Today: Lest There Be Any Mystery, I Present To You Brandon Leftridge

You asked for it…

You wanted an even humbler sports scribe. Someone to walk the walk and talk the talk, hotties be damned. A writer with whom English is not a second language – sex with strangers an avocation. A sportswriter cut from the actual cloth (not Fredericks of Hollywood). With ears not mired in the hopelessness of Don Fortune and the inability to look past hip-hop into the full metal straightjacket that is Kansas City.

To borrow a trite expression from fallen Star Jason Whitlock – you wanted "the real deal."

Here it is…

Brandon Leftridge, 30, was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri by his two dads, Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan (that’s right—he’s the other guy from the seminal 80’s sitcom MyTwo Dads). He writes for fun, mostly, but occasionally it’s an exercise in removing the demons from his troubled mind. In his spare time, when he’s not making the world a better place, you can find him dressed up like a clown hanging out in urinals, passed out at the Crown Center fountains, or reading to sick children at the orphanage. Brandon is married to a very lucky lady who has no knowledge of any of the activities listed previously, and he’d like to keep it that way.
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12 Responses to Today: Lest There Be Any Mystery, I Present To You Brandon Leftridge

  1. smartman says:

    Oh Yeah!
    Well if all that is true then Danica Patrick is gonna win the Nextel Cup in 2012. The Royals will win the World Series in a 4 game sweep of the Phillies; the Chiefs will go undefeated in the preseason-season and postseason with new part owner,CEO-GM-Head Coach-OC-DC Bill Cowher; Craig Glazer will announce his permanent celibacy and harley will start to use spell check.

  2. Hearne says:

    And what, pray tell, will befall the smartman?
    Will he sally forth in a J-Lo inspired, Gucci edition Fiat 500?

  3. Kellys Man says:

    See Glazer Smartman and Hearne HateYou Too
    Glad you both agree that Glazer and Nigro are ass holes.

  4. chuck says:

    Welcome aboard Brandon.
    Hope you can cover sports, better than Brandon Flowers can cover Megatron.

  5. Merle Tagladucci says:

    re: Hearne Christopher Jr.
    Sep 19, 2011

    He writes for fun, mostly, but occasionally it

  6. harley says:

    Brandon…get ready for your nightmare…
    the readers of this site are brutal. We rip the hell out of writers who know nothing about what
    they are to be writing about.
    Smartman will crucify you…chuck will disgust you…orphan will make you cry….glaze will make
    you laugh…and I will go point by point thru your writing with a fine tooth comb to make sure
    you’re not another fake.
    don’t be fancy…just get to the point. We don’t like a lot of flowery language. If a coach needs to
    be fired…say it. If a player isn’t playing …say it.
    WE don’t take kindly to newcomers here but give i t your best shot. It can’t be any worse the
    drivel we get from hearne and glaze on a regular basis.
    And don’t try to make us think you’re better than glaze…he’s o0n fire now and believes he’s the
    second coming. Hearne knows he ‘s not as good as he once was…so forget him.
    Good luck…get out your knife…because us readers are the most vicious you’llfindon the
    and if by chance you’re at chuckie cheese with your wife on saturday night…watch out for
    chuck…he’s the guy with the big mallet hogging the banging beaver game and eating
    2 large pizzas. In other words stay away from the guy….he’s out there in anoterh world.
    Now…tell us who’s gonna win thisvweekend and lay off my buddy billy butler.
    Good luck…with guys like smartman …chuck…rick…orphan and glaze you’re gonna need it.

  7. balboni's moleskine says:

    the guy above me is a doucher, bank it
    one thing I learned working in radio: never actually listen to the people who call into your radio show. They are a vocal minority unrepresentative of the listener.

    I bet the same holds true for internet columnists.

  8. That Guy says:

    Hello Hurray!!!!!
    Welcome to the jungle Brandon…and thanks hearne, UdaMAN!!!!


    Brandon, if you NEVER use the term “humble sports scribe” it will be ok with me.

    I hope you keep track, or start to keep of track of ALL sports world wide.. no telling what you can teach us,,,adn maybe attrct some far away readers…….. Rugby going on in New Zealand, Tennis in New York (No wait, that is over ) NASCAR today in Chicago… and I hope you can stay unbiased about local college sportst programs mizzou/KU/K-state we are all brothers, keep it balnced and equal…

    and if you can somehow explain in plain terms and logic (dont say it is all about money) why the hell Univsreties are fleeing conferences for other conference…is this going to wind up with ONE BIG CONFERENCE WITH EVERY COLLGE IN IT???..AND then break apart again ..

    what is gained by Syracuse going to the ACC?…Nebraska going to the BIG10 …why would the PAC 10 want a dog (with fleas) like Colorado…. if you can explain it so I understand, I would apprecite it….

    ppps juts kidding about mizzou and Kstate they suck salty balls ..
    KU RULEZ!!!! ALWAYS HAS ALWAYS WILL (well, except for last weekend, and we can ignore that…basketball is coming)

  9. smartman says:

    Get Your Bearings Straight
    I assume you got the rantings of our mutual friend. I am me, not he. The doctor is chasing a chi gong guru this week.

  10. chuck says:

    Brandon, to prepare for Harley’s comments
    You will need to infect yourself with a strain of “Logorrhea Jock Itch” which is borderline moribund.

    Don’t read his comments in public, as you will get to scratchin your head and your crotch at the same time.

  11. Cliffy says:

    Bio is lame. Contrived Like your stuff, so far.

  12. Cliffy says:

    Did not mean to say your stuff so far is contrived. Only your bio. I like your stuff so far. Carry on.

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