Hearne: Watson’s Girl Pigs Out, Takes Web Walk on Slutty Side

Things have gotten a little trampy where the Watson’s Girl is concerned…

You remember, KC’s beloved and lusted for sexy, swimsuit hottie in the hot tub abd above ground swimming pool ads that flooded local television for 15 years. Spots that ended with her purring provocatively, "That’s Watson’s!"

Make no mistake, Jennifer Eichler was a huge local TV icon from the mid ’90s until a few short years ago.

So what happened?

In a nutshell, Jennifer – who lives in Indiana – finished growing up, got married, had a couple kids and the company changed its name to Family Leisure.

I remember asking her shortly before her wedding what would become of her sexy, on-screen persona after she was off the market and had kids. Whereupon she taught me a word that at the time I was totally unfamiliar with.

She would become a MILF.

I tracked her down this summer and spoke to her stepdad, but Jennifer never returned my calls. Which was somewhat surprising, as we’d always had very friendly relations. I even gave her a tour of the Star and intrduced her to publisher Art Brisbane and editor Mark Zieman (not sure Art’s wife will ever forgive me for running the pic of the two of them in his office, but Art was a good sport).

I guess Kansas City’s  just an afterthought these days since Jennifer’s not on TV here anymore.

Now here’s the latest…

Jennifer‘s hosting a raunchy Web TV show at www.jennerally-speaking.com

It started in June as an “unedited, uncensored” show targeted toward women but (obviously) “appealing to men,”
the Web site says.

Why do I describe the show as raunchy?

"X103′s Matt tells all about having sex in the rain forest, masturbation secrets, and even explains what a fucksie is," her site’s description for Jennifer’s August 7 show. "Also find out which wholesome radio station he dropped the f-bomb at as he joins…"

There’s more…

Her July 14 show is described as "Jennifer and her lady friends opened up about doin’ in da butt, safe words, strangulation and other sexual fixations as well as how to ask one of them out, appropriate bar behavior if you want…"

Sheesh! No wonder they’re not using her in the hot tub ads anymore.

A glimpse at stills from her show indicate the Watson’s Girl has packed on some pounds and is looking a little trampy these days. That’s unkind, I’ll admit, but she is promoting a sex show and has appeared in ads describing her as a "super model" who converted to "super mom."

Just saying…

‘We’re going to be talking about everything,’ one promo for Jennifer’s show coos. ‘Maybe even things that have happened in my bed.’ ”

She must not have been kidding. Check out the sack shot of her from the site.

Already there have been ramifications….

The caption for her September 6 Zumba show reads: "After a last minute cancellation of our guest, a Zumba instructor show shall remain nameless given that she was forced to cancel from the Corporate goons that apparently think shows like ours are too risque’…"

Um, that’s Watson’s!

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28 Responses to Hearne: Watson’s Girl Pigs Out, Takes Web Walk on Slutty Side

  1. PB says:

    Totally Unrelated
    To the Watson’s Slut…err…Girl and maybe I’ve just gone a bit batty or blind, but are there a couple of missing threads (the Drive movie?, the Wilco thread??) and if so, what happened to them? Sorry, Hearne but my inquiring mind wants to know.

  2. chuck says:

    So now she is the Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Disease Girl”

    Hot Tubs, Pool Tables and nasty furniture (Caitlin shudders.) shilled shamelessly by a former hottie that used to look great breakin balls bent over a pool table breakin balls. Now ya drop .75 in the slot, she will rack YOUR balls.

    “Get your hands outta my side pocket pumpkin, that ain’t a pickle, and I ain’t glad to see ya.”

    “Jennifer’s Body” the sequel, is a Ron Jeremy production.

    Why is she kissing the ground? She looks like an Iranian hostage.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Well Done Hearne
    Very interesting. I tried to go to the site and see or hear the show, didn’t work, the site came up but couldn’t see anything much. Hey POD Casts are catching on finally. Jim Jeffries has one in LA with over 100,000 customers, when you get a hundred dollars per thousand on ads, not bad…In her defesne she still looks doable. I guess she is in her early 40’s is she married still? I think so, in some photos she looks good in some a bit piggy but still sexy…

  4. Brian says:

    Why is she kissing the ground?
    I believe that is the start/finish line at Indy.

  5. Cliffy says:

    A few weeks ago you promised to run the pic of her and Zieman. What gives?

  6. smartman says:

    Twatson’s Girl
    What a nasty fuckpig! She makes Gloria Squitiro look like Mila Kunis. I’ll bet her G-SPOT looks like a Golden Corral!

    This territory has been and is still being covered quite well by a variety of hotter and or more educated and informed porn stars, ex hookers, doctors and “sexual educators”.

    My how the mighty have fallen. Won’t be long before she’ll be on Craig’s List offering up her brownie to your wrapped in the love glove weenie for $1000.00 a night plus expenses.

    I’d tap it for nostalgia’s sake.

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    Wrong verb tense Hearne
    She was trampy when she did the commercials with her step-father drooling over her ala Woody Allen and Soon-Yi.

  8. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Is it any wonder that Hearne would still be chasing this pig skirt? Yet another in the long line of D-listers, nobodies and fringe notables in the Hearne Christopher pantheon of regurgitated KC “news.” There must not have been any breaking news at Jardine’s in the past few days to report.

  9. bschloz says:

    What the HayHow……..Anybody seen Janie from Milgrams lateley?

  10. Rick says:

    color me confused
    Craig do u have to always show your pigdom?

    Hearne help me out? Who is X103 Matt and why do i care if he is talking about sex in the rainforest? Or are u telling me this as an example of the site being raunchy? Or is the line suppose to indicate that Matt from X103 is describing what he has heard from Jennifer’s show? But yet you also write “her site’s description for Jennifer’s August 7th show.” So does that mean Matt is a girl???? I’m so freakin confused.

    I know I was a challenge to edit me but brother you could benefit from some editing also becasue I sometimes have no clue as to what you are writing about or who?

  11. mark smith says:

    Lolrz on the Janie from Milgrams line
    Where are they now. Theres a series in that Hearne .
    Uncle Ed short eyes Muscare…. Doing his 2nd or 3rd stretch for his taste in lil smokies smothered in underoos.
    Fred Broski bowling for dollars in the here after.
    And a million other local used to be’s and has beens.
    As for the Watsons girl, this is one of those rare occasions I agree with Glazer, she still has a little nostalgix sexiness buried beneath all that hagen daz

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well, she was 33 in July. Probably 34 tops now. Divorced

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    I posted this story while out of town. Gimmie one more chance

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    You know, you’re not alone in that thinking. Lots of people thot he was her sugar daddy. Or worse.

    But I hung with them with him and her mom – who looked a lot like Jennifer only older and a lot heftier – and everything appeared to be on the up and up

  15. Hearne Christopher says:

    You know, you’re not alone in that thinking. Lots of people thot he was her sugar daddy. Or worse.

    But I hung with them with him and her mom – who looked a lot like Jennifer only older and a lot heftier – and everything appeared to be on the up and up

  16. Hearne Christopher says:

    Dammit, Merle! You got me again!

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    Don’t get me started…

  18. Hearne Christopher says:

    Sorry, dude.

    But my read on it – maybe I’m ever so slightly quicker on the draw than you – was he was probably a local jock. But that struck me as insignificant to local readers. The point being that she would host a show with anybody on covering those topics.

    Now Rick, that’s why God – not Al Gore – invented the Internet. When you stumble onto something you want to know more about, you seek it out. Good luck with Matt from X103. And you might want to leave that same comment on Jennifer’s sight as she only has ONE COMMENT on three months worth of shows!

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    It’s a dirty job, Mark….

    But I may just take you guys up on the odd where are they now angle. With Merle’s permission, of course.

  20. Orphan of the Road says:

    Why are you stuttering? LOL

    Had a boss once who everybody said was having an affair with an an employee who reported to him. She was dumpy, not very attractive. I laughed. Figured if you are going to risk your marriage and financial security by cheating on your wife it would have to be an upgrade.

    Couple of years later I saw his wife, she was an older version of the employee.

    Just saying.

  21. Hearne Christopher says:

    Let’s put it this way; far be it from me to suggest something approaching a Woody Allen situation in this case. And don’t forget, she was engaged early on to a med student who studied overseas in England. Minute I heard that, I figured she was history – and turns out she was. Don’t remember what the Ex dude did, but don’t think he was a doc or anything close.

    I dunno, now she’s like 34, totally on the loose and gosh knows what is happening.

    Makes sense though that she’s not in the TV ads. Never did get an explanation for the name change but if even the zumba people wouldn’t go on the show becuz it was too skanky….

  22. BarKeeper says:

    A Fugly Roadkill Skunk
    And some of you guys would actually “do” this rolly-polly rodent?

  23. kcfred says:

    in my trevails through life i’ve found that…
    ….the rolly polly ones do you over and over again. Chase all the starlets you want, but it’s the “just not quite cute enough” woman who’ll suck the chrome off a trailer hitch (thanks willie). They work harder and enjoy it more. Give me a “rubenesque” seasoned woman anyday over some big boobed babe who wouldn’t know what to do if you asked them. I’d do her. And she’d do me. You bet.

  24. smartman says:

    You are correct sir! That being said I’d prefer my pleasingly plump, big boned, built for comfort not for speed girl not to be A NASTY SKANK who beats her minge to death with vibrating polycarbonite. With a little love and motivation you can get your chunky to get on the treadmill and Weight Watchers when she’s not hiding the salami and shed a few pounds and emerge as stunning and curvy Kate Winslet type BABE. No better way to start the day than with a firm plump rump staring you in the face in reverse cowgirl!

  25. kcfred says:

    there’s a difference
    …between a skank and a “not quite cute enough gal”.
    Practice discretion, know your territory.
    As Ted Nugent once said..”I don’t need those fancy types, I need the ones that’s clean.”
    The not quite cute enough gal, can, in her own right be a fox, but not quite up to Craig’s standards but…oh wait, let me rephrase that. The Watson’s girl? Absolutely. With enthusiasm.
    Skanky? Again, know your territory.
    Like with anything, do some research.
    Happily satisfied for over 40 years…

  26. Merle Tagladucci says:

    re: Reply From: Hearne Christopher
    08:45:30 PM – Thu. Sep 15. 2011

    It’s a dirty job, Mark….

    But I may just take you guys up on the odd where are they now angle. With Merle’s permission, of course.


    Permission granted. The occasional “where are they now” story is a fun read, anything to get away from the repeated reliance on your part to continually go back to those dozen or so cronies and personal faves of yours that make up about 70% of your material. Absolutely permission granted. I’ve read enough stories on what’s going on at Jardine’s to last ten lifetimes. We’re talking about a jazz club that 95% of the city couldn’t care less about. I guess the reason you go back to these same sources for quotes so often is because, for you, they’re so accessible. People who have lived in this town long enough have seen it for years. Kudos for making it work. You need to get more talent on your staff though, and younger blood. What happened to Maria or whatever her name was, the girl who was going to KU? She could write. Compare her work to say, Kelly Urich’s contributions on this site. I know all these cats who write for you have smart phones, why not challenge them to test the video mode out on those things and add another layer of content to their stories, mix in some soundbites from KC folks on the street. Something, anything. Just make an effort to be fresh. You should consider letting one of your readers contribute something here, maybe once a month. A different reader each month. That would be fun. Put the shoe on the other foot, watch them get raked across the coals in the comments section for a change.

    Have a nice weekend. Go Ortiz!

  27. Rick says:

    U R going
    to think I’m trying to be funny or sarcastic. But seriously I’m not. What about a Harley Race update. Hummm I wonder if that is where jojo got his new moniker?

  28. ufc fights online says:

    ufc fights online
    Kudos for making it work. You need to get more talent on your staff though, and younger blood.

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