Caitlin: Rebecca Taylor delivers multi-faceted collection for Spring 2012

Owing to the production and casting team at ACW Worldwide, the entire event ran smoothly. Helpful staff members directed guests to their seats, make-up teams and crew members kept models on point—I was even handed an ice cold water the second I walked in backstage, which was much needed after jogging around the circumference of Lincoln Center in 3-inch high heels.

And let me tell you, the blisters were worth it.

Taylor’s initial color palate included shades of moonlight, blush, pearl, and limeade. Mixed materials, like Alabaster snake leather, pearls, cotton mesh, and chiffon were sewn together in some garments or layered as separates to make up individual looks. Taylor’s most successful looks were loose-fit and feminine, like her pieced t-shirt dress, pointelle dress, and snake leather bomber jacket.

Later, Taylor integrated wild rose patterns, sky-like textile prints, and colors like moonlight and black. While some of these looks were sophisticated and beautiful, others—like her gunmetal multi-pieced halter back dress—seemed too patched together and adjustable, like an apron dress made for a camping and music festival.




Yet Taylor’s overall collection was original and cohesive, a collection with so many mixed-materials, colors, and textures—one that could only be pulled off by the talented designer herself. 

To view Rebecca Taylor’s complete Spring 2012 RTW Collection, visit the link below:








For detailed information regarding each look, see notes from the program below:

1. Alabaster snake leather and shades of moonlight silk pieced dress

2. Shades of moonlight pieced silk tee; Pearl sequin encrusted trousers

3. White voile Henley; Alabaster snake leather shorts

4. Optic white cropped anorak; pear pailette racer back dress; blush asymmetrical slip

5. Limeade pointelle dress

6. Moonlight mesh cross-back crew; shades of moonlight pieced skirt

7. Pearl multi-pieced asymmetrical dress

8. Shimmering digital printed army jacket; Citron tile print asymmetrical dress

9. Citron tile print cut-away dress

10. Nude pailette cross-back crew; citron tile print asymmetrical skirt

11. Alabaster snake leather apron top; moonlight tile eyelet pant

12. White cotton mesh cross-back crew; white voile skirt

13. Moonlight eyelet asymmetrical dress

14. Shades of moonlight pieced t-shirt dress

15. Alabaster snake leather bomber; optic white pointelle dress

16. Denim blue anorak; digital animal printed jersey tank dress; moonlight silk asymmetrical slip

17. Print mixed open back dress

18. Limeade tile eyelet cropped shell; mini wild roses and metallic pieced shorts

19. Shades of moonlight pieced dress; gun mental mesh tank dress

20. Camel leather apron top; print mixed skirt

21. Nude pailette cropped tank; print mixed handkerchief dress

22. Panther pieced lurex voile Henley; storm mini wild roses chiffon trouser

23. Denim blue anorak; limeade pointelle cropped crew; print mixed handkerchief skirt

24. Denim blue anorak; limeade pointelle cropped crew; print mixed handkerchief skirt

25. storm wild roses cross-back cut out dress

26. storm wild roses open back shell; limeade pointelle skirt

27. storm mini wild roses Henley dress

28. Storm wild roses apron wrap dress

29. Nude pailette cropped tank; shades of denim pieced skirt

30. Digital printed army jacket; black tile eyelet and denim silk pieced top; shades of moonlight silk pieced skirt

31. Shades of denim silk and tile eyelet shell; steel satin and sequin short

32. Black tile eyelet pieced apron dress

33. Moonlight eyelet cami; black pointelle skirt

34. Black tile eyelet pieced top, steel sequin waist shorts

35. White lurex voile asymmetrical shirt; cobalt shibori skirt

36. Cobalt shibori tie front apron dress

37. Denim blue cropped anorak; denim blue eyelet asymmetrical dress

38. Print mixed raglan sleeve top; Alabaster snake leather pant

39. Shibori triangle back dress

40. Gunmetal multi-pieced halter back dress

41. Gunmetal multi-pieced asymmetrical dress
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3 Responses to Caitlin: Rebecca Taylor delivers multi-faceted collection for Spring 2012

  1. chuck says:

    My favorite T shirts were there too!!!!
    A white T Shirt, that says “Party With Sluts!!”

    A Black one that has an arrow, and says, “I just might fuck this bitch!”

    A Blue one that says, “Next Swing, 6 minutes”.

    And my favorite, a velcro jacket with dogs playing poker on the back.

    Fuckin awesome.

  2. chuck says:

    Oh shit Caitlin
    Its supposed to be “Next Mood Swing 6 Minutes.”

    What the fuck is “cobalt shibori”?

  3. Super Dave says:

    Gee Chuck
    Oh come on Chuck you are not that in the dark about women are you?

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