Today: Justice Was Served; The Sad Sum Up in the Death of Brian Euston

Kudos to Star reporter Mark Morris for his reporting on the Brian Euston trial…

From the get-go coverage of this case was canted towards the deserved sympathy for Euston’s grieving family. It wasn’t their fault their son had been recklessly drunk and obnoxious at the exact wrong time in the exact wrong place. Having consumed nearly five times the legal limit of booze to drive, Euston had managed to navigate himself into harm’s way where he got in Stanford Griswold and his girlfriend’s faces resulting in him getting a punch to the mouth.

However instead of a fat lip and a hangover – as Griswold’s lawyer said in the trial – because of Euston’s being "massively intoxicated" (as Morris describes him), he fell backward, hit his head on the curb and later died.

Very sad, but let’s get back to Griswold…

There’s little doubt that because of TV news coverage, sympathy for the family and that Griswold was black and Euston white, the court of public opinion was stacked against Griswold. It didn’t help that he had an assault conviction, but heck, so does Star editor Mike Fannin.

Now let’s cut to the chase…

Sources say Euston’s family was well aware of their son’s drinking problem. How could they not be? Further Westport insiders say it was known that when Euston got hammered that "he got obnoxious" and was not the "happy drunk" prosecutor portrayed him as.

Even the photos posted of Euston on the Facebook tribute page assembled by his friends after his death spoke to that. Some readers were critical of me for using those photos, which showed Euston in full party mode in pic after pic.

And because of the sympathy for Euston’s family Westport had to put up with a waterlogged, weather beaten, makeshift memorial for five long months. Then take a PR hit from the family after vandals finally tore it down.

Look, justice has undoubtedly been served. Euston’s family have opted not to comment, but there is at least one lesson to be learned from this tragedy:

The bars that overserved Euston that fateful night –  they know who they are – should be ashamed of themselves.

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77 Responses to Today: Justice Was Served; The Sad Sum Up in the Death of Brian Euston

  1. Kellys Man says:

    Hearne Shame On You Ass
    You again are making Kellys out to be a criminal. It’s this guys fault he is a drunk not Kellys. We don’t count everyones drinks each night. He should have stopped. He was the jerk not us. You are trying to get Kellys in more trouble. Cause of you and your stories Kellys got sued, you Ass.

  2. Not my real name says:

    You’re an idiot
    Who cares if this guy was so drunk or that he may have had a drinking problem? In the world outside of Hearne’s world that doesn’t mean he deserved to die. He shouldn’t have been hit. If this ass didn’t hit him, he would not have died. He deserved the punishment he received.

    I encounter many obnoxious people, like you, and I’ve never punched anyone. It can be done.

    Nice blame-the-victim-let’s-make-this-about-race article, dumbass.

  3. chuck says:

    Perfect timing, Parker Bros, is coming out with a new game

    Instead of playing “Where’s Waldo?”. Lets all play, “Where’s Griswold?”.

    Its a fun game, where you try and find the most violent thug on any given night in Westport, by following the trail of unconscious and bleeding white people, who have dissrespected dissadvantaged black youths.

    “Where’s Griswold?” is a great game for the whole family.

    It reinforces the violent African American behviour that has made the real life execution of the game SO popular (See Knockout King and Polar Bear Hunting.) in Westport and all over the nation, while at the same time, keeping kids aware of the fact, that if they are in a crowd of African Americans, then they too, can get valuable first hand knowledge of the rules of the game and the downside of the game (Sucker punched to death, raped, murdered, shot, knifed etc. etc.), which will in turn, keep them safer on the streets (If they survive.) and make them WINNERS at home when playing “Where’s Griswold?”!!!

    Have fun kids!!!

    Another great game, that the kids need to learn, and learn soon, is called “Jury Nullification”.

    Its a great game kids!

    If an African American is acused of manslaughter, he will go home to his family, while the dead guy, well, dead is dead, so he ain’t goin anywhere

  4. Rick says:

    My complaint
    Hearne this is two stories in a row where it seems to me the main point is missed. I have no problem with your opinion but the essence you didn’t write about. I’m sure your thinking is that readers must already know. But I live a busy life. So sometimes all I catch is a news tease. Not always the actual news. “Tonight on KCTV 5 the verdict is in for the Griswold trial”.

    So I’ve now read your piece and I know justice has been served. Now if I only had a clue as to what that justice was?????? You give us background. You give us your opinion. But you never bother to tell the essence of even the title of your article. What was the result and how justice was served? I’m GUESSING just by the tone that Griswold was found not guilty but I sure as heck don’t know based on this piece.

    Kind of fundamental of writing that if my title is Fire at the Circus I might want to write about the fire and the circus.

  5. Carol Price says:

    Alcohol is the smoking gun
    With the bac that was recorded, it was a miracle at all that Brian could even walk or talk. Imagine what would have happened once he put his car keys into the ignition. He most certainly would have been a defendant from mowing someone down in a vehicle.

    This NEVER would have occurred had both parties crossed each other’s paths outside of a bar. Alcohol is the common denominator between the deceased and the accused.

    It wasn’t the mouthiness of Brian that got him killed; alcohol is the smoking gun, CLEARLY.

    What saddens me equally is the statements that were made regarding race in this trial. The statement that had it been a fight between two white men on the Plaza, it would have never gone to trial. Not so. There has been a manslaughter case with nearly parallel facts.

    A white man that was from out of town was having drinks at a bar/restaurant on the Plaza when another patron, who was also intoxicated, got mouthy and was obnoxious. The out of towner threw “one punch” and the other guy fell and hit his head, resulting in his death as well.

    This case received quite a bit of media attention.

    So it makes my stomach turn to hear attorneys, media members, and John Q. Public to play the race card. It’s a cheap shot at garnering the sympathies of the jury, and the residents of Kansas City.

  6. Orphan of the Road says:

    What about the same thing but two white guys?
    Pretty much the same story at the Koi where a drunk pushed a guy to his limit and got punched. Ended up dead.

    No charges filed.

    Because Griswpld was found not guilty, it doesn’t mean Karma is through with him.

    The back story to this is why did his jack wad friends leave him alone? They knew him, knew how he behaved when he was drunk and yet they had no concern for what might happen to him.

    We sometimes had to take drastic actions when one of us would go over the edge. Had to fight a good friend to get him in my car rather than leave him where he was bound to get his ass kicked, or worse.

  7. smartman says:

    Let’s Be Honest
    Lot’s of people fucked up! Brian, his friends and family, Kelly’s and any other bar that served him, Griswold for whacking him, bystanders for not calling 911 immediately.

    ANOTHER TRAGIC HUMAN FAILURE where if only one person acted differently that night the outcome might have been different.

    This shit happens everyday all over the world. Problem is most people don’t wake up in the morning expecting to die before the next sunrise. Fait Accompli beeyotches!
    Another one bites the dust. We mourn, we blame, we opine, we reconcile, we justify or we do nothing. Still the train rolls on, long after you’re gone.

  8. chuck says:

    Some verdict. Nunc Est Bibendum, if not now, when??
    Drown your sorrows, and sorrows they are.

    Back to our lives, that kid drank too much, and, by inference here, got what he deserved. Newspapers, blogs and our own discourse are now the coda for a murder that mysteriously became self defense in a KC Courtroom.

    Pummeled incessently with Mr. Euston’s alchohol blood level, a .387, we are left wondering how dangerous a man can really be, with a blood level that high.

    I would submit, to more reasonable jurors, sporting room temperature IQs, that Tracy Thomas in a wheel chair could defend herself, and do considerable damage to Wladmir Klitscho if he had a .387 blood alchohol level and criminal intent.

    By everryone’s admission, the man was near death and the greatest shock in retrospect, is that he was ambulatory at all!

    There was, as anyone without an agenda, or an axe to grind knows, no criminal intent, or any danger from a near-death drunk with the hand eye coordination of Stephan Hawking.

    This was a Hate Crime, and if the situation were reversed, Euston would be doing time.

    Every day the internet, newspapers, TV, bloggers report on the ever increasing African American violence that permeates almost every level of our society. This sad episode, is just one story in millions of stories excatly like it, that are played out every day all across the nation.

    The universal lubricant of African American Hip/Hop/Rapper culture is violence. The threat of violence, chaos, mayhem and pain.

    So if our perspicacious leader is through generating misanthropic slog toward the actual victim in this story, what lessons, can we proles learn from this death?

    A reinforcement of fear, well founded, when in Westport, or any part of town, where Hip/Hop and African Americans gather.

    That the cries for equality and opportunity from African Americans were really just ledgermain and the nascent beginnings of the culture of complaint, covering a lack of achievement.

    That the violence is the propaganda of the deed, and an answer for any problem.

    That identity politics, multiculturlaism and diversity is the new religion, by force of arms.

    That America tacitly denys moral agency to certain favored groups of lawbreakers, by way of the color of their skin.

    That this small issue, this small death, is symbolic of our new path, we are going to a new place, and agony lights the way.

  9. mark smith says:

    a lone black guy staggers intto a crowd of whites
    Reverse the colors. Black guy dies in a crowd of whites. The calls for hate crime charges would ring out before the victim bled out. O j walked,was justice served? This Griswold walked because of cowardly PC prosecutors. They were afraid to introduce race because that was an all in game plan. You lose and you get branded a white racist prosecutor. Fuck that. So they half ass try the case and the guy walks. Chuck is right on the money. It might not be a feel good pretty opinion, but the truth can sometimes be a mother fucker.

  10. Orphan of the Road says:

    I don’t think anyone said Euston got what he deserved but sans the death, he got what he was asking for by getting into peoples faces. I’m old and feeble but you get in my face and continue to get in my face after I tell you enough, we will be going to Fist City.

    Not pummeled but one shot to the mouth.

    Smartman said it best, if one person in this incident had reacted differently it wouldn’t have happened.

    People in the audience at the Tea Party debate roared in approval when it was said let the sick person die if they have no health insurance. I’m pretty sure they were 99.9999% white.

    I remember the signs at stores, We Don’t Serve Colored People, the seperate but “equal” shit. There was a sign outside of Macon, MO when I was a kid that said Nigger Don’t Let The Sun Set On You Here. Not some cardboard sign with magic marker but a sign put there by the city government.

    The government of the United States has a long history of treating people of color as if they were less than human beings. And now people wonder why they act like animals.

    I remind some of these folks who complain about whitey keeping them down and such that blacks had no problem carrying out genocide for the US government during the Indian wars.

    Some days I wake up, read the news and feel relief that my ride here is almost over.

  11. chuck says:

    History is just that, history.
    This kid died last year.

    We are 3 generations into social engineering policies and laws that flat out don’t work. Not ony do they not work, they are counterproductive and defeatist.

    The unambiguated evidence is everywhere, it is granular and galactic, our Great Society is inffested with thugs, killers, rapists, and thieves.

    Time for something new.

    Even playing field, flat tax and no freebies.

    In real time, every day life, you can wax poetic about separate drinking fountains etc etc, but you better watch exactly what neighborhood you end up in, or you will die with those sentiments on your lips. They won’t help ya anymore than they would have B Euston.

    On teh street, in the city, every day, there is violence from African Americans.

    I, for one, am way fed up with the Rainbow Kumbaya shit, cause it wil actually get you killed now.

    The Mayor was involved peripherally in a gun battle on the Plaza last month.

    For fuck’s sake, it is time for a new, harsher and more draconian approach to violence.

    All those platitudes are of little use when actual violence is imminent, and more and more, for more and more Americans, it is, imminent.

    End the war on drugs, free up prison space for violent offenders, and lock them up forever.

    It WAS a hate crime.

    My time on this ride is almost over too, we will have a drink in hell with the devil. 🙂

    I’m buying!!

  12. chuck says:

    One more thing
    Hearne has posted a ton of pics of this kid over the last year.

    I know pics can be decieving, but… Gimme a fuckin break, scary???

    Yep, he is really scary looking. Terrifying.

    I’ll bet Mr. Griswold was just shakin in his shoes when he saw this kid.

    Close call, no doubt.

  13. Super Dave says:

    Never Any Winners
    I didn

  14. Orphan of the Road says:

    History may not repeat itself
    But it certainly does rhyme.

    Your best point Chuck was be aware of your surroundings. ‘Cause when life seems like easy street there is danger at your door.

    I was not poetically about the past. I remember the deal was down and dirty then but blacks and whites got along better than now. When I wonder what happened, I remember what an old black man in Philadelphia told me.

    Back when blacks were protesting in the South and the segregationists and racists of the area were trying to keep them uppity niggers in their place, lots of white folks from the North came down to march. The joined hands with the blacks and admonished the crackers for their racism.

    Then they would go back to Philadelphia or NYC or Chicago and smile at the blacks back home while in their heart-of-hearts they were no different than Bull Conner except it wasn’t violent behavior they used to express their dislike.

    Lincoln freed the slaves and it took a hundred years to make any attempt to give them any rights.

    I understand why a black can look at whitey, just keepin’ ’em down, nows-my-chance-to-even-the-score with the white devils. Sure I understand but I won’t accept it or justify it. That is one of the problems with society, not being able to keep two diverse thoughts in their head. Understanding is not accepting or approving.

    Thomas Jefferson said it was our duty to see our enemies and those we dislike get fair treatment when they are accused of a crime or wrong doing. For if I don’t insure that they get all the protection of the law and don’t have their rights abridged, what is to insure I will be treated fairly? Ain’t no wonder Great X 8 or 10 Grandpa saw something in this kid and put him a position to be a leader.

    It is not hard to hate “those people”. Lots of people hate things they don’t understand or know. It is a lot harder to have all the hatred both sides project when you are talking about Abu, or Craig or Chuck or Tyrone.

    A young black man once told me he was going to vote for the black candidate every time. ‘Cause the brother or sister will take care of him.

    I told him I voted for white folks but they never took care of me and he should think about whether the politicians will take care of him or just use him.

  15. Orphan of the Road says:

    Chuck, when I die and get my just reward, the Devil’s gonna make me chairman of the board 🙂

  16. Hearne Christopher says:

    You’re right, even i Hearne’s World, Euston did not deserve to die. But two wrongs don’t make a right and that’s why Griswold was acquitted. As I said, I think the larger point was Euston being over served.

    And in the world of victim blaming, while I won’t lay that entirely on Euston as you suggest, he has a rep in Westport for getting majorly shitfaced and obnoxious. It’s too late now, but I think he shares at least some responsibility for leading that life.

    You can give him a pass if you wish

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    Fair enough, but this is an opinion peice, not a news report. I’d like to think that most readers have been following this major news story for nearly the past year. I know you weren’t tracking KCC for some time but it’s been covered heavily. Assume you are up to speed by now, especially since I waited an entire day following the news to offer my overview.

  18. Hearne Christopher says:

    Good point.

    I’m familiar with that story – at Kona Grill, I believe – but the circumstances were far different. Far different on every level.The Kona deal was cut and dried with witnesses from the start with and was clearly an accident. Euston’s deal was race infused from the start with a none of the security cameras having caught it and a who dunnit beginning.

    Since the details were unclear there was a lot of speculation as to whether it was a mugging. He’d been found outside the black nightclub. And face it, Westport does have that rap still. Then we gradually learned that the guy was near death drunk. I only learned today, for example, that the bar management crowd considered Euston a major boozehound who got mouthy when super drunk.

    Yet the prosecutor – who wasn’t even there – claimed Euston was a happy drunk. Who gets happy when they’re thisclose to passing out or dying? Who drinks that much night after night because they’re happy?

    Add the uncertainties and mystery – all of the above – and more and you’re clearly comparing apples to oranges.

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    You mean, Kona.

    I agree with you but from what I’ve heard about Euston this was his modus operandi. I mean, if you had a friend that partied until the break of dawn, took cabs to the bars and got mouthy, would you hang out all night, every single time?

  20. Hearne Christopher says:

    I don’t know if reducing the many details of this story to simple, black / white stereotypes gets us any closer to the truth. They didn’t half ass try the case, as others have noted, the white guy at Kona didn’t even get tried.

    And unless the jurors speak out, I don’t think it’s safe to assume the self defense angle won the day.

    From everything I’ve read, heard and looked into – including with police and bar owners – if anything this is more of an accident than anything else. Similar to the Kona incident.

  21. Hearne Christopher says:

    Keep riding, Chuck. Keep riding.

  22. Hearne Christopher says:

    Don’t forget the prosecutor told the jury he was a “happy drunk”

  23. Hearne Christopher says:

    A voice of reason

  24. smartman says:

    What We Have

    Until all races, creeds and colors can properly assimilate into the core culture, social mores and behavior patterns of the USandA we will continue to have middling cases and forms of chaos and anarchy. Whether it’s moolie’s on the Plaza or longshoremen in Seattle When things don’t go your way, just bust some fucking skulls and do some property damage until your squeaky wheel gets oiled. I’m fine if somebody wants to change the rules of engagement that determine success in this country. I think my 10,000 rounds of ammo can solve all of the metro area problems. Somebody just tell me when the whistle blows. I’ve got no problem trading in my Sunday drive life for a little demolition derby if it serves the just cause of my fellow men and women. The way I look at it is that if you’re a good softball player you’re probably gonna be a good HARDBALL PLAYER. And if you’re not fuck you since you’re a trust fund baby that needs to tumble down a few flights of stairs at the CASTE AND BARREL

    Too much booze makes you a drunk. Too much food makes you fat. TOO MUCH FREEDOM MAKES YOU AN ANIMAL.

    Restraint and discipline are no longer expected, much less demanded in society, polite or otherwise at any level.

    You wanna blow job from a chubby intern? HAVE AT IT! YOU’RE THE MOST POWERFUL MAN ON THE PLANET. Fuck the fact that you’re married and have a daughter roughly the same age.

    Regime change!
    Imperialism! Social Justice. FUCK YEAH! We can have it all and print the goddamned money to pay for it.

    Our obsession with political correctness has voided the validity and efficacy of the TIME OUT.

    Nobody takes the stairs anymore. Everyone thinks they’re entitled to use the express elevator whether or not their key fits.

    Actions used to have consequences in this country. Now they have mega trials with idiots as judge, celebrity counsel, jury and executioner that turn miserable cunts like Casey Anthony loose.

    We are fucked! Time to water that Tree of Liberty with the BLOOD OF TYRANTS.

    I think you can buy that at THE GRASS PAD.

  25. chuck says:

    Total bullshit Hearne.
    Total bullshit that kills African Americans, because of the incessant excuses for abhorant behaviour, that white boys make in the face of the unambiguated evidence of constant, incessant, relentless violence, that the US Dept of Justice says is a fact, and the exsanguination of our fellow citizens black and white, who die in a Kim Kardashian Live TV News Report that in fact, diminishes and disgraces the death of Brian Euston.

    Total bullshit.

    Dress it up.

    Pretend it was an aberation.

    Stand by the American PC Correct Company line.

    It was a HATE crime, and the guy who killed B Euston, was a thug fuck, who had inflicted harm, physical harm, again and agian on citizens of this city.

    I love you guys, I really do, but you are full of SHIT!!

    You are all liars.

    Read the paper, the internet, LOOK AT THE LOCAL NEWS EVERT FUCKIN DAY!!

    Your full of shit!!

    Its ok, to want everything to stay the same.

    Henry the 5th, my favorite play, “All things stay for me”.

    All things will NOT stay for America.

    Its a BAD thing that this fuck, Glriswold got away with murder.

    Its a bad thing that African Americans are running crazy onj the Plaza and shooting at the Mayor.

    Its a bad thing that African Americans have failed so miserably to mainstream.

    Its a bad thing that American culture celebrates scumbag fucks who have killed people, like the MTV/BET celebration of Tpac, Snoop, Ray lewis, and the LEGIONS, ok, LEGIONS of fuckin African Americans who hve killed, broken the law, raped and fucked up America.

    Its a bad thing, that NO ONE will honestly look at this problem, sans the prism of Rainbow-money-down-a-rat-hole emotion, the “I marched with Martin bullshit that has Detroit, and dozens of other cities crushed in a paroxsysm of stupidity and violence.

    Remember, BE AWARE!!!

    This American cultural change, is brought with violence.

    Make no mistake, 10 years from now, my rhetorical rants will be forgotten 9 years, 11 months, 31 days, 23 hours, 59minutes ago.

    Be a friend to violence.

    You think the Plaza Flash Mobs, the Wisconsin Fair beatings, the Channon Christian, mob death, rape and murder incidents, are just news on the CNN.

    These are, without a doubt (Orphan, I get it, I have a degree in History, its a non sequiter.) , exceptions, just like there are exceptions to the “Not all Muslims are terrorists!!”, rule.

    Who gives a fuck???!!!??

    Seriously, we, as a nation are going to abrogate our responsibility to our American Children, based on some fuckin multiculturalistic, diversity horse shit, that awards coin of the fuckin realm, to foreingers who hat e our collective guts.

    Fuck ANYTHING not American.

    FUCK Somalia, die in sutu fuckheads!!

    FUCK The Call, and fuck Black Power.

    FUCK any, and all, of you LUCKY pieces of foriegn shit, who were lucky enough to get here, and still whine about your not getting enough govt cheese.

    GOD BLESS XENOPHOBIA, the new rational religion that makes sense.


    Seriously, how fucked up is this??

    Gimme a fuckin break. From birth, to death, African American children are WARDS OF THE FUCKIN STATE!!!

    Get some money outta your fuckin wallet right now, and give it to the next Baby Mama you see.

    At least then you would actually see, what is destroying your country, and your children’s, children’s life.

    Gimme a fuckin break, you think for a minute, that the money you pay, in govt cheese, is gonna make American better??

    Total Bullshit.

    I love it when politicians talk about passing an economic debt down to our grandchildren.

    What a fuckin load of shit.

    What we are really passing down to our grandchildren, is an malevelont African American bedrock of hate, that will destroy and cripple any efforts related to prosperity.

    Detroit, is America.

    South Africa, Zimbabwe, Detroit.

    White Americans are cowards and 5th column scum.

    Get comfortable.

    Embrace the bullshit.

    Pretend that its all ok.

    Its NOT.

  26. chuck says:

    One more time

    He is the future of America.

    Fuck him.

  27. chuck says:

    Goddamn this pises me off.
    THIS WAS A HATE CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. chuck says:

    Categorically, without a fuckin doubt.

  29. Hearne Christopher says:

    Say again?

  30. chuck says:

    Lets make sure we are fuckin clear on this shit.
    Griswold, saw a defenceless white guy, drunk on his fuckin ass, and, hit him hard, REALLY HARD, because he was drunk on his ass, and couldn’t do shit, he, once again, HIT HIM HARD!!!

    He sees him fall, he is validated.

    He is (Griswold) a hero in American culture, because, he was affronted by a white person (Maybe??).

    And, as violent felons, with prison time do, they know, almost on a cellular level at this point, that you can beat the fuck outta white drunk boys, be a hero, and go home after a trial in KCMO.

  31. Jeepers says:

    and even after this tragic death….
    And what did we learn?


    Even after this tragic death you still have assholes like Glazer wanting to pick fights in parking lots. WTF? Fight in a parking lot? you mean one with concrete parking blocks?? and punching and people falling backwards?. Some dumbasses (looking at you glazer) will NEVER learn, you fkg idiot.

  32. harley says:

    chuck…get off your ass. aren’t you the old guy who isn’t working…didn’t you work at
    a bar on main? Come on chuck…get real and start making sense because your
    stupidity is making you look like a fool.
    The $300 a month a woman gets for a child won’t cover expenses. And while you
    scream about government cheese for kids you forget that 50 times that amount
    is wasted with the big companies…tax cheats…political bullshit and all the rest
    of the money we waste in this government.
    You’re just another loud mouth spewing hate. Nothing will ever get accomplished with
    idiots like you screaming the words you talked about. You’re nothing! You and others like
    you are so far off base that it’s almost sickening to see these words in print.
    Get real chuckie…placing blame for all the nations problems on these people is
    almost stupid. It’s not our people thats the problem…its the politicians and the
    companies and people who control them.
    You blame all the problems on the people…griwold got off…so did that bitch anthony…
    so do lots of white people…and so do lots of black people.
    Got a problem with the system…get off you r ass and change it. And good luck.
    Your loud mouth rants mean nothing…you’re screaming to 10 people…and you’re
    wrong again.
    You scream about government cheese…but when old men like you can get
    medicare you’re the first in line to take advantage of it. How much do you pay in
    taxes…and i question are you even working? You’re not differnet…you’re going to
    get your government cheese…and i’m sure guys like you are the first ones with their
    hands out.
    Scream all you want. Blame the poor in america…blame all the violence on
    them…..scream all you want…because guys like you give hte politicans
    cover when we find them ripping us off…not for $300 a month…but 300 million..
    3 billion….30 billion dollars….scream about them because that’s where the money
    is really wasted.
    Been to detroit lately. Really beautiful city. Obviously you see only the pictures of the
    abandoned homes….but they’re everywhere from los angeles…to jacksonville.
    You’re so dumb because you’ve not bee nto see what’s going on in detroit.
    Yes…there are some tough areas…yes they’ve had some tough times…but
    detroit is coming back. Was there in june. Was surprised how realy nice the
    city was. Everywhere in america is having problems…but detroit and its
    market are still makign it…building is going on…the auto companies are making
    it….their suppliers are still in business (thanks to mr. obama who not only saved
    the last huge manufatcuring base in america (cars) but saved the entire
    midwest base.) You’re stupid as stupid is.
    Stop reading the paper…getv off your ass…go see for yourself that ev en with
    some problems this nation is still open for business.
    But the problem we have is not with some WHAT YOU CALL “welfare queen”
    getting $300 a month…its the “welfare giants” getting billions of dollars in tax
    breaks…free money….untaxed profits….that poor family in detroit is not the
    problem…its the trillions of dollars that the politicans are fucking wasting every
    day that really could go to help some really needy people.
    Oh…and what about those banks who finance those people at 350% with loans.
    Yea…thats okay…
    Remember loud mouth…the money that goes to seniors…disabled…poverty etc.
    goes right back into the economy. They aren’t buying diamonds or mercedes..
    it goes to food/prescription drugs….gas….rent…utlities….so again that circulates
    and creates more turning of dollars.
    Seems like you’re the unhappy drunk. the guy who never did anything screaming
    cause he didn’t get his share because he sat around all day. You’re the guy
    who is jealous of others…..tell us why you take this frustration out here.
    Our problem is not what you think it is. You are way off base. You’re angry
    because your life isn’t so cheery.
    the problem we have is the system. the politicians and their owners who have
    taken away this nation and used it for their own good.
    Now get off the computer and go get your free meds…your fre medical insurance..
    your free everything…while you pay almost no taxes!

  33. mark smith says:

    Harley you ignorant twunt
    Pretty sure you have Chuck confused with someone else. It’s my understanding that not only does he work, but it at times includes belly crawling in attics. While I won’t presume to speak for Chuck, I will address your liberal white guilt pussification. Roughly 80 percent of the homicides in this city are committed by black males, with the majority of the victims being black males. Take your bi polar ass over to the Dept. of Justice website, try reading some stats before you go on one of your Po Folk rants. There are two huge problems in this country, the first is violent crime and the perps. The second is out of touch, head in the sand , apologetic, liberal shit heels, like you. Also your claim that welfare consists of just 300 bucks a month in food stamps is probably the most erronious retarded shit you have ever gakked up. Your Po Folk are spitting out kids at younger and younger ages. Their family unit is fucked the fuck up. Young black guys spreading seed, shunning responsibility, dying or imprisoned. Your beloved welfare state has created a system that keeps the urban poor in their pocket, like pets, who can no longer fend for themselves. The biggest roadblock for the poor is not angry white guys like Chuck. The biggest impediment to breaking free of poverty is people like you, keep em poor, keep em dependant, keep em in the gubmint pocket. Stick to your Sybill routine, the one where you insult Glazer or Hearne one minute, then praise them the next. Chucks gonna be okay, he’s just made as hell and not gonna take it anymore.

  34. Cliffy says:

    I just wanted to weigh in …
    I read every word of this thread and it has been highly entertaining.


  35. chuck says:

    No Harley you dumb fuck
    I don’t work in a bar on main.

    I am in between calls right now, and I will get right back with ya later fuckhead.

    Start packin some fuckin lunch.

  36. Orphan of the Road says:

    Justice and Equality in America
    If things were just and equal in life, somedays the gazelle would eat the cheetah.

    Justice is about winning and everything else is beside the point.

    The majority of crime in KC goes unpunished because there is no money or glory in the crimes. All a prosecutor wants is to rack up wins.

    This punk punches a guy once, he falls down and then hours later he is found dead. What happened in the time between the punch and the discovery of the body? Did he get up in the face of somebody else and get another smack down? Did he fall again and hit his head harder? Did this punk think he’d take out whitey with one mighty blow?

    Since I wasn’t in the courtroom I don’t know how the reasonable doubt was established. Knowing someone did something and proving it are not the same.

    When I was a kid and the cops caught us doing something but couldn’t really prove it, they would load us all in the paddy wagon, handcuffed, and take us for a couple of runs down roller coaster hill on 18th St. Once was all it took for me to see the light.

    Chuck has a very valid point on the white guilt trip. We let the little darlings of crime off without a whiff of what could happen. They got away with it this time and the next time and the next until they are emboldened and think nothing will ever happen to me. Until they kill someone or they run into some Amish guy from Ohio (remember Witness?).

    Kids grow up seeing the talking heads on tv going on and on about family values and then the heads start appearing after being caught indulging their taste for lil’ smokies or cross dressing or insert-politician/leader-caught-with-hand-in-the-cookie-jar. Then they see a Dennis Rodman or some gangsta rapper and they are outrageous but they don’t wrap themselves in the flag and hide behind a bible while commiting their misdeeds. So the kids start to see the establishment as a bunch of fucking hypocrites and those outside the mainstream as being the ones who are honest about themselves. So they are perceived as being on the up-and-up and the establishment is the liars and criminals.

    And through the looking glass they go.

    The world is as fucked up as a soup sandwich (copyright Midtown Miscreant) and we keep doing the same thing over and over again but expecting to get different results.

    “The Indian survived our open
    intention of wiping them out.
    And since the tide turned they
    have even weathered our good
    intentions toward them, which
    can be more deadly.”
    ~ John Steinbeck….American and Americans ~

  37. harley says:

    chuck…watch out for spiders and squirrels
    going thru those attics….

  38. harley says:

    orphan of the road another loudmouth idiot…
    We let the little darlings of crime off without a whiff of what could happen. They got away with it this time and the next time and the next until they are emboldened and think nothing will ever happen to me. Until they kill someone or they run
    Oh yeah orphan of the road….”the little darlings of crime”….”they get away with it this time”…
    come on orphan….explain this:
    You can steal more with a pen than a gun….for 40 years the guys with the pens have been getting away with
    crimes….you don’t give a crap about that. The banksters rob the economy…put us in the wrost econmic
    sitatuion in 70 years…almost a depression….cost 15 million jobs….10 trillion dollars….almost the
    end of the economic fabric of the entire world is destroyed….not one goes to jail…not one punished..
    yet the kid who steals $100 from a store gets 30 years….stfu you idiots….
    talk about lack of justice…
    you and your buddy smartman….chuck the loudmouth…can all go stick your heads in the
    toilet….the bottom feeders of this nation going after the poor. Look up stats on how much
    of the welfare money goes to seniors…disabled…etc….then see what the corporations and
    banksters did to america….it aint even close.
    chuck…you are one big fool spouting off about things you know nothing about.
    now go back to your attics!……….Don’t waste my time with your garbage.

  39. Orphan of the Road says:

    Harley – too much month, not enough meds?
    If you could possible hold two diametrically opposed thoughts in your head at the same time and had enough comprehension to remember what was written earlier you might understand what is being said.

    Of course the wealthy and powerful avoid prosecution or get a handled with kid gloves. White guy sold cocaine, sentenced to a few years. Black guy sells crack, a draconian sentence in comparison.

    Take the money going directly to the individual compared to what is spent. That’s the crime.

    I used to see the swells in my town driving up and getting their commodities. Driving Lincolns and Mercedes, retired on $50,000 year (1980s) and they got double because they were seniors. Never mind they were in the upper quarter of income.

    So shut your pie hole hardly-able-to, get on that fucking piece of shit Harley and ride off into the sunset.

    Excuse me I have to go take a Harley

  40. Craig Glazer says:

    Government Blew The Case
    They didn’t give the jury much to go with. This was aggraveted assault I should know. When you strike someone who didn’t hit you first, its not self defense unless that person is armed. No matter what he says to you. I have had that happen to me, and I was arrested though the other person more than started it, i struck first…that is assault. No question. They outnumbered him, they were not defenseless no matter what Brian said to the girl. Do I believe THE BLACK GUYS TALE. NO. I don’t believe a white guy walks up to a group of blacks at that time in Westport with no backup drunk and says much. It is not a believeable story. I don’t think the black guy meant to kill Brian, that was an accident. It is assault, that is all, and you could say murder in the 3rd degree, accident. Manslaughter….Likely a mixed jury and a poor job by the government, maybe on purpose, due to racial tention in KCMO and a high profile case…YES THE DEFENDANT WAS GUILTY OF A LESSER CHARGE…SHOULD HAVE RECIEVED MAYBE 6 months to a year for manslaughter….again it was an accident. I don’t agree with Hearne, his being drunk does not mean he should die. He DID NOT HIT ANYONE, HIM BEING LOUD IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, again I doubt thats what happened.

    I think Brian was drunk, shoulder bumped the black guy, he turned and punched Brian to show off that he was a bad ass, I highly doubt Brian said much of anything…nobody is that drunk, even if you are past the limit..and I believe he was….it was a wash due to color…had it been Johnson County which is racist, the black kid gets 10-15 years. Look its a tough call no real witness just the defendants pals…so you figure it out.

  41. Rick says:

    As someone that worked several years in a half dozen law enforcement professions including over five years as a law enforcement officer in Leavenworth I can tell you that YOU 100% YOU CAN STRIKE FIRST EVEN IF THEY ARE UNARMED!!!

    Remember Glazer is a comedy club owner. He’s not a sports authority. He is not a legal expert. He has an opinion. He has some life experiences of interest. But in some areas he is out of his element. And that’s not a knock. Have you heard of the controversy involved with EXPERT DR. OZ and arsenic in apple juice? Sometimes people just get it wrong.

    So from a legal standpoint here are some questions that you need to think of. What is the degree of REASONABLE FORCE can I use? So if a guy threatens to punch you then stabbing 50 times isn’t going to fly. Is the threat imminent? If a guy is driving in a car and yells he is going to punch you then because of the distance the threat is not considered imminent so you can’t fire a few rounds.

    Remember you just have to use logic and realize that is the same standard in general of the court. So if a 3 foot midget threats to assault me I have a very small window of response because the court would not feel much action was warranted. But if a drunken Glenn Dorsey threaten to assault me I could mostly likely get away with beating him over the head with a two by four.

    The question is simple. What is reasonable? In Glazers case he either isn’t telling us the whole story or he had a lousy attorney. But PLEASE DON’T BELIEVE HIM!!!! You don’t have to wait to get punched first (and following that logic what would prevent you from being the dead guy if you ALLOWED someone to punch you first…..come on Glaze use some common sense) before you protect or defend yourself. And if you don’t believe me contact an attorney.

  42. Orphan of the Road says:

    I bet when they told you to sit down, you stood up. 🙂

    We may have a common friend in Sheriff Campbell (retired)?

    Really disappointed in Craig’s ranting about being better than you (or anyone). Is he better because his parents were well off and he got to skip the hard work needed to pull yourself up by your bootstraps? Or just his narcissistic personality bursting through his thin skin?

    If you are trained in martial arts you can never throw the first punch unless the other person is armed.

  43. mark smith says:

    thats twice in one week
    Fuck me running, twice in one week that I agree with glazer. Im gonna need to reevaluate my harsh critiques of his posts. No fish sticks. Harley, you know dick about crime, the urban core, or being po. You definitely don’t know shit about the court system. There have been dozens of recent homicides in the last couple of years, where the killer was a young black guy on probation or just finished shock time for violent crimes. Probation is almost a given for your first few felonies nowadays. Orphan nailed it. Cops would do some serious adjustments back in the day. Some got the message. Some, like me didn’t. I did about six years, paper crimes. No probation. No shock. No shit. So seriously, take a breath, drop another lithium tablet, and shut your cake hole.

  44. Rick says:

    4 Orphan
    Just caught the Glaze better then me ranting. I’ve responded. Disappointed also. U can’t write and be thin skinned. He takes it to personal. And its not. I LIKE a lot about Glaze. But I dislike a lot also. Glaze had a poor upbringing which he has acknowledged. Would of been better if he had been raised by wolves. May have had money but missed out on many other things.

  45. Rick says:

    4 Glaze
    I know u obsessively check this site every 3 minutes. But I’m done 4 the day. Got to get back to buttering the buns at Culvers so u can enjoy your butter burger. Bible says something about not throwing pearls before swine. I’ve fed u enough for one day. Later BIG STAR

  46. smartman says:

    Go put on your I Love Michael Moore pajamas and take a nap you batshit looney tunes fuck.

    If you wanna rant pick a goddamned direction and head that way. If you wanna argue for the sake of arguing keep your pissing matches on Craig and Hearne’s legs.

    Chuck will fuck up your cognitive dissonance faster than you shit after a lunch of prune pudding and Metamucil.

    Certainly your doctor told you that red wine and Ambien don’t mix.

    E-Harmony is having a free preview weekend. Why don’t you sign up. At a minimum they’ll match you with Tracy Thomas. At least she’s got a job.

    To find a proper solution you need to properly frame a problem. Chuck has done a good job of framing the problem and solution from his perspective. You still need to learn how to use a hammer to do something other than pound on the table to get the nurses attention to change your diaper.

  47. Hearne Christopher says:

    I dunno, wild man. Neither of us are there. But witnesses say Euston was in the guy and his girlfriends faces. Bar people in Westport say that jibes with Euston’s attitude. Being loud and obnoxious – look at some of the pics I posted. There are a ton more.

    The guys takes however much shit, Euston is being physical they say and he gets a clean pop in the mouth. If it was you or me – not that’s we’d even engage in such boorish behavior – we’d probably get up and walk away. Euston is so shitfaced he falls backward and by the luck of the draw hits his head.

    This isn’t a movie we can rewrite now. That Euston was so out of it he was helpless. That’s not the Euston the bar guys in Westport knew. He drank a ton and because he drank so much he could handle it better than the average guy. And he was combative.

    Nobody outside of a few really know the answer but the jury got a far better peek at it than any of us and made the call. In my opinion, it jibes with what is known and seems reasonable.

    Of course it foesn’t make it right. But shit happens.

  48. Hearne Christopher says:

    Easy Hoss, I never said it was OK for him to die cuz he was drunk.

    As for re-scripting what may have happened with shoulder bumps or whatever, that’s called fiction writing.

  49. Orphan of the Road says:

    When harley groups you, Chuck and me as peas-in-a-pod, you know there is a major problem.

    If you only have a hammer as a tool, then every problem is a nail.

    It’s obviously Craig and harley’s world and I’m just passin’ through…

  50. Hearne Christopher says:

    My reading of the trial account is Griswold claimed Euston was getting physical and wouldn’t leave them alone and that there was a threat felt at very close range. The bars guys say Euston got obnoxious when he got hammered. It was a single pop. One that was portrayed as self defense.

  51. Craig Glazer says:

    Always A Hater Somewhere
    Rick, I’m not gonna make fun of you OK, you were in law enforcement in Levenworth, hmmmm…let me guess PRISON GUARD? LETS see I was a special agent for the Attorney General, Kansas I was on loan to the DEA…I have been in two federal trials and six state criminal trials myself and too many civil trials…plus well you get the picture…I kinda made at living in and out of the law…sooo…..I am right..again YOU CAN NOT STRIKE SOMEONE WITHOUT THE REASON BEING IN YOU WERE IN FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE…LIKE THEY HAVE A WEAPON OR THEY ARE SAYING “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU WITH THIS KNIFE” EVEN THOUGH THEY MAY NOT HAVE ONE, THEN YOU CAN MAKE A MOVE,otherwise NO…IT’S ASSAULT..SIMPLE AS THAT, THERE IS NO ARGUMENT THATS THE LAW…lawman. I lived that law for too many years….it may not always be fair but the law none the less…Brian did NOT PRESENT A LIFE THREATENING SITUATION TO THE GUY OR GIRL…he may have said insulting things, granted, maybe, still no reason to fire the shot..other than being pissed off, which if true I understand…still its assault……end of story….

  52. An attorney? says:

    Mr. Glazer you are mistaken
    Craig for someone that has has much law enforcement experience as you have I’m a little surprised you have some very basic things wrong.

    The most obvious but also very common is you have assault confused with battery. Assault is a crime causing a victim to fear violence. So no touching is involved. I’m not going to get into the particulars of this case. But clearly if one person was saying things to another party or a companion that caused fear then assault was committed.

    Battery is the actual “touching” of another party.

    Aggravated assault is usually involving a deadly weapon but not always. A threat of kidnapping would be considered aggravated assault. Attempting sex with an underage person is considered aggravated assault.

    So not to offend you but you have several terms confused. And you have stated incorrect positions such as this was aggravated assault. Depending on which party you are talking about it was either battery or assault.

    Also Rick is accurate. If you are being assaulted (A fear of violence) you can then have justifiably battery. Just in general Rick seems to be accurate in his thoughts.

    Again, I don’t mean to offend but unlike what Rick said you don’t need to contact an attorney or police officer. An easy search of Wikipedia will confirm what i have told you

    Also for the record in Kansas correctional officers are considered law enforcement officers and go through the same training as police officers. Quite frankly I admire them a great deal because unlike police officers they don’t carry guns. While an officer deals with citizens committing minor crimes obvious correctional officers deal with harden criminals daily.

    I find if one gives others respect they get it in return. But if you are dismissive it just results in negative feedback. Hopefully you won’t make fun of me either and just acknowledge you are mistaken. People respect those that admit errors. Good luck

  53. chuck says:

    Harley/Jo Jo
    You shoulda stayed with Jo Jo, its repetative like your takes on Glaze (One day he is the Aztec Sun God of Sex and fun, the next he is an old worn out has been.).

    Your middle fuckin name should be “Mood Stableizer”.

    I plead guilty as fuck to being an old angriy white guy, but I thnk Angry doesn’t get it, enraged, lethally enraged, fucking pissed the fuck off, ther ya go Harley, lethally fuckin pissed off.

    My tolerance for African American violence is probably a little lower than your Harley. I was on the recieving end of a couple of beat downs groups of African Americans, 5 the first time, and 6 the second. Busted lips, knots on my head, broken fingers, loose teeth and the trase of blood, bile and bad fuckin intentions motherfucker. In addition, I have been lucky enough to have been robbed twice at gunpoint and shot at by African Americans.

    I’m thinkin the same African Americans that beat, robbed and shot at me, would treat you, pretty much the same.

    I see the fuck Groswold get away with a hate crime and murder, and it makes me sick.

    Here is a nice video, of 4 or 5 black guys poundin the shit outta some little girl in a mini dress, she puts up a hell of a fight, while a bunch of fuckin pukes, white pukes just watch.

    Guys like Harley, make excuses and pretend that African Americans don’t inflict violence again and again on anyone within close proximity. It would be politically inccorect to bring up, and face the unambiguated evidence of incessant violence and crime that is part and parcel of African American culture.

    If ya don’t talk about it, maybe it will get better.

    Its not getting better, it is gettin way worse, and people with Harley’s take on racial confrontations pave the way for more abberant and abhorrant behviour from same.

    So fuck you Harley, and the Honda you rode in on.

    Tell ya what, if 6 African Americans start kickin your ass, and I am there, you can bet your fuckin ass, I will fight for ya.

    Then, I’ll tell ya the same thing my dad said to me, after my first 6 on 1 African American beat down.

    “I told ya so.”

  54. chuck says:

    Fuck Marion Barry
    and fuck multiculturalism.

    and fuck diversity too.

  55. HARLEY says:

    Rick is really Barney Fife!
    Again barney “rick” fife…you know nothing and you say nothing worth a damn.
    Go back to your prison guard life…go back to starring on “Lockup”.
    Go back to your daddy and his racist attitude.
    But stop acting like you’re some big time police man…they only gave you one
    bullet and they made you assistant sheriff of hooteville.
    NOw…say something intelligent..because you’re wrong again on the law.
    Glaze put you in your place….he gave you the rundown on the law which
    you know nothing about.
    Take your phony badge…take your phony stories…take your hate and
    ignorance somewhere else because you are so far off on facts it’s
    not funny.
    see ya barney…get real!

  56. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s what I told Craig. Assault versus battery.

    Hey, obviously he’s too clean cut to fully know stuff like that. Don’t know why I do, but I just looked it up one day years ago

  57. Hearne says:

    The Punch…
    As for Chuck’s contention that Euston was hit really hard, that does not appear to be the case. Was talking about it with Nigro who has talked to police, bar people and family over the year that this has gone on. And followed the news. Nigro says it’s been reported that the blow did very little, it was all about the fall, not the power of the punch.

    Supporting the defense claim that had it not been an accident, Euston would have awakened with nothing more than a hangover and a fat lip.

  58. An attorney? says:

    For Hearne
    Based on the little I’ve read I feel confident in two things. Attempting to tell Craig is a repeated endeavor. I would love to be Craig’s attorney because from my limited readings on this site he has been assaulted many times. Have a great weekend fellas

  59. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Whole lot of testosterone and chest thumping in these comments. Don’t think this one will open up any spots with Mensa anytime soon but hey – it’s made for good reading, er scanning. (Nobody reads harley)

  60. Fred says:

    This site was (would be) better WITHOUT glazer
    When I first started reading here, several years ago, it was much better, and seemed more fun becasue glazer was not dropping his bullshit on every thread, blabbing all his bullshit on every page and it was a much better site. hearne you need to take a step back and look at your forest. It is one thing tho have a friend do a couple of posts every now and then, it is another when you allow that insecure friend to try to make up for his smallness by needlessly name dropping and self promoting…. it gets really old, makes this place look very small time.

    you can do better hearne, you consider limiting glazer’s smell to a couple of spots, not every thread, every day.

    it is one thing to have nuts like harley in the comments, crazy can be good… it is another thing when your buddy glazer makes continual quite nasty and confrontational comment WHILE ALSO hosting/authoring threads…. he makes your whole place look bad.

  61. Rick says:

    The difference
    The biggest challenge with Glazer is that 9 out of 10 times his insecurities come through in his writing and obviously his responses. This obviously is an opportunity for him to man up. If he doesn’t….well needless to say I’ll call him on it.

    The difference that needs to be determined is very simple. Are people laughing with you or laughing at you. Fred you basically say the same with your forest and tress comment. Glazer and obviously to some degree Hearne are like the girl that thinks she is popular because she puts out. No guys bang her but they don’t want a relationship with her and she is not popular.

    Hearne and Glaze see the hits and think Glaze is the bomb. Look at all the hits and comments. But its like slowing down to look at the car wreck. He continually says things that lack credibility and are foolish. So you stop by to see it and maybe make a comment to help him out. He of course then gets offend and write several times in both his name and others to defend himself. To me its an integrity issue. Not Craig and his integrity but the integrity of the site. You can be a say an American Pie and get lots of attention and make money. Or you can be say a Schindler’s List get lots of attention, make money, and add a few academy awards to your trophy case. Craig appeals to the lowest denominator.

    If he would just stop all the BS and be real. But of course maybe their is no real in him???

    Great stuff Fred.

  62. Cliffy says:

    @Fred & Rick …
    It’s obvious to me Hearne has no control over Glazer. Nothing will change. But you are both spot on.

  63. Rick says:

    Oh Attorney
    If u r wondering why Glaze hasn’t responded???? I’m sure its due to his numerous radio appearances.

  64. Rick says:

    Harley do you
    really want to go there? Isn’t Chuck and others smacking you around enough that you shouldn’t want to add me to the list?

    But ok for old times sake (And old time applies to you with your 1950 sitcom reference…is the black and white still working?) Jojo…..opps I mean Harley aren’t you the guy that a few years back Greg Hall challenged you to a race and you never showed? Aren’t you the guy that challenged me to a boxing match at ringside and then never showed. Aren’t you like another famous poster on this site who has these wild stories about running a million dollar company and outrageous BS like that? Isn’t that all you? I think you just have been shot up by my Barney Fife ass.

    Since you like Andy, while I may be Barney aren’t you really Otis and its time to lock you up in the tank over night. Take a swig of Geritol and go back to your nap.

  65. Rick says:

    @ Orphan of the road
    Campbell, boy that is going back. But I remember him. Some great times.

  66. harley says:

    Note to my fans…disciples…readers about harley
    Hey Rick..
    run a nice size company…have run 3. all successful…but thats not important because money
    don’t mean shit…especially to a clown like you who drags himself thru attics and gets drunk at home
    by himself then posts on a public board.
    No i did not challenge you to a fight..unless you went under another name…which i know you did
    because you’re a pussy piece of crap.
    I know you went under another name because you’re a spineless worthless little man with no
    track record…no life…and no future. As much as I get on glaze for his writings…i still admire the
    hell out of the guy for his persistence…attitude…and his never grow old persona. We can disagree
    on his writings…but the guy has something good going.
    You on the other hand are a l o s e r ! You attack others but you have no life…you said you
    are old which is fine…but i imagine you being some loser who packs down a 30 pack of
    pabst every friday and saturday night…falls asleep in his recliner and wakes up to a big
    nothing life…i’m sure that pretty much describes your life…l o s e r.
    Tell us about yourself mr. mover and shaker ( he moves to the fridge to get anothe beer and
    hot dog..then shakes his big belly getting back to the lazy boy (him…not the recliner) while
    others aredoing things and making things happen with their lives.
    Now you tell us you were in law enforcement…hahahahahah…come on dudge…geet real..the only
    badge you have is the wyatt earp badge you got at 10 years old. Know firearms…suuuurrrreeeee..
    come on rick…get real.
    You put hate crime material on here because you’rea l o s e r….yes a loser.
    go back to your recliner and down a couple more beers….you look great passed out on
    satruday nights with rosey palm to play with.
    Get a life…..
    As far as my fans and readers…from the comments it appears i’m right b ehind glaze
    in readership. Why would anyone read YOUR crap. Stupid…uneducated…unfounded…
    ubelievable but mostly just sheer ignorance.
    Now…most of my fans love my material because it’s authentic…real…and contains
    material to try and educate all of the uncouth readers here at hearne’s website.
    If hearne would attract a more upscale educated audience with some class and style…and not
    the old washed up beer belly fools who read this site…then i could probably get more
    articulate responses than the drivel youre writing on here.
    go get a real job..unless you don’t mind the spider and ants and squirrels you run into
    crawling thru those attics….and don’t breath that crap up there…you’ll die from breathing
    go to gomers…they have 30 packs on sale for $15.99….you can down one tonight and wake
    up sunday and post some more dumb comments.

  67. chuck says:

    I’m not sure who is more hammered.
    Harley or me.

    Harley, Rick doesn’t drag his ass thru attics, I do.

    I am the one who believes that Euston died from an incident, that SHOULD be called a Hate Crime, not Rick.

    I have no idea if Rick drinks, I drink a ton.

    Here’s the thing, I will sober up tomorrow, you will still be a dumb fuck.

    Have a nice evening, go thru yuour closet, pick out some nice Stix Baer & Fuller shit, and hit the bars.

    Tell everybody your an astronaut or something.

    If ya wanna make sure, take the roofies with ya.

  68. chuck says:

    BTW Harley
    They were missing you, in this video.

    All your friends were there.

  69. Orphan of the Road says:

    OMG Chuck
    Styx Bear & Fuller, my ex worked the switchboard when they first opened. MIL got her baby clothes at the one in St Louis. Harley may have got his at The Palace though. Just sayin’.

    “Here’s the thing, I will sober up tomorrow, you will still be a dumb fuck.” Great twist.

    Rick was hanging with one of Campbell’s “deputies” Fri. night. Still has the badge, says good till revoked. LOL

    (To the tune of Rich Girl/Hall&Oates)

    Your a Chiefs fan
    And it’s gone to far
    But it really doesn’t matter any way
    We can’t rely on Lamar Hunt’s money
    Clark ain’t gonna spend Lamar’s old money

    It’s a bitch fans
    But it’s gone to far
    But you really don’t matter any more
    Say money, money into the old vault
    Into the vault


    copyright Sept.18,2011OprhanoftheRoad Just sayin’ 🙂

  70. mark smith says:

    Nothing goes with a black and red mock turtleneck from SB&F
    Like some big ass Flag Brothers shoes. I’m betting Harley wears Ascots in the winter and Dickies in the summer. (no seacrest)

  71. chuck says:

    Orphan, mark,
    Funny stuff.

    I’m gonna be singing that song all day, especially at kickoff. 🙂

    “Big ass Flag Brothers Shoes”. Fuckin A 🙂

  72. harley says:

    orphan….chuck and mark…= 3 losers
    posting on the internet at midnight and 2 am on a saturday. You must have a great
    life….no poontang.
    Maybe glaze will let you hang with him on a saturday night and see what real action
    is…obvioulsy the 3 of you are l o s e r s….saturday night posting on kcc..
    wow…pretty exciting life you 3 lead… maybe next weekend your moms will take you
    out for baskin robbins ice cream…then let you stay up late to watch tv…but you
    have to be in bed early.
    What a bunch of l o s e r s….come on guys …you have no social life and you’re
    banging on me…i was watching the mayweather fight with my girl…then
    we had some fun.
    don’t even think the 3 of yu are cool….you guys need some women? call glaze
    and standfords….he might hook you up….
    what you have planned for next saturday…chuckie chees pizza…then rent a movie…
    then cruise the internet for porn to play with yourselves..
    I’m done with you guys……………..

  73. Orphan of the Road says:

    I’m a loser
    Shit ya, lost my job of 20-years to downsizing. Then a couple of battles with cancer, a broken marriage and trying to make it on jobs you can find when you are over-50. I’ll wear the hat.

    I am proud to be in a class with Chuck and Mark.

    Devil: harley you have your choice of these three rooms to spend eternity.

    The Devil opens the first door, there are people with raptors ripping the flesh from their body.

    harley: (slightly wetting his pants) Oh no, I don’t think I could do this.

    So the Devil opens the next door and it is full of men being sodomized by hugh bulls.

    harley: Well it looks like fun but I’ve got hemroids. I don’t think so.

    The Devil opens the third door and people are standing in shit up to their bottom lip.

    harley: Well it stinks but it doesn’t see as bad as the first two. I choose this room.

    Devil: You are sure that is your choice?

    harley: Of course.

    Devil: (as harley enters the room) OK everybody, breaks over. Back on your heads.

  74. 2 dogs humping says:

    Allow me to translate for Harley JoJo Dancer
    Harley : posting on the internet at midnight and 2 am on a saturday. You must have a great
    life….no poontang.
    Translation: I keep coming back to a 5 day old post to make sure nobody is talking about me.

    Harley : What a bunch of l o s e r s….come on guys …you have no social life and you’re
    banging on me…i was watching the mayweather fight with my girl…then
    we had some fun.

    Translation: I spent the night spooning with my cat, Mr Whiskers. It’s as close to touching pussy as I ever get.

    Harley: don’t even think the 3 of yu are cool….you guys need some women? call glaze
    and standfords….he might hook you up….

    Translation: Do like me when I get lonely, call a hooker. I get a deep discount from a black chick named Mercedes. Once you get past the huge adams apple, man hands, and the kickstand where her hoo haa should be, she is alllll woman.

    Harley;what you have planned for next saturday…chuckie chees pizza…then rent a movie…
    then cruise the internet for porn to play with yourselves..

    Translation: what I did this weekend.. checked out the tang at .chuckie chees pizza…then rented a movie, …
    then cruise the internet for porn to play withmyself..
    Made out with Mr. Whiskers until he scratched me on the tounge.

    Your Welcome

  75. Orphan of the Road says:

    Your insight is deep and probing. Perhaps I will need your services some day myself.

    KC has a real chance in SD IF SD’s plane hits a mountain. Otherwise it might not be on the book. I don’t think Kelly guy can juice it that much.

  76. Rick says:

    He has three successful businesses. He is not lying. Newspaper route, Avon, and Mary Kay. Keep it up Harley

  77. Harley says:

    Rick You are a LOSER!!!!
    Fuck you rick……I woin’t rite more as I’m drunk…
    and I think I just shit in myb pants. You are
    a loser go back to bed.

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