Starbeams: Under Arrest for Pol Threatening, Pot Smoking, Car Jacking & Cop Bashing

A Kansas man was arrested at Honolulu airport over threats to Vice President Joe Biden. Justin Alan Woodward was arrested Friday when he arrived in Honolulu on a Delta Airlines flight. Ironically, Woodward now leads President Obama by 7 points in the latest poll.


Missouri Governor Jay Nixon‘s son, Wilson Nixon, has been charged with possession of marijuana. Wilson is 21.  He says he is just practicing up in case his dad ever runs for Mayor of Kansas City.


A 21 year old has been arrested for hitting a police officer with his car after Sunday’s game at Arrowhead.  He admitted to drinking before and during the game.  The officer went airborne and landed on his back.  The man has been charged with a hit and run.  In other news, all 70,000 Chiefs fans at the game were charged for leaving the scene of an accident.


A man jumped on the hood of a woman’s car today on U.S. 71 in Kansas City, pointed a gun at her and told her to drive. She floored it and drove straight to Kansas City Police headquarters downtown, where she rammed through a garage door with the man still clinging to her hood.  Police quickly arrested the man nearby.  It appears carpooling will never catch on in this town.

Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on radio station The Point 99.7 FM

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3 Responses to Starbeams: Under Arrest for Pol Threatening, Pot Smoking, Car Jacking & Cop Bashing

  1. Craig Glazer says:

    Good Stuff Kelly
    funny, very funny man. I like it…

  2. chuck says:

    Not Bad
    Leavin the scene, heh heh

  3. Alonzo Hope says:

    Spread the word. If we all vote together we can end this absurd war on the American people and stop wasting resources on arrests like this. Marijuana legalization has been introduced in MO. Now all we need are the signatures and the votes. See the article here:

    Go to Show Me Cannibas to support this initiative and eliminate this de-humanizing prohibition.


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