Glazer: Curse of Marty Ball Haunts Nick Wright & Chiefs ‘Suck for Luck’ Campaign

610 Sports host Nick Wright admits he thought the Chiefs could make the playoffs before the season started…

Nick also bought into his pal Todd Haley’s decision to go soft in the preseason in order to be ready for the regular season. Now Nick thinks the Chiefs should lose every game and draft number one to get college superstar Andrew Luck from Stanford.

I agree with Nick, but many don’t.

Yesterday Wright’s top-rated show was flooded with Haters. I know the feeling, Nick.

"What kind of fan are you, Nick? I want the Chiefs to win every game, I don’t care who we draft!" stated one angry caller.

Wright posed this question to several callers:  "It’s game 16 and the Chiefs are 1-14. We’re playing the Raiders. If we lose we get Andrew Luck. What should the Chiefs do?" 

Most of us who went to school, said LOSE, but you’d be surprised how many didn’t agree.


Maybe this explains Kansas City in oh so many ways.

Too God fearing, arrest everyone who isn’t born again or doesn’t have light brown or blonde hair, don’t drive a flashy car or you’re an asshole, dress nice but not too nice. We want to win in sports but don’t bend a rule like the winners do.

We are just so moral in Kansas City.

And look where it got KCMO. Like the Chiefs, in too many ways, in last place. Just look at the school system. I know you are pointing to Kansas. Yes, it’s much, much better but over the top with a right wing, God-fearing attitude.

Of course the most ardent moralists are always the biggest hypocrites, right?

Back to the Chiefs and Nick. I agree with Nick, but of course as you readers know I felt this team was bottom five at the end of last season. This team has now lost 9 straight games, including preseason. And three were horrible blow outs.

The Chiefs are last in everything except rushing and a couple other meaningless statistics. Last in scoring, have given up the most points; last place quarterback in everything on and on. THE CHIEFS ARE OFFICIALLY THE WORST TEAM IN THE NFL, so say all of the power rankings…ALL OF THEM HAVE US LAST.

Like Nick and I have both said, it starts at quarterback.

Matt is a decent, tough guy, but he hasn’t cut it – he didn’t work out. Wright gave us the best reason here: The top 7 quarterbacks are either 3-0 or 2-1. The bad ones, like ours, are all 0-3 or 1-2 – all of them.

An outstanding quarterback can make an average team great…John Elway. How’s Indy without Payton Manning (0-3)? So yes, we should suck for Luck.

The most interesting comment Nick made was so damn true:

"Hey, with Kansas City’s luck we’ll tie for the worst spot and lose a coin flip for the top pick."

  A truer statement was never made. For some reason we just can’t move to the top very often. The curse of Marty.
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14 Responses to Glazer: Curse of Marty Ball Haunts Nick Wright & Chiefs ‘Suck for Luck’ Campaign

  1. Taco Time says:

    Love This Story Glaze
    Right on man. We need to “suck for luck” bro.

  2. smartman says:

    No Such Luck
    Just like Eli Manning dodged going to the Chargers Andrew Luck will not wind up in KC. Ain’t gonna happen!

    Carson Palmer is the best available quarterback the Chiefs should go after.

    Here’s your new THEME SONG Glaze. Sing to the tune of THE WANDERER.

    I’m the type of guy that likes to get around. Never seen a chick that I wouldn’t wanna pound. Never wear a condom, never got an STD all the guys that read my blog wish that they were me. I’m The KING OF STING, yeah The KING OF STING. I get around-round-round-round-round

    I got Mermaid on my left, Black Barbie on my right. I know I’m gonna have a HOT 3-WAY tonight. Get up in the morning go on Johhny Dare listen to the haters break balls on my hair. I’m The KING OF STING, yeah The KING OF STING. I get around-round-round-round-round

    From LA to KC I’m fuckin’ ROYALTY. I know more than you do, so go fuck yourself nana-nana-boo-boo

    I’m the type of guy that chicks wanna bed. I do ’em doggie style and then they give me head. You know I love the life I live I ain’t got no regrets. Flyin’ off to Vegas now to place my winning bets I’m The KING OF STING, yeah The KING OF STING. I get around-round-round

  3. Ross says:

    Trying to lose is chicken sh*t…
    … no two ways about it. It’s also inherently unfair to the teams who have a skin in our later games this season. It’s no different than game fixing – which is inherently bad for a league built on competition. If we finish with a crappy record and get the #1 pick – that’s fine.

    And there’s also no guarantee that Luck is the number one QB from the ’12 draft when all is said and done. Would be interesting to see how often the top QB really ends up being the best QB.

    Regardless – a not-too-wise coach once said, “you play to win the game.” And, for once, he was right.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    That Karma is a mean bitch
    Suck for Luck, sure I don’t mind if they lose them all. TV is old, I need to put a foot through it anyway. Maybe get a color one.

    Hope to see them piss on some playoff hopefuls late in the season. That’s the only hope for the year. Anybody got and over/under on sacks on Cassel?

    The morality you speak of in Kansas City, it’s the smile-to-your-face-stab-you-in-the-back kind. They hoodwink the Sunday-go-to-Meeting folks and rob them blind. Doesn’t matter if they are in JoCo or the East Side, stealin’ in the name of the Lord. But we digress.

    Hopefully it is one of those drafts where you can’t go wrong. Of course Pioli can always draft a second rounder with the first pick too.

    I spent a couple of years in the old Wolf Pack. I lived through the 700-level of Veterans Stadium, was there the day the beer stopped at the end of the third-quarter. I’ve seen my teams at their best and worst.

    But the thought of losing to the Raiders just to get the #1 pick, can’t say I support it.

    Maybe it was hanging with guys whose great-grandfathers had Eagles tix. I can’t ever be happy seeing us lose to an enemy.

    Sometimes you are better off not getting the “sure thing”. Ryan Leaf ring any bells? Tim Couch?

    Fan is from fanatic, so a fan is always rooting for the win. Hopeless as it may be.

  5. kcfred says:

    kansas city
    take a look around folks. i think we have it pretty good here. name me a city this size that has a baseball and football team even though they suck. milwuakee maybe, and the cloest football team is 75 miles north. geez, quitcherbitchin’. we could be st. louis which is turning more into a cesspool as we speak.

  6. harley says:

    Glaze…no guarantee luck will be any better
    All you saying we should lose every game are nuts. do you know how many first round college qb’s don’t make it in the
    nfl? And the amount of time it takes to get them ready for the nfl. Maybe theres some that hit lighting…like sanchez….or
    manning…but you don’t have that with luck. Sorry to burst your bubble.
    But yes…they need to find another qb. Even if cassell can get them to the playoffs in a weak division….he won’t take you
    any further. Just not in the cards.
    So shake up the team. You have 5 starters on offense…5 starters on defense….play the second and thrid string now
    and get ready for next year. But the nfl changes rapidly and just because the chiefs make positive strides so do the other
    teams in the league.
    Pioli set this mess in motion. But its the same problem….no ability to evaluate talent by anyone on the team.
    No abiloity to keep players who need coaching. The present coaching staff are each waiting for another job. None
    of them can expect a big jump in their career. Gary Gibbs is about the only one and he was the arhcitect of the
    new orleans saints defense that won a super bowl the year after he left.
    biggest problem is clark. Didnt spend the money that he had available. Didn’t go into the free agent draft.
    No players to improve the team. So he screwed up the season trying to mke sure he had a big profit.
    but he must have known this was a bad team. He didn’t do anything to make them better.
    My sources say the chiefs wanted to save money to pay for the stadium renovations and look where it put this team.
    Doin’t bet on luck. Even with the current staff he’s a big nothing. Zorn really helped flacco. He’s not doing anything
    with cassell. May have been the lack of training camp. But flacco has talent…cassell has nothing.
    And when does matt throw the ball more than 10 yards?
    It a freaking mess.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    WOW THAT WAS GREAT…so great that if you don’t mind I am going to try and sing it on
    Dare this Thursday morning….

  8. smartman says:

    SING! King of Sting
    Craig: I’m sure the production folks at THE ROCK can find a Karaoke version of that song for you to sing over. Or do it LIVE UNPLUGGED with Federation of Horsepower! Let it rip!

  9. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Tough Call
    I sure would like a great quarterback. We haven’t had our own really since Dawson, that was great. Hard to believe a franchise that is half a century old had one long term quarterback, Livingston, who was average, was the second longest. Thats why we suck.

  10. Monkey Man says:

    Nickes Old Lady Black, I Like Him
    He’s cool with me, fuck the Chiefs.

  11. Cliffy says:

    StL a cesspool? WTF you talking about Fred? I love KC but what do we have that StL doesn’t?

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    That Wasn’t Me or Chuck
    When the person who does this does it, we will look to take it down Chuck. Sorry about people who are just morons.

  13. chuck says:

    No big deal. Thanks. 🙂
    Harley/JoJo/KoKo clandestinely posts from another IP, and imagines that no one knows.

    Heh, heh…

    Meat Harley.

    Nuttin but meat.

  14. Cliffy says:

    Hey Glazer …
    Who named Stanford’s the top comedy club? Why don’t you answer the question?

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