Glazer: 610 Sports’ Nick Wright Now on the Craig Glazer Bandwagon

Yes it’s true…

610 Sports afternoon host Nick Wright now says on the air that he believes Chiefs coach Todd Haley will soon be gone. And Nick really likes Todd and thinks he is a good coach in a bad situation. But Nick believes Scott Pioli is also to blame and blames him hard.

It’s now also known that Todd and Scott do not get along and haven’t for some time.

All of which adds up to the following; its just a matter of time before Haley is let go by the Chiefs. Word at Woodside – where I met  Haley during his first season – is that the decision has already been made. I think the Haley family is getting ready to leave Kansas City soon. Not until after it’s official, of course. I also believe Haley will land a post in the NFL or College Football, but probably not as a head coach in the NFL.

Many other radio sports guys are saying how shocked they are at Chiefs being so bad and that nobody saw this coming.

Bullshit! I know someone who did. ME. I never bought into the preseason, "We lose on purpose" crap. The Chiefs just plain stunk. And that 2-5 down the stretch last year showed me we were a bottom seven or eight team by the playoffs. After the preseason we were a bottom five team.

And after the injuries, we are the worst team in the NFL that includes Indy and Seattle, who are right next to us.

The new power rankings have the Chiefs DEAD LAST.

So now Nick wants to SUCK FOR LUCK.l

Lose every game to get Andrew Luck as our first round draft pick next year. He’s the No.1 quarterback in college ball.

I feel the team has quit, they know Haley’s a goner, so they’re kinda no shows. The Chargers can score whenever they want too against us. We have only two weapons, fumble fingered Dexter and D-Bowe. Wow. That means less than 10 points a game, unless there are turnovers.

Looks like another plus 40 point loss this week. We are already setting several stink records. For example, we’re on our way to the most points a team has been beaten by in three straight games. Three playoff teams are 0-2, the Chiefs, the Rams and Seattle. The Chiefs and Seattle really stink and Rams will be lucky to win six.

How the mighty have fallen…

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24 Responses to Glazer: 610 Sports’ Nick Wright Now on the Craig Glazer Bandwagon

  1. Can't say says:

    Well obvioulsy if u
    heard it at Woodside it must be true.

  2. Rick says:

    Guess what?
    I heard at the Phillips 66 that Sarah Palin is actually a guy.

  3. kcfred says:

    If Nick Wright said it…
    bet against it. Like he effing knows. Really. The suck forluck thing is about as big of an abomination as I can remember. Oh, and Mr. Journalism, the Rams didn’t make the playoffs last year. But you got 2 out of 3 right, you’re improving.

  4. harley says:

    Glaze…you’re could be sued…watch what you safe.
    heard thru the grapevine that you could be sued. You’re posting remarks that could get you in trouble.
    See what happened to the other guy…getting sued by someone and its not a small matter.
    You need to be able to prove these lies and innuendo or you’ll be hauled into court.
    Be careful…you are walking a fine line and so is hearne….

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Dumb Me
    Sorry got excited, it was The Colts who were a play off team and now are 0-2 and ranked with Chiefs,Seattle and now themselves as the three worst teams in the league, sorry my mistake. As for getting sued, ABOUT WHAT HARLEY…. its a fact that the Haley quit Woodside, other than that its all what I think based on what I know and have heard. Who would sue me over that? Like saying Larry Johnson was an asshole due to his off field events? Tony G got arrested for pushing a stripper, where do you want to go with this? Hey I ran the mob according to the media in 2001 or at least the “drug” mob, sold ex, killed people, sold heroin, you name it, ended up not being true, but none the less…where am I out of line…on Haley that is now all over the media not just me saying it anymore. By the way we broke that and the fact the Chiefs stink and were a doormat…kcconfidential and nobody else broke those stories…so sue me.

  6. Rick says:

    and u wonder
    why they got a new sports writer

  7. smartman says:

    Ready Fire Aim
    NOBODY knows ANYTHING! It’s all speculate, masturbate, ejaculate.

    No better than the KK rumor of Mizzou DEFINITELY heading to the Big X.

    Guess all you want but until then it’s anything asserted without facts can be un-asserted without facts.

    Hell, just lie and say an unnamed player or source at 1AD told you something OFF THE RECORD and at least try to be authoratative and interesting.

  8. harley says:

    the powers that be aren’t taking kindly to this
    be careful glaze…don’t want you in hot water like that other guy…watch what you say.

  9. Rick says:

    Sue Glazer
    For what? Impersonating a human being? Pretending to know something about sports? Lying….gee he would have 100 lawsuits if that is the case. I know law enforcement agencies don’t take kindly to impersonation.

    I don’t know about suing but I believe he will be exposed very soon.

  10. Rick says:

    Oh I get it….
    Glazer said something negative(Nicks jumping on the band wagon) about Nick Wright. So now he has to worry about getting sued. I get it. A little slow.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Rick For What Telling The Truth
    Haley will be fired. The Chiefs stink and I said so before anyone. My sports picks were amazing. Rick the only punk is you. Again Rick the dick, what have you EVER DONE SON. I don’t read anything on here or anywhere that has your name with anything of importance. Lied about what Rick? There are no lies. I have some opinions like many people, but mine have education,experience and attention, yours got you dumped in three articles on, good one Rick. Yeah Hearne hired a new sports guy to replace Greg Hall not me, I am not the sports guy, I write what I want, if its sports than it is, ok, RICK. Thanks.

  12. Cliffy says:

    “I also believe Haley will land a post in the NFL or College Football, but probably not as a head coach in the NFL.”

    Really? So insightful!!

    “Three playoff teams are 0-2, the Chiefs, the RAMS and Seattle.”

    Nice research, dumbass.

    “Word at Woodside … is that the decision has already been made.”

    Well, there you go. I can’t believe you beat ESPN to this nugget.

  13. Rick says:

    Glaze loaded again??
    Glaze what r u talking about? Who called u a punk? Didn’t you write all this last week when you were trying to spell theater? At least your counting is getting better as last week it was one this week you are up to three. Why are you talking about my dick? Homosexual fantasizes? Bro i don’t swing that way. Take some ludes and chill out. I’m not suing you. Again knucklehead since u can’t buy a clue it appear to me to be a Nick Wright reference. Get it…his dad is suing people…duh. I thought I was slow. F*ck I told you what it meant and you still haven’t figured it. Obviously its not just spelling b’s you flunk out of.

  14. chuck says:

    Great news!!
    That ziggurat of legal knowledge and experience is keepin us all up to date, on litigation with regard to Glazer’s comments in this room.

    Close one Glaze, I am sure you speed dialed the big guns at Polsinelli the moment you realized, thanks to Harley’s astute and timely legal advice, cloaked in a mystery, this is priceless —

    “the powers that be aren’t taking kindly to this

    harley 05:49:03 PM – Tue. Sep 20. 2011

    be careful glaze…don’t want you in hot water like that other guy…watch what you say.”


    That bellwether of legal propriety and prescience, Harley, is doin ya a solid Glaze.

    Hey thanks Harley!!

    But, I am thinkin the chain is still off of you bike, ya might wanna put a couple more weeks into figuring that out, before ya go all Clarence Darrow on us.

  15. chuck says:

    Hey Harley, I am goin to bed.
    Go ahead and use my name again and post some more drivel about ‘Titties”.

    Your smooth down there, like a Ken Doll, ain’t ya?

    Gotta go Mr. 88.

  16. chuck says:

    I’ve been playin golf all day.

    chuck 09:14:55 PM – Tue. Sep 20. 2011

    Those are NOT my comments.

    They are Harley’s idea of a joke.

    Harley’s lack of originality leads him to imitation. This is probably what we can expect from a guy with an IQof 88.

    I have sent Harley’s comments to the Education Dept at UMKC. I have a prof friend down there, he and another Prof checked out some comments from Harley and peg his IQ at 88.

    So, he is pretty much maxin out with all that stream of consciousness bullshit that shifts from adoration and adulation to criticism and contempt.

    Jesus, his rhetoric is all over the galaxy.

    He really was the kid you saw waving at ya from the short bus.

  17. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Yes We Now All Know
    Chiefs are done. We will now hear about it for weeks. It’s over. Yes Haley is going to be fired. Yes Craig you were first. Got it.

  18. Hearne Christopher says:

    We got a new sportswriter for variety. Spice of life and all, ya know

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    Craig was referring to his family dropping their membership at the club with the expectation that they won’t be long for KC. Actually, that’s a heckuva good type of source and one that a national powerhouse like ESPN would be last to get.

    Of course, what he and his family may be bracing for may not happen but it could be a very good indicator

  20. Hearne Christopher says:

    You know, it’s not easy being in the sports media when everything appears so bleak. Except for Sporting and maybe next year’s Royals. And college ball, except for the demise of the Big 12. Which actually while sad, would be inspiring to write about and cover.

    The Star demonstrated all summer how to tap dance around yet another trip to Loserville for the Royals. They didn’t spend the entire season hand wringing, but they did engage in a lot of relatively meaningless equivocating. And failing largely to hammer management who controls their press passes and interview rights.

    Face it, it’s not much fun living thru gawdawful sports seasons no matter how you cut the cake.

  21. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Amen Hearne
    Boy well said.

  22. Downtown Davey says:

    Glazer/Hearne Good Job Boys
    I read this thread daily. While Glazer usually pisses me off at first, I later hate to admit, the crazy bastard is right too often. He must know someone upstairs, rather downstairs. Hearne I like your updates too, well done. Look you guys don’t have to be PC like the Star and radio does, yes this was the first stop on Chiefs are the worst and Haley is done. I do have to say that. Now the entire KC media is on that boat.

  23. Kellys Man says:

    Glazer And Hearne You Both Suck
    Why do you both put our city down? Glazer you say you love KC, I can’t tell. The Chiefs are this city. They will get better. They are not the worst team in the NFL, Oakland is dumb ass. Hearne you are a rich jerk, move to LA or New York where you two fools belong.

  24. PB says:

    Haley is Done
    Because the Chiefs suck, not because he dropped an overpriced gym membership. 0-16…6-10…his firing was inevitable with most anything less than a playoff run as NFL headcoaches are rarely retained with just one year remaining on their contract. Never good business to carry a lameduck coach so unless his team had a season worthy of an extension, which seemed very unlikely going in, then he was pretty much done. Only question now is exactly when his head will roll.

    btw, on a similar tip to the Woodside revelation, I hear Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher and Jimmy Johnson have all been seen recently househunting in KC.

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