Glazer: Kansas City’s Worst Sports Era Ever, Except for Sporting KC & Next Year’s Royals

The answer is simple, YES…

I’d been thinking about it, then I heard WHB’s Kevin Kietzman say it. "This is horrible. It’s been since at least 1983 since Kansas City was this bad in sports."

Actually, I was thinking it had been worse. In 1983 the Royals were still a very good ball club nearing the 1985 World Series. Yes, the Chiefs were a clown act then too, but better than today’s team. Our area college teams were no-shows except for KU basketball, which wasn’t exactly hot either.

Today the Chiefs – as your humble scribe told you two months ago – are one of the NFL’s worst teams. The Royals finished near the bottom again. KU and K-State football is lousy. MU is decent but headed towards at best an 8-4 season with a lower level bowl game.

So yeah, it really does affect the spirit of our city.

There’s no doubt that we as a fan base are blue. We’re down and upset. And "Suck for Luck" may sound cute, but it’s not where we want to be, is it?

I get emails and Facebook messages from friends all over the country saying, "Sorry about your teams." Do you? Naturally, I explain how I deal with it as far as the Chiefs are concerned. With the Royals I generally just stay away and watch from a distance.

Until NOW.

BECAUSE LET’S BE HONEST, the Chiefs are our main thing. The NFL rules. It’s by far bigger than baseball and college sports.

However, I pissed on the Royals all year and rightfully so because they stunk. Then this guy Eric Hosmer came along and wow, it was a whole new ballgame. A George Brett turn an OK or bad team into a contender pretty quickly. And Eric has done just that.

He should be rookie of the year and an MVP candidate next season. That’s something only Brett has ever done here. He is finally the "Brett" we’ve been searching for since 1992 when George retired. Eric is fantastic. Even our pitching as of late has been solid. The Royals are baseball’s hottest team.

I know its too little too late. They boast the best win loss record this month. Still they’ll finish next to last, but it looks like they may not lose 90 games for the first time since Grant took Richmond. They have stated they are going after big name pitching for 2012. Hey, I might even start going to Royals games next year.

I know, it’s David Glass. But I have a weird feeling since he’s near the end of his life, he wants to go out a good guy  a sports winner…not a sports joke.

I’m betting that he spends some big money this coming year.

This club could even win the division next season with two real starters.Of course, so could most teams. Everybody needs pitching.

I can’t believe I just said that, WIN THE DIVISION. My God!

The other good news is Sporting KC has been a monster hit at Legends, Village West, KCK and throughout the metro.

The stadium is the talk of everyone. The attendance and a first place spot is a lift for all of us. They are a very good team with great fans. They started out losing a million games then opened the stadium and couldn’t lose. Nice. Every game a near sell out.

Hey, even the Royals draw over 20,000 now in second to last. People here want a winner, badly. Any winner.

KU basketball is suppose to be down a bit, but I wouldn’t count on that with Bill Self coaching. And I know, all eyes are on WILL THERE BE A BIG TWELVE or TEN or EIGHT….looks like, YES THERE WILL BE.

So yes, this has been awful. The Chiefs and Royals, along with KU and K-State are all clown acts to this point. MU football is decent, but that isn’t good enough to save us from the worst sports year ever.

Take heart, it can only get better. Except for our Chiefs. They’ve dug a huge hole and it may take years for them to recover. 

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22 Responses to Glazer: Kansas City’s Worst Sports Era Ever, Except for Sporting KC & Next Year’s Royals

  1. chuck says:

    Glass has a 30 Million Dollar Payroll
    Hunt is 32 Million UNDER the Salary Cap.

    Neither one lives in KC.

    Both of them will die with the first dollar they ever made, firmly esconced in thier wallets.

    Kansas Citians are Little Timmy Cratchit to Ebenezer the “Clarks”Scrooge, and this is a never ending Christmas Story with a bad ending.

    The “Clarks” are gutless, poseurs.

  2. TRUTH says:



  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    Worst? Nah, not close
    That would be when the A’s came to town. A leisure-service of the NY Yankees (the owner was a part-owner of the Yankees), we would see a whisp of player before they headed to NYC and glory.

    It would be years before MU beat NU.

    Times are bleak now, maybe they will worsen. Baseball downsizes, there go the Royals. The Chiefs continue to spiral down and the fans stop buying tickets, break the lease and move.

    K-State showed some of the spark which made the Big 8 a league no one wanted to play the also-rans because they kicked ass until conference games started.

    The only thing new is the history you don’t know…

  4. harley says:

    Come on chuck….get a life!
    1. 6:30 am sunday and you’re on this site. come on chuck…get a life for god’s sake. While you’re reading glazes
    hashed over crap stories…most guys are with their women getting some action. If the one you’re with now ain’t
    giving it up….move on buddy. Lifes too short to not have nooky.
    2. Clark hunt doesn’t have the first dollar he made…because he didn’t make any money. Like hernia was born
    into money…clark doesn’t make money…he just tries not to lose too much.
    3. Glaze…please stop! This is the same regurgiatated crap you’ve put out the last 2 weeks. If you want to see some
    interesting sports stories read or read the sports stuff from the new guy hernia just hired.
    You are old…boring…. by the way glaze…hows that movie coming? Now that hoovers is in the
    box…you said yours was next. I think that all is b.s. Theres no movie…and the book was flop. How many did
    it sell. Tell us…you know….and verify the sales figures thru amazon etc. And the reviews that were posted..
    all phony. Prove to us something bout you is real because everyone on here knows 99.9% of what you
    say is pure b.s.
    No offense glaze…but you claim so much b.s…its’ time to put up or shut up with your claims. I don’t think you’re
    the star you make yourself out to be. And i know everyone on here (except broke back cowboy) doesn’t believe a
    single word you say. Prove yourself…or stfu about all those claims you make…might work with the
    hos but we’re in the showme state…so showme proof that what you say isn’t one big lie.
    Thanks…no excuses this time….show us the proof.

  5. harley says:

    glaze…i take everything i said back
    can you get me 4 front row seats to see slayton? Promise I’ll kiss your ass everyday like cowboy and
    won’t hound your pics of hos and strippers on kcc..
    please…please….and i won’t every say antying bad about you and your writing…welll…i won’t do that
    but i’ll be nicer in my post…
    thanks…leave them at will call for harley

  6. smartman says:

    Glass still Half Empty

    How much you wanna wager per game on the Ol Roy-als 2012 season?

    They gotta go +20 wins just to get above .500 and probably +40 to win the division.

    Not gonna happen even if Hollywood makes another Major League movie.

  7. chuck says:

    Harley (JoJo)
    JoJo can’t let go of his “Bait and Tackle” long enough to figure out what a fuckin paragraph is.

    There ya go, thats it, he is typin with one hand.

    Does JoJo even have a PICTURE of a Harley?

    “…most guys are with their women getting some action. If the one you’re with now ain’t
    giving it up….move on buddy. Lifes too short to not have nooky.”

    JoJo, imaginary sexual relationships with your mom, do not count as “getting some action”.

    JOJO: *on the phone, with one hand* “Come on Glaze pick up.”

    GLAZER’S PHONE MACHINE: “You have just reached 1 800, I am so cool, heh, heh. Leave a message, and I’ll get back to ya, unless its Angie, Amy, Abigail, ALexandra, Black Barbie, Betty, Belle, Becky, oh fuck it, I’m only in the ‘B’s’, look if its a chick call me at the club.”

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  8. Super Dave says:

    Glad for the good comments!
    Now that was worth reading chuck or who ever the hell wrote it. Sure will pick up the comments since Craigs story once again sucked.

  9. chuck says:


  10. chuck says:

    Hey Glaze
    I think Harley (JoJo) actually wants front row tickets to “Slayer”.

    Just a heads up buddy.

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    I dunno, I see lots of new stuff here. That David Glass is gonna clean up his act before he checks out and is remembered as Kansas City’s biggest loser. That K-State football is lousy (bad timing) and that he’s be inundated with sympathy cards for the state of KC sports

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    Need to know what day and which show. Do I sense a sting coming on?

  13. Harley says:

    I blow a couple of meat whistles in JuCo
    now everyone thinks I don’t get the hawties.
    bul;lshit. I’m ensconsed in pussy rite now. Mr. Whiskers and Ms. Beasley, both rescue cats by the way. Ok, I stoled the cats from the local pet store. Ever try to stick two maine coon cats down your Sponge Bob jammy pants? Well, its only fum for about 30 seconds, once you skeet it makes the scratches sting. Must be the salt.
    Anyway fuck yo chuck, go to chuckie Ceese or

    PS I apologize Craig and Hearne. You guys are cool. Maybe we can go cruis chicks in Hearnes Fiat.

  14. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Did You See Glazer’s Pro and College Picks
    Hey Harley you keep saying he doesn’t know sports, have you seen the man’s picks and breakdowns? Craig you have not updated us on Mermaid who has left the site. Oh Harley yeah its me Craig.

  15. harley says:

    chuck…jew boy berk….glaze….hearnia
    Chuck …you’re imposter posting isn’t even funny. Doesnt forgive the fact that you’re old lady is probably getting
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    Your problem….not mine….i ‘m having a great time with my girlfriend…you’re on kcc…creepy on your part.
    Jew boy berk….i’ve complimented glaze with his picks. You’re not the original hook nose jew berk. That guy had a sure
    hook up with mermaid and never followed thru. Berk is probably hanging with chuck…bot h big losers …no action.
    Glaze…chiefs are bad…worse than bad. You were right about cassell….this guy is terrible….clark needs to unload the
    trio….haley…pioli…and cassell…hell…this is worse than bad.
    Thankds for the tickets…leaving them in willcall under harley….
    Hernia…lets get some real writers on here….
    chuck….l is for loser…what you are….now go back and find out what your lady is doing at 6am while you’re
    jacking off to internet porn…

  16. harley says:

    Date night at glazers club
    Thanks again for the tickets ! I’m taking my mom and a one legged chick named Lena. Gonna slip mom a roofie and let Lena use her stump. On me, not my mom. Hey don’t judge me. It’s either mom and lena, or another night dipping my balls in Milnot and squating in a sink full of kitty cats.

    I AM SO LOOOOOOONELLY!!!!!! You doods are losers.

    Im sorry for my earlier comments chuck.

    I hate you.

    I think I’ve shit my pants.

  17. chuck says:

    Harley (JoJo)
    Harley says, “Chuck …you’re imposter posting isn’t even funny.”

    Yeah it is. It’s real funny. Hilarious even. 🙂

  18. chuck says:

    But, I am not the one posting under your name.
    Still, its damn funny.

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    Tell Craig which show you wanna see

  20. EMAW says:

    How are the Cats looking now?
    Pretty nice win.

  21. BlackJack says:

    So basically this comments section has deteriorated to the point where you just see the same, tired, witless comments by someone named Chuck, Harley and Smartman, or someone pretending to be Chuck, Harley and Smartman, Of course, it is mandatory that each post contains some type of sexual demeaning putdown, racial analogy, and/or bathroom humor.

    Is there anyone else out there?

  22. Hearne Christopher says:

    Uh, obviously

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