Glazer: Humble $cribe Rolls Out College & Pro Picks for Weekend

You want me to give you my weekend picks? OK…

These are based on is the current Vegas line, which can change. College first.

OKLAHOMA -3 over Florida State. *******

Teaser Bet: STANFORD -9 over Arizona & Nebraska -17 over Washington. By betting these two games together as a teaser you get to knock 6 points off the spread on bioth games. So now Stanford is minus 3 and Nebraska is minus 11. But to get paid, you must win both games – it’s one bet.

Oklahoma State -131/2 over Tulsa

4) Bonus Bet: ASU 2 over Illinois. I love ASU’s quarterback Brock Osweiler. Who could just be the Chiefs’ lst round draft pick. NOTICE THIS IS MY ONLY UPSET PICK.

******* Craig’s top pick


Teaser betSaints -6 over the Bears & the Packers -9 over Carolina. The teaser on these games is 6 again. Which means the Saints and Bears are even and Green Bay ends up minus 3.

Cleveland -21/2 over Indy -2 1/2

Houston – 3 over Miami -3.

Detroit – 71/2 over KC. This one looks so easy it’s a bit scary. *******


******* Craig’s top pick

AND IF YOU’RE BRAVE TAKE ALL NFL GAMES TO GO OVER (last week nearly all did).
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47 Responses to Glazer: Humble $cribe Rolls Out College & Pro Picks for Weekend

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Not really
    Craig we wanted you to run down all the NFL games with your thoughts on who would win and why. Go back and see what Chuck posted.

    It would have been an entertaining series where you posted and we responded. End of the year someone would be crowned King of the Dipshits.

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    I See
    I was thinking more of money bets…I would never bet all games, but sure I can break them down. Maybe I will do that this weekend, if not next..these are games more to bet on…you can’t bet on all of them.

  3. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Like Most Of It Glazer
    I think Cleveland is a bad team and on the road, Indy may win, also Miami is tough at home, Houston is not a team I would load up on.

  4. Honky Tonk Man says:

    Bet You Lose Half or More Glazer
    I don’t agree with half of those. KC will cover at Detroit. They have to win.

  5. Kellys Man says:

    Quit Putting Voodoo ON The Chiefs
    Stop putting the Chiefs down. They will kill the Lions. Ass wipe.

  6. chuck says:

    Yeah Glaze, break ’em all down so we can
    we can chime in with all out broke ass predictions and torture the shit outta each other on Monday. 🙂

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    May be my fault, Orph.

    Craig is a gambler and rather than just play out mass hunches I thot you guyz would benefit more from knowing the games he’s laying his money on the line for.

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    And maybe we can designate the ones you are betting on so if somebody’s serious they can approach it that way.

  9. chuck says:

    Kellys Man
    Either Flowers or Carr will be underneath, and JON FUCKIN MCGRAW will be covering Calvin Megatron Johnson.

    holy shit…

    Now I like Jon McGraw, he lives down at the old BMA building and has a real nice family.

    Good K State guy, a walk on.

    He has made the VERY most of his opportunity in the NFL and made a good living.

    He needs to go into Pioli’s office tomorrow, and tender his resignation, get on and get a job selling insurance or go to work for UPS, who knows? I do know this, his day at the office on Sunday, will feel like “Die Hard 5”.

  10. Tiger Tail says:

    What No Missouri Action
    Kidding Glazer I know you can’t bet on them cause of the fact they are playing bambi. Hey I agree about that cat from ASU, great Chiefs lst round pick, good picks overall. Go Missouri.

  11. Ricky Richter says:

    Detroit Will Murder KC
    I agree with you on one thing Glazer. Detroit will destroy our Chiefs. They are a sorry bunch, a third rate team. I am so pissed off, waited all year for this, I want to see Haley,Pioli and Cassel gone. What a joke, all three of them. The least harmful was Cassel, at least he had a couple good games. Those other two are frauds.

  12. bschloz says:

    Pick Em
    Is there a more confident feeling than a good Teaser bet– just can’t lose. Thank You for playing
    Huge spreads in NFL. The .Have’s and Have not’s are widening , what happened to parity?
    College …I have a hard time seeing KU playing with GA. Tech….Also like Mississippi Over Vandy– Wiscon. over N.Ill.
    Have a good weekend!

  13. Crazy Lary says:

    Glazer just got back from Vegas and thinks he is a big time gambler.

    “Teaser Bet: STANFORD -9 over Arizona & Nebraska -17 over Washington”

    No self-respecting gambler teases games. It is like playing roulette on the casino floor. Dumb and for amateurs. The house wins again.

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    Really Crazy Larry
    Odd I won two teasers in Vegas, so how is that not for real…I agree on one thing, its not something one should do often…in fact the ones I won I would have won with the line as is….but this wasn’t my first trip to the rodeo bro….hey most gamlers lose…with Texas Hold’em and the tables in over 100 trips I am down bigtime…my sports bets have been very good for the last five years, thanks to our Chiefs being awful…they have been a lock season bet, the under four of five years….last year I stayed off it cause our sched. was light and the over under was I think 6 1/2…took Packers.

  15. Gary Murder says:

    Lions Are Trash
    Glazer what bar did you fall out of sir. The Detroit Lions you say are a top five NFL team. They always suck. We will clean their plow and move on. You are a dumb fool.

  16. Merle Tagladucci says:

    re: Craig Glazer 03:37:15 PM – Fri. Sep 16. 2011

    I would never bet all games, but sure I can break them down. Maybe I will do that this weekend, if not next..


    Of course! Why would any experienced gambler place a wager without first getting the “Craig Glazer Breakdown” of all the upcoming action?

  17. Radio Man says:

    Love To See Hearne’s Picks
    That would be entertaining.

  18. George Wilson says:

    Where is Harley?
    After virtually every Glazer post on sports Harley responds by telling Craig what an idiot he is and that Hearne should get someone who actually knows something about sports. At the same time Harley has boasted about his expertise on the topic. But funny how when Craig has put his picks out there ahead of the games, Harley is no where to be found. I’d like to see the self proclaimed genius post his top picks for the weekend on Fridays just as Craig is doing. But more likely he’ll wait until after the games are played and then tell us how good his predictions were and rag on any misses Glazer has.

  19. chuck says:

    The only bet I would make on Sat. or Sun.
    Is the over and under on how many times he picks his nose during the Chiefs game, in at the dinner table.

    No matter what the number is, take the over.

  20. Orphan of the Road says:

    I hope he remembers this Chuck
    You can pick your friends
    You can pick your nose
    But you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

  21. World Metta Peace says:

    ISU played great last night.
    LMAO at Boise State–America’s Pro College team…those guys look like they could play in the Western Divison of the NFL.

    Might bet a pizza on OK

  22. World Metta Peace says:

    ISU played great last night.
    LMAO at Boise State–America’s Pro College team…those guys look like they could play in the Western Divison of the NFL.

    Might bet a pizza on OK

  23. Tiger Tail says:

    Hearne New Sports Guy
    Just when I was liking the Glazer. It’s not his fault our teams suck. Craig hope you still keep it up. Don’t always agree with you but in sports who does. You are a fun guy. My Tigers will destroy today. KU gets his ass kicked.

  24. Rick says:

    It’s ok
    Craig hasn’t been fired. Just a realization that sports coverage was lacking.

  25. Cowboy says:

    good so far
    Nebraska covered, one down….good start.

  26. Orphan of the Road says:

    Temple Owls
    My alma mater gave Penn State all they wanted today. Still they are 35-01 since JoPa was 14. They have a running back who has this bounce off the d-player for great gains and good hands. Probably last time I’ll see them on TV till they go to the Cumquat Bowl.

    Chuck, talk me off the ledge. They had the Lions on the ropes. JoPa and his krew couldn’t figure out how to open the window so they watched the game through the glass until they found a ten-year-old who know how those new fangled things worked. Just a shade over two-minutes left before the Owls implode.

    Syracuse and Pitt applied to the ACC and I heard Iowa State??? and another Big 12 team inquired with the Big East.

    I need another drink

  27. Voice Of Reason says:

    So Far
    Good calls Glazer, you are 2-0 Oklahoma won and covered too, maybe you are good

  28. Hey wait a minute fella, COWBOY says:

    Wadda you mean Neb covered?
    they didn’t cover. what you on?

  29. Cowhand says:

    Neb sucks
    didn’t cover the last 2 weeks. screw ’em
    busted a perfect 4 team parlay worth a paycheck +

  30. Cowboy says:

    He Went 100%
    Amazing he was perfect on college ball. So far, don’t know about ASU yet. He teased Nebraska, so he won that one as well. Guy is good. Where was he wrong?

  31. Tiger Tail says:

    He Did
    I am watching OSU, Glazer is on it, perfect so far, yeah he teased the Nebraska game, but I think they covered anyways.

  32. Voice Of Reason says:

    I Am Impressed
    Well you missed ASU by 1 point so you didn’t get that one. Oherwise all were correct. Hard to do. Lets see how your NFL day goes. Craig I know you have to hear all the noise here about your opinions and coverage, but you are not only accurate on sports sir, you have been on the button several times on other issues. Many of us just don’t want too, or like too hear the truth, thats all. Especially as we age and it maybe isn’t in our best interest. So forgive our mean spirit.

    Give what you wrote about the Chiefs and the NFL last week, plus your calls on college this week. Yes you sure know your stuff. Again, I was a bit shocked at all of the calls. I’m sure some people will have more negitive things to say. Nature of the beast. Very nice job.

  33. Super Dave says:

    I ‘m Impressed as well with these people
    Look who else made good picks as well Andy Iskoe, Antony Dinero, ASA, Brian Edwards, Brian Gabrielle, Bruce Marshall , Chip Chirimbes, Christian Alexander, Dave Cokin, Doc’s Sports, Gary Olshan, James Manos, Jason Been, Jason Johnson, Lance Blankenship, Lawrence Prezman, Marc Lawrence, Mark Fox, Mark Franco, Matt Fargo, Micah Roberts, Mike Seba, Northcoast Sports, Pat Hawkins, Scott Pritchard, The Gold Sheet and Tony Stoffo.

    It’s easy to read what all the others are doing then come up with your own story or stories and what not sort of like what all the weather people do.

  34. Voice Of Reason says:

    So Super Dave What Are You Saying
    You think Glazer STOLE his ideas. Boy do you hate Glazer. I doubt he knows any of these people or their picks. Is that what you are saying?

  35. Super Dave says:

    @Voice Of Reason
    No he does the same as many other bloggers do he borrows from what the experts in sports are reporting and Vegas is saying then goes from that. He does not run a huge sporting network so he gets his facts from somewhere. Hence he reads what everyone else is saying on non local teams. Notice he waited till almost everyone else had their say about this weekend then jumped on with his predictions.

    Ok! you want him to impress me then lets see his picks for the coming weekend by no later than Wed lets say 5pm at the latest and the same every week till the end of football season. Thats as a rule before anyone else makes their picks and the vegas line is real set and then lets see where he is at. Course Craig says you can’t pick them all so I am sure he will again pick the easy ones as he did this last weekend.

    And I bet he knows who more of those people I listed are than you give him credit for.

    So what I am saying is the BULLSHIT stops here! If Craig wants to prove to everyone in KC he is the greatest football expert around then you see what I said he should do and if he does that then he can prove something other than the stuff he writes is just space filler for Hearnes site.

  36. Super Dave says:

    Also Voice Of Reason
    Craig in his own words says:
    You want me to give you my weekend picks? OK…

    These are based on is the current Vegas line, which can change. College first.

    He admits he based his picks off of information he recieved from others. That might not be stealing but sure is borrowing and sure isn’t what he thinks with out anybody elses help.

  37. Hearne Christopher says:

    Say what you will – after the fact – but Craig made these calls, his personal bets and laid them out for all to see.

  38. Hearne Christopher says:

    I dunno, dogg. I think you’re taking things a little far. I’ve known people who bet and they often bet at the last minute or the Friday before Saturday or Sunday games.

    There’s a ton of information out there. Free and paid advice. If all anyone had to do to be a winner was just mop it up, everybody and anybody would be winners. Quite obviously it doesn’t work that way.

  39. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s silly. Everybody with half a brain who bets follows the information landscape before making their calls.

  40. Cowboy says:

    Super Dave A Hater Is Just That
    Glazer never said he got information from anyone. He said the line could change thats all. Give the guy some credit.

  41. Craig Glazer says:

    Super Moron
    What in the fuck are you talking about? Who are those people you named? What sheet…I look at teams, breakdowns, who they are playing and love a good team/bad team match up…Like the former Clown Show Chiefs..they are done, if they could forfeit the season they would,ALL THEIR REMAINING GOOD PLAYERS WILL EITHER PRETEND TO BE HURT, WILL BE HURT, OR JUST STAND AROUND FROM NOW ON…THEY ARE THE WORST TEAM, THE WORST TEAM, THE WORST TEAM IN THE NFL. HALEY IS GONE, MATT SOCKINGLY COULD RETURN TO TEACH THE NEW GUYS….PIOLI SHOULD GO BUT WON’T CLARK HAS NO BALLS….THEY ARE BELOW A CLOWN ACT…THIS TEAM WILL BE ONE OF THE NFL’S ALL TIME WORST, MAYBE 0-16, thats tough to do, they might….wow what a waste of three seasons…no stars NOBODY, Flowers and Carr got torched, Charles fakes an injury, its way over, way…all time stinky.

    Super Dave you are a jealous dumb ass..

  42. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Glaze……God I hate this……………
    You were right about the Chiefs. They suck

  43. Cowboy says:

    When a guy is hot, he’s hot. Smooth on college and maybe you get all the pros, you have one left, but Glazer that is so rare. Two weeks in a row and you miss like three or two games. I’ve never done that, so yeah you have a talent. Good job, I made enough to pay the rent, thanks. Wish I would have taken the under on The Chiefs. Winner, Winner.

  44. Super Dave says:

    Wrong Again Craig
    I don’t gamble could care less about football as a rule so see nothning to be jealous of.

    As others have said when you can really make your own calls then I might really listen and give due where due is needed till then.

    Plus I as well as Chuck want to see real predictions of all games.

    By the way The Gold sheet as I listed has been a favorite of several people I know for betting handicapping in fact they are number 1. And I got those names all from them and a friend who is a gambling junkie and good at it when I asked for some good handicapping sourcess.

  45. Craig Glazer says:

    Again Dave
    I have no clue what you think I did? Who gave me games? I don’t know anything about the gold sheet. There are a MILLION ideas, places to go, touts, so on…I use none of them. Those are my calls. Simple as that. Who told me to take the under on KC for the year? If you don’t care about football or betting or games, why comment? As you see nobody else agrees with you but you.

  46. Steve Conklin says:

    Glazer You Went Perfect On Pros
    I never comment but I just had too buddy. Vegas needs to hire you for their point spreads. You put it out there before it happened. That was incredible. Two weeks, you lost just two games and both of those were very close, KU in week one and what was the other one a college game with Arizona State. I don’t know how many you called right but it was a ton. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone call that many pro games correctly even on TV. Impressed.

  47. Honky Tonk Man says:

    I Give Up
    You were correct most of us were not. I will pay much more attention to your picks from now on. 610 or 810 should have you on each week. Likely too jealous, huh. When a guy is good he is good, you seem pretty darn good Glazer.

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