Today: Love at First Sight? Nah, Just the Watson’s Girl & Ex Star Honcho Mark Zieman

OK Cliffy, you asked for it, now you’re gonna get it…

 I’m not talking Craig Glazer. I’m not gonna punch anybody’s lights out, Just making good on my pledge to publish the pic I took several years back of Watson’s Girl Jennifer Eichler and then Star editor Mark Zieman.

It was taken when the owners of Watson’s (now Family Leisure) strode through town calling on advertisers – the Star being one – and I hijacked the Watson’s Girl for a photo shoot. The Star photographer who got to do the honors still worships at my altar for bestowing on him the savory task.

Far less thrilled was Zieman, who posed uncomfortably (and looking a little pudgy) when I led Jennifer to his office while giving her a tour of the newsroom and asked them to pose. Yes, it was my idea alone. Nothing sinister, mind you. I’d have done the same thing had she been standing by that statue of Superman in Metropolis, Illinois.

I digress…

I’ll tell you this much, Zieman was none too pleased about his 15 minutes of fame with the hot tub / above ground swimming pool hottie. He made a point of dressing me down later, advising me of his distaste for impromtu photo shoots.

Must say, I was a little surprised.

Do you know how many red-bloooded American boys would have dropped to their knees and thanked their lucky stars for a chance to lay hands on the Watson’s Girl back then? Countless. Or in the words of Mastercard, priceless!

Of course, that was long before Jennifer married, had kids, divorced and went slutty with her online podcasts this summer.

Anyway, here it is. Go ahead and nail it to your locker door or whatever – no need to thank me. Except for Cliffy, you owe me, dude.

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16 Responses to Today: Love at First Sight? Nah, Just the Watson’s Girl & Ex Star Honcho Mark Zieman

  1. Johnny S says:

    I always liked you hearne, keep on keeping on 🙂

    ….must…. withstand ….. urge….. to make… comment …..uhg ..ugh….aaarrgggg!!!!!
    ….must…… withstand………. urge……. to make……. comment …. abo..abou….about her….

    must be strong.


  2. Gerald Bostock says:

    Zieman could have helped you copyediting that
    He is an unpleasant turd, but he knows the difference between “alter” and “altar” and “lead” and “led”

  3. Hearne Christopher says:

    Ah, to live in a world where typos are at the center of your universe

  4. Alter Ego says:

    That’s Not A Typo
    Hearne, it’s not a typo if you use a different finger for the keystroke…For most people, the “e” is made with the middle left finger and the “a” is made with the pinky left finger…No way that’s a typo…And if you want to consider it as such, fine—at the very least it is a copyediting error—something I’m sure your former colleagues at the Star know all too well about you…

  5. Jim says:

    Time to spare
    Wow! Nothing more fascinating than a critique on typing technique and grammar. GB + AE = Tools.

  6. smartman says:

    The Chin-The Mensch-The Z-Man
    Mark “The Chin” Z-Man looks a lot like a FAT McTavish.

    I like her REAL BOOBIES a whole lot more than the FAKE ONES. Peaches over melons any day.

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    How many aliases you gonna bore everyone under, G?

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well if you must know…

    The “fake ones” may indeed be fake, but for the record, they came into this world via breast reduction surgery

  9. smartman says:

    Tit For Tat
    Story I heard from a sales guy at Watson’s, at the time, was that Kennifer had BIG TIME modeling and acting aspirations. Had an agent, manager, the whole deal. She was encouraged to get bigger boobs and then had the procedure reversed when she didn’t become the next IT GIRL. That not true?

  10. Cliffy says:

    Nice pic. Tough posting from iPhone but I got a nice laugh from this.

  11. "For the record ..." says:

    Typos are the least of Hearne’s problems
    Facts and ethics have always been his bugbears. Motherfucker lied to his own coworkers about being laid off. (Keep deleting my posts, jackass. Doesn’t change reality.)

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    I kinda do know about the aspirations. Look at her now even struggling so lamely with this loser, tawdry podcast show thingy. All I know about is the breast reduction, never heard about them being enhanced.

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    In the words of Mitt Romney, nice try…

    This is one of the dumbest 4 a.m. loser posts ever. I was among a large number of big name, high dollar people that got laid off. We all went the same morning. What was there to lie about? They tried to hire me back as a freelancer two months later but because I took the severance package in 2009, not 2008, McClatchy wouldn’t let them. Company wide rule.

    Try and get some sleep and maybe you’ll be OK

    You’re a weird dude. Doesn’t even make sense. And if I had somehow “lied” to someone, what could I possibly have lied about?

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    I will agree with your choice of headline though; typos are indeed the least of my problems. They’re probably the least of most people’s problems. But hollow shots such as yours are a close second! Deliver the goods dude, if you got ’em!

  15. I've got the goods says:

    I’m OK, with or without sleep
    I’ve pointed out, on several occasions, specific instances in which you horribly mangled facts in your career at The Star. As have many other people. And you deleted those posts.

    I’ve offered specific numbers regarding the insane volume of corrections you generated during your “big name, high dollar” days, due to your utter incompetence. As have many other people. And you deleted those posts.

    You evidently saved this last post of mine, and responded to it (twice), only because I offered no specifics.

    So … here’s something specific … What could you have lied about, you ask?

    Here’s an actual conversation that must not have occurred (even though it did), because you will say it didn’t, and reality in this nifty little world you have constructed will always bend to suit your needs …

    “Hearne … were you laid off today?”

  16. ... but I play one on websites says:

    I’m not a psychologist …
    A more interesting question is WHY would you lie about being laid off on the day it happened?

    (1) Sheer denial?
    (2) You thought whining like a bitch would actually get your job back?
    (3) You overestimated the blackmail leverage of those photos you took in the ’80s?

    I just made up that last one. Or did I? Facts are squishy things …

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