Glazer: Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Saves His Job…For now

Yes, the Chiefs are still 0-3…

Yes, they are still one of the NFL’S worst teams. Bottom three for sure – maybe the worst. They are officially rated last. However, they put on a better than expected effort against San Diego away. Both teams had a boat load of injuries. And now the Chiefs have lost Brandon Flowers.  Although I’m not sure how bad it is yet.

So now they have just three weapons; Dwayne Bowe, Dexter McCluster and surprising new tight end Leonard Pope.

Together they may have saved coach Todd Haley’s job -at least for now. It’s still likely however that he will be fired before season’s end. However if Todd with his patch work defense and offense can win the next two games against the 0-3 Vikings and soon to be 0-3 Colts, Todd might make it through to the end of the season. But even with a couple of wins, the Chiefs have to fire him. The Chiefs will be in rebuild mode now for years to come.

The game plan today looked to be, RUN THE CLOCK OUT FROM THE FIRST PLAY.

Todd wanted to lose close, but he had no idea the Chargers were going to help him so much. San Diego’s key penalties kept the Chiefs alive. Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers was shaky and their running game was off somewhat and their defense is only a little bit better than Kansas City’s.

I’m pissed cause they ruined my picks, had they lost by 9 instead of 3 I would have had a nice board.

Instead my pro picks were just OK. My college was great. You just can’t count on the Chiefs to help you, even when they lose.

The good news for me is at 0-3 they are closing in on my most important pick of losing more than 7 1/2 games. That, of course, is a for sure deal now.

The other good news is the Chiefs can use this close loss to put at least 40,000 butts in the stands this coming Sunday. Where a wipe-out may have reduced the crowd to under 30,000.

Which still could happen, there’s really not much to see right now.
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24 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Saves His Job…For now

  1. chuck says:

    I was way more shocked to see the Steelers
    struggle against the Colts.

  2. harley says:

    1.Missouri: My sources are telling me that Missouri will use the SEC as a bargaining chip in negotiations to
    try to get a better and more equitable share of revenues in the league. Those same sources tell me that
    if Missouri does go to the SEC Gary Pinkel will leave for greener pastures. Pinkel does not want anything to do
    with the SEC. Not because he is afraid of the competition but because he knows the real story of the sec
    and their style of recruiting. Most importantly, Pinkel loses his Texas recruiting machine which now is in
    full throttle and about to bring him one of the nations top running backs and possibly 2 great receivers.
    If they move to the sec, Missouri loses probably loses that Texas recruiting advantage where they have
    consistently recruited right behind Texas and Oklahoma. For Pinkel that would mean starting over and
    his assessment is that the talent he has to draw from inside Missouri is dwindling. Pinkel has had the
    ability to take 2 or 3 star recruits who passed on other schools and eventaully make them #1 nfl draft picks.
    Pinkel and his staff have huge ties to texas schools and that could be severely disrupted if missouri makes
    the move. And right now, Pinkel can name his school and price wheras in 2 or 3 years that may not be the
    case. I’ve heard that missouri would love the big 10 and pinkel would agree to that without hesitation but he’s
    not in with a move to the sec…hence it would be a last option for Missouri.
    2. Royals: Even though the royals are finishing strong with young talent…there’s been no exact word about what
    Glass will do in the offseason. In talking with former royals, they say the team believes they have right now
    3 or 4 starters in the rotation. They also believe their bullpen and starting lineup is pretty solid. However,
    the managers believe they need to go into the free agent market with $30 million a year to bring in 2 starters.
    However, their may be few top starters to buy in. They have considered butler tradeable. He can bring some
    serious consideration from other teams. They still have some talent in omaha that can move up and with next
    year being the year that kc hosts the all star game…nothing is more important to mr. glass than haveing a
    competitive team in the division when the other owners and league officials come to kc. Glass will offer up a
    one year increased payroll to accomodate the gm and manager but he isn’t willing to gamble long term on huge
    free agent contracts. I will be reporting more as the season ends and the royals being to evaluate the most
    important year in their history in 2012.
    3. chiefs: Glaze…you are way off again. You were right that cassell is a bust. You can see this by the fact that the
    coaches don’t let him throw longer than 5 yard passes. In the nfl you will see few 10-14 play drives anymore.
    The chances for interceptions/fumbles etc. make those types of driv es obsolete. In the nfl you win by picking uphuge
    chunks of yards…not the grinding…3 or 4 yards per down that characterized the league in the past.
    Haley has no connection with the players. Look for them in the next 2 games to go make or break. If they lose
    one or both the slide will be horrendous.
    I’ve never heard so many people congratulate a team for a loss. All the other sports pundits made the charger game out to
    be a moral victory. Well it wasn’t. And this is the nfl…not pop warner…and the loss was still a huge embarssment for any
    team…especially the way it was played. Does anyone on tthe team know whats going on. Theres always miscommunication
    on this team…even when the starters were in. It’s a mess and yes you were right about the qb…he’s basically a
    back up qb.
    More telling is the number of players that the chiefs cut who are now starting with other teams. Turk McBride…pollard and
    about 10 other former cheifs are now starting with other teams in the nfl It proves that this team has no ability to evaluate
    and use talent that they have. They just cna’t seem to bring the right players into the picture. And the ones they give up on
    go elsewhere and do very well. This starts with pioli and his staff…they have no clue what they are doing and until they
    make changes this is what we get on the field.
    4. BIG 12: dead league walking. Missouri is waiting to pull the trigger. Once they leave the league disintegrates.
    But missouri in the big 12 is better off than missouri in the sec as I explained eariler. If an offer comes from the big
    10 then its off to the races. Texas can’t go anywhere. They’re stuck in the league like it or not. No other league allows
    them to have the lhn. and they are hated by other schools. Missouri uses the sec as a bargaining chip but texas doeznt
    fold. Missouri has to sit and wait for a big 10 offer or they will stay where they are.
    Missouri also has a major problem…haith…watch for something to surface within 30 days that could make or break
    that progrm. Missouri’s hands are tied right now…but it’s getting hot at mizzou arena. They knwo they have a really
    good team returning..this could be a big year for mu bball…but storms are gathering over columbia.
    5. Haley: gaveup his membership at woodside. Probably pissed that glaze was getting all the young girls so he
    decided to follow marty’s lead and hang out a tannners. No luck. Haley still has this team’s faith. The injuries and the
    lockout give haley a cushion this year but his return aas a lame duck coach next year doesn’t bode well for him.
    Look for the 6 or possibly 7 wins (maybe 3 if they lose to both vikings and colts) and a new guy in 2012.
    But they have so many holes to fill and remember with a 3 and 13 record they get a easy schedule in 2012.
    To all my readers …disciples and fans…I will continue to blog the truth in kc sports here at kcc and I look
    forward to hearing from all of you. Your good friend harley

  3. chuck says:

    More pissy than pithy Harly (JoJo)
    Here, “Haley has no connection with the players.” ya got Haley and his players at odds.

    Several thousand words later, “Haley still has this team’s faith”.

    Hayley’s take on the Chief’s chances at winning the Super Bowl this year.

    The Chiefs have no chance, they are liars and are conning the fans. They are weak up the middle on both sides of the ball so as soon as Todd Haley gets fired, then the Chiefs……………………will get better up the middle ………..because Haley knows recievers, which will take the pressure off of the line play, so with that……………………thERE iS a good chance that this team could run the table and win it all.

    Mark my words fans, Todd Haley will be “Coach of the Year!”

  4. chuck says:

    Oops, I’m getting Harley’s
    diarrhea of the fingers desease.

    “Harley’s (JoJo) take on the Chief’s chances at winning the Super Bowl.”

  5. chuck says:

    Harley (JoJo) is posting at 6:01
    Shouldn’t you be drowning in pussy right now????

  6. harley says:

    no…but your wife was drowning
    no nooky for chucky….she’s gettin’ it elsewhere…you’re not servicing her
    so she’s got other sources (male and female)
    better hope glaze doesn’t tag that snatch….ya knew he’s a hound when it comes to pussy..
    but he wouldn’t touch that snatch with a ten foot pole.
    Get real chuckles…you’re a joke.
    Now get back in that attic and get those rodents out of there….

  7. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Haley’s Job Safe?
    Glazer you might be right. Haley maybe won’t get fired so fast now. He did a good job with no weapons and no defense, but how long will that keep up? Soon Bowe and little Dexter will be out with injuries. I think this is Todd Haley’s last season here.

  8. KU forever says:

    So Much For KU Football
    Yeah we sucked. The Chiefs have a chance with the Vikings. I don’t think we can beat the Colts at their home field. These likely are the last best hopes for wins. Sure Denver here, maybe Miami. The Chargers will come here with blood in their eye.

  9. Orphan of the Road says:

    The game showed one thing
    SD is a fraud, may have lots of weapons but they don’t have “IT”. The Chiefs have IT but it is preceeded by SH.

    The Colts come within a whisker of knocking off the Steelers and the Bills beat the Patriots for the first time since the Articles of Confederation.

    Haley will finish the year, the Clarks are not going to cut two paychecks.

    Giants stick another pin in Andy Reid and set the red-head up for another parade in Philadelphia, riding the winningest coach in franchise history out of town on a rail. Eighteen words in his post-game presser. Makes Haley look like Chatty Cathy.

    Oakland destroys the Jets, no first downs, lost time of possession but they still managed to win a game they should not have even been competitive. They have injuries and the back ups come in and do the job.

    That harley guy was up early, probably headed to his Sex Without Partners meeting…

  10. smartman says:

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    Those aren’t followers Harley those are hemmoroids hangin’ out your asshole.

    If you were anymore myopic you’d be a cyclops. You rant the same shit over and over, then go 180 degrees off that and offer more shit over and over. You have no facts. You have no credibility. Only pure unadulterated rambling bullshit.

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  11. Harley's Woman says:

    Chuck and Smartman get off my man Harley
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  12. smartman says:

    I’m coming out of the closet
    I’ve decided to come out of the closet at this time. Since the repeal of don’t ask/don’t tell I now feel comfortable coming out and explaining that I am gay.
    I’ve hid this fact for many years. But now that my boyfriend Raymond is okay with my coming out, it’s time for me to announce to the world I am a flaming gay man who loves to have it shoved up my ass.
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    So now you know all about me. I am the queen you love to hate. But i still know more about football than anyone on this site and know more about everything than anyone on this site.
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  13. smartman says:

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  14. Cowboy says:

    What Is This Gay Fest?
    what is wrong with you guys?

  15. chuck says:

    Well suck my balls smartman
    Good to have you on board! I knew you liked it up the ass from the first time I read your comments. You’re like a mad man when you get wired up and start writing those literary words. I love it all.
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  16. chuck says:

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  17. smartman says:

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  18. chuck says:

    Thats just Harley (JoJo)
    Peurile, pathetic, predictable 6th grade insults from a short bus retard with the brains of a starfish.

  19. Kerouac says:

    Just as I said
    when the ’10 season ended with the Ravens foot planted firmly upon kcindy’s throat (and which I have repeated several times since): “chiefettes will win 2 to 5 games tops in 2011.”

    I may have been optimistic.

    kcindy now 0-7 on the season (0-4/0-3), 13 more L’s to pay in search a lone respite… Chargers did everything in their power to give the game away yesterday but $63 mill man ca$$el wanted that L more – mission accomplished.

    The stumbling, bumbling deux egoli & hailme are looking every inch rank amateurs – egoli is a mute carnival barker to clerk hunt’s Barnum & Bailey; if this was golf, his protege ‘the duffer’ would be not so much in a sand trap as an career orifice into which his is disappearing… herm edwards & carl peterson are wearing cat that ate the canary grins ear to ear.

    kcindy kept the wrong offensive coordinator – hailme may be imminently qualified but cannot score from his position titular head along the sideline. Chan Gailey exiled, Charlie Weis banished … enter Muir & Zorn not so much laughing as being laughed at; the duffer will soon enough run out of scapegoats and egoli out of restraint, with clerk hunt not far behind belichick’s gofer carrying an axe.

    egoli & hailme now 14-21 through their first 35 regular season games as a matched pair of ashtrays for the rest of the NFL; so much for “the best GM candidate in the entire NFL”, and likewise “the best Head Coach candidate in the entire NFL” (quotes made the time of their hirings 2009). Arrowhead accumulates not so much hope as prostrate horizons; fandom groans under the weight expectation become empty promise(s).

    It is good to be Kerouac…

  20. chuck says:

    Hey Harley (JoJo)
    Call every one losers now.

    Yeah that will get us all riled up, “losers”.

    Actually, he might actually be a 6th grader.

    Harley (JoJo), if you ARE a 6th grader, your teacher will probably hold you back a year.

    You write like a 5th grader.

  21. chuck says:

    I hate it when Kerowhack is right.
    Pass the crow.

  22. Robertoe says:

    message to hearne
    read this thread (or any others over the last 2 weeks) and tell me again you don’t need any sort of a registration process to post. All you have left is psychos and Glazer posting under 7 different names saying how great he is (your security- just like your IT- is crap. I’ve seen your IP address logs).

    You wonder why folks like Mermaid and I aren’t posting here anymore, Just read these threads. Truly pathetic.

  23. Craig Glazer says:

    Robertoe Mister Perfect
    One thank you for calling us liars, again. I don’t post with other names, I know you like to think that, and thats fine. Mermaid doesn’t comment due to her family issues and frankly her last evening WITH YOU OLD BUDDY. She felt you were over the top with her. I never mentioned it before cause its between you two, however when you write this crap, it has to come out. WHO IN THE HELL ARE YOU TO SAY ANYTHING? If you don’t like it DONT READ IT ANYMORE. We are pathetic or I am? Hey Robertoe I get compiments all over this ciity from my articles. Maybe not you or JOJO or Cliffy, like Hearne says “most people DON’T COMMENT. I have noticed you dropped off on the comments. Thats fine. Look I have nothing against you, Debbie was pissed at you, I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened. Look you ain’t taking her around cause you want to be her guy pal, so thats life, I get it, fine, thats between you two.

  24. harley says:

    Robertoe…watch out~
    we may insult each other and curse and swear to each other…but its for entertainment purposes.
    I may tangle with chuck and smartman but i do laugh at some of their stuff…nothing is taken personally.
    We cut each other down…but its to see who canbe the most creative. They both put up some funny stuff about me
    which i take with a grain of salt…and a laugh…even if they are losers!
    As far as you trying to harass mermaid…lay off brother. You don’t want glaze and his gang of outlaws on your
    ass. Be careful. Were you over the top. Not good brother because she’s got some friends in high places.
    Lay off…keep your hands to yourself.
    If you want action call chucky or smartman…they know where all the guys hangouts are.
    In other words leave mermaid alone. She’s well liked by everyone here at kcc.
    And you don’t want to get the king of sting on your a$$….that would be bad bad bad news.
    Glaze…hows mermaids mom and dad doing? Hope they’re doing well.

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