Glazer: Humble Scribe Apologizes to Chiefs Fans, Prescribes Fresh Air Cure

Yes I know, I know your Humble Scribe is a near genius NFL/College football guy…

Nobody in the KC sports media has had the two weeks I have. I have one game left on the Pros and if that wins, I’ll have gone 100% on pro picks and gotten all but that late night ASU game that I missed by half a point. Yes, I know you all want my cell number for next week. I did have two Vegas guys (people I met there not casino employees) call for my pic’s. Nice.

OK our Clown Act (the Chiefs) Quit.

They quit on their coach, their city, their profession. This team would like to forfeit the season. They would, I’m not kidding. Almost none of them want to play anymore. In fact, at season’s end this team will be mentioned with the ALL TIME WORST NFL CLUBS.

The Chiefs now have NO stars. Nobody. Nothing.

They have some big contracts that they will regret. Cassel, Charles, Flowers, maybe Tamba Hali. I mean, I hope not, but the entire defensive line is horrible and needs to be let go at season’s end.

This club is so far gone, man. I don’t know what to tell you to do to fix it for the next season. So let’s just be honest.


It all starts at quarterback, vis-a-vis Cam Newton. Wow, what a player. He nearly upset the world champs, Green Bay.

Look I’m sorry our team is trash. It just is.

Try what I do, make some bets on the other teams, it will ease the pain. Too bad Scott Pioli can’t be fired, he sure deserves it.

By the way my score picked for this week was Detroit 42 Kansas City 6. Close, huh? And that was on The Mix and Q l04. Next week more of the same. A team that quits and gets guys hurt. We will have maybe no name players left at season’s end.


Crazy. Enjoy the weather.

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27 Responses to Glazer: Humble Scribe Apologizes to Chiefs Fans, Prescribes Fresh Air Cure

  1. harley says:

    nothing better than glaze being on fire and see one of his girls with a tramp stamp bending over his
    leather sofa!.
    Seriously…congrats to glaze…he’s earned it. He did have 2 incredible weeks for a bettor. But as
    all serious bettors know…you only hold that money for the bookies…as the season progresses
    you’ll be giving it all back and more. He has done great and I look forward to seeing how he does
    over the season.
    For those poontang fans (not chuck/rick or orphan) we get an extra treat…what looks like a hot
    girl bending over showing her huge tatoo and what i consider a very very nice ass. Way to go glaze.
    and i like her lace outfit….wow!
    Do the three stooges a favor (rick/chuck/orphan) and post more of this hottie. That way when they’re
    alone on saturday night they have something to “savor” and “work” with.
    Glaze…great photo and post. Right now you are on fire. I give credit where credit is due…and bro you’re
    making a lot of people eat their words.
    You did make some mistakes…charles did not fake that injury. Those acl injuries are harrd to come back
    from…maybe want to tone down the wording.
    the chiefs are sad. I watched the entire game. Haley probably needs to go or become just theoffensive
    coordinator. Pioli needs to go too. Just hasn’t cut it in the draft and trying to make these subpar players
    into stars. I mentioned long before you did their problems…and here’s what they are.
    1. INconsistency….watched the players argue with coaches at the season opener. Cassell and qb coach
    were at each other. Receivers were screaming. Too much confusion….too much non communication,
    Like when the team yesterday was going on a fourth down they couldn’t get the right players out with
    one yard to go and they had 12 men in the huddle…inexcusable for a team like this…and it hurt them
    being able to get some consistency.
    2. wide recievers…can’t blame cassell that receivers are running wrong patterns or aren’t fast enough.
    and they can’t catch the ball. Cassell probably needs a new team or a new coach. I still think the guys
    got talent and had the receivers run the right pattern or held onto the ball they might have changed
    the outcome of the drive…not the game. What is haley thinking. At phoenix he had incredible receivers..
    here he’s got a bloated bowe and the rest of them are third stringers on any other team. Where was
    breaston? Thought he was brought in to shore up recieving team…another waste?
    But it still get back to clark hunt. He’s given the reins to this team to pioli. He was supposed to be
    the guy who knows the new england system of putting together teams..having 30% team turnover
    and still winning…But where’s the guy been. He’s not really added any significant palyers that wernt
    here before. He brought in cassell but he’s not got any supporting cast to help him out.
    And clark hunt decided to save money and $32 million under the cap. New England spend their
    money…and clark has more money than kraft. clark is a silver spoon kid…never workd a day in his
    life…daddy gave him everything.
    Now he puts the entire teams future in jeopardy. It’s obvious the team is wound up…stressed…
    and not thinking stright because each player is trying to do more than he should. All because
    hunt didn’t bring in any new players to improve the team. No way anyone in their right mind could look
    at last years team…with last years schedule…and look at this years schedule and not think that they
    would have to make major improvements to get back in the plaoffs again.
    Clark killed this team. and so did pioli. Look what new england did…went out and got ochocinco
    and haynesworth…added some new players on the lines…improved their team…thats the new
    england way. Did pioli forget what he saw new england do after he left them and came to kc.
    Blame is easy to spread around. But clark could have opened the wallet…brought in some
    fresh talent…or just made an attempt to go after some new improved players….to look good
    to the fans.
    It’s a mess. And i don’t think it can be corrected quickly. Haley needs to take a step back…reevaluate
    his talent…make a decision on who’s going to play and start…then roll the dice.
    Saw oconnell got cut. Wasn’t he on this team for 2 or 3 years and it took this long for them to figure out
    that he wasn’t pro material. another gaffe.
    Unfortunately this will kill the season. My tigers look suspect with franklin but with more experience
    he should do well. KU looked bad against goergia tech but i hope they get their game together.
    I realy hoped to have a good season with the chiefs…but again kc gets an owner that refuses to
    invest in the team to make it better.
    Its like glazer….he can bring in lewis black for a night and sell out at $125 a ticket. Or he can
    bring in some unknown and have his place half empty. If they don’t have talent…noone can
    coach them or teach them that. Clark decided to go cheap on this team…and i’m sure that is not
    what haley or pioli wanted….without cash they’re dead. I can see some blackouts this season but
    kctv will have to pony up to make good with their large advertisers. Chiefs still get 200-250k viewers…
    nothing else on sunday afternoons.
    Thank god i can root for my new favorite team…the packers… Go pack….

  2. chuck says:

    This from Harley (Smirk, smirk)
    “Cassell probably needs a new team or a new coach, I still think the guy has talent…”

    Yeah, sure, if he was replacing Adam Richman on Man V Food. The guy never met a ball he didn’t wanna eat.



    In fact, I am no longer refering to Matt Cassell by his Chritian name, I am gonna call the guy “Man V Food”.

    Yep, no doubt, LOTSA talent Harley.

    Hall of Fame.

    Checkin out that chick’s ass (Very astute) puts you in some pretty select company, the entire male population of the United States.

    But thanks, none of us would have noticed.

    Time to repost my Harley joke.

  3. chuck says:

    How many Harleys does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    5. Thats right, 5.

    One to screw in the lightbulb, one to tell everyone that Glazer could’t do it, one to tell everyone that Glazer is the best Light Bulb Screwer in KC, one to tell Hearne that he misspelled litebulb, one to tell everyone how cool his wife (wink, wink) looks screwing in a lightbulb (And she was a virgin, before she screwed in the litebulb, and then they met, and then he settled down.).

  4. chuck says:

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, thanks for the KU take.
    “KU looked bad against goergia tech but i hope they get their game together.”

    Ok, there ya have it, Harley can now pack those nuclear launch codes into his fanny pack and go to work, knowing he has reassured KU fans, than HE hopes they “get their game together”.

    Clear, incisive, to the point, if Ed fuckin Murrow was a sports guy, this is how he would do it.


  5. chuck says:

    Your meat pal.
    Every day.

  6. That Guy says:

    Is that a copy of King Of Sting on your coffee table?

  7. chuck says:

    Glaze’s picks were as perfect as that girl’s ass.
    A coming NFL scandal.

    When the Chiefs play the Colts, both teams will be trying to lose.

    The Andrew Luck sweepstakes are on the line.

    0 to 0 could be the final score.

    Brutal, just brutal.

  8. harley says:

    chuck….have fun this weekend?
    mom take you to chuckie cheese? you get to stay up late past midnite?
    you were posting on this site at 2am….must have been a great weekend…
    no woman…i can see why…lots of anger and you probably look 70 years
    1. watch free porn on the internet til 4 am sunday morning
    2. post stupid comments at 2am on kcc
    3. blow up his make believe doll so he can have sex once a month
    4. talk to himself cause he’s lonely and got no pu$$y
    5. beat his meat while watchiing Dukes of Hazzard
    6. buy out all the kleenex on sale at wal mart.
    7. buy all the hand lotion on sale at wal mart
    8. order a pizza while his moms asleep so he can get the kind
    with extra cheese…cause mommy doesn’t like cheese (unless its
    government cheese)
    9. play with himself
    you’re the one on a nice saturday night spending it by yourself….maybe glaze
    will help you get some hotties…or at least get a girl…obviously you are a very
    very very strange and creepy person.

    here on a saturday ni

  9. chuck says:

    Just devestating.

    I’m a loser.

    Dukes of Hazard??

    That was pathetic Harley.

    I’m not even gonna filet ya for that weak shit.

    Your killin me, “loser’.

    Hey, do that “L” sign on your forehead, that’ll get me.

    Meat, nothing but meat.

  10. Geeez says:

    You’re on fire? wtf?.. I said this 2 years ago
    What the hell?, you dream you are some kind of genius for seeing the obvious, 2 weeks ago??

    4 games into Halys first year it was obvious to me that this would never work…after seeingh im treat vets like Tony Gonzalez like crap…after hearing his first speeches about “ACCOUNTABILITY”….I said 2 years ago, this is anot a sales team, this are athletes, they are not selling cars…

    Why is it these accountabiliy fuckjobs NEVER look at themselves and account for their own faliures, becasue according to theirr own words ,they would fire themselves…but they never do….


    I SAID 2 years ago that haley girl should be fired, BACK THEN.

    I SAID real football players would NEVER respect this golfer / daddy’s boy/ obvious drug addict (looka t his eys, he is on drugs)/ peter principal promoted / worthless / poser non caoch… I SAID 2 YEARS AGO hire Jimmy Johnson to come and fix this debacle.

    And as I as I SAID THAT 2 YEARS AGO… I recall reading your drivel 2 years ago, YOU saying “give him time”, give tthe team ime… …now you are a genius becasue 2 weeks ago you saw the obvious?



    But that wont happen, because ALSO AS I SAID 2 YEARS AGO, hlark cunt is grooming this disaster so he can move the team to LA…. I SAID THAT 2 YEARS AGO…GO BACK AND READ IT…

    A real owenr would have fired a loser bitch coach last week..and FOR SURE TODAY….. unless there are other motives…like destroying this team … destroying the fan base…and using that as a excuse for moving the team…

    I SAID THAT 2 YEARS AGO…not 2 weeks ago…. go back and read it.

    i wonder why someone like me could see it 2 years ago…and hlark cunt can still not see it today.

    REAL NFL PLAYERS, guys who have played fottball thier entire lives can ot, and will not repesct a golf boy bitch, a daddy boys


  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Thanks For The Upbeat Comments
    Something Chiefs fans don’t know yet. Eric Berry and Jammal Charels likely will never wear the Red again. Those injuries are usually only survived by linemen or even a pocket passing quarterback like Brady, where speed is not needed at a high level if you have talent. In this case Charles is all about his speed, which will never ever be the same, he is done. Wasted contract. Eric Berry is a crazy great athlete, maybe convert to a nicole back or outside linebacker, likely too small for a backer, either way he is DONE at strong safety, done. He won’t be fast enough to be great anymore, a slight drop in speed for Charles and Eric is a killer and that is a sure thing with that injury. Wow, both our top stars GONE FOR GOOD. Talk about snake bit. I feel bad for Ricky he will start with no weapons against Minnesota and Indy two teams we have a one in five shot to beat at home, if that. He is the only future hope here, and now has no weapons other than Bowe and Dexter, I expect both to be hurt and out in a week or two….I have never seen anything like this, the entire team quit or got hurt in two weeks. My God.

  12. mark smith says:

    I’m just here for the impending mental breakdown
    Ok Glazer, you were right, the chefs will blow for the season. golf clap.

    Harley, you are like the retard at a family reunion. It’s fun to watch him headbutt people in the balls, try to grab great aunt Ethyls tit, for about 5 minutes. Eventually you just want to put a boot out and trip him, watch him go ass over tea kettle. The sad part is, the retard doesnt know he is the retard. That sums you up in a nutshell. I’d watch out for those boots if I was you Scooter.

  13. Cowboy says:

    Hey Geez
    Craig explained that the Chiefs were bottom basement before the preseason, that was two months ago. I give Glazer credit, nobody in the KC media said this was a near the bottom team, they said win maybe 7 or 8. Glazer did fly in after he saw game one of the preseason and said, not 6 or 7 one or two. The guy backed it up with why, he has been 100% correct. To have two weeks of picks like that is highly unusual. Especially in pro ball. Where the teams don’t care about the points as much as college. See in college top 25 teams want to win big to move up in the standings, not so in pro, a win is a win. So big spreads can get you killed with teams that just want a W in pro ball.

    Craig I have not forgotten the under on Dallas for the year at 9 means they need 10 and you did call Detroit a Super Bowl contender before the season began. I think their magic number was 7 1/2 and you took the over, am I right? Anyways like I wrote a few days ago, no matter what you do, you will catch crap. I always did. Right or wrong. Who do you like tonight?

  14. Geez says:

    I said it 2 years ago
    I posted on this blog, 2 years ago, after watching this haley idiot look like crap in the preseason and 4 regular season games. I said 2 years ago that haleygirl does not have what it takes to caoch in the NFL.

    I dont know how I see it, and others dont, it seems obvious…but most here said “give him time”…. I stopped posting about it…. it was a lost cause 2 years ago…. why do things have to be in the absolute crapper before change happens?

    Mark my words..if hlark cunt does not fire this group.. inlcuding peeonme, thne it means only one thing… he planning on moving the team ot LA…. I WROTE THIS WARNING 2 YEARS AGO….

    Go do a search…… Go look at what LA is doing out there….. they are building a stadium….. where will the team come from?


  15. Tiger Tail says:

    NOwhere to Hide
    Man oh Man is it over. My Tigers need to upset OU. Doubt it though.

  16. Orphan of the Road says:

    Good week
    Give you your props on the betting info. Can’t wait for the weekly Gamblin’ Glazer post on Friday where you run down all the games. Find a dog in the pack, other than the Chiefs.

    Vick out with a concussion makes for an almost Kafka debut of Kafka at QB. The thrown-together-o-line for the Eagles looked like the castle around Kafka at times. Ours looked like Celts storming the Cassel.

  17. Downtown Davey says:

    Tip Of The Hat Glazer
    I have always been a bit down on you Craig, cause of your being down on us folks in the NEW DOWNTOWN. Your picks were just rare. I admit I bet now and again on a game here and there, hah, hah. Don’t think I’ve ever seen two weeks like that in pro and college ball. Your advice on our Chiefs was without question correct, timely and well on the target. Nobody in this town on the air or in print said they were simply a dog, but you. Nobody. I hate to fan your ego, but what can anyone say? For those who said you “didn’t know anything about sports.” Well they need to say “sorry.” You sure do. When money is on the line as you put it, thats when the big boys come out. Very impressed. By the way Downtown is just fine Craig. I see your step mom is a big wig at the new Kaufman Center. I’m sure she is a sharp lady. We went Saturday, saw your father. He looks great.

  18. Kellys Man says:

    In Bad Taste
    Glazer for you to put this half nude girl on the website is simply rude. What the hell does she have to do with Chiefs? Thats why I hate you and Nigro, both of you guys are rich ego bastards. Kyle Kelly has class, you two don’t. This proves it. So what if the Chiefs lost a couple games, they will be back and I hope you lose all your money, you jerk.

  19. Harlow says:

    I Like Big Butss
    She is awesome Craig. Kellys guy are you OK, sound kinda nuts. Hey the Chiefs still have good butts as well, thats why us girls watch. Sure ain’t for their wins.

  20. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Glazer you know more about HPV than you do ACLs.

  21. Maureen says:

    Single Again
    I dumped that Chump. He was a liar, just wanted a girl with money and big boobs. Caught him cheating on me with my girlfriend who is fuggly. Hey Craig lets get a drink one night, huh. I don’t care about the Chiefs. Of course they suck, don’t they always suck? I’ll call you . This girl in the photo, wowie, nice, nice rear end. Don’t lose her number. No I am not bi!

  22. Cowboy says:

    Agree With Glazer
    ACL for a running back, corner or safety is death. Speed to the player, ball, line is imperitive. Without full throttle its over. No these two won’t ever be the same. Likely career ending. Sure the Chiefs will try them out again, due to investment,but likely over. Remembe Larry Johnson had a broken toe, it ended his career, couldn’t plant his foot anymore, slowed him down, over. this is worse.

  23. KU Forever says:

    We Will Loan You Bill Self
    It will be a long winter til KU bastetball.

  24. harley says:

    he’s perfect for you.
    1. No baggage: Never leaves the house…stay home every saturday nite
    to post on kcc…you don’t have to worry about chuck cheating on you..
    he’s never had a real woman and wouldn’t .know what to do.
    2. Lots of money: Mom gives him an allowance of $24 a week so he’s got
    money to blow. Maybe a night at wendys…or a happy meal…what
    mroe could you want.
    3. Lots of fun: although he never goes out…he’s still a barrel of laughs.
    you can listen to him sing…write poetry…hey…he’s even pretty good
    with the video games.
    if this interests you write him at kcc….
    If not come down to the plaza art fair this weekend where you can find some
    reall men…not ones like chuck who live in the family basement…
    good luck…

  25. chuck says:

    Thats sad buddy.
    Come on!!

    A little creativity, some originality, something??!!??!!

    Mom’s allowance, happy meals??

    God u suck.

    Epigenetically retarded at the level of planeria, you are modestly qulalified to pee in the toilet with supervision.

    Your destruction by me, on this blog, is sine qua non for its growth and matriculation.

    Your still fuckin meat, and if thats all you can come up with, retire from the field while you panties are still dry.

  26. Maureen says:

    What Is With You Men
    I was speaking to Craig. I don’t need help getting dates. You guys are too old for me I am 31 years old. Sorry.

  27. harley says:

    Maureen…how could raymond cheat on you?
    the guys gotta be nuts or blind. If you’re as hot as you say you are …you need someone to
    treat you like a queen. I’m taken but I could find you someone. There’s tons of single guys
    out there with class and money who won’t cheat onyou.
    Write me here…come down to the art fair friday and let me show you what classy is.
    Stop hanging with players…only leads to tears…they only want you for one thing…sex.
    Until the next hottie comes around the corner.
    glaze has a harem of girls that he sleeps with. Thats fine but maybe he’ll find a classy
    wealthy girl like you and settle down.
    you are not too young for me. I used to date girls in their 30’s…had to raise the minimum
    age up….we’d have a blast.
    Headed to cabo san lucas for sammy hagars party. come on down…its one incr4edible
    vacation….take care…look forwad to meeting you someday….

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