New Jack City: Channel 41’s JiaoJiao Shen Honored With Ron Burgundy Mention

Happened today during KSHB-TV, Channel 41’s midday newscast.

JiaoJiao Shen was delivering a story of the pending AMC Theatres corporate offices move from downtown K.C. to Leawood.

The big story, of course, is that AMC is staying in the metroplex–not moving to L.A. or New York — as some had predicted. Channel 41’s story did a nice job reporting the basics, complete with a B-roll of AMC shots, weighted remarks by K.C. Mayor Sly James and a less inspiring soundbite from Leawood Mayor Peggy Dunn.

All in all a good package.

Until, that is JiaoJiao ended the story with the following sentence which made me almost fall off my chair with laughter.
Matter of fact I stopped the DVR and played it back just to make sure I’d heard it right.

Here it is in all its Ron Burgundy splendor:

"AMC announced NO PLANS to move any of their MOVIE THEATERS out of Missouri!"

How co-anchor Curtis Jay was able to transition to the next story without breaking up speaks mountains for his professionalism.

So cheers to JiaoJiao Shen as recipiant of an honorary ‘RON BURGUNDY: ANCHORMAN’ mention!
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2 Responses to New Jack City: Channel 41’s JiaoJiao Shen Honored With Ron Burgundy Mention

  1. smartman says:

    Turning Japanese
    What’s with all the ORIENTAL chicks on local TV these days?
    With the exception of Michael “Last King of Scotland” Coleman they don’t hire anyone without some serious focus group
    market research. Knowing that mostly aging blue hairs without cable watch local news does it have something to do with bringing back some boom-boom-mammsan memories for the Korea and Vietnam vets?

    Makes me miss the HAPPY ENDING at New Era Massage.

  2. jon says:

    writing for the unwashed
    That’s funny. Wonder who actually wrote that line? Bet it wasn’t JiaoJiao. She’s too smart for that. Sounds more like something written by an intern or part timer.

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