Hearne: Remember When Jason Whitlock Tweeted He’d Replace Nick Wright Sept. 5th?

Don’t look now but…

A funny thing happened earlier this month. September 5th to be exact. That’s the date former Star sports scribe Jason Whitlock teased via Twitter that he’d be heading home to KC to do a radio show on 610 Sports. Maybe even take rising star Nick Wright‘s place.

Some local bloggers were all over that story early this summer. The Royals were in the tank. The Chiefs up in the air. And MU, KU and K-State football and KU basketball were a long way off. Even the Big 12 appeared halfway off the hook. They needed something to write about.

Remember the sports talk radio war?

"He intended everyone to think he meant he was coming back to take my job," Wright says. "What he really meant was that September 5th was Labor Day, and he wanted me to know that I would still be white after Labor Day. Jason is a peach."

A peach that remains unpicked, even to the naive few who bought into the silliness.

"He is coming back…burned bridges mean nothing in radio," said Rainbow Man in the KCC  comments section. "It isn’t like he is a doctor and sewed a dropped scalpel into someone…This is radio, the gimmickiest industry on the planet…He will pop up somewhere soon and he will make a difference."

So much for Whitlock popping up…

As for Whitlock’s Labor Day metaphor, "You’re not supposed to wear white after labor day, and Jason’s big point when he called into my show a few months back – that’s when the Sept 5 stuff started – was that i was ashamed that i was white or wanted to be black or something," Wright says. "He wouldn’t outright say it, but that was his point, and that’s what the tweets were about."

Meanwhile, back in Twitter Land, Whitlock had zero to say on 9/5 about his return to the airwaves here or much of anything else of interest to locals. He did lay down a line that fit the bill : "Love media hypocrisy."

Even former KCC sports media blogger Greg Hall – who fanned the Sept. 5th Whitlock flames – allowed the date to pass without notice. That after rejoicing at the time, "Oh, how Kansas City sports talk radio (and my OTC column ) could use those fireworks!"

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4 Responses to Hearne: Remember When Jason Whitlock Tweeted He’d Replace Nick Wright Sept. 5th?

  1. xxMillerTimexx says:

    It is a shame
    that he didn’t replace Wright. I have gone a long time without sports talk, KK is losing his touch and Wright is a douche. Need something to get better since the Chiefs suck, the big 12 is blowing up and I cannot stand to listen to any of the sports talkers in KC. KC sports talk needs a change.

  2. Hearne Christopher says:

    The funny thing is that after making such a big deal out of a minor on air dust up between Wright and Whitlock, then touting Jason’s return, the whole Sept. 5 deal passed w/o comment until now.

    Evidencing four things:

    First, it was merely another JW hot air release

    Second, the bloggers that embraced it like it might happen appeared to have done so merely to kill time between sports seasons

    Third, they didn’t even have the presence of mind to follow up on the bogus mini stunt

    And fourth, so few local sports nuts actually about JW’s returning that they didn’t even bother to weigh in when the magic date rolled around

  3. Rick says:

    I 100% thought
    about it and wondered what the deal was. I was going to write and ask you but I didn’t know when Labor Day was????? I thought Labor Day was any day you had to edit and proof read a Glazer column.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    That would be (darn near) every day

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