Glazer: Humble Scribe Releases NFL & College Football Get Rich Quick Picks

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for boys and girls, this weeks picks…

The favorites have been doing very well so far. The OVER in the NFL has been outstanding. But things may change. Sometimes when it looks too good to be true it just might be.

This week in the NFL there are four or five games that look scary easy, so beware.

The two that jump out: San Diego by just 15 over Kansas City at the Chargers and the Steelers by 101/2 over the Colts.

These smell like trap games.

So here’s what we do; take both favorites and tease DOWN the numbers for both games. Now the Chargers are  favored by just 9 and the Steelers by just 4 1/2.

I like it.

Here we go for the rest of BEST BETS BY YOUR HUMBLE SCRIBE


Not as easy as last week but…

LSU minus 5 1/2 over West Virginia and Alabama minus 11 1/2 over Arkansas  The favs are LSU and Alabama so let’s tease these numbers down by 6. But remember we need to win both games to win, so it becomes:

LSU 1/2 over West Virginia and Alabama -5 over Arkansas.

Texas Tech minus 16 over Nevada

SMU minus 22 1/2 over Memphis (tip from a co star at 610)

ASU minus 3 over USC

Bonus: MU 21 over Oklahoma (make this one a very borderline, small wager)



Again, San Diego minus 9 over KC and Pittsburgh minus 4 1/2 over Colts (Solid. I like the regular betting line too, but just to be safe on a bigger gamble tease it)

Detroit minus 3 1/2 over The Vikings

Carolina minus 3 1/2 over Jags

Arizona minus 3 1/2 over Seattle (This looks very good but to be safe might want to tease this with the Carolina game)

Bonus: Packers minus 3 1/2 over Chicago

Hey, have a fun football weekend, but just remember: You can’t win’em all so don’t bet too many games unless you have to.

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16 Responses to Glazer: Humble Scribe Releases NFL & College Football Get Rich Quick Picks

  1. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Agree except MU
    I think OU will cover the 21 at home. I do like LSU and Alabama. Hearne thats pro football not college, but OK you went to U of Arizona, fine we’ll take it. I like All the pro picks, I believe Chargers beat the Chiefs by 21 plus at home.

  2. Kellys Man says:

    Chiefs Come Back And Win
    You are wrong again Glazer. Chiefs beat Chargers. You’ll see. Quit putting the wammy on us.

  3. chuck says:

    I like the Wash – Dallas Game.
    Dallas is beat to shit, the Cowboys are -6, I would take the Skins and the points, I think the Skins win the game.

    Tenn is -6.5, Denver is in Tenn. Tenn wins by 2 scores at least.

    The Giants are in Philly, its Philly by 8, they should win by 15

    I think Glaze is right on the teaser stuff, SD will beat the Chiefs by three scores, and that is with a junk TD late in the game for KC.

    Pittsburg will run thru Indy like shit thru a tin horn. They win bt 3 scores too, with a late junk TD as well.

    Thats all I like.

  4. smartman says:

    smarter money
    Forget all the teases and parlays. If you are a serious INVESTMENT GAMBLER the money line bet on the Chargers is the way to go this weekend. It’s between -$1075 and
    -$1100 depending on the book. So for each $1100 you lay you win $100.00 with an outright Chargers win. Lay down 1.1 million and walk away with a cool ONE HUNDRED GRAND in less than 4 hours with little to no sweat off your balls. That’s ROI baby and that’s why the BIG BALLS, ICE IN THE VEINS, HIGH ROLLERS play the money line!

    On the flip side you can lay $100.00 on the Chiefs and if they win outright you pick up $750.00. That requires big balls and NO BRAINS.

  5. KU Forever says:

    Glazer Is Way Off
    Oklahoma is gonna walk all over MU, by 40. Chiefs will cover, they have backs to the wall, they lose but close, 31-24. Indy is at home and upsets Steelers by 3. Alabama has no chance this week, they lose. LSU does not cover. Sorry Craig, this is upset weekend, a bookie weekend. Like you said, can’t win them all.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    I Agree With Chuck/Smartman
    I like your picks chuck, smartman has a great point. Problem Vegas won’t take that kind of bet Smartman, you’d have to have several guys run around trying to do it…they find out and block the bets. A couple years ago I had trouble getting a decent size bet down against the season long line with KC…they are tough on big bets they don’t like. Clearly they wouldn’t like that one…they call the other books and tell them about someone going around betting the money line on SD. They know that likely SD will win, they don’t want to pay out 100 g’s…so they don’t take the bet. Oh they will take up to 1o or 20 grand, after that likely not…or they would say sure, 25 to 1, thats right they can change the line anytime they want….really I’ve had it done to me on far smaller bets…they aren’t stupid….they live off the 100 to 200 dollar bettor trying to hit five team parlays.

  7. Rainbow Man says:

    MU dogs by 21? I am a KU fan but MU will cover this… Emotional game… Pinkel is too good… No blowout here. They will keep it within 14 easy.

  8. chuck says:

    Not being a smartass, KU Forever
    but, explain to me how the Colts win that game.

  9. Tiger Tail says:

    Glazer Is Right About Vegas
    Yeah Smartman, one you gotta have the one million. Two Vegas won’t let you go it. Glazer is correct. I know cause I’ve tried to make a couple ten thousand dollar money line bets like your idea, they gave me a hard time and changed the spread. Still did it, won like 2200 on each bet, but it was a hassle. I don’t know how you lay off a million dollar bet like that. Sure on a game where it could go either way maybe, but not this one. Chiefs only can win if a bomb hits the Charger Bus on the way to the game. God forbid.

  10. smartman says:

    Money Line Plays
    I have never,ever been refused a money line bet in Vegas, up to 20 dimes. I have had them move the line, which is fine with me when you’re riding what you believe is a sure thing.

    I realize that’s a lot less than a million but where there is a will there is a way. You might have to lay it off from Providence to Miami but sometimes you gotta work hard for the money. 10% ROI in 4 hours is better than being a pimp or a crack dealer.

    Betting the money line in baseball, particularly against the Royals this year has been like shooting fish in a barrel. Some of the easiest money to be made is in baseball. Not sexy but a helluva lot better than the stock market, especially after this week.

  11. bschloz says:

    20,grnd bet?
    20 Dimes LOL…there has to be a difference between action, adrenaline, and puking blood.

    @smartman DONT BET ON BASEBALL

  12. Taco Time says:

    So Far So Good Glazer
    Bama won and covered, SMU won and covered, so you are doing well so far. I love it. I bet five bucks on SMU myself.

  13. Radio Man says:

    Good Job Glazer
    Well you are good I’ll say that my friend.

  14. Gordon Gecko says:

    Whats your phone number?

  15. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Again, Impressive
    Very, very good, at least with the college games. You have missed only two or three in three weeks, I think. Looks like all were correct but one. Glazer like with everything else, when you prove to be right as with your football skills, none of the haters want to comment. I am NOT A HATER. Lets see how your pro picks to today. Good luck.

  16. Cowboy says:

    Never Seen This
    First thanks for the college picks, I took them. For you to pick at about 90% for three weeks is nearly unheard of Craig. You need an online service. Of course you can’t always do this, but you ain’t just pickin a game or two, its like ten or more a week college pro. What I like is the record is right here, when you listen to those guys who want your money on radio they give you there % with no way to really tell if thats true or not. I would say NOT. Smooth Tiger.

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