New Jack City: Nice Rack (at 97th and Quivira, that is)

It’s been quite a year for national brand favorites expanding into Kansas City…

The most anticipated was the long awaited opening of not one, but two TRADER JOE’S. And let’s not overlook popular Nebraska export RUNZA which opened its first fast food outlet recently in Mission. JACK IN THE BOX made a splash last year in KCK and its second opens this coming Monday at 103rd and Metcalf in OP.

They say Jack’s’ tacos are to die for.

But hold on, there’s another really big one right around the corner.

Seattle-based, upscale fashion retailer NORDSTROM, which entered the K.C. market not on the Country Club Plaza as had been expected, but instead opened a full-line store at Oak Park Mall, is about to double its presence.

With a twist!

On Thursday, September 29th a new NORDSTROM RACK, big brother’s sister discount store opens at 97th and Quivira in Lenexa. That’s right, Lenexa, even though it’s only like half an inch from Oak Park Mall in Overland Park.

NORDSTROM RACK is part of Nordstrom’s off-price retail division and features merchandise from Nordstrom’s full-line stores and at 50% to 60% off original Nordstrom prices.

 NORDSTROM RACK’s feature large selections of name brand apparel, accessories and shoes for the entire family. And some of the featured merchandise has been specifically purchased for NORDSTROM RACK stores.

New deliveries to NORDSTROM RACK usually arrive several times a week, resulting in restocked shelves on an almost daily basis. And customers can also purchase and redeem Nordstrom Gift Cards at the RACK.

And how about that famous liberal Nordstrom return policy?

Here’s how it’s spelled out as it relates to items purchase at their RACK:

"We’ll gladly accept a return or exchange within 30 days of any merchandise purchased from Nordstrom Rack that has not been worn or altered and is accompanied by its original price tag or receipt or packing slip. Valid photo ID required for in-store cash refunds."

How about that?

Ironically the company chose to open its approximately 35,000 square feet new Kansas City RACK outlet within walking distance of its main store located on the south side of Oak Park Mall. According to one Nordstrom associate the two stores should feed off each other, and she couldn’t wait for the RACK’s grand opening in the Orchard Shopping Center’s former Circuit City store.

So mark it your calendar: September 29th will be a red letter day for value-minded, Joco Fashionistas!

So let’s see,we’ve got TRADER JOE’S, RUNZA, JACK IN THE SACK and now NORDSTROM RACK. What would make this lineup complete?

It’s high time Kansas City gets Winstead’s killer, IN-N-OUT BURGER.

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8 Responses to New Jack City: Nice Rack (at 97th and Quivira, that is)

  1. chuck says:

    I love jack in the crack!
    It used to be my favorite place to eat. My mom used to take me there to get a hamburger and fries. It was lots of fun. But I got into trouble when mom caught me beating off while in the basement and she said she would never take me there again.
    I also like to look at girl’s boobies. They are nice like the ones in the picture. But it’s been a long time since i had a date and i have trouble remembering what it’s like to play with them. So I bought a blow up doll to keep me company. This one was over $20 and it has the
    real body parts so when I play with it she seems like a real live girl.
    So if you’re lonely like me on the weekends you might try going to Rays and ask the guys for the real thing. It sure comes in handy
    on Friday nights when I”m being grounded by mom and have to stay inside.
    And remember…I AM THE AAAAANNNNNGGGGGGRRRRRY WHITTTTEEEEE MANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jess says:

    keep chuck away from the rack
    Don’t know what the hell Chuck was babbling about. He obviously is screaming for help. Intervention would be in order. But as to Nordstrom Rack coming here that’s great. I’ve been to some of their out of state stores and always came away with good deals. And about the In n Out burger joints. Are they just a myth the way we used to think abourt Coors beer before we knew better? Has anyone ever had one of their sliders? If so what do they come closest to from what we’ve go in KC?

  3. jon says:

    Nice Rack! The store’s OK too.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    Lemme tell you, I too was a skeptic. An ex girlfriend who wasn’t too worldly ate at one in LA, bot the T-shirt even and went on and on about how they had the best burger. By far.

    Kinda made me think, nahhh…can’t be that good.

    Finally, this summer hit one in Tucson and wow! They’re even better. Blows away Winstead’s. Which isn’t so hard to do these days given the state of repair of many of its locations and the hit or miss nature of the food quality.

    Remember, Nabil Haddad bot the company – the dude who bot up all the restaurants on the Plaza before they started sliding downhill and closing. Anybody remember Fedora, Jule’s?

    For starters all the In-N-Outs are clean as a whistle, the staff is dressed and groomed impeccably and the food is over-the-top, top notch. Kinda, sorta like Winstead’s but way better. Better even that the phony gourmet burger joints sprouting everywhere the past few years.

    Quality control. Took the family back and did a do-over the next day before we left to return to KC.

  5. Rick says:

    To make us think and In N Out was coming only to find out its a Nordstrom. Hearne should be sued for false advertising.

  6. Super Dave says:

    Hearne is so right
    In N Out got a lot of my money when I was living in LA and still does when I vist. Great burger joint and if at the right one out there never know who you might see in one.

    If In N Out comes to Kansas City area alot of places who serve burgers are either going to have to shape up or be out of business thats how good these places are.

  7. chuck says:

    Thats not me.
    I was playing golf all day.

    That is Harley’s puerile attempt at humor.

    I am killin him.

    Harley, your crackin.

    Freakin out.

    Your meat, as always, always have been, always will be, salt of the earth, fodder, meat, nothing else, no matter how frantic, splenetic or animated you get, you wil still be you, Mr. 88

  8. gene says:

    rack should be at legends
    Can’t believe Nordstrom didn’t put the Rack out at the Legends where they’re going upscale outlet. Opening it directly across the street from their main store makes no business sense.

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