Glazer: Oh say can you see…the light at the end of KC’s dark, gloomy sports tunnel?

The Kansas City Chiefs were talking just two more seasons and they’d be a Super Bowl contender. That after last year’s division title. The Royals – who everyone, including me, pissed on – came in last. And while recordwise they’re still a poor team (bottom five) THEY’RE STARTING TO WIN.

I actually believe with Eric Hosmer, this team will contend for the division next year…finally.

If – and only if – David Glass goes out and buys at least two or three pitchers. One big time starter, a solid starter and a good reliever. If so, the Royals will battle to win the title for the first time in nearly 30 years. A great player raises all ships and Hosmer is a great player.

On the other hand, the Chiefs have to start over.

They are now where the Royals were, one of five worst teams in the NFL. They have nothing.

First, they need to get a new head coach.   According to insiders – his closest media pals – Haley knows he’s getting fired. He knows it may come in a few weeks. Jim Zorn will likely be the temp coach, but he’s unlikely to remain head coach next season.

So who do we hire? Brother, that’s a tough one.

None of the big name guys in the NFL want this job. Forget Bill Cowher, unless he’s also the GM and gets paid a boatload.

Hey, sounds good to me.

GM Scott Pioli has done nothing for this club either. Except act like a pompus ass with Todd.

We need a new quarterback. Matt Cassel is toast. Too slow, no arm, often hurt. He’ll be hurt again and out soon. And the players don’t respond to the guy. He looks great in his uniform. Man, he’s as handsome as Tom Brady. But that’s where the similarity ends. We got fooled. He’s just average at best. He’s gone.

I hope pompus Pioli is going to let him go and NOT TRY AND PROVE HE WAS RIGHT BY WASTING ANOTHER SEASON ON MATT. The FRANCHISE needs a franchise quarterback, not Matt. In fact he likely won’t start anywhere, he will back someone up, like TOM BRADY.

We need to buy offensive lineman, defensive lineman – and oh brother – it’s a mess. We should let go Tyson Jackson and maybe Glen Dorsey. They’ve both tanked. Average is not what we want or need. We need to find a couple KILLER defenders so the others will rally around them. Like when we had Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith.

In three years the Chiefs have gone nowhere.

This team is no better – and maybe worse – than Herm Edwards sorry group. As I said then, few of these players will be in Kansas City in two years – five or six tops.

There is no TEAM, just players wanting to get paid.

They have all quit. Just playing for jobs and hoping to be traded like Brian Waters to New England. He was basically fired, just like Joe Montana. They bring you in say, you can quit or we can fire you, which is better for you in the media? They fired Joe for Steve Bono.

There is one former Chief smiling right now and that’s Brian Waters. He started with Tom Brady Monday night. They won. Tom threw for over 500 yards. Waters must have thought he died and went to NEW ENGLAND.

He did.
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36 Responses to Glazer: Oh say can you see…the light at the end of KC’s dark, gloomy sports tunnel?

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Proof read more Craig
    In one sentence you say they traded Waters. In the very next you say they fired him.

    What they did was not resign him, making him a free agent. And New England signed him BEFORE the start of the season, meaning they thought enough of him to guarantee his salary for the year.

    Little things like this will pick up your blog credibility.

    Do you think Brian Waters would make an iota of difference to this team? He was out-of-gas by the end of the season. With the others on this Chiefs O-line, Brian may have been beaten down by mid-season. Maybe they should have re-signed him and then traded him?

    If they fire Haley and make Zorn the coach, interim or permanent, it is a sign they are not going to make any significant changes in their methods.

    We don’t need Clark Hunt to morph into Dan Snyder. The Redskins are a text book example of how throwing money at problems doesn’t solve them. They need to find some ham-and-eggers, guys who will show up every game and play as hard as they can. Maybe then they can find a great lineman, O or D, who wants to come here to be part of the growth rather than just grabbing the gold ring of money.

    After last year I thought they were two-years away from being two-years away from being a true contender. I thought they could contend for the division again but didn’t think the schedule this year would allow them to win it unless the Chargers completely imploded.

    Drafting a quarterback and developing him into a great player isn’t easy. The Chiefs haven’t done it since, well forever. Their best years they were being led by other teams cast offs.

  2. harley says:

    glaze blows it again!
    no credibility…
    Haley knows he’s getting fired? according to whom…do you talk with clark hunt and pioli..
    your “inside” shit is old…it’s washed up….and its a lie.
    pioli is pompus…is he acting that way to you…a amatuer writer with absolutely
    no idea what you’re talking about. another lie…unfounded…and you have no
    one to back you up on this one…you say the guy is pompous…as a journalist
    if you call yourself one…now prove it.
    Haley knows he’s getting fired in a few weeks…prove it…another lie another unfouinded
    Noone in nfl wants this job….how do you know. Did you talk with some candidates?
    did you talk with anyone in the chiefs who said noone wants to work for clark and
    pioli….i’m sure “noone” wants this jobis another lie.
    royals will contend next year if they get starters. More b ullshit on your part.
    I said that 4 months ago…thanks for stealing my line…nothing new here…just the
    same old unfounded b.s. you write.
    Cowher doesn’t want this job. did you talk to him…did you ask him if he’d coach
    the team…and i’m sure he told you he’d only coach if he’d be gm…another fucking
    Glen dorsey tanked…according to whom. did you talk with defensive coach crenel?
    did you investigate and talk with other d line coaches…he’s tanked…did you reaseach
    the 3-4 defense…again more crap that is a bull faced lie without any substantiation
    to back up your lies.
    Your lies work with your buddies and your hos….it doesn’t work when you make
    absolutely the worst shit for a story. Stop lying…you’re a know nothing.
    and please next time you write something that is so blantantly false and a lie
    come up with more lies to prove the lie isn’t a lie.
    What a liar…you lie…and you have no idea what you’re talking about.
    Liar…liar…pants on fire

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Royals contending next year? Not without three legitimate top of the line starters. I don’t care if Hosmer hits 45 homers. MLB is all about pitching and the Royals have virutually none.

  4. smartman says:

    Goundhog’s Day
    The Chiefs suck and the Royals are gonna be better next year. WOW! You’re Whitlock and JoPo.


    That’s been your POV, (and that of MANY OTHERS), for quite some time

    What else ya’ got?

    What happened to that new Byron Leftwich guy?

  5. PB says:

    Buy Pitching?
    The Royals aren’t going to go out and purchase any front-line starters (big surprise, right?) this off-season, but that’s not because of the worn to death “Glass won’t spend” mantra. It will (hopefully) be more because that would just make horrific sense from organizational standpoint at this particular time. The free agent market for starting pitchers this year totally blows. There is basically CJ Wilson and nobody else. I suppose they can make a play, but they don’t have a chance in hell of landing him. Next tier would be a guy like Edwin Jackson or Paul Maholm, both an improvement to the staff at the right price but I’m not sure a team like KC should overpay for either as they will have to do. Maybe they could lure a Mark Buehrle, but again, will he be worth the extra $ in order to entice him here? The rest of potential FA pitchers reads like a Royals starting staff from this past decade. Please, warm body innings-eaters like Kyle Davies & Jeff Francis need not apply.

    Solution…first: Resign Chen now BEFORE he feels the need to test the waters. He keeps throwing out to the local press that he wants to stay here out of a sense of loyalty so I think they can keep him by giving him the 2-year deal he covets and has earned as their top starter over the last two seasons. Second: Try to put together an enticing package and swing a trade for a top-half rotation guy by parting with a couple of prized prospects (it’s the only way and a sign that your organiztion has improved enough to even have this as an option) like a Wil Myers, Lorenzo Cain (since he seemingly can’t find a spot in this OF) or Mike Montgomery. I think a solid #2 starter along with the return of Chen, a finally somewhat consistent Hocheavor and the hopefully continued development of Paulino and Duffy would be enough to put this team on a path for at least 2011 Indians-level success next year. The following year, the pitching FA market blows up (Cain, Hamels, Danks, Grienke, Sanchez, Marcum the Excelsior Springs boy!, etc.) and by then, the Royals as a hopefully somewhat contending club with perhaps some extra revenue to play with, make a splash for a top-level guy to put them over or near the top.

    That’s my dream or maybe just wishful thinking anyway.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Here’s Your Answers So Far
    One Road Warrior: Orphan: well written and interesting, however what I CLEARLY meant was HE WAS FIRED…the words trade(I knew he wasn’t), didn’t sign, so on…means they said “get the fuck out” and they did, they don it with aging players whom they don’t want fans to see how cold they are: P.S. Road man….Waters was the quarterback of the O line and more, the players believed in him and respect his leadership in the clubhouse and on the field, would his being here matter, it did last year, he helped a below average line be average…now they stink, worst in the NFL…so he would have made them better, but you are right his time here either way was over…he is better off in New England, as Tony is in Atlanta…sttill I see your point.

    Harley: for the love of God calm down, eat a pill or smoke a J…..I’m a liar…did it ever ocur to you I DON’T WANT TO GIVE OUT THE GUYS NAME, HE IS A CLOSE FRIEND OF HALEY’S IN THE MEDIA….SO NO HE DOES NOT WANT HIS NAME OUT THERE ON THIS…however its not a big secret….The rest of your attack, well lets just say my preseasons picks, the fact I said the Chiefs were the NFL doormat and now they are…so on, and last years post season picks including the Packers from day one…come on now boy…give me a little credit, the rest of the KC media is….they know I knew and they didn’t..”We need to win this first game against the Bills at home if we are to be division champs again” Soren Petro of 810….REALLY SOREN..Champs, what in the fuck were you looking at….

    Yes many fans felt this was an uphill year due to sched. however not only was last year a fluke, proven by our 2-5 run down the strech, it was a horrible fake out….WE STUNK THEN TOO…by seasons end we were near where this team offense, no defense, no quarterback. A questionable Coach at best and musical chairs with other coaches….bad deal.

    Like I’ve said, a good sports guy does not have to predict wins and loses…which I have done and well…just tell you what is brewing and why…I’ve been on that as well….If guys like Rick would put more into the who,what,where and why instead of hating on me, they’d be better off…thats his call, he did do one breakdown and it was pretty good.

    We talked about who mattered before a game was played….we said New England(they won game one) we said Pittsburgh(they lost game one to a good team but got buried)I think they will battle back, they always do, we said San Diego(won game one and looking very sharp), we said Baltimore(won game one looked good) Jets, (won game one and looked decent) we said Houston(will win division and they will, won game one) In the NFC Green Bay(beat a good Saints team), Philly(won game one and killed it) but I say its the Pack in the end, Saints(lost game one to the Champ but it came down to the wire) Tampa Bay(lost game at home to the new darling of the NFL, can you believe its Detroit), Atlanta(troubled loss could be off to a slow start with 2 losses), and the Detroit Lions…off and running with an upcoming smack down of the Kansas City Chiefs at home….so I feel my calls were on the money, honey.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Wrong On Royals
    I crapped on them all year and yes I was correct they finish near the bottom and overall stunk, but now things are changing around Hosmer with support from six others, mostly Gordon,Butler,Cabrera and Frenchy, even Moose is starting to hit, plus the new catcher and second baseman look very good, best crew since 85…already and it happened cause Hosmer created the heat, they play better because he is leading the way as Brett did….by the way Guy Who….I said they of course need pitching, so how am I clueless old horse theif?

  8. chuck says:

    My only hope to make my prediction of 8 & 8
    is Justin Houston (Whom the local blogs are KILLIN-but he is brutal, he will be a stud.), and the recovery of J Baldwin and his evolution into a first year servicable reciever to complement D Bowe.

    In other words, a fuckin long shot.

  9. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Glazer, does Hearne keep paying you for all of these redundant, hyperbolic blog entries you continue to pump out? You’re like the Michael Coleman of the KC sports literary landscape.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck Love You But No Chance
    Chuck if you bet the lottery you would have a better chance then the Chiefs Clown Show winning 8 games. I mean it, they are one of the two or three worst teams in the NFL with Seattle and the Colts. The Bengals are better. We got nothing. Our good players like Bowe and Charles will slow down, once they see its over. In two weeks we will be 0-3 and out. We do play the Vikes here, they aren’t good, they should win, but we will have a chance. Matt can show off for his future team, they might actually take him to replace McGRABB…who is clearly done, slow, unsure of himself, banged up..he’s done. He could still beat the Chiefs. He reminds me of when we got the great Warren Moon when his career was over, wow was he totally done, couldn’t throw the ball 30 yards, and had been one the all time best. It ends for everyone. The Chumps will have to start over with like I said six players left, Charles,maybe Bowe, Houston(I agree he’s a talent), one of the offensive lineman, maybe DJ(he will also be nearing the end of his career in two years),Berry sadly has no future, that hurts, Carr and Flowers, maybe one of them, Jones is done, Tony the injury prone tight end it done, a lot of guys done. Tamba will stay, boy its thin…maybe the wide out, Baldwin, who knows on that guy. It’s very thin….very..sorry Chuck……

  11. Orphan of the Road says:

    Riddle me this Craig
    What makes you think Brian Waters would have signed with KC? Is there anything which points to him looking forward to another year of taking a beating unless he was well overpaid? KC should have made a run at him. They should have taken his money and found a couple of linemen.

    But as far as we fans can see they didn’t aggressively pursue anyone.

    If you had an editor he would have thrown the story back to you and asked you which was it, trade or let go. When I was in journalism school if you misspelled two words in a paper you turned in, they were dropped from the program. Shit the Star and the TV stations would not have anyone working for them (I know, too broad a brush but barely).

    Right now if they had Joe Montana, Johnny Unitis, Tom Brady and Jesus H. Christ for QBs it wouldn’t make that much difference. A rookie could get killed out there. Better to let a journeyman like Cassel take the abuse until they shore up the offensive line.

  12. Packers Nation says:

    Chiefs Are A Joke
    Wait til we jump your Chiefs KC. It will be a blow out!!!!!! Blow out!!!!!! Blow out!!!!!!!

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    Might be Craig’s editor’s fault. They traded him, I guess, but Craig thinks effectively he was fired.

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    I thot that’s what Craig was saying, too

  15. Hearne Christopher says:

    Low seven figure, Merle…if you must know

  16. Orphan of the Road says:

    The Over/Under on Sunday’s game
    Suh over Cassel.

    Don’t forget Packers Nation; what goes around, goes around. Lot of lean years since the merger as only coaches named Mike have a winning record since Vince.

    What position do you play for the Packers? I want to make sure I see your performance on the field during the game.

  17. Packers Nation says:

    You Trying To Compare Teams Orphan
    We got four Super Bowls my friend. You have one, over four decades back. I’d be silent if I were you.

  18. Kellys Man says:

    Chiefs Come Back
    We will beat you Packers nation cause you are an ego man. Loser.

  19. Orphan of the Road says:

    Packers Nation
    The Packers have more NFL titles than any team. A very good and proud franchise.

    What you or I say or do will have little to no influence on what the Chiefs or Packers will do.

    Enjoy the season.

  20. Rick says:

    Well Glaze…I wasn’t
    hating on you but since u seem fit to bring up my name. A few things.

    One my complaint was and is the same, you were making predictions before the Chiefs had made one snap(though let’s give credit where credit is due-that was bold and at least at thsi point u seem accurate but this is a marathon not a sprint). And two you have been wrong for two years straight in regards to their record. Three you have not really been bringing up the who what where etc. It’s the same article every week…Cassell sucks, Ricky should start, chiefs suck. That’s called repetition and is boring.

    On to another matter that is about u but not really your fault. You and you various persona’s have bugged me all last week about how I had to hear you on radio because you are a FUNNY GUY who tells great stories. So I happen to scan the dial this morning after Mike and Mike and caught you and a comedian. The comedian seemed like a nice guy but can’t say he caused me to even crack a smile.

    Your contribution was to break in all out of breath and share that one of the National Teams soccer players was out in the hall way and you thought she was hot. You then talked about how you wanted to show her your chest. HO HO HO Ha ha Hee hee. Sooooo funny…………

    How can I get a refund for that five minutes of my life I wasted? Yeah I know its not that you suck…its just that I’m a hater. Actually what it is I want you like Todd, the Chiefs, and KCC to be BETTER!!!

  21. Rick says:

    Glazers secret source???
    Glaze already mentioned that he talked to Nick Wright for a half hour. And that Nick is close to Todd. Two problems. Nick is not close to Todd. Todd even if he was concerned about losing his job would not tell Nick. Todd does not have any close friends in the local media though obviously him and Kurt Warner are close and obviously Kurt does some NFL work.

    Glaze like most everyone else is just speculating. Kind of like his 7-9 to 2-14 predicted records. Speculation that changes minute to minute.

  22. Cliffy says:

    Glazer is not funny, Rick. Sorry you had to find it out for yourself. Dare tolerates him because he brings in comedians. That’s how
    Dare refers to him … “he’s the guy who brings in comedians.”

    On second thought, Glazer CAN be funny:

    I know, I know … it’s the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve posted this link. I can’t help it.

  23. Craig Glazer says:

    Rick You Are Showing That You Are A Moron
    Rick, you heard one line of me on radio and think thats it, thats all I do! Come on man, I do three stations weekly including Dare, sometimes I am on for a little longer than a minute or two. I don’t have to defend my radio comedy its second to none, thats why I am on so much kido boy. That would be like saying ” You know I watched THE GODFATHER for five minutes and Brando had one line, it was kinda boring” yeah well what about the entire film? I go in and out of the studio, yeah Eddie Ifft does suck, thats why he makes six figures a year as a stand up comic on with shitty Jim Jeffries who you never heard of, cause you know as much about comedy as you do the NFL, not much. Eddie is on TV specials, has a half hour Comedy Central Special, is on Tommy Chongs new Showtime SPecial he is a loser right, like Jeffries his radio/tv partner and their number 6 Pod Cast in the US “Talkin Shit” by the way I’m even on some of it…I can go on. Rick don’t put people down when you have no knowledge….you want your five minutes back, ok, never listen to me again….

    Look Rick Hearne FIRED YOU AFTER ONE ARTICLE. I’ve written 40 sports stories already, even when Greg was on this site….so get a life other than trying to attack me the big dog…you can, you just sound like an old guy that couldn’t hack it. I didn’t fire you HEARNE DID. Before you attacked me I never wrote anything about you…don’t care….so you can keep saying the same old “we hate Glazer stuff” and I’ll keep writing my little pieces and do my little radio and TV stuff…you do whatever it is you do at home.

  24. Craig Glazer says:

    About Nick Wright
    I never said Nick said anything about Haley. They are friendly and kinda close. Haley invited him over for Thanksgiving to the home. Thats kinda personal. So I beg to differ.

  25. Craig Glazer says:

    Rick You Are A Nobody Nothing
    you judge your betters with no background none. You don’t write for anyone. You have never done anything but have one date with Tracy Thomas, now you want to talk about how funny I am or am not, with nothing. That is like people who say “Larry the Cable Guy isn’t funny he tells fart jokes” really he has made 200 million bucks. I have and have had the nations top comedy theatre for several decades, always in the top five in the nation. So you want to judge me. Hearne has been a name writer in the Star and twenty other places for two decades. I have been on more radio stations and a guest MORE THAN ANYONE IN KANSAS CITY HISTORY A FACT…so do I bring comics to all those shows..PS Rick I do national shows too, enough on this suff, we are done with loser Rick…I gave you every chance to stay on beam, but you only want to attack people who are better than you at well EVERYTHING….thats why we make the big bucks Rick and you are in some basement typing COMMENTS.

  26. PB says:

    Hey hey Mr.Union Man…
    …how you gonna pay your dues? The Cate Brothers said it best. In regards to Brian Waters ouster, doesn’t anybody else see that Clark Hunt, following in the footsteps of his extreme union-busting loving Daddy, cut Waters loose because of his heavy involvement with the NFLPA? Vrabel saw the writing on the wall and decided coaching college ball beats getting black-balled by the NFL in what would have most likely been his last season. Mere coincidence that Mr.Waters wasn’t even picked up by another team until the eve of the season? I think not. Clark has his head stuck so far up Goodell’s ass (he was damn near Roger’s shadow during the labor strife), that unless Waters was willing to accept roofers money, he was no longer going to be a Chief.

  27. Rick says:

    GLAZER WRONG part 2
    First after let me give u your fair due. I think you make a good point on the five minutes and the Godfather analogy was great. So point taken.

    Now lets hit the rest of the topics.

    Fired after one article. Well I hope you do better research on your articles then you do with this comment. First you can’t count. I had four articles posted. Second I never received any termination notice but hey if you would like me to forward my last e-mail from Hearne to you I would be glad to do that just so you can apologize. My agreement was to write for two weeks and that’s what I did. Only one of my articles articles never saw the light of day.

    You never said anything about Nick and Haley. Really Glaze? Are you lying or have you just gotten so old you have forgotten. Go back and read YOUR POST about spending a half hour with Nick and him agreeing with everything you say and him being close to Haley. Then post again and tell me who the ABSENT MINDED MORON IS.

    So you think if u make a lot of money that means you are good? A few questions. If he is drawing 6 figures why is he playing at your club? Obama makes a lot of money. Bush made a lot of money. Sarah Palin makes a lot of money. F*ck Glaze the oriental dude from American Idol who was sooooooooo bad he was funny made a lot of money. So money in your mind equals quality. So you got the National Enquirer and the New York Times in the same category? Which one of us is showing their lack of intelligence?

    Jim Jeffries is hysterical. My guess is he won’t be playing at your club.

    Glaze show me ONE just ONE I hate Glazer comment??? Or is this another mistake?

    You say “Before you attacked me I never wrote anything about you.” Again not the truth Glaze. We go way……back to when you were just a comment person on this site. When Harley was Jojo. So please don’t lie. So please don’t try to make this about me and Hearne or even personal between me and you. Its just when u r wrong I’m going to tell you. And sadly u r wrong often.

    “You judge your betters with no background none”. I’m not even sure what that line means so i can’t respond.

    Never had a date with Tracy. Another lie.

    You have the nations top comedy theatre. Glaze for REAL what does it say that u can’t even freakin SPELL THEATER!!! And the fact you claim you have the top one indicates you are still having drug issues. Calling Dr. Phil.

    Tell you what BIG STAR Glaze. Big radio guy Glaze. With all your connections lets do a Hall vs Wright thing. On the radio bro. Man to man BIG Star. With all that experience and appearances on radio I’m sure you would just tear me up. What’cha say Glaze man? I’ll bring a spelling book for you. You can bring a babe for me.

    The Tracy-Hearne feud never lived up to potential but maybe me and you can rock.

  28. Rick says:

    I’m sure u will respond. But I’m done 4 the day. Got to get back to the french fry station. U make it 2 easy.

  29. Todd Haley says:

    Glazer confused
    I told Craig I had a turkey for Thanksgiving. He just assumed it was Nick Wright.

  30. Cowboy says:

    Now That Was Funny
    Sorry Nick but that was kinda funny. Glazer is a force in your city, like it or not, he is. I think Haley’s job is likely in big trouble. The Chiefs will need to rebuild again, that is also true. So yeah, he’s correct for the most part. Look all this is opinion boys nothing to get your dick in a ringer about for Chirst Sake. It’s just football and none of us play.

  31. can't say says:

    Glazer admiration
    Two things I have always admired about Craig Glazer is his ability as a business man. Its tough to make it in these times. And his knowledge about comedy.

    But after his above three part rant I wonder about both.

    Comedy is a matter of taste. Because a person likes Jerry Lewis doesn’t mean they will like Sam Kinison. Because you liked Sam Kinison doesn’t mean you will like Andrew Dice Clay. Its all about taste and their is something for every one. Rick simply says that he listened to the comedian Craig booked and he seemed like he was a nice guy but he didn’t make Rick smile. what possible offense could one take from that?

    Craig goes all Tracy Thomas on Rick. Says Rick said Eddie sucked which he didn’t. Points out how much money Eddie makes. Says Rick put him down which again isn’t what happened. Says Rick doesn’t know anything about comedy. And then just continues to go crazy and appear to be out of control. Like some drug binge.

    You would think Craig being a comedy club owner would understand that not all comedians appeal to everyone. You would think as a businessman he would want to encourage a potential customer to try something else on the menu per say. “Hey Rick you don’t like this guy but you ought to check out who I have next week.”

    Can you imagine me going to a Mexican restaurant and me telling the owner to hold the re fried beans because I don’t like them. And his response is “You are a nobody who doesn’t know anything about quality Mexican food.” “I’ve sold $500 worth of re-fried beans today.” “My restaurant is one of the best in Kansas City.” “The re-fried beans don’t suck.”

    My reaction would be one of stunned silence until I simply said “I just don’t like re-fried beans.” You can like Mexican food with out liking re fried beans. You can like comedy and know comedy without liking all comedians.

    It’s just stunning that these basic principles are things that Craig doesn’t understand as a businessman and a so called expert in comedy.

    Of course there is that joke you are so stupid you can’t spell stupid. In Craig’s case he owns a comedy theater but can’t spell theater. Which was kind of the topper to his attack about Rick’s ignorance about comedy.

  32. Rick says:

    Wow Craig
    Did u catch that slap Hearne gave you in announcing the a new sports guy. Says we haven’t had one since June when Greg left. Hey I thought you were the sports guy who wrote 40 articles….even when Greg was here. What happened Bro?

  33. Rick says:

    Can’t say u r right
    it is just a matter of taste. The guy just wasn’t my cup of tea. But of course any time you say something Glaze doesn’t agree with he considers it a personal attack and calls you a hater.

    I’ve only been to his club a few times but have always had a great time. Saw comedian Anthony Clark there and he was AWESOME!!

  34. Rick says:

    Craig sports?
    Hey Craig……I just hit the sports icon button here and I saw three articles by me(If you had checked that I guess that i guess you would of seen I wrote more then one article huh…oh well why check facts before spouting stuff?) and only one by you. I thought you were THE SPORTS GUY on this site????

  35. Tracy says:

    This comment may get me banned, blocked, or put in solitary confinement. So i shouldn’t get involved.

    But I find it interesting that Craig does seem to use money as a measure of sucess. Using that standard what does it say that Craig writes on this site for free and Rick refused to write for free. Possibly that Craig doesn’t believe he has much value and Rick feels he does? Apparently deep down Craig lacks self worth?

  36. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Craig Glazer = human sideshow

    Hearne Christopher = enabler

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