter pushed, you wouldn’t have time to breathe.

    No big deal.


  8. Tiger Tail says:

    Tigers Rule KU Loses Again
    My Tigers have lost two, but lets look at the real deal. They lose to a very good ASU team on ther road, and nearly beat number one OU. MU is maybe a top 20 team. KU is as usual a low level piece of dog dooh-dooh. They get blased by Tech.

  9. Orphan of the Road says:

    Reality sets in maybe this week
    Buffalo/Cinncy is even match. Could be a trap for them.

    Chuck, that dream team is kind of nightmarish. Their O-line is like the Chiefs, ready to fall apart any moment. Making the O-line coach defensive coordinator isn’t working real well. Like them this week but Harbaugh can out coach the Red Head. Fans calling for Andy’s head. I have offered to exchange Haley.

    I like Iowa State against Texas to win.

    McNab vs Cassel, Peterson hurting, could put the Chiefs in a position to win. IF somebody can kick some field goals. Over/Under on number of snaps before Mr. Allen sacks Cassel? If calls are like last week, four and I’d take the under.

  10. KU Forever says:

    Agree With Orphan
    Yes the Chiefs will win on Sunday cause Vikes are even worse. I do like Detroit and the Bills though. Hate to admit it, but I’m surprised KU is only a 6 point dog.

  11. chuck says:

    Orphan, Philly’s linebackers are terrible too,
    I read they are looking at Arron Curry.

    All Day AP gets 30 carries. It will be 2nd and 2, all day long.

    Chiefs lose.

    Gotta watch the Baylor QB. If the Chiefs don’t suck enough for Luck, then maybe…

    I think Philly covers, the 9ers will try split the carries between Gore and Hunter. Why? Philly gives up a ton to the run, but Gore will hold the 9ers back if he plays.

    LeSean the real McCoy will have a great day I think.

  12. Orphan of the Road says:

    Chuck beware the Red Head
    Had he let McCoy carry the load last week, different outcome IMHO. Reid must hate running backs. Has had great ones he kept chained.

    Linebackers are undersized and not good enough, I agree. Again the Red Head feels linebacking is not important.

    ViQueens running game should be superior. Low scoring unless Momma McNab whips up some special soup for the ol’ man.

    McNab may watch Cassel and feel a bit of deja vu when he sees him play. The ghost of Doug Pederson in red…

  13. Wonder says:

    He missed last week and you come back for more
    So let me get this straight… Douchebag glazer posts this teaser bet of the week last week, teasing Chiefs and another game AND HE WAS WRONG, THE BET LOST!!! IF YOU MADE THAT BET YOU LOST… HE WAS WRONG….and yet you all come back for more bad tips? WTF?

    even sranger/odder is hearne even allowing gambling advice…. esp from a L O S E R

  14. chuck says:

    So far so good on K State. 🙂

  15. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Good Calls I followed You
    Looks like you will maybe be perfect in college, thanks. I am in two pools and did your picks. By the way who is Wonder? What a fool, Glazer missed on one teaser and a game or two in three weeks, now four, and he gives bad tips? I would imagine his % is higher than anyone who does this online or on the phone tips anywhere. Clearly you don’t know anything about picking games Wonder. As far as gambling advice where does it say that. Almost everyone is in a pool or league on picks. Glazer keep up the unreal great work. Now the pros are tougher, good luck on those.

  16. Cowboy says:

    Sure You Shouldn’t Do This For A Living
    Ok, one week, maybe two, better, now four, I’m convinced. Looks like your college picks will go 100% the Stanford game is only just started but it looks good they are up 7-0 first quarter. I should have done all those. Pros now thats harder.

  17. Dog says:

    Thats Our Boy
    How do you break these games down Glazer? You got all college games here. You were right about the tease. A few weeks back someone wrote that the tease was for losers. Guess not . Cool.

  18. Hounds Of Noise says:

    So He Picked Some Games
    Boy lets elect him president. Who cares what he thinks. I don’t.

  19. chuck says:

    Wonder-House of noise
    So far, as noted, he msised on one teaser, the Indy- Pitt & the SD – KC game.

    Other than that, had we the pre cognative abilities of the Glaze, we would all be way ahead of the game.

    Ace “Glaze” Rothstein has a fuckin hot hand as of 8:34 today, going back 3 fuckin weeks.

    It is what it is.

  20. Orphan of the Road says:

    The only sport I bet on is
    Professional ‘Rasslin’ – Woody Allen

    Baylor gets a bitch slap and A&M gets an early Welcome to the Conference greeting, If the Cyclones had won it would have been a message from the gods.

    My Owls got plucked.

    Glazer’s on a roll. What’s his secret? Inside sources? A good bookie? Or is it mystical, is he like reading the pubic hairs in his sheets?

  21. chuck says:

    Yeah Cincy!
    Philly and Chicago don’t cover.

    The Chiefs are so fucked, they will win just enough to NOT get Luck.

    NO kills Jacksonville and covers.

    The only two I had the balls to go with were K State and Cincy.

    I am a chicken like that.

  22. MC says:

    Don’t you have anything better to do than this site. Is this you life? Maybe get out once in a while.

  23. Hounds Of Noise says:

    Overall pretty good jerk wade Glazer. You missed two on the pros, but looks like you got all the rest, including the pro teases and Detroit, so again, you picked very well when you add College games you were 6-0 there. OK, OK, you are good at this jerky jerk.

  24. Kellys Man says:

    Hah, Hah Chiefs Win
    I hope you lost your ass betting against the best team in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs. They will now go and win all their games. You’ll see.

  25. bschloz says:

    Boys, Bills, Bears no cover —- tough losses.

    Saturday another loss and this is all I get.
    TX A&M is pretty good with a lead.

  26. chuck says:

    Not really.

    I am old as hell and don’t wanna go out.

    Don’t you have anything better to do than read my comments?

  27. harley says:

    I won 3 out of 4 in vegas this weekend. Cleaned up on craps table at caesars (6 and 8 were hot)
    Sure bets:
    1. no decent comedy in vegas. You should open a club there. It would be huge. Missed slayton but i heard he
    was fired up this weekend.
    2. you’re on fire. But in vegas the word is that there are few if any upsets this season. The favs are winning which
    is hard on the books. Your pool (rio) was busy saturday…didn’t stay….too many hookers~! Filled with strippers
    and I’m surprised you haven’t moved there…you are definitely a vegas dude!
    3. Books are down on new orleans…don’t think they have a good enough defense.
    4. People there love wisconsin…..they think they’ll play in national championship game…only 1 ranked team
    on their schedule…is that right?
    5. Hall says mizzou make decision this week…tenn. guy says secis going to expand further…they want missouri
    but still some things to hash out with pinkle.
    6. The revolution is starting. A year ago i said that there would be a major backlash against the government…
    its starting…slowly but surely it will take effect…occupy wall street….still not organized fully but once the unions
    across the nation get in the thing spreads like wildfire.
    7. chiefs got some passion in their game. It was great to see them win. Maybe cassell isn’t all that bad and just
    needs some weapoins to use. if he had antother big time reciever and baldwin and charles that might be the
    hottest offense in the league….he played with energy today after tellling haley to fuck off (i’m good at reading lips).
    8. Saw elton john at ceasars…there will never b e an artist with more talent who can keep such a high stature
    for so long a time….they don’t make talent like him anymore…too many one hit wonders….he played for
    4 hours…..and he didn’t play half of his hit songs….
    9. as the season moves on i think you’ll still see few upsets. As you said the pwoerful teams remain powerful
    and are doing well….nto many surprises this year…but how about those lions…thanksgiving day they play
    packers…i can’t remember a thanksgiving day game with such build up as that game will probably have…
    10. I was the first to call you “glaze” and now everyone refers to you that way. See the incredible influence
    I have over these people….

  28. Craig Glazer says:


  29. harley says:

    glaze…no poontang this weekend?
    didnt mean to get you all flustered…but figured with your winning streak you’d be getting all the
    puss while i was out of town.
    hang in there…it’s gonna be okay>

  30. Craig Glazer says:


  31. Hearne Christopher says:

    What makes you assume that spending a few minutes a day reading a Web site and dropping in a couple comments is all anybody has time to do? That they have no life? That’s a pretty huge leap.

    Did it take you all day to drop in that shot?

  32. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’ll go with the latter

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