Hearne: Nick Wright vs. Kevin Kietzman, No Punches Pulled

Uno que mas…

Which have you had the most "more than enough" of? My radio ratings breakdowns or Harley‘s comments section rants about me not having a clue?

That said, I’m going to risk it all by offering up one last ratings breakdown I think you’ll find of interest. You won’t find it on any local loser, blogger sites cuz they can’t get ’em.

So here come the Top 5 afternoon drive radio shows for male listeners ages 25 to 54, weekdays.

In other words, most of you dudes reading these words.

Two advisories: You’ll learn exactly who’s winning the afternoon drive sports talk "war" – 610’s Nick Wright (hold the applause 50-somethings) or WHB’s Kevin Kietzman (hold the boos 50, 60 and 70-somethings).

And you’ll learn that at long last that NewsRadio KMBZ is gaining traction after going to a simulcast on KUDL FM’s signal earlier this year. You’ll also learn that KCFX’s Skid Roadie is again – by far and away – king of p.m. drive.

More importantly, those of you not worried about Social Security and Medicare, will be horrified to hear that The Buzz’s Church of Lazlo was firebombed – not by Al Queda – but by local listeners. Ugly, but true.

Now on to the show…

1)  KCFX FM’s Skid Roadie with a 12.1 share. I recall talking to a guy who used to cut Skid’s grass for a joint and a sixpack. I also recall going on Skid’s show with the band Pianosaurus, playing all-toy instruments. Very cool.

2)  WHB’s Kevin Kietzman with a 10.0 share. I used to view KK as a totally nerdy, whimpy WDAF TV weekend anchor type. Shows how smart I am. I’m a little smarter now. Not muc, but a little.

3)  The Rock’s Nivens. with a 9.4 share. Here’s a guy who’s kicking some bigtime butt but hasn’t gotten much press. That needs to be remedied.

4)  610 Sports Nick Wright with a 6.1 share. There’s a school of thought among bluehairs who don’t get Wright that I’m secretly his godfather. I’m not. Truth is, Nick probably couldn’t pick me out of a police lineup. Or me him, except for his beak. Some of you geezers think he’s the worst thing since sliced bread, but Nick didn’t get his ratings by accident. I just don’t happen to hate him for still being young like some of you do. Go figure.

5)  NewsRadio KMBZ with a 4.6 share, up a full point from a 3.6 share. I know, I know. I’ve bagged on Shanin & Parks, but they damn near have a news, opinion talk monopoly.. Now they’re starting to get the ratings.

BONUS ROUND: The Buzz – even though it fell nearly two full share points – looks halfway healthy at No. 6 with a 4.5 share, still down sharply from a 6.2 share.

Look, it’s probably an anomaly – for the good of mankind, – but it’s worrisome. And not just for the station.

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28 Responses to Hearne: Nick Wright vs. Kevin Kietzman, No Punches Pulled

  1. Craig Glazer says:

    No Shockers
    I’m glad to see Nivens get some love. He does a great job as does Moose after Johnny Dare’s five or nine hours in the morning. Dare is talk radio, though he is under the DJ brand, they are mostly music with light comments, but both entertaining and talented guys. As is Skid, it ain’t easy to standout with for the most part, just playing songs. Nick is surely the heir apparent if he stays in KC…yep Nick is a hot commodity around the “sports talk” world even outside of KC…..He’s young and hip, put on that Stern/Dare move with his posse and now he’s off to the races. Nick unlike 810 and the tons of sports talk guys before him, has no real “athlete” on his show all the time to pump numbers up.

    I still think 101 gets heat with the fall of KY,KUDL and Star 102 all aimed at over 45 audiences with more recent oldies stuff, now its just 101 the Fox plus the lowly but ever popular Chiefs…mostly the oldies.

    Shanon and Parks have always been top drawer if you like political talk, they are kings. Good work Hearne of explaining the who and why…Radio is still big in KC, more than many other cities this size. We love our local guys….and local news and sports, even though its the Royals and Chiefs, imagine what happens when they are good! One day.

  2. harley says:

    I am right…you don’t have a clue
    you continue to think that this is your little playground and that the world revolves around
    you and your little unknown clueless blog.
    You are clueless…because if you had any smarts you’d realize that you need readers.
    Without them you are dead.
    You’d realize that almost half the comments are how inane and stupid your stories and
    writers are. You’d realize that i am right…that few if any people still care about what you
    have to share.
    Look at hall’ssite…in just a few short months he’s out pulling you. His comments are outnumbering
    yours. He’s got some interesting comments and copy that gets people to his site.
    Yours is outdated….old….sorry…..and boring. There’s nothing left to read unless you’re
    like this cowboy dude and are jacking with glaze.
    Obviuosly you do this as a hobby. You can’t be making much money. Roger the plumber
    ain’t paying much…the point isn’t paying much because you’ve never even mentioned them
    on this site….glaze gets a free ad….amc theatres is probably a trade…so you’re living on
    the silver spoon.
    Everyone’s suggested ideas for this site. Any real journalist with experience would understand what
    they were saying and take action. You have failed.
    There’s nothing better than watching a slow train wreck….and thats what this site is.
    Thanks for the mentions…i appreciate it. It shows you are listening and reading what i
    say like most of the other readers on this site…how few there may be.

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Nick Wright sucks. The ratings bear that out…
    He’ll never beat KK long term. I’m going over to Hall’s site now. Later.

  4. kcfred says:

    geezers and blue hairs
    Keep laughing boy. Your not so subtle digs at us grey beards are not funny or even relevant. I can remember when a 12.5 afternoon drive in men 25-54 would put you in third place. So, keep laughing at us who remember when radio actually meant something, it’s OK, cause it matters very little now.
    I know that us geezer and blue hairs have the dough (too bad) and we ain’t spending it with Nick Wright. I don’t like him because he’s young, I don’t like him because he sounds like he should be in Joplin or Topeka, not in a major market. While KK is a constant info mercial, at least he sounds like he’s had SOME kind of training. Skid is Skid, has been for 30 years and whatever you think of him, that’s impressive. He’s a bud to the listeners and people like him. Yeah, he’s a geezer, too.

  5. smartman says:

    My Kinda String
    With the exception of the comment from Cliff Clayvon I like this string.

    Addy smells a little like Tracy aka Mildred dontcha think? Is it live or is it Memorex?

    All these ratings and shares do is illustrate the stupidity of the radio listening audience in KC and the overall long term negative impact of Public Education on both sides of the state line.

  6. Rick says:

    Speaking of which-MORE TRACY TALK!!
    Concur with what u say Smartman.

    The following is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT and in no way she be considered a support or endorsement by this station or any of its advertisers. Though we do encourage mental health evaluations.

    In all seriousness two Tracy issues. She says she has tried to log on and comment but the site won’t accept her therefore contrary to what Hearne says she is indeed still BANNED!!!

    She also has indicated that she has had some illness and surgery and I’m sure would appreciate prayers and well wishes. She says she has enjoyed reading all the comments.

    My guess is she is also making voodoo dolls for most of us as she is home recovering. But that’s just my take. Hearne do u feel a little pinch in your neck?

  7. gene says:

    What Tracy really needs…..
    ….is a good thrashing. Enough to get rid of the cobwebs.

  8. smartman says:

    Best Wishes!
    From the Racist Thug to the crazy whacked out bitch best wishes for a quick and complete recovery! You are in my prayers. God Bless You!

    I hope the surgery was not an addadicktome in a continued attempt by Tracy to sieze the third leg of power in the KCC Triumvirate.

  9. Einstein says:

    Hearne is wrong again
    You continue to embarrass yourself by publishing numbers supplied to by Bob Z ( who would not have given you these numbers if his boy Skid didn’t rank #1). BTW, weren’t there a bunch of Friday night Chiefs games in the Month of August whose pregame shows would be duing Skids show? You deny Nick Wright his number because of Royals….what about Skid?

    Well anyway, if you did your homework you would havealso discovered that Nick Wright, Shannin and Parks, and Keitzman are all on from 2-6pm, Skid is on from 2p-7p ( only Cumulus makes people do 5 hour shows), and Nivens and Lazlo are on from 3p-7p. While the ranking doesn’t change, the numbers do. My point is if you are going to tout your self as having a clue….you should actually have a clue.

    Skid 11.8 ( not a 12.1)
    KK 10 ( did not change when corrected daypart was loaded)
    Nivens 9.1 (not 9.4)
    Nick W 6.1 (same)
    Lazlo 5.6 ( not the “unhealthy “4.5 6th place you listed)
    Shanin and Parks 4.6 ( same)
    Interesting to note that Entercom has 4 of the top 6 shows in PM drive with a 25.4 share.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Does anybody care what was or wasn’t on Gateway City several years back. which by the way was mostly useless information and sniping by anonymous posters. The answer is they don’t.

    The reason people read KCC is to get local takes and content they can’t get anywhere else. And the reason nobody else posts these numbers is they don’t have access to them. Only stations and big ad agencies do. So local bloggers are left to report only the 6-plus numbers which are mostly irrelevant.

    As for our numbers, trust me, we know them well. Unlike your uninformed, anonymous ass.

    Btw, I do know who you are. Too bad.

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    Sports always gets lots of comments. Why do you think we have two sports talk radio stations.

    Out-pulling KCC? Dream on.

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    The ratings bear out that KK still rules, but they hardly support the contention that Wright has made amazing ratings strides in his short time on the air at 610 Sports. The numbers do not lie.

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    You nailed it, I unblocked her IP to give her a chance to clean up her act but…

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    Actually, the pinches I feel from Tracy generally occur in the lower extremities.

    She likes the word banned, but I prefer the term ip blocked. I did tell her I’d be happy to post her comments via email. As long as she doesn’t pretend to put owrds in my mouth like yesterday when she told me I had set up trust funds for my daughters (I have not). Or when she told readers that I’d said, “Nobody cares about Johnson County.” Obviously, I did not.

    Or tries to guess who anonymous sources in stories are and out them – usually wrongly – which mkakes for a pain in all concerned you-know-whats.

    I do wish her well and would be happy to post her comments if she wants to email them to me (along with more bogus info on my family finances)

  15. Markus Aurelius says:

    For the record, there are plenty of us thirty-somethings
    that aren’t geezers or bluehairs and still think Nick Wright sucks. Hearne, You’re mistaken if you think it’s a generational thing with Nick Wright. It’s not even a cultural thing. If anything it’s more of a right brain/left brain thing or more accurately it’s a Thinking/Sensing thing, which is the third personality type in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myers-Briggs_Type_Indicator).

    On the whole I think 810 appeals to those that are “thinkers” more than “feelers” and vice versa for 610. Sure there are exceptions to any rule but I think this may be the only collective assumption you could make about each station’s audience. Perhaps any age-based stats simply reinforce the notion that the 18-25 year old demo isn’t into “thinking” as much as the 25-54 demo. Unfair? Maybe. True? Probably.

  16. smartman says:

    Holy Moly Markus
    Myers Briggs to explain KK v Nick Wright listeners? That’s like applying the theory of evolution to the East Side.

    Let’s start with the premise that at least 60% of their listeners couldn’t score high enough on the Wonderlik to be a fucking ballboy.

    I make that statement based on the fact that the callers that get on the air represent the best of breed of their listeners, which ain’t sayin much other than ya know, uh, um, ok, like, I mean, right, so, etc..

    Based on relative intelligence let’s consider what the average man on the street listens to on the evening commute if you’re a 9 to 5’er

    GENIUS- Nothing. Your thoughts are enough to keep you entertained
    BRILLIANT- Sat Radio or ipod
    SMART- Rosetta Stone CD
    THINK YOU’RE SMART Michael Savage
    IDIOT – Shanin and Parks
    MORON – KK
    DOUCHEBAG – Nick Wright
    SIMPLETON – Other FM
    I’m gonna call Quintiles and see how much they’ll charge to do a double blind on my assumptions.

  17. Rick says:

    So what is
    Greg Hall since he listens to all of them?

  18. Hearne says:

    OK guys, I gave her another chance
    Was feeling sorry for Tracy so I unblocked her ip yesterday and look what I got. An ignorant rant by somebody who doesn’t even know how to Google their own name and stories, pretending to be an online marketing expert of some sort.

    Sorry guys, but life’s too short.

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    The numbers I provided were 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., nothing more. Nothing less.

    So let me get this straight, you wanna add another hour in during which they don’t compete? Which screws up the head-to-head. But leaves the rankings only slightly changed but in the exact order reported.

    Do you have a life?

  20. Hearne Christopher says:

    Careful what you wish for, dude

  21. Orphan of the Road says:

    I thought you said she wasn’t blocked?
    Reply From: Hearne Christopher
    09:44:30 PM – Fri. Sep 9. 2011

    Nice try, but I never “banned” Tracy. That’s her term, I told her she can comment but she says she will not.

    Blocked or banned, semantics.

  22. smartman says:

    Vell Reek Gude Kveshton?
    Greg Hall ish da reepoorter ash veeshay een Mumbai.

    Sho a cashe gude bee made dat he ish a seeker phuck den alldarest pute toogedder butt seence heduzzit for lub veet a puure hart and notda munee he eesh lyke dah Buddha or shumting.

    Okeedokee? Time for Jardeenzsh

  23. mermaid says:

    I don’t like Nick
    Nick Wright is nothing but a whiner! I dislike him just for that. Oh and the fact that he whined along with his dad about Tony’s site. How he has gotten as far as he has is beyond me. I guess money buys anything.

  24. Hearne Christopher says:

    True, but I think the bottom line is that life goes on.

  25. The real Tracy says:

    The real tracy is still banned. Testing 123
    Someone is now posting as hearne, but trust me: my IP is still blocked and besides, I am not posting except this one test.

  26. Tracy says:

    Well I’ll be, Hearne DID unblock my IP
    LOL that he “felt sorry for me”…probably more like sorry for himself with falling comment counts.
    But I did not post any rant about radio, because…I didn’t post till five minutes ago, just to test this.
    Sad that he would lie once more. How desperate is that?! Make up stories that I was inappropriate?
    Really? The man who attacks the dead, and prowls lobbies of funerals, seeing sexpose stories to embarrass the bereaved and knock the dead down a peg?

    Hearne claimed I was not banned…but just now admits that my IP was ‘blocked’ for the past month.
    He offered me to be the only person on the planet who must submit “moderator approved” comments, which I of course declined.
    Adios, delusional Mean Boy web site.
    Still recovering from surgery, but catch me soon at TracyKCConfidential.

  27. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Sports radio ratings in KC are a sign of the times. Look at all the garbage on tv that somehow manages to garner ratings and a weekly audience. We just happen to be saddled with the radio equivalent of Jersey Shore on 610 and The Eddie Haskell Show on 810 between 2-6pm.

  28. Hey Hearne says:

    Your source of ratings booted
    It appears your butt boy Bob Z lost yet another job. Where are you going to get your bogus Arbitron numbers to continue to bore us with the same old lists of the same old stations all compared in share( not actual listeners) with one demo within one daypart to your arbitrary chosing? Booooring. ZZZZZZZZ (no pun intended)

    Question: will you now refer to Bob Z an sources “outside” the industry?

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