Glazer: War is Hell and Hell is for Heroes

Sgt. Dakota Meyer didn’t smile much when the President of The United States put that Medal of Honor on his chest.

Meyer understood what the medal had cost. And not just on the day of the combat, September 8, 2009, but all that went before.

I watched Meyer on 60 Minutes and he’s an impressive young man. One of the youngest Medal of Honor winners in several decades at 23. He’s also alive and not wounded. He saved 36 lives that day.

Of the men he went back for, four US Marines, were dead when he got to them. They were pinned down and had called for help. And other than Meyer, it never came. How sad and tragic. Meyer said, "He felt he had failed" because they all died. It wasn’t his fault, of course.

He also said the most interesting thing of all. When asked if it was worth it – THE WAR – did it really mean anything, he answered, "No."

I agree.

We fight for the power of our military and cheap oil for the most part.

Lives are spent to prop up our economy and back up the US dollar, which no longer has gold behind it.  Just guns, lots of guns. We are the most powerful military today of all-time. And because of men like Meyer we are free to do much of what we please in the world.

That is, as long as we keep proving we can "take anyone out" and we can.

This is what men and women in the military are dying for – to show our might.

We do it often and daily. Meyer found that out. And he, like many heroes before him, was upset by that. Clearly. Why didn’t those four marines lives matter? We had the choppers, the manpower to move in within minutes and save them. They just were not important enough I suppose. Christ.

I thought of a couple other Medal of Honor winners who became famous. Sgt. Alvin York. York was the biggest Medal of Honor winner in World War I. They say he killed more than 100 Germans and took hundreds prisoner. Gary Cooper won an Academy Award playing York in a movie. York said it was only 9 killed and 40 prisoners.

After the war he was offered movies, Broadway roles, the works, but he turned it all down and went home to Tennessee.

The State bought him a farm and a home. Problem was, they didn’t pay for all of it, and York went broke. He owed the IRS a boatload and they hounded him all his life. York worked to build better education in the south but he never found financial rewards. President John Kennedy made the IRS get off his back in 1968 and York died a couple years later. His road after the war was a tough one.

Audie Murphy – Second Lieutenant Murphy – was the most decorated soldier in US history.

Hollywood made him a movie star after the war. His career in film last two decades and 44 movies. He had a few hits, but ended with B cowboy films. Murphy, like Meyer and York saw war as worthless. Men die for nothing really. Murphy was in the one war that did matter, WWII. Still his life was not all that wonderful. He was addicted to pills (dope), his wife said. He suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, common today. Audie was a depressed, mean tempered, very unhappy man.

He too went broke and took bankruptcy in 1968. Audie died young his plane crashed in 1971, he was 47.

I worked with two war hero’s, my former partner in crime Don Woodbeck and James Wjoyt. Both were decorated, not with the medal of Honor, but close enough. They came home from Vietnam with nothing and they got nothing. I worked on stings with them both. It’s no excuse for them becoming outlaws, but man were they brave and tough. In our final sting together both men were shot in the back and died, Woodbeck was 34 and Jim was 33.

I love this country.

I too would fight for it. We do alot of things that are wrong, but we are still the best. All those brave men would do it all over again, even knowing that their lives would not be the best afterwards.

That’s what makes them so God Damn Brave. Americans.
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  1. Typeo says:

    died in 1963. I thought everybody knew that.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    JFK weilds power from the grave! Kicks IRS ass!
    Wow, that’s some incredible stuff right there. JFK, dead for 5 years tells the IRS to stop hounding a war hero. CNN needs to pick this story up. Could rewrite history. Tool.

  3. Rick says:

    I wonder
    if you’ll ever learn what honor is? Exposed coming

  4. kcfred says:

    Don’t Get It
    As someone who lost a brother in Vietnam, a father and an uncle in Korea, this is shit.
    I come here because I enjoy the trainwrecks that Glazer write, but this is beyond a trainwreck.
    Did you serve, Craig? Quit writing about shit you don’t know because it’s simple…you don’t know.
    Where are the hookers?

  5. typeo says:

    Chuck at right about now. You need a pro comment!

  6. Rick says:

    Glazer is so freaking confused!!!!!!!!! He just called me and told me he was willing to Suck Luck to get him to be our number one draft choice. I am laughing myself to death. Way to take one for the team Glaze even if its 6 inches.

  7. Rick says:

    I know
    I already feel guilty for that one.

  8. Skeptic says:

    “not with the Medal of Honor, but close enough” YOU FUCKING ASS-HAT!

  9. Cliffy says:

    Thank you Glazer for once again putting your walnut-sized brain out there for everyone to see.

    Don’t worry. Cowboy (wink, wink) will be coming to your defense any minute now.

  10. harley says:

    SORRY GLAZE…you don’t knwo shit. You were old enough to serve in vietnam…but i’mk sure you
    skated….instead you were stealing…conning…lying…cheating…while the rest of americas best
    was fighting a war. You were what they were fighting to maintain?. A drug infested…illegal…
    pompous lifestyle while the other boys your age were goig and fighting for the nation.
    No excuses pretty boy. You ducked the army…ducked the draft…and instead decided it was most
    important to lie…steal and cheat others out of money and drugs.
    No sorrow for you ……you had a chance mr. patriot…you were ofdraft age…but you bailed out…
    went to college to keep out of the draft.
    You’re not an american. Real trustworthy american men don’t lie…steal and cheat…they are
    honroable..they are good people. You are not. don’t ever put yourself in the same sentence or
    phrase as the brav e men who fought for this nation.
    Sorry…you’re a conman. My dad died as an honorable man. A veteran. A good honest hard working
    individual. He was proud of how he lived his life.
    You should be ashamed of your life. Nothing but disgrace . Do not ever compare yourself to others..
    you are not even close……
    As the previous commenter said….get back to hookers.
    You really pissed me off with this article. They were the great generation. You are the greedy/lying/
    worthless generation.
    I missed the entire draft. Too young. You’re whats wrong with this nation. Self centered…cheaters…
    but whats even worse is that you’re produ of it.

  11. COWBOY says:

    Glazer the best
    Craig is always thoughtful and Kansas City is lucky to have him. The boys of the military appreciate him. He also has a great comedy theatre.

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    Kennedy date was in error
    The IRS lifted his tax debt in 1968 from a request from John Kennedy in 1962 my mistake. Sorry. Happens….otherwise I have nothing else to say sorry for, great story….I worked with a couple guys who were there, served, died here, yeah I risked my life in gun battles, true over crime, can’t deny that, but in gun battles just the same, I do believe my friends, Woodbeck and Wojt were in there ways just as brave, here and there. You don’t know what they did, I do. Woodbeck did a similar thing, in Viet Nam. He did not save 3o plus lives though. He was decorated twice, Jim once, combat…saved lives…killed the enemy. Not sorry if you don’t like it. Harley what the f is wrong with you!!!!! Take your pills son….christ.

  13. J.P.Connolly Show says:

    I Will Stick Up For You Glazer
    Well done. Interesting story. As you know I was a marine. I am a comic now. I know your story, its pretty bad over there. However I see your point which is likely theirs as well. No war is not worth it, ever. Only if you are defending your home and country here. World War Two was nobel, I believe that.

  14. chuck says:

    This time of year, every year, you can look up in the sky
    and see flocks of birds, huge flocks of all kinds, flying, seemingly in random directions, first left, then right, up, back and I always wonder, who, or what the fuck makes them turn in so many directions, then sudenly land, then suddenly flee the trees for warmer climes.

    Some burning atavistic fire, the pain of which we must not feel until too late, drives the human race to violence and war, Animal Planet writ large and with ordnance.

    Over the last 3 thousand years, from the Etruscans on, historical records of conflicts, large and small, are documented and revered.

    Revered. Movies, books (I am reading Matterhorn now.) poems and songs of war are genetically woven into our cultural DNA.

    Our ability to conceptualize an ideal, or a cause, and make that cause, in our minds, worth more than our lives, our neighbor’s lives and certainly worth more than our percieved enemies lives, is an ongoing theme, that, coupled with religion (Secular and ecclesiastical), has spent the lives, dreams, fortunes and sacred honor (We will fight for that, right? Sacred fuckin honor, Hooah!!) of pretty much every empire, large and small in recorded history.

    We Americans have got to stop trying to see the similarities in people throughout the world. It wasn’t meant to be. The granularity of our make up, is not finding common cause, it is survival and conquest. Lions kill each other on the great plains, spiders kill each other under our beds, birds kill each in the air, and whales, that most noble of creatures, kill each other, as do dolphins, for sport.

    Those birds you see, they don’t have a leader, they fly in nature’s pre arranged patterns, that are evident, if you could discern it, in their frontal lobes, before they are born. We are killers, plain and simple.

    Sgt. York is your fuckin demon Laplace, right here motherfucker, there is nothing more deadly, than a 19 year old American, with an M16 (little dated, but you get my drift.).

    Or is there? Are we now entering an another age of Aquarius, of peace and love?

    Fuck no.

    Look, up in the air, its a bird, its a plane, no, its a bunch of fuckin birds, and we Americans will always be at war.

    How bad is that? Well, its bad. We go to war with the wrong countries fairly frequently now (Viet Nam, Iraq), but don’t be fooled for a second. Most of the world, hates us, and hates us bad. I don’t give a fuck.

    100 years ago, if we had problems with Somali Pirates is some burnt out shit hole like Eyl, wee bombed Eyl, killing men, women, children, voo doo priests, voo doo priest’s wives and concomittant voo doo paraphanailia, and that shit stopped NOW!

    We killed 800,000 people in Dresden, millions in Japan, and the list is endless.

    Now we have rules of war, rules of engagement. Thats code for, we are too pussy to kill the fuckers who hate us.

    The idea, that Americans, and the American Ship Of State, is going to get along and play well with others, is patently fuckin absurd on all levels.

    kcfred, god bless ya, I know where your comin from.

    I hate that war in Iraq, put togetherr by bufoons and draft dodgers who have NEVER been in harm’s way. But, my hope is, that we will learn from this galactic blunder, yet still be ready, for the very real threats from Fundementalists and rogue shithell countries, all over the world, who will fill the vacuum of power, in our absence.

    Audie Murphy, Sgt York, my dad, grand dad, your dad, your family members who came home grouchy and pissed off, we don’t care, we were glad to have ya back.

    So here is to kcfred’s lost brother, the lost soldiers of all our families, in wars (At least in mine) goin back to Bellau Wood and up to this day, right now, in the suck, in Afghanistan and Iraq. To those that didn’t make it, and bled out in foriegn snad and dirt far away from home, with no one but their god and our prayers in their last moments.

    Here is to you, with our love.

    (Nice article anyway Glaze, even with the Kennedy screw up.)

  15. Cowboy says:

    Well Not A Sports Story
    Guess I’m you again. What the hell do I know about war? The Chiefs still suck. Hey suck for luck, great idea.

  16. JFK says:

    I was dead in ’68, dipshit. Audie Murphy, Sergeant York and I are coming over to kick your ass! I’m bringing my brothers too!!

  17. Rick says:

    It’s a step
    So Glazer you’ve admitted you made a mistake on Kennedy. You’ve even apologized for it. AWESOME!!!

    So now are you ready for the next step? Are you willing to admit you are/were wrong about your assault post. Especially since me, an attorney, Hearne, and Wikipedia have all told you you were wrong. Or are you going to stick to your ego and not humble yourself? Maybe give me a moron blast?

    Are some of the readers wrong when they said you would man up? Or are you going to continue to do what you have since last Friday and pretend you haven’t read the information?

    As a person that is a writer don’t you feel you have a responsibility to correct things when you are told they are inaccurate? Or do you want your readers to continue to believe your inaccurate post about assault and deadly weapons? Even when you have been told that you don’t have the accurate definition of assault? I guess you can blast me or prove to me you are more then what I think you are. we’ll see…..

  18. Rick says:

    Why would anyone
    thin Cowboy and Glazer are the same. Just because one posted at 2:23 and the other posted at 2:33 after taking ten minutes to write the first post.

  19. Jim says:

    I got it
    Glaze, I got this story. Apparently, the other flag-waving morons didn’t. Question ANYTHING about the USA, military or war and the numb-nuts come out of the woodwork to proclaim you an enemy of the state.

  20. George Wilson says:

    Harley, Weird As Usual
    You claim you were “too young” for the draft. I am not so sure I am buying that, since on other posts you have said you are 60ish, which would clearly make you old enough for the draft. Either way, you weren’t too young to enlist. But apparently you didn’t. The classic hypocrite. Holier than thou about someone else not joining the armed forces, but unwilling to do so himself.

  21. harley says:

    i am 50…wasn’t a draft to take me in.
    sorry dickhead….george wilson…
    the draft ended before iv was old enough for it.. sorry dickwad…did you join up for the war..
    not 60….50 going on 30….
    glazer is 60.

  22. harley says:

    did i read you right…
    you siad you were in gun battles…involving crime…same as in battle…
    are you nuts buddy. You were in a con game…a lie…a thief….a loser….that does not equate
    with a man serving his country in battle….
    are you playing with a full deck…?

  23. chuck says:

    If Harley (JoJo) gave JFK’S Eulogy.
    “JFK was really cool and got a lot of pussy, he was a real wool magnet….Man I can’t believe how bad that Bay of Pigs thing went (I am Jewish and don’t eat pork so I didn’t give him any advice with that shit), but he should just stick to pussy and drugs, he did a lot of pain pills because of his back , he needed to get over that shit and stand on his own two feet, but what a GREAT GUY in the PT 109 boat he was in….I have a boat at the Ozarks and Mermaid was gonna go once but I met a really nice girl, not like that fuckin Marylyn Monrow slut JFK kept porkin. I loved JFK’s stories and wanto hear them agian sometime but I am really close with Jackie O (I bet I could make her make an O Face) and she is goin to meet me on the Plaza, hope the kids don’t come, I have some Groupon shit that will really impress her, maynbe i will fix her up with hEArnia and then he will be my friend, fuck galZier he won’t come becsuse he is too busy being a crook like Joe Kennedy was, just a fuckin bootleggerr con man piece of shit who came from a fucked up bad family with no values and no patriotism, and dodged teh draft, his kids probably, escept for JFK didn’t go in the service , and I sure as hell can drive a lot fuckin better than Ted.

    Thanks for cummin

  24. Scott says:

    Couple Of Things
    1st – Sgt. Meyer never said the war wasn’t worth it. They were talking about that particular battle and how Ganjgal still has the same problems, so nothing was accomplished. Never seen anything close to him being against the war in Afghanistan (a seperate war from Iraq ie. not for oil). He WAS quoted however as saying he would return to active duty

  25. George Wilson says:

    Harley, You Incredible Hypocrite
    Ok, you’re 50. At least that’s what you say today. The armed services were actively recruiting for enlistees when you were at an acceptable age. Evidently that didn’t interest you. But you have no problem pointing the finger at someone else who didn’t serve. How much more hypocritical can you get? I have no use for you poser internet warriors who question others’ patriotism because they didn’t serve when the closest you got to combat was watching Platoon on cable.

  26. xxMillerTimexx says:

    ennedy date was in error

    “Craig Glazer 02:23:56 PM – Wed. Sep 21. 2011

    The IRS lifted his tax debt in 1968 from a request from John Kennedy in 1962 my mistake. Sorry. Happens….otherwise I have nothing else to say sorry for, great story….I worked with a couple guys who were there, served, died here, yeah I risked my life in gun battles, true over crime, can’t deny that, but in gun battles just the same, I do believe my friends, Woodbeck and Wojt were in there ways just as brave, here and there. You don’t know what they did, I do. Woodbeck did a similar thing, in Viet Nam. He did not save 3o plus lives though. He was decorated twice, Jim once, combat…saved lives…killed the enemy. Not sorry if you don’t like it. Harley what the f is wrong with you!!!!! Take your pills son….christ.”

    Did you just compare your drug deals gone bad shoot outs with War? Wow, you do live in your own little world.

  27. YouCan'tHandleTheTruth says:

    You don’t have the right
    Glazer, I sure hope you aren’t trying to speak for that soldier. Yes he may have said no it wasn’t worth it but having been through what he has, seen what he has seen, and taken on the challenge of that day and survived, while helping others HE HAS THE RIGHT TO THAT ANSWER. YOU however are not entitled to speak for him and formulate what you consider to be his opinion. You self admitted con man drug pushing puke don’t even have the right to vote and yet you consider yourself an American. Your twisted idealogy for love of country came through con’s, stealing, drugs, much like your disrespected views of women. Satisfied that this soldier and others have sacrificed for your right to spew your crap in this forum and your hypocrisy should ring true while you pump your porshe full of some of that blood oil. On behalf of vetrans and immediate families of vetrans stick to talking about hookers

  28. Hearne says:

    OK Craig gangbangers, listen up
    This from the Web site

    “York’s health began to deteriorate after the war and in 1954 he suffered from a stroke that would leave him bedridden for the remainder of his life. In 1951, the Internal Revenue Service accused York of tax evasion regarding profits earned from the movie. Unfortunately, York was practically destitute in 1951. He spent the next ten years wrangling with the IRS, which led Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn and Congressman Joe L. Evins to establish the York Relief Fund to help cancel the debt. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy ordered that the matter be resolved and considered the IRS’s actions in the case to be a national disgrace. The relief fund paid the IRS $100,000 and placed $30,000 in trust to be used in the family’s best interest.”

    I know some you guys like to bag on Craig but, please. You really think at his tender, young age he didn’t know Kennedy died in 1963?

  29. Super Dave says:

    Nice Try Hearne
    Ok so you try and clear up something minor point over all.

  30. mark smith says:

    Tough room tonight….
    I think you lost me when you talked about war being similar to robbing dope dealers. That is the comparison you seemed to be making. At least thats how the majority seems to have read it. Quite a stretch. You got Harley so worked up he turned completely rabid on you. Seems like just yesterday he was swinging from your sack and giving you attaboys. Oh wait, that was fuckin yesterday. I think you write like old people fuck, slow, sloppy, and kind of shakey. That said, you draw some of the best comments I’ve ever read. The full spectrum too. Chuck and smartman are running neck and neck up in front. Bringing up the rear is Harley, who I imagine eats canned chilli and pudding, with his fingers, at the refrigerator door, in his drawers, while talking to his 6 cats. Fuckin looney toon. The bonus is when you get pissed off and start calling the commentors punks and pussies. Good stuff. Keep up the bad work.
    PS I think Rick has a case of hateraid for ya. I cant wait to hear what that cryptic “exposed soon” message was all about.

  31. Mr Wilson says:

    Such A Loser

    You lowlife piece of puke. You have no right to say you were under fire. You are a felon, a convicted person who has no place trying to make themselve look good while trying to honor our soldiers or any law enforcement agency.

    Do all of us veterans in this country a favor and stay away from us don

  32. smartman says:

    Get over Id!
    C’mon, Craig is all ego, no id. If his ego was an ass it would make London Andrews ass look like Twiggy’s.

    When it comes to politics he makes Sarah Palin look like a young Maggie Thatcher.

    But as I’m sure he’ll remind us he and Sarah each have a best selling book and the rest of us don’t, so nana-nana-boo-boo-stick your head in doo-doo.

    Neither will ever be elected President and for that we give thanks. Stick around, Tosh.O will be right back.

    There is no greater sacrifice that a man or woman can make than to give their life with the hope and desire they are making the world a better and safer place for their fellow man. While the necessity and validity of those missions, particulary from Kissinger to Rumsfeld, can be called into question the honor and integrity of all who have served and died cannot.

  33. Craig Glazer says:

    Really Are We All Done Now
    First off thousands of people who didn’t SERVE make comments about the wars and combat including many presidents, they are commander and chief, right! I’m sure Woodbeck and Woyt were not the only Veterans who went into an outside the law business, right.
    It was just an example of how things often go wrong for Vets. More often than when they go right. It’s not fair, is my point. Nothing more. Bullets going by your head are just that, don’t like it, tough its true. I didn’t try and get out of anything they ended the draft when I was up for it and my number was 344, so either way I was out. Course I could have signed up for Nam, that would have been wise, huh. Forget going to college. Maybe in my case that would have been a good idea. But lets not get too holly here boys. This guy was a hero, just cause you served doesn’t make you what he is or was. Everyone has a different story to tell. I did work at Edwards on loan from the prison in 1986/87. Whole different story. So please with your “my country, I served, I fought for your feedom” that belongs to a chosen few. Some of you did, most of you didn’t. Most soldiers never see combat, they do see Material Control and clean up duty. So calm down.

  34. BarKeeper says:

    Hearne…You Gotta Edit This Loose Cannon!
    Hearne: If you’re gonna call this guy a blogger or journalist (talk about a far stretch), you gotta hold him to some standards since he’s one of your lead writers.

    This article would get kicked right off any decent editor’s desk in two seconds.

    It’s full of typos, and misinformation. Glazer’s two drug-addled sting buddies should never be called any kind or war heroes based on some tall tales they spun about their service. This stuff can be verified, and shouldn’t be stated as fact until that’s done! Putting a couple miscreants like them in the same paragraph with a true hero in every sense, is an insult to anyone who ever put on the uniform.

    The Marine who was awarded the Medal of Honor has been combat wounded as you can plainly see from the Purple Heart on his chest. He may not have been wounded in the battle where he earned the medal, but he’s a Purple Heart recipient plain and simple. Your lead blogger isn’t fit to carry his well-used jock strap; let alone any inference that he could wear that jock strap….he can’t.

    And his liberal slanted opinion that we’re in two wars for oil sure doesn’t hold any water when I’m paying $3.60 a gallon for gas!

  35. Craig Glazer says:

    Moron Number Two
    One: My Sting partners were war heros and decorated, its a fact, you can check it out in the book KING OF STING, those facts were reported by journalist Sal Mana who co wrote the book, he got copy of both their records. So its a fact. To you they are bad guys, I knew them and worked with them. Their bravery is without question. Is yours? Mister no name coward t say who you even are? I rest my case.

    Two: Hearne does edit me, he did miss on the Kennedy date but later corrected that. About the oil, that was an add in by Hearne not me. I say we fight to back up or dollar(economy) for the most part. Yes thats an educated opinion. Explain Falklands and Granada? We sure were up against it huh? Had to protect the homeland? Come on, those are preseason games Mister no name coward who likely had never risked anything much in life but a small bet on the Chiefs you lost last year.

    I said he wasn’t wounded in this action. LOOK THE MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER AGREED WITH ME NOT YOU COWARD. You don’t have to be brave or not brave to see my point of view. By the way I am not really a liberal. I judge each issue differently. PS. I WANTED TO BOMB THE MIDDLE EAST AFTER 911 WHY WASTE PEOPLES LIVE. AMERICANS THAT IS? I HAVE NO LOVE FOR THE ARABS OVER THERE WHO WANT US AND ISREAL GONE. SO NO I AM NOT A LIBERAL WHEN IT COMES TO THE MIDDLE EAST. I just see no point in having troops over there at this level getting shot to guard a road or a street, the war is over. Bring them home keep a smaller watch force in the area that is more out of harms way. Keep ships around the area which we do, and use Iseral to be the police force. Lets bring our people home.

  36. Craig Glazer says:

    The King Of Sting
    For those of you who have read it, you already know. The book is based on facts checked out by media, law enforcement, trial records. Those include interviews with political leaders from Bob Dole to Vern Miller. Many done on tape or on TV at the time. Some like Bob Doles is a matter of court record and also letters from him while a seated Senator. Legal has to approve the book and its content. So no you can’t say “decorated war hero” in the book if its not true and verifiable. That ends that. P.S. there are no tall tales in King of Sting, in fact we cut out about 20 stings we didn’t want to write Gone With Wind, at least in length. Great book by the way….it is safe to say it is one of the most true books on an outlaw or outlaws ever written. Mana has a reputation for fact checking both as a book writer and as a highly respected journalist. He was involved in covering two of my trials. He also was one of the few who met and interviewed Don Woodbeck before his death in August of 1982. You can write here whatever mean spirited comments you want no name cowards, however a book that is well respected, well read, still in stores now in paperback, even at most local libraries here in KC and around the nation…i think it has just a little bit more credibility than your no name comments. Again I rest my case.

  37. chuck says:

    Take it easy Glaze.
    Everyone has a right to a 1st amendment opinion, and subsequently an opinion on THAT opinion.

    Questions concerning the bona fides are relevent in context, and out of context, by way of that very right, that we Americans preserve with our lives.

    Wars are always controversial, and the subject is a lightning rod, as is Glaze for various and sundry takes from all quarters.

    Much love, respect and best wishes to all my fellow Viet Nam era Vets, WW2, Korea, and those great kids who have gone over to the sand box in the last 20 years.

    I really do not think Glaze has any agenda here, just a personal story, mixed in with some respect for Sgt. Meyer, by way of a current topic.

    Vets do get in trouble when they come home. If not for a few breaks here and there, I would have.

    Many of my friends, who came back, came down hard. Highly decorated and totally fucked up when they returned.

    Not all of them, and I am in no way giving carte blanc to vets for lawless behaviour, by way of their service.

    I am sayin, some of the guys I knew, had a hard time keeping a previosly understood law and order context from a previous life, which now had less meaning, in mind on a day to day basis, after the war.

    I mean NO diss to any of my fellow Vets, much love, I just think the emotion of the loss of our family members, has to be taken into consideration with all of the comments.

    I can get pretty fuckin pissed pretty fuckin fast, go directly to GQ on the drop of a hat, when I hear shit that pisses me off, which concerns my family’s history of military service. So I get it.

    I am just sayin, that I don’t see any diss in Glaze’s comments, just a few off of the cuff remarks about a current event.

    Much love you guys, watch your 6 and a prayer for the kids still there takin rounds.

    Off to work.

  38. Hearne Christopher says:

    All I’m saying is, I’ve talked with Craig a lot over the years and there are a handful of things I’m pretty sure that he’s fully aware of. They include, JFK’s death date, what happened on 9/11 & who won the Civil War.

    I’m even gonna go out on a limb and say I think he even knows the name of the guy who shot Lincoln.

    But that’s just me.

  39. Joe Cornia says:

    Glazer Is A Good Guy
    Have worked with him for years. He is very pro America, trust me. Even with his legal battles he loves his country. He enjoys Kansas City. So don’t be offended,

  40. Hearne Christopher says:

    I get your point, but we’re talking Craig here. Not Edward R. Murrow. See Mark Smith’s comment above.

    It’s Craig, get it? Enjoy

  41. Rick says:

    Someone seems a bit nervous. Could a book be written and it turn out that is false?

  42. Craig Glazer says:

    Rick Since You Want To Make Your Name Using Mine
    Yeah Rick I’m really nervous. You might buy the book and find out. Since I think you used to be a reporter, not sure where, Pitch maybe, then maybe you will get this: more than 1000 news articles about me, Woodbeck and the entire story in papers like the Kansas City Star, Los Angels Times, New York Times, Chicago, St. Louis…so on…I’d like to think these folks check things out now and again…end of story.

  43. Rick says:

    Craig ???
    Everything you just said applies to several books that were featured on the Oprah show or the Oprah book club. Some even made the best seller list. Yet they were later found out to be lies and fiction. You can fool most of the people some of the time.

    Craig aren’t you a self admitted con man?

    You haven;t responded to the call to admit your error yet have you? Or was it an error?

  44. Rick says:

    heard Glaze again
    Got to admit it does seem that I can’t hit scan on the dial without hearing that smoky voice of Glazer. Caught him today from 9:45-10 with Betty.

    Here is what I learned. Glaze needs a vibrator to help himself out. And its not even a modern battery operated one but one that has a cord.

    Betty said she would never be Glazer’s girlfriend.

    Craig has to pay her.

    As most of you know Glaze will get mad at me on this site if he thinks I’m disrespecting him and then will call me names like moron etc. So I was stunned to listen to Johnny Dare and Betty talk so bad about him. His penis size (which apparently Glazer offers to show) having liver spots on his penis, needing a convalescent bed to function. Yes of course some of this was in good fun and just joking. Which obviously friends do.

    But to me some of it was mean spirited and it was as if Craig was the joke. They were laughing at him not with him. Again…maybe that’s just Dare’s shtick where he brings Glaze on to make fun of him. However it caused me to think something I never had before.

    I felt sorry for Glaze. Pity. I’ve always felt bad for his less then loving environment he grew up in. Felt that explained his massive insecurity and need to tell everyone how great he is. But listening this morning was just painful and sad. A person still trying to hold onto something that has long past. For some people the desire to sit at the cool kids table never ends.

    Craig I’ve decided against posting the expose. Quite frankly my guess is it wouldn’t matter. You have long ago mixed fiction and fact with your life where you no longer realize the difference.

    It said a lot to me in regards to your integrity as a writer when you refused to correct your error about the definition of assault.

    It said a lot to me about you in regards to your manhood when you refused to acknowledge your error and apologize.

    It should say a lot to many of those that read you that while you claim to have been a special agent, worked for the DEA, wrote a book about your exploits and numerous run ins with both the law and criminals but yet you don’t know the difference between assault and battery. It’s like a guy saying he was a McDonalds manager for ten years but can’t explain the difference between a Big Mac and Quarter Pounder.

    All that being said. I’m off your back. Rick will not read your stuff. Won’t comment on it. You’ve got enough problems without me jabbing you or pointing out all your errors.

    One of the great mysteries of my life was the Jim Jones tragedy. I spent a lot of time trying to understand why people would follow an obvious mad man and literally drink the Kool Aid. The final conclusion I came to was simple. People believe what they want to believe. Facts don’t matter. It’s why we have Loch Ness monster hunters, a zillion miracle diet books, infomercials, and best selling books that turn out to be false. If folks choose to be stung by the King of Sting that’s their business. Me? No more.

  45. Hearne says:

    I know you’re a stickler for details Rick, so…
    It’s Becky, not Betty

  46. Rick says:

    Thanks but trust me
    he has a Betty, Bertha, Brenda, Belinda, etc in his background. Heck even she says she shares him with 10 to 11.

  47. T says:

    Hey Rick!
    Guess what, vibrators with cords are the shit! Usually they are called “personal massagers” and are sold everywhere from Cirillas to Walgreen’s. Much better than your “modern battery operated one.” They have more power and don’t give out on you before the job is done.

    Seems like you have a personal beef with Craig…so, give it up. What’s the story? Craig steal your girlfriend?

  48. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Man…Glazer you just get pounded here every damn time you submit something. It’s routine unintentional comedy. The irony is, your writing, thin skin and self-absorption are all so hard to turn a blind eye toward that your hit counts on this site are mainly from people who click on your stories because they like to point and laugh at things that aren’t supposed to be funny.

    Whatever works, right Hearne?

  49. xxMillerTimexx says:

    So True Merle
    “Man…Glazer you just get pounded here every damn time you submit something. It’s routine unintentional comedy. The irony is, your writing, thin skin and self-absorption are all so hard to turn a blind eye toward that your hit counts on this site are mainly from people who click on your stories because they like to point and laugh at things that aren’t supposed to be funny.

    Whatever works, right Hearne?”

    For someone that is better than everyone, he sure gets pissed a lot. But you know what they say about a man that drives a porche and only picks up strippers.

  50. Rick says:

    for your expertise.

  51. Craig Glazer says:

    Rick are we breakin up bud? Ah. First off its Chocolate Becky. She did two hours you heard 15 minutes! Ricky we talked bout this, got to listen longer my son. She also said I had ten or twelve girlfriends, and she wanted to be number one. She also said “no his dick is really pretty good, its just smaller when soft, like all dudes” when Johnny asked, “did Craig yell at you for all these dick comments” she said, “No he knows its all in fun and not true….so he doesn’t say anything about it”….see Ricky you need to listen to more….as you see i am a funny fuckin guy! Right? Right! Now you see why Dare has me on, not just for the comics, right? Right! See Ricky live, listen, learn….write it down.

    Now about plug in vibrators, as T so well put it, “those are the shit” not the weaker battery ones Rickiiiii…those are for lops, like you. Guys who never get laid. Pros like me know better, can I tell you that I think I get tons of pussy cause of those god damn strong vibrators, I am for real, what a help they are…some battery ones are ok, not as strong though, use large dildos, girls like those…with the plug in vibrators….most girls are kinda naughty Rickiiii….

    As for my being insecure. Why? About what? If i were why would I send Dare all those put downs from Becky, CAUSE I’M NOT…I know I’m the shit….even Dare said and I quote, “Hey the guy is in great, great shape, don’t want it to go to his head, his ego is big enough” right? Right Rickiii…..oh ricki your so naive, hey rickiiiiii……….IT WAS NICE WHILE IT LASTED….P.S. you come to the club tell me its you and you get an autographed book King of Sting from your hero…CRAIG GLAZER…tah tah…

  52. Craig Glazer says:

    Never Used My Car To Pick Up a Girl
    Always have had hot sports cars, always…never needed them to pick up girls, never mention my car til they are in it…example; YOU CAN’T TAKE THE CAR INTO THE CLUB WITH YOU, THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU DRIVE TIL AFTER YOU PICK THEM UP FOR SEX….I REST MY CASE…LISTEN, LEARN, WRITE IT DOWN…MY SONS…….From the great one….and only….King of Sting….read the book


  53. BarKeeper says:

    War Stories and Con Men
    Gosh, I’m honored to be blasted by the king of sting, straight out, and not bashed around by one of his many alter ego monikers used routinely in here! I use a screen name and get called a coward and a moron, but he can be any one of many and it’s OK! The typical behavior of a poltroonish dilettante

    Slick, you’d be entirely surprised to know who I really am, but we ain’t going there since it’s nunya’.

    You do owe me a big thank you for giving you another springboard to mount a thinly veiled over the top, plug for your almost-best-seller, now at newsstands and Quick Trip. I guess you did some high speed typing on an Army base while on loan from the slammer, and that makes you a seasoned veteran, or “close enough”.

    Until you can direct me to some kind of verification regarding the “war hero” status of your partners in crime; I’ll consider those stories to be nothing more than what can be heard any afternoon during happy hour at the local VFW beer hall, where the first liar doesn’t have a chance.

    I need to see some DD214’s and citations along with after-action reports, to accompany the medals you say they got. The legal guy you leaned on for the book never went that deep, and you know it.

    If you want to bandy military stuff with me, you’d better sharpen your fencing foil and enlist some knowledgeable help, because you don’t pack the gear to handle it on your own. Believe me. I’ve seen cooks who never left the mess hall and their pots and pans who could convince people they were Airborne Rangers and Navy Seals who personally cleaned out a battalion of VC with a hickory switch.

  54. Hearne Christopher says:

    That number is a little high I think but she’s been seeing him for two years-plus that I know of, so….

  55. Hearne Christopher says:

    Within reason, Merel. Within reason.

  56. Can't say says:

    Now he speaks.
    Craig since you didn’t respond to Rick’s challenge to appear on radio together my guess is you’d hide in the kitchen if he showed up at your “theatre”. Great to know you are giving out copies of your book. Lots of people like fiction.

    Barkeeper you are right. I did a check on Don Woodbeck and could find no records. But Craig has an explanation. He couldn’t spell his name right. Even his old man told me “Notorious liar.” “Didn’t get it from me.” “Been that way since he was a kid.”

    And you are right. You hear the same stories at the VFW.

    I also find it interesting that one of Glazers friends David Naster confessed to making up an article that was printed in the Chicken Soup For The Soul series. It must be a comedy club thing. Make up shit.

  57. mark smith says:

    Sounds like Rick
    is all hat no cattle. Looks like his big expose on Glazer was just the bitter ramblings of a 3 and done sub par writer. Turns out he is as full of shit and looney as that Tracy broad.

  58. Can't say says:

    Sounds like
    Just my take Mark but it sounds like he already exposed him. Did u read his post? He points out that Craig didn’t know the difference between assault and battery and compared it to a guy claiming to be a manager of Mickey D’s but not knowing the menu. On a different post he challenged Craig to meet him on radio and Craig No Responded. Sounds like Craig is the all hat no cattle. He’s always talking about the pull he has in this town. Being a radio star and having the most appearances. Which by the way. Just where is the record of most radio appearances kept? I would love to see that. Oh that’s right. Its all kept in Craig’s figment of imagination. I believe more Slurpees and been bought in Craigs name then another KC resident.

  59. COWBOY says:

    Craig Glazer is the BEST
    A great comedy legend and an asset to our community. He holds many records. In fact he holds the record of sending more women to get STD shots then anyone in Kansas City history and has literally kept the penicillin industry in business. I believe some day he will be honored for all he has done.

  60. Black B says:

    Craig is telling the truth
    when he says “I’m a funny fuckin guy.” It’s true. It is funny to watch him fuck. I would know. But the joke doesn’t last long.

  61. Craig Glazer says:

    Man Are You Guys Funny Where Do You Get This Crap
    Don’t know where to begin. I’ve never read so much crap in my day. From records on Woodbeck to Nater lying to my dad saying all this stuff, where to begin. You people say I have friends comment using the same name, then you pretend to be Barbie and Cowboy? What?

    Here the deal, I am about as well known as one can be in KC, no doubt. I was an outlaw no doubt. King of Sting is as true as it can be no doubt. Nobody that mattes questions any of that, just you guys who have nothing to better to do, and thats fine. Now making fun of me for all the girls I have or had, well thats a bigger tug. It’s simple as this: NOBODY IN THEIR 50’s IN THIS CITY OR LIKELY MOST CITIES CAN DO WHAT I DO AND HAVE DONE WITH BEING A PLAYBOY, WOMEN, HOW EVER YOU WANT TO PUT IT. NOBODY. YOU SEE SOME OF MY PHOTOS. SO THERE YOU GO. Look its easy not to like the cool guy, the guy who wins most of the time, I know that, I was in your shoes in Jr. High, it hurts, I know. Never being picked for the team, no girls are interested, not being invited to the parties, I get it. Hey I’m not your enemy, I am your hero…done almost everything a man can do in this world and survied it all. Made it kinda big, we always want more, and am pretty satisfied. So take heart, you can be like CRAIG, strive to be more like me and less of a shmo and things will be more fun for you fellas, I promise… later today check out my football picks, see what you think. It will not be sunny in San Diego for KC, sorry, but you already knew that. By the way having all those girls is a ton of work, I am happy when they are mostly gone. Headache city. Love my dog, he’s the best. Enjoy the weekend and try not to hate me so much, put the energy on you at the gym, or something constructive.

  62. Gerald Markwater says:

    First Post/Glazer Is A Hit
    My first comment here, thank you. Don’t know any of you, don’t know Craig Glazer. This is my real name, I am 52 years old. I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. Like many I heard and read about the Glazer’s. This site is just a ton of fun to read. The comments are better than the stories. Just started listening to Johnny Dare in the morning to hear Glazer. They talk about him more when he isn’t there, like every day. I know its a popular show. Seems to me that Glazer plays up the negitive to stay current and entertaining. I am not sure if he is always serious, sometimes I think not. Talented man. Want to read his book haven’t but now I will. His popularity in this city has been made more clear to me by all these funny and mostly negitive tales. My guess is he likes it. Now who the hell is this Becky girl. They had her on this morning. Cracked me up.

  63. Merle Tagladucci says:

    The best part about all of this is that Craig isn’t in on the joke.

  64. Can't say says:

    How does Craig
    know that isn’ the real Cowboy commenting???? Oh that’s right. Because HE IS COWBOY. Busted again.

  65. Hearne Christopher says:

    Actually, Rick said he felt sorry for Craig and wasn’t gonna unleash the expose. I say, bring it!

  66. Hearne Christopher says:

    This post is obviously a fake

  67. harley says:

    glaze is glaze…we all know that.
    we take him as he is. Nothing more. Nothing less. that’s what he is…nothing will change.
    Take him for what he is…so anything he says or writes should be taken with a
    grain of salt. That’s who he is.
    Liars never stop lying. They believe their own lies. Their lives are one big fucking lie…one lie after another..
    one big made up lie. and while they have to keep repeating the lies so people will eventually believe
    them the lies get bigger…and more absurd. He is what he is. Nothing will change. Take him for what he is…and
    take everything he writes and says in conjunction with his persona.

  68. Can't say says:

    I NEVER thought
    anyone would say this. Harley you are right.

  69. Levi Strauss says:

    Be Like Craig?
    ” I get it. Hey I’m not your enemy, I am your hero…done almost everything a man can do in this world and survied it all. Made it kinda big, we always want more, and am pretty satisfied. So take heart, you can be like CRAIG, strive to be more like me and less of a shmo and things will be more fun”

    Do you mean be more like you, and be a convicted felon, unable to vote, not allowed in casinos, not allowed to have a liquor license, can’t own a firearm, making sports bets in a state that doesn’t allow sports bets? Is that how to be less of a schmo?

    Tell us again how you “made it kinda big”. Was that with Big Bubba in the Big House? If you were my hero, I’d jump off the nearest bridge. And what’s up with that jet black Apollo hair weave anyway? Does that make you a non-schmo?

  70. Rick says:

    Not sure if that is entirely accurate?
    Hearne-Yes I stated I felt sorry and pity for him. But not sure if that is relevant to the choice not to post the expose. I believe my reasoning stated it wouldn’t matter that fact and fiction had long between blurred.

    Life is not like a TV legal case where all of a sudden the guilty party is on the stand and when confronted with evidence confesses to the crime. So no benefit there.

    Readers (see Harley post) don’t care if they are being fed the truth or not. They are reacting more from a personality stand point then a factual one. Folks don’t but the Enquirer because they believe its accurate. They buy to be entertained.

    So if doesn’t matter or will make an impact on the writer. And the reader doesn’t genuinely care. You might have an interest in a fight but not the results, just the fight itself.

    As far as your interest for me to bring it. That’s understandable because it creates interest and hits.

    I’m sure some readers including me that are bored by it.

  71. Craig Glazer says:

    Moron Number Three/and Rick
    Total dumb moron. Yea I am a hero, like it or not, kids ask me to speak at their schools, my book is IN ALL KC LIBRARIES EVEN HIGH SCHOOLS, little kids do book reports on my life. I know you must love that Moron. Anyways, I CAN VOTE, you can only not vote if you are on probation or parole, I can have a license under certain circumstance,I can go into any casino on the planet more that a moron, do you not read this site, I JUST GOT BACK FROM VEGAS. P.S. my bets are legal in Vegas, thats where I bet not here. What else, no I can’t own a firearm, but if needed can have people around me who do….what else, well that covers more comments from the MORON group…guys lets face it I am fucking Awesome. Just accept it, write it down, Listen, read, learn. Thank you.

  72. Craig Glazer says:

    Rickiiii you said no more Craig stories, we kinda broke our word huh? Rickiiiiii… you like those picks Rickiiiii.???

  73. Can't say says:

    Hey moron (AKA Craig)
    I believe what he said was he wasn’t going to read your stuff or comment on it. Looks like he was responding to Hearne above.

    U r just pissing ur pants that he rejected u huh.

    Stay strong Rick don’t let him bait u.

  74. Craig Glazer says:

    Hey I Don’t Hate Anyone
    Guys its just an entertainment website. For your entertainment, thats all. This is not CNN or Fox. Its a group of former Star reporters like Hearne, a couple radio guys like Jack and Kelly and a few more and then there is me. I don’t hate Rick or Harley or Can’t Say or JoJo or anyone. Remember I don’t attack unless they do, even then not as much as I could. When you call someone out, a liar, a bad person so on, it does eventually cause a comeback. Hey I’m a smart person, clearly some comments are made to try and actually get me in dutch with the law, “you bet in Missouri” “watch what you say you could be sued” “the IRS can read this about bettig” and so on..I don’t do that to anyone else. So with Rick, I understand, he is upset over not being able to write sports. If you remember I wrote good things about Rick, who I don’t know, when he got to do his sports thing. He decided to jump on the “hate Glazer” bus….hey the new guy seems ok, I wrote a nice thing on his article. He didn’t respond. Likely he would act like Rick if things didn’t go well, who know, I don’t know him either. I do know Greg Hall and Jack, Hearne, Kelly, these guys are real local media pros. So were a couple other guys, hey I know Tony, he’s ok. There is ego with all people in the media or sports and entertaniment. All of them. Me included. There are no “gee shucks people” none. Those days are gone. We’ve all been trained to get outside the box, some more than others.
    I wouldn’t be in the meida, on radio, and to some extent national attention, without the ‘NOISE’ …I realize most of you who comment, never read THE KING OF STING, you wouldn’t say what you do if you did. Its real and an incredable story about the times we live in through the life and eyes of a pretty normal guy turned into an outlaw by circumstance, thats all. I don’t have to defend it, it is what it is…so Rick and crew no hard feelings, its just entertainment. Have at it…but when you get a little too mean and crazy, hey then its my turn.

  75. Levi Strauss says:

    But What About That Black Rug?
    Do you get a special deal at Apollo since you’re a “hero” or a non-schmo? Does it stay on pretty good when you are gettin’ busy?

  76. Craig glazer says:

    Don’t know never been there boy. But my muscles do.

  77. Can't say says:

    Craig why don’t
    you send him some flowers and candy? So much more to say about your crazy ass but time to eat the waffles. Advice to you Rick. You need to go out and buy something..

  78. Not Greg Hall says:

    I’m not Greg Hall but Greg Hall says “He Feels The Louder He Shouts The More Truth His Lies Will Contain.”

  79. Can't Say says:

    Craig likes someone….
    Rick you have an admirer. Lets review. Signs someone likes you.

    1- They break up with you and then they want to get back together. See Craig post on Chiefs dated 9-15 Craig comments on 9/16 at 1:07 that he is “done with loser Rick.” Begging for him to come back ever since including above where he says “we’re breakin up bud?”
    2-Asks them out. Craig has invited Rick to the club.
    3-Gives them gifts. Craig wants to give Rick an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of his book. Apparently he has 100s laying around.
    4-Gets very upset if you are not giving them attention. See ALL of Craig’s posts.
    5-When you like someone you have a pet name for them. Craig had Black Barbie, Chocolate Betty, and with Rick its Rickiiiiii. Isn’t that cute? And apparently the number of iiiii’s at the end is dependent on how aroused Craig is.

    So Rick I suggest if you very meet with Craig you have gone to the store beforehand. You need to buy something. Bring with you a vibrator with a long cord. He loves those. And you need the long cord because obviously you will be going deep.

  80. Bob mcintosh says:

    why Craig is nuts
    Rick says that people read Craig to be entertained. Craig then writes that its all entertainment. Are Craig and Rick the same person as Craig echos whatever Rick says?
    Craig says he doesn’t hate anyone. But he calls anyone that disagrees with him a moron.
    Craig says he doesn’t attack anyone unless they attack him. But this recent skirmish started when he mentioned Rick’s name in a post and Rick responded.
    Craig says “Hey, I’m a smart person.” Really?
    If you don’t agree with Craig you are not a person with a different opinion. You are a hater.
    Some things Craig says lack logic. Why would Rick be upset about not writing for this site when he is writing for a bigger site and working with his girlfriend?
    Craig is obviously upset that neither Rick or the new writer Brandon have responded to his positive remarks towards them. This is because Craig needs constant reassurance.
    I’m surprised that Craig refers to himself as a normal guy. I thought he was a big star and the best looking over 50 guy in KC.
    It’s true I’ve never read his book. But I’m sure what he said is true. It’s all entertainment.

  81. Hearne Christopher says:

    Using the Enquirer as an example of inaccuracy is, inaccurate. The Enquirer is the one tabloid that plays it largely straight. On its major stories. There’s some obvious fluff here and there. OJ, John Edwards, the list is long of stories they’ve accurately scooped.

    As for your “scoop,” think of it as something of a challenge. Saying you’ve got something and then failing to deliver the goods strikes me as weak. Craig says bring it, too.

  82. Hearne Christopher says:

    Nicely done

  83. Can't say says:

    Hearne you are
    acting like suck up and its apparent that you are desperate for a feud since you and Tracy bombed. See if you can get Hall and Craig to go at each other. It would benefit both sites. Or unlike Rick is Greg to much of an intellectually superior? Where Craig can keep it close with Rick.

  84. Can't say says:

    and if the above
    is your idea of “nicely done.” Then you are heading down the same whack road he is on.

    Hey Bob, let me be the first to tell you, “nicely done”. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. The only thing I would add as a long time reader is that Rick was writing before Craig showed up and when Craig showed up Rick blasted him. So all this stuff about sports and Craig trying to make it about that is nonsense. Of course most of what comes off of Craig’s fingertips is nonsense. He’s an old fart trying to hold onto glory days.

  85. Rick says:

    4 Hearne
    Wow. Where to begin. Let’s start with quoting me. Hearne did I say the Enquirer was inaccurate or did I say people don’t buy it for its accuracy? Actually I was an idiot and had the word but…but it was suppose to be buy. So the argument you are making and the point I was making I believe are different.

    That being said I’ll take that argument. While yes the Enquirer is a step above many tabloids. While yes they have been a source of breaking news. They still have a long history of being less then accurate. They settled a libel suit with Gary Condit. They admitted guilt in a situation involving Elizabeth Smart. Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson have both won judgements against them. They don’t sell in the UK or New Zealand because of the liberal libel laws. So they have a well defined history of inaccuracy.

    So if I had been making that point it would of been an accurate one. But quite frankly when I used the term Enquirer I was using it to define tabloids in general. It’s like if I said I’m going to go buy a Coke. And then I come home with a Mountain Dew in my hand. Its because to “me” the term Coke is universal for soda or pop. The Enquirer which has been around since the 1920’s is a general term for tabloids or tabloid journalism.

    Hope that clears that up.

  86. Regular Joe says:

    RICK STOP IT!!!!!!
    Rick you are an idiot!!!! You appear to use research, facts, and common sense to make your arguments. That crap is not tolerated around here!!!!! If you are unable to make implausible, inflammatory ramblings then you need to go write somewhere else.

  87. Taco Time says:

    Man This Article Got 90 Comments Are You Serious
    Glazer you are a piece of work.

  88. Monkey Man says:

    Yeah And Its About A Black Man
    Well the picture is. Hey just want to always be on the big ones.

  89. Black Barbie says:

    You Leave My President Alone Craig
    I love him, he is so handsome. You still don’t com see me Craig.

  90. Hearne Christopher says:

    Trust me, I had and have no intention of feuding with Tracy. I’m happy that it bombed as you put it.

  91. Hearne Christopher says:

    Don’t go Greg Hall on me…

    Blast Nick Wright and then claim you didn’t do it because you didn’t utter the exact words Nick paraphrased. Clearly to hit the Enquirer for being inaccurate, c’mon. The clear implication being that they buy it in spite of it not being accurate.

    It’s many steps above most tabloids. I started subscribing years ago just to stay abreast of the national celeb scene. And yes, you can look at Wiki or Google them to see they’ve had a few missteps, but these guys are choking out hundreds of stories a week. It comes with the territory.

    Trust me, I’ve actually backtracked over their reporting on local and area news and I’ve even been able to get rumors – carefully worded – into the ultra conservative Kansas City Star that the Enquirer passed on. The reason I know that is because my reporting crossed over with theirs and I spoke with the same sources.

    The Enquirer passed, the Star rocked with it.

    Unless you have regularly read the Enquirer – which I seriously doubt that you have – you truly cannot accurately weigh in on its track record. I have followed/subscribed to it for more than 10 years. I’ve seen People and other entertainment pubs follow in its footsteps weeks and months later.

    And frankly, nobody bags on the People’s of the world for being late on hard news and/or reporting benign news that was incorrect. They do hammer you when you get the ruff stuff wrong and that comes with the Enquirer’s turf.

    I don’t want a Diet Pepsi when I order a Mountain Dew. So that’s where I stand on the generalization thing.

    My suggestion is – and I truly mean this – choke out $50 or whatever and take the NE for a year and I think you’ll be impressed. For what it is, I mean. It’s not like my personal bible or anything.

  92. Hearne Christopher says:

    And you choose to offer up hyperbole in defense of logic and facts?

  93. Hearne Christopher says:

    There is a war (or three) going on

  94. Dog says:

    Only Check This A Few Times A Week
    Saw the high numbers on comments, wanted to get in on a record number. Have any of these stories hit 100 comments before? Hey I was a marine, the story by this guy is pretty on the money. Fighting over seas for nothing, losing lives for very little.

  95. Two Sides To Story says:

    This Country Needs Men Like These
    I had to comment, we need great Americans like these to keep us safe.

  96. Taco Time says:

    He Did Over 100 Before
    I know cause I was on it baby. Yeah dude Glazer did one over 100, I can’t remember which story. I think one about girls. What a shock.

  97. Black B says:

    MR. Hearne
    Why do you call me a fake? Is it because I’m an Ebony Princess? IS it becasue I can speak the English language uulike most of Craig’s girls. Is it becasue I decided I didn’t want to play the game that others are willing? Did Craig tell you to call me a fake? Do you not like strong independent women? Or just those that need a sugar daddy.

  98. Regular Joe says:

    U make my stance for me.
    Hearne you readily admit that the National Enquirer is a source of news for you. And you are going to question me about Hyperbole? As if I would even know what that is….

    I will say two more things. Rick is no better being a disciple of TMZ and Craig will never hit 100 again without Rick unless he writes under his 50 other names.

    B-U crack me up with your spelling of English words.

  99. Westport Lover says:

    Wheres The New Club In Westport
    Are you guys opening in Westport? If so when and where? I know you aren’t leaving Legends but is there going to be a second club?

  100. Rody Rody Piper says:

    Just Wanted To Be Number 100
    I did it, I did it, I did it. Did what, oh was 100th comment on this site for Glazer. Has this been done before on this site?

  101. One-oh-One says:

    King of Cons
    Book is a farce. I read it free at the library. Would never put money in the pocket of a drifter carnival con man. It’s about ten percent fact and ninety percent wet dreams of this wannabe outlaw dude. If it was true the glazer man would be long since dead from publicizing himself and letting his enemies know where he is.

  102. Craig Glazer says:

    Moron Number Four
    Gee, I wonder if anyone checked out any of the issues. Gee it was all based on court records and stories from LA and New York Times. Gee the other writer is a top rated journalist grad. from Northwestern. Yeah everyone lied. Funny nobody has questioned the book, as far as it being true more than a moron. These are historical stories for the most part, relived in both state and federal court action. I doubt you read anything, I doubt you can read. Yeah I am alive but many in the book are not. So more than a moron, go read Wyatt Eurp, maybe he was a bigger liar, we all are liars. I go down in history as a famous outlaw with James and the rest, you are moron number four. Enjoy.

  103. Hearne Christopher says:

    It ain’t me, babe.
    Other than to say hello on the occasions that we met
    I’ve never called you anything.

  104. Hearne Christopher says:

    Easy RG,

    Not so fast. I readily admitted that I subscribe to the Enquirer to keep up some on pop culture, Hollywood type stuff. It’s a national zine though and my stories are generally local.

    Once in a blue moon, the Enquirer may report something of local interest. And as I did while at the Star, I may on those occasions make a note of that. As I long have for locals getting national ink in any number of publications.

    Now about your hyperbole and stretching of the facts…

  105. Hearne Christopher says:

    He’s been sniffing around Brookside and Waldo

  106. Sheckels says:

    Is it tru what they say about the way yo people are gifted?
    I lay awake nights wondering if Glaze’s schlong is all that long…..

    Impotent fer me to no if Glaze gets down on the kitty.

    Most famous in ole KC? Straghtened my ass ot…. I thought it was a tie………..
    Tory and ole Gus … Thank you now I’m straight

    Cast the single winning vote
    Drive fast

    Goodie,poodie go to go to jail don’t fail
    Kink of Stink make yo forget Hemmingway, I think

    Pulitzer for Swing of Bling, Bested True Man you human!
    I mean Capote not Harry, youz cold youz blood

    Wake up the war hero Donny Wood
    Take a tip from Donna, Andy, Jimmy, you sure should
    Whichi TIE TIE , Vern sure could, Pineapple guy, he understood

    The Pride of ole KC – Its twoo Its twoo its twoo!

  107. Rick says:

    I don’t know if we’ll
    hit 110 but I still have more comments just lack time presently. what u thought I was going to let the Don’t go all Greg hall on me slip by???

  108. BarKeeper says:

    Moron vs. Douchebag
    I guess it’s only proper if Glazecon is going to refer to commentors as morons and other derogatory names, that we can certainly refer to him as a douchebag. Has a nice ring to it anyway.

  109. Rick says:

    Me and Greg
    Hearne-To be put in the same category as Hall. Won’t file that under complaints.

    Only a “few missteps”? Look again my friend as your eyesight is lacking.

    You are right. I don’t read the Enquirer regularly. That doesn’t mean I don’t keep an eye on it. And quite frankly my TMZ affiliation gives me a better view point then your life long subscription.

    I would not put People on the must read list either. However if you were an avid reader of these rags you would know about Mountain Dew mouth and stay away from it.

    Tell you what. Instead of me chocking out $50 why don’t we do a trade. You share your enquirers with me and I’ll send you a monthly Big Mac?

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