Glazer: Stanford’s Named Top Comedy Club, Hot New Stars on the Way

Out with the old, in with the new…

That’s been the Hollywood battle cry for ages. Comedy undergoes major changes about every 10 years. And that change is now underway. Stanford’s was just named one of the top comedy venues in the country for 2011/12 (along with Caroline’s in New York).

Because both clubs have a great mix of current big name stars, as well as the new superstar comic up-and-comers.

Chelsea Handler is the "NEW" Johnny Carson.

That’s right, she’s way, way more important than Jay Leno and David Letterman to comics. Being on Chelsea’s show five times is better than being on those guy’s shows 20 times. This season she’s had five of her people starring in TV shows. These are people she launched, including Whitney Cummings, Iliza Shlesinger, Mo Mandel, T.J.Miller, Bryan Callen (he was already a star) and of course, on her own new sitcom, "Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea" with Ali Wong.

Stanford’s has booked Wong, Miller, Callen, Mandel and her new nearly every night guy Chris Franjola. We also plan to have her main man Josh Wolf back. Chelsea is the new feeder for comedy stardom.

Hey even my good pal and comedy superstar Lewis Black didn’t sell out this past Friday in Topeka.

Maybe it’s because it was Topeka, huh? The times are changing. You still have to book the long running big names because lots of your older audiences don’t know the new ones yet. Of course, after they become stars they say ask me, "Hey, are you ever gonna get that Larry The Cable Guy?"

We nearly invented him, he played our clubs at least 15 different weeks – up too and including the Blue Collar Tour.

Sure, we have the big names of the recent past, Jon Reep, Bobcat Goldthwait, Micheal Winslow, Dave Coulier, Bobby Slayton (this week), Jim Florentine, Lynne Koplitz, and many more.

Hey, whats fun is getting the two top rated comics in the world, both of whom are just starting to become well known. And that’s Dov Davidoff (here this winter) and of course No. 1, Jim Jefferies from Down Under. A local gal, Nikki Glaser is burning up the track since being in the film I Am Comic and all over the Web. Plus she’s been on several Tonight Shows and made the finals on Last Comic Standing (she’s from St. Louis but went to KU and started with Stanford’s).

The Broken Lizards (stars of Super Troopers/Beerfest) are coming to Stanford’s this winter as well. I didn’t even know that one, but I’m told it will be a sure sellout.

So come see the ones you’ve heard of and then come and discover the ones you don’t know yet. Because they’re tomorrow’s stars.

And this Tuesday at 8 PM it’s Stanford’s 2011 Comic of The Year Contest in KC. It’s open to the public, so come see the top 25 men and women comics in Kansas City. Some of them are very good.

Hey, that’s where Eddie Griffin and Sinbad came from. Remember those guys?

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31 Responses to Glazer: Stanford’s Named Top Comedy Club, Hot New Stars on the Way

  1. harley says:

    congrats…good job…
    congrats on the award. why not take one weekend and have a marathon comic show…
    72 hours of striaght comedy and have proceeds go to a charity. Bring in some headliners…
    put on the web live….or have it broadcast live on comedy radio and tv stations around the
    nation…that would be awesome…and i won’t chatrge you for the idea…

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    Easier or harder to keep current in the business?
    Than in the past? Comics were always opening acts, usually small clubs even after making The Tonight Show (when it really counted).

    Saw Father Guido open for Arlo Guthrie way before SNL. But there were three, four small clubs so he could keep working on the act.

    Catching a rising star, at a small club is priceless.

    Tough to be loyal the way the entertainment business is now run.

    I now return you to the regularly scheduled advertising, er blog

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    Yeah Craig, follow harley’s advice
    He’ll show you how to make a small fortune. First you start with a large one.

    harley (on phone): Hey kids let’s put on a show in the barn

    Darla (talking to the people on her end while on the phone): Some guy named harley wants to put on a show.

    Alfalfa (in the background w/Darla) WHO??

    harley: It’s harley, from KCC

    Darla: Who? From where?

    harley: C’mon, let’s put on a show in the barn so we can bring rainbows and kittens to the widows and orphans. Not that shithead Orphan though. Craig’s gonna help.

    Jerry’s Kid: harley get off the phone and come back to your macaroni picture

  4. smartman says:

    Earned it the HARD WAY
    Let’s see, Chelsea was basically a low level shithole comedy club comic. She starts banging an exec from E and wound up with her own show. Got an unusually large budget for writers and staff. Funny how that happens?

    She has godawful timing, has a more annoying voice than Nick Wright, is not that funny and oh yeah she’s a life long coal hauler. Supposedly it’s some Jew guilt thing she has about slavery.

    Her ass is getting bigger than Kim Kardashian’s but her paycheck isn’t.

    Her guests are far more talented than she is and even a DEAD Johnny Carson is funnier than she’ll ever hope to be.

    She’s ridden more coat-tails than a 3 year old quadraplegic on Halloween

    She works the gay crowd like she’s a self lubricating rubber fist at the WHITE PARTY.

    Another overpaid no talent hack like Adam Sandler and Ricky Bobby.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Harley and Bobby Slayton Tix
    So you’ve called me every name under the sun from liar to loser to who knows anymore…but you want me to give you four free tix to Slayton? Ok I am the bigger guy so fine…what show and how many they need to have it at will call, Fri/Sat shows are at 745/945..let us know.

    Smartman good points, I don’t choose who makes it big or not….She sure has had some luck, huh. Just to let you know with her TV shows, live concerts, books, she made 18 million last year. This year could be 30 million with her producing four or five TV shows.

  6. bschloz says:

    Nice Post Glaze
    Congrats on the award. Saw Whitney sitcom..not sure that ones gonna fly.

    Top requests…Marc Maron , Todd Glass….I know you can get those 2 guys..

    Still waiting for you and Hearne to do a Podcast…. go Walt Bodine for an hour a week.!

  7. harley says:

    Glaze…got flight to vegas…
    birthday party fo a friend….got great seats to see Elton John at caesars….will report backon show..
    saw elton and billy joel on easter 2010….incredible show..
    maybe will catch you next time….thanks for offer gotta pass…
    so while I’m watching million dollar piano….chucky is jacking off and smartman is looking for
    guys on independence avenue.
    Hey chuckie and smartman…..get a life you 2 losers!

  8. harley says:

    gotta give credit where credit is due…
    even though you chuck are a low life…cock sucking…p.o.s who’se wife is banging some spoonhead on main…
    that was a funny dialogue comment…its one of your better writings…it made me life.
    Nowget back up in the attic and clean out your grandmas bedroom.

  9. chuck says:

    It’s gonna take Liquid oxygen, electrochock therapy
    and a mountain of prescription drugs the size of K2, to get to the bottom of Harley’s (JoJo) run amok, stream of barely consciousness, issues.

    Harley’s comments and rhetoric, is res ipsa loquitur and he is condemned by his own ramblings, relegated to lofty status, here in this time, at this place, as the Pope of the Catholic High Mass of retards.

    A living breathing flechette of fallacious, fumble-fucked foolishness, that finds him frequently face planted, and lost, in a death star tractor beam of need and insecurity.

    Mongoloid Flipper Babies have more to contribute to the human race than this penitentially motivated, self loathing, reductionist, eugenic, chimpanzee/human experiment gone awry.

    Put this animal out of it’s pain.

  10. Downtown Davey says:

    Harley You Are An Odd One
    First, Glazer great entertainment sounds to be coming yearlong at Stanfords. Thank you for bringing all these entertainers to our city. I have only been to one show at the new Stanfords. My wife and I came to see Dave Coulier about two years ago, really enjoyed the show, he was so much talent. The room is beautiful, night and day from Westport, was never in the Overland Park spot. We will be out to see Bobcat Goldthwait.

    Harley, and I hope this doesn’t get you after me like you are poor Chuck, but I find it hard to believe that all of a sudden a couple days from the weekend you got a birthday party in Vegas. You ride Glazer, he is nice enough to give you seats to see a comic you like that you wanted to see, and now you are leaving town. Talk about fishy Harley. Well thats your business, but I do read your crazy comments, and you do brag about many things you do and have done, now I think maybe its all fiction. I just find the timing quite odd Harley. You should get off Chuck’s back, he’s seems a nice sort. The attacks on this website are just too foul.

  11. Mark Smith says:

    Harley translation…
    My second wife was crazy, so I speak it fluently. Allow me to translate Harleys gibberish.

    Harley asks for tickets. Glazer offers them up. Harley never expected the offer, realizes he would actually have to come out of his studio apartment in Grandview, show up to a public venue. Fears a possible meeting with someone he has talked shit about. Fears a foot might catch him in his fat ass. So, he suddenly has a big last minute trip to Vegas.

    Harley is the internet equivilant of the mildly retarded cousin at a family reunion. He is entertaining for a few minutes until he head butts you in your groin or grabs your wifes tit. Then you spend the rest of the day tripping him every time he gets within range. He’s the fat kid who ate boogers in class, longed to fit in, never could. So he spends his time trolling a website, trying to be one of the cool kids, failing over and over. It would be painfull to watch if it wasn’t so entertaining.

  12. Robertoe says:

    Bevis and Buttheadsville
    Mark and Davey, you are spot on. I used to enjoy this site but a totally wide open no registration set-up is going to gravitate things to the lowest miscreant. This isn’t a theory. Just look at the way things have devolved here. I used to enjoy Chuck and Smartman’s posts but now its all Bevis & Butthead style discourse that’s totally classless. Who’s sucking who’s dick? Who’s taking in the butt? Who’s posting what? Who knows! Hearne you’ve got more class than this. Its painful watching this spiral downhill.

    Glazer asks: Then why come here? Just go away!

    Here’s why. I like Hearne and I want to see him and KCC succeed. I want to see him online trump the KC Star. I’d like to contribute.

    But he needs to quit being so stubborn and recognize 3 big problems that will be his undoing if he doesn’t adapt and address them:
    1) The 2 extremes on managing blog comments are Tony and the KC Star. Of course KCC is just like Tony’s site- wide open. No holds barred. So it gravitates to the lowest level and anyone with any class won’t continue to come here. You can set up a system that retains anonymity. You’d need a valid email address to post that gets confirmed on the registration process. Thats it! Fuckups get warned and then deregistered. The quality of the comments would vastly improve. All these BS post under anyone’s name would stop.
    2) You don’t have the right technology platform here. Do you remember when Hearne said he was going to have urls hotlinked? He said it about 2 months ago. Do you see this site technology evolving at all? Smartphone capacities? Social networking interfaces? Like buttons? Anything? The answer is no.
    3) This is a low income, high liability business. That’s not a good combo. It needs to be addressed. It can be.

    OK that’s my 2 cents. Fire away!

  13. Chester Drawers says:

    Glazer= wild idiot
    Hurn, this guy will eventually get you sued out of existence. You can bank on it. You are a slow moving target for some scumbag attorney to turn you inside out when the time is right, and glazer will be the fuse on the dynamite that blows you into some other field of work, like maybe street maintenance or landscaping.

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    How about streetscaping?

  15. mark smith says:

    Hearne could you or glazer
    post a link or a url to the site or association, whatever, that is being refrenced as naming Stanfords one of the top clubs in the nation? Not saying it’s untrue, I know zip about what comedy clubs are hot. Still, it’s a pretty big claim and a little background or link would lend some credence to this post. As it stands, it just sounds like Joe Shmoe from Coca Mo said ” Stanfords is the best”.
    Make sense?

  16. harley says:

    robertoe…did you make the move on mermaid?
    forget the other b..s . about urls…erls…downlinks..etc.
    what happened between you and the beautiful mermaid. why was glazer so upset with you and the way you handled his woman?
    what exactly transpired on the night in questions. I knw you didnt want mermaid for just a pal…everyone saw her photo on here..
    she’s beuatiful but what happened…when did it happen and why did you fail?
    hope to get the details…thats all that matters here on kcc…no facts just rumors and innuendo. Thats the way we like it (lol)
    so giv e us the scoop….

  17. Hearne Christopher says:


  18. Hearne Christopher says:


  19. Robertoe says:

    Mermaid is having a tough time with the health issues on both her parents. 🙁 Its something we all go through but she’s getting hit hard with both parents at once. Plus, she’s an only child so its all on her.

    Nothing to report on our front other than the extent of the demise of our relationship has been greatly exaggerated. We did have one rather humorous social complexity. I dealt with it appropriately…well…thats all the info you’re getting. :p

    We were scheduled to go out with a group Plaza Art Fair. That didn’t happen. We are scheduled to go out with a group to the Am Royal BBQ this weekend. As you can imagine its all very contingent on her family issues. I’m very social. I extend invites. Shes usually receptive to the invitations.

    Now lets all get back to ragging at Hearne until he gets on the right track. He’s got lots of support and know how with the regulars who post here but he’s too intransigent to tap it when he needs it.

  20. Downtown Davey says:

    Don’t Get The Mermaid Thing?
    What is that all about. I didn’t know she was Glazer’s girl. I thought he dated several young ladies, some posted on this site. I know those two are friends from this site and have dated. What did Robertoe do? As far as Stanfords, its well known they are a national big time comedy club. I have even heard them mentioned on Jay Leno more than once, so I’m sure they get some attention. Look who plays there.

  21. Kellys Man says:

    Stanfords Was Great In Westport But Glazer Blew It
    You should have never left Westport Glazer, I’m glad you did, but you ain’t as big since you left us jerk. Take Nigro with you.

  22. Westport Lover says:

    Kellys Guy Please Grow Up
    I live in Westport. I go to Kellys all the time. Kellys Guy change your name. You sound like a third grader. You are always writing the dumbist comments ever. Leave Westport. Hope Nigro kicks your rear end.

  23. Tiger Tail says:

    Dittoe On Kellys Guy
    Yeah dude, you are an idiot.

  24. Super Dave says:

    Hearne could you or glazer Part 2
    Well Mark Smith and I are waiting.

  25. Super Dave says:

    Hearne could you or glazer Part 3
    Well Mark Smith, the scumbag attorney’s and I are waiting.

  26. harley says:


  27. Craig Glazer says:

    I Know Everything Is A Lie
    Hey morons I am never ever gonna paste or post anything, my book, movie deals, stanfords, its all online or in the paper, it will never happen….so yeah like everything its all made up. Stanfords is nothing nobody ever said anything we are no big deal you’re right. Again it will never ever happen. I think with most people my respect level on media and me is high enough. Maybe not with morons, but OK. Again listen, learn, write it down. Thank you. Next. P.S. wasn’t I the guy who also knows nothing about sports? Hmmm….lets see I don’t see many comments from the morons on that now….wonder why?

  28. mark smith says:

    Pro response Glazer
    I originally asked the question. It was asked respectfully and out of curiosity. Now you come back with calling readers out as morons for responding to the title of the post. Actually I googled your club in every concievable way to find an award or organization naming you the best of anything related to comedy,. I came up blank. Nobody is denying that you have had success in your business. But a fuckin infant knows that if you write something as fact, if you make a claim to be Named Top Comedy Club, you back it up with at least a mention of who gave you this title. Id think you would be happy to promote this award, rather than react like an insecure tool. Hearne should hold you to at least a minimal standard in your piss poor writing, clearly you have none yourself. I’m not sure why you wouldnt resolve the issue and silence your mean old haters, by simply saying where the title originates. Seems…..moronic..

  29. Orphan of the Road says:

    Cool your jets Craig
    Links would be nice, would be informative to see what someone else says about you and the club.

    If you look around at your competition, you will see links and verifiable quotes which illuminate what the author is saying.

    Folks like Mark and I are just wanting you to elevate your game. Haters are still gonna hate but the unwashed masses appreciate not having to take on a full-time task of tracking down information.

    You are prone to hyperbole and exaggeration so you leave yourself wide open for people to just rag you to death.

    No skin off my ass if you don’t but I don’t think you became a very successful businessman by not paying attention to small details.

  30. bobrossfro says:

    Where’s the link Glaser?
    Or a picture of the award?

  31. BarKeeper says:

    A Question for Hearne
    I wonder if you have even the slightest amount of control over this loose cannon who spouts unsubstantiated “facts” like a volcano. If he can call commentors morons, apparently with your editorial blessings, we have every right to call him a douchebag, right? Is it OK if we call him a douchebag with a cheap hair weave too? Only seems fair to me.

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