Starbeams: New Federal Reserve Board Queen & Top 10 Reasons Bikers Won’t Miss Sedalia


For the first time in its 97 year history, a woman will lead the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Esther George is from Faucett, Missouri, just north of the metro. With a woman’s in charge of such a powerful bank, there’s bound to be a SUBSTANTIAL PENALTY FOR EARLY WITHDRAWAL. I tried going through theReserve bank drive-thru to get a sucker recently, but all I got was a black helicopter and and a lot of questions from the FBI.


Yesterday we learned AMC Theatres is moving its headquarters from downtown KC to South Leawood. Also, the 28th annual BIKE MS Ride is moving from Missouri to Kansas.  We used to ride from Ray-Pec to Sedalia. Saturday, we ride from Garmin in Olathe to Lawrence.

To wit


#10. Leaving our precious bicycles in a place called the SWINE PAVILION.

#9.  The sense that the volunteers in Green Ridge have never seen people in spandex.

#8.  Trying to pronounce Tebo Creek.

#7.  Calculating at what point we leave Royals territory and entered Cardinals.

#6.  Central Missouri has more pickup trucks with naked lady mud flaps per-capita than any place in the country.

#5.  Trying to determine whether Ray-Pec High School is part of the KC metro or TULSA’s.

#4.  Pulling into HOLDEN and hearing someone radio, “THE FIRST CYCLISTS HAVE ARRIVED IN SEDALIA.”

#3.  Taking a shower at the State Fairgrounds and hearing a cowboy in the next stall say, “I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU.”

#2.  Is that smell coming from a chicken ranch or the guy riding in front of me?

#1.  Getting some weed stuck in your chain takes on a whole new meaning in Lawrence!

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  1. smartman says:

    Kelly’s Favorite Bike Movies
    Brokeback Mountain Bike

    Pump My Ride

    Chain Lube or Anal?

    Tour de Frank

    I Love The Asscent!

  2. Hippy says:

    Federal Reserve Bank Chicks Give The Best Blowjobs

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