Glazer: Local Sports Media Follow The Leader. As In Me


Now everyone’s lined up behind your humble scribe…

To be blunt, nobody saw the Chiefs as one of the worst in the league. Except me. I broke it down for you weeks ago as to why they would struggle. After a preseason – which I explained DOES matter when your team lacks confidence and talent – they got jacked by everyone’s second team and went 0-4.

Yeah, it mattered.

There are stats about teams where it doesn’t, but with teams that finish 2-5 like the Chiefs it does.

We have lost, including preseason, 7 in a row with 3 regular season (including the play off game) blow outs. To Oakland, Baltimore and now the lowly Bills.

Things that we talked about before: Haley is almost sure to be fired during or after the season. Likely during, as the Chiefs will win maybe a game if that by mid season. Clark Hunt will be forced to fire Haley to show the fan base he’s doing something.

Haley will take the blame for most everything, even though that falls on Scott Pioli and Hunt almost as much.

They brought in NO HELP (CHEAP). WE REBUILT THE STADIUM. They made terrible draft picks with the exception of one or two – like the now likely to not ever be what he was Eric Berry. Yes, we lost our most talented player, possibly forever. And our tight end is likely gone for good.

Did KK, Soren or even my buddy Nick see this coming? Uh, no. I went on radio and KC Confidential and made it clear that this was a CLOWN ACT, not a team "trying to get better."

Is it me or are you sick of hearing, trying to get better?

Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel is close to the end of his Chiefs career. It’s ikely that that in a week or two he’ll leave with some injury never to wear the Red again.

He wants out; he hates it here and has NO involvement with this city. None. Worse than Joe Montana.

Here’s your three year starting quarterback who is on almost no radio ot TV shows, at no events and clearly is NOT happy here. He’s been playing for a check and his own glory. To survive and to go to another team as a starter. But now that he’s below average that may never happen. Matt is an eight year 31 year old, now a bit damaged quarterback with not much upside.

Folks, we screwed the pooch. We have to rebuild and start now. Let’s see if Ricky Stanzi is the man. He will start, as I said a few weeks back, very soon. That might not be a good thing with this horrible offensive line, but he could get some excitement back in a team that has already quit.

The team does not believe in Haley. Now the radio guys are saying, Scott and Todd are on the outs. Todd is almost surely gone during or after this season. The experiment didn’t work with Todd and Matt. Sorry.
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31 Responses to Glazer: Local Sports Media Follow The Leader. As In Me

  1. kcfred says:

    It takes a man to admit he was wrong. It takes a fucking asshole to tell us how right he is. Even though it’s one effing game. Is being a pompous douchebag what turns the women on now? I hope I never know. And your boi Ricky Stanzi looks like he lost the arms race…What a joke. I love watching trainwrecks though. This is a huge one.

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    A face in the crowd
    The most obvious sign of Chiefagedon is the number of points laid on them during those losses.

    Most of the people I talk to all had the Chiefs taking a step backward in the win column this year. A few saw them in the playoffs. Most of those folks are like Geno, who bet on a replay of a Royals home-opener we had just watched.

    Fescoe calling for a boycott. Yeah that will get the ratings up if their is no football. His Jay Hawk buddies can’t prop him up that much. I’m sure the program director is on board for everybody abandoning football. Who would Nick suck up to in this town if football was not in play?

    I hope Chuck isn’t sitting in his Chrysler Imperial with the engine running, a full tank of gass, the only KC Super Bowl win on the iPad and the garage door shut.

    But the story in Vegas was the sports books paying off to both sides on the USC game. You whiffed on bringing home a real story. That would have made your bones, once and for all.

    The storyline now begins to form. Will Chiefs win the race for Andrew Luck?

  3. BS Nerdlaw says:

    A couple of points, Glaze….
    Yes, you may have possibly forced some of us to eat a little crow when it comes to the Chiefs season outlook. Based on Sundays game, it appears they are much worse off than most of us thought they would be. However, I’m going to wait a few more games before I completely jump off the bandwagon…because I want to see how they respond, and if they can possibly bounce back. Not likely, but I am going to hold out with what little hope I have.

    With that said, even though you may be right about the team…it still doesn’t look good to see you getting facts wrong on a continual basis with your sports blogs. First off, Cassel is 29 years old, not 31. Maybe that’s being nit-picky, but when you post someone’s age you should probably get that right. Two, where is your evidence that Cassel wants to leave KC and wants no part of this town? I don’t see the basis for that argument. I have seen that guy doing numerous things out in public for this city, and despite the fact he may not be our answer at QB….I see no evidence of him not wanting to be a part of this community. He was very involved in the effort down in Joplin with the Chiefs. I’ve seen him on the news showing up at schools doing programs with kids. Maybe he doesn’t talk that often on the news or on the radio…but who on the Chiefs squad does? He is restricted by the coaches and Pioli, who don’t want their players talking more than they have to. I’m sorry, but those statements about Cassel are without merit…I just don’t see how you can make those comments. And if you know something we don’t, then give us factual evidence and proof….don’t just make a comment like that without backing it up.

    As for Cassel as a QB, I may have officially stopped being an apologist for him at about 1:45 pm Sunday. Now, I don’t think Stanzi comes in to play this year unless he’s hurt…but I am starting to feel that Cassel is not the guy. It’s taken a long time for me to admit that, because I wanted to see him succeed. Not just for the team, but because of the guy I think he is…a good leader and quality individual. I know this contradicts what you wrote above Glazer, but I really think Cassel is a stand-up guy, and I don’t think it’s fair for you to make statements about him not wanting to have anything to do with this town. Talk all you want about him as a player…but don’t drag his character in the mud with it.

    That is all.

  4. harley says:

    how many stories will you post about how smart you are in picking the chiefs
    to have a tough season. You like every one else on kcc and in the media
    said the chiefs would win 6 games…maybe less.
    so you were not alone in your prediction.
    why do you continue to flail in trying to make yourself out to be some kind
    of super man.
    You’re consistently wrong with your facts and stats. You use no real background
    to prove your case. and you continue to be the clown on this site as the few
    real readers leave this pathetic site.
    Why not trying to write something relevant and not so redundant.
    You have no basis for your comments besides your one sided opinion.
    Post your picks for this weekend…lets see how well you do. Make some bold
    predictions and lets see if you ‘re a one week wonder or you know more than
    you’re showing.
    comeon big mouth…put your picks on line for all the games and lets see
    who is the best…..and lets get off bashing the chiefs for at least one minute.
    And hernia…this guy is driving readers away from your site…hall is averaging about
    20-30 comments per story…..with a clean format…..

  5. Bdogg says:

    Hey Craig, what part of the city did Marcus and Montana live when they were playing here? Did they buy houses or just stay here during the season? I’ve always wondered.

  6. harley says:

    montana lived in hallbrook…before he bought the house he got into a bidding war
    for it with a noted local doctor. Montana won the highest bid. When he left kc
    he sold the house back to the doctor and tennis star.
    Marcus lived on the plaza…in the same building as carl…carl’s
    wife laurie was seen often with marcus on the plaza.
    I had dinner with marcus at plaza 3…nice guy but was always late
    (arent they all).

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    Actually, Allen’s condo was one of the little brick dealies directly behind Carl’s condo

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Answers To Questions
    Marcus lived on the Plaza in the condos next to what once was Carl Petersons place. The Alameda Towers, I don’t know the name of Allen’s but it was right next to Peterson’s location. Nice condos. Joe had a home, I believe rented, not sure. I never went to his house, I don’t think his wife was a fan of mine after seeing him at Stanfords drunk and out on the town a couple times. I liked them both, but KC was not their cup of tea, sadly.

    As for Matt Cassel, nobody said he wasn’t a decent sort. I don’t know him. He just never embraced out city, thats all. He kind knew he made a mistake, other than his payment, coming here. He didn’t realize how bad the team was and that he wasn’t the man to fix it…thats all…now its over for him. Maybe a starting spot for the Vikings, McNabb looks to be in trouble already, we’ll see.

    As for stats, Harley I’ve used them a ton with the Chiefs and Royals, wins, loses, batting averages, backgrounds, on and on, I only have a couple paragraphs to use with this format. I think too much is boring, don’t you?

    I spent about 30 minutes with Nick Wright today we both agreed on most everything Chiefs related. Nick is close to Haley and Todd knows baring a mircale its over for him in KC….he likely will become a Offensive coord. somewhere. I think he might work out as a college head coach. Either way he knows he’s nearly done with the Chiefs. Pioli is at fault, maybe as much or more, Cassel and Tyson Jackson, no added veterans that matter…..LOOK WE WILL REBUILD AGAIN, thats all. Detroit did it, why can’t we.

    As far as weekly picks if you guys want that sure we can start doing that this week, might be fun. I will admit I got a bit lucky going 7-1-1 in the pros, thats as good as it gets. So far at 7 1/2 I love the Lions over the Clown act, I see another blow out on the road…the Chiefs are ready to just quit I think, another big loss should do that…the young guys want jobs, and some of our older guys want out of here or to retire like our center and nose tackle Gregg.

    As for me pounding my chest…well maybe….no comment guy…nobody but me said they were a doormat, meaning one of the worst in the NFL, they are now number one bad team, save the Colts….

    P.S. Nick talked about the Andrew Luck race…really how about the 6’8” quarterback at ASU, who jacked MU last Saturday, he’s my number one.

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Hearne Is Correct
    Harley Marcus lived in the brick joint next to what was the Four Seasons, Ritz, so on…Carl did once live there before Allen, then Carl bought the Condo at Alameda Towers…I used to go over and pick Marcus up at his place. I lived at the Sulgrave next to both of them, until 2004. Now we are all gone…loved the location, love the Plaza.

  10. BS Nerdlaw says:

    If by not embracing the city, you mean…..
    ….Cassel hasn’t gone around and slept with other men’s wives, then yes Glazer, you’re right…He has not embraced the city. If you mean he hasn’t been arrested while out drunk at a KC night club, then yeah, you’re dead on. If you mean he hasn’t gone around promoting bars, or car dealerships, or comedy clubs….Correct again!!

    Quit backtracking what you originally said….You stated he’s done nothing for this city. NOTHING! And yet, like I said in my earlier post…he has been seen at several schools doing programs with kids. He’s been out to the local Air Force Base with the troops on a couple of occasions, and was the FRONT-RUNNER of players that went down and helped with the cleanup in Joplin.

    I just can’t believe you have these assumptions that this is what Matt Cassel is thinking…And yet, you just admitted you don’t KNOW THE MAN! I’m not gonna call you out for everything you write Glazer, like some people….but seriously dude, you’ve gotta stop writing stuff like that when you have no idea what is going through the guys head. Especially when you have no proof to come back with other than “Well, I just know he’s not embraced this city” or “he already knows he made a mistake”. I doubt he feels that way…considering he’s now a STARTER in the NFL and no longer backing up Tom Brady.

    Again, bash on the guy’s performance on the field all you want…but until you have more hard evidence to dispute most people’s perception of Cassel in the community, maybe you should stop making up statements like the one’s you made above. This is my biggest gripe with your writing…above anything else. I can live with the botched stats, the “I’m right and you’re all wrong” and the “bold predictions”….but not making things up about a person solely because you THINK that’s how the guy feels about KC. Back it up with facts or evidence.

  11. Taco Time says:

    Chiefs Are Done, Damn
    Man to be punished for an entire season with these losers, AGAIN. Glad I am a New England fan. Good call Glazer, I didn’t think they wuld be this bad either, but they are, we need some Latinos on the squad!!!!

  12. Rick says:

    “baring a mircale its over for him” Yeah sure………

  13. Black Barbie says:

    Craig You Trying To Run The Chiefs Out. I Need Thier Money
    Stop raggin on them please. They spend lots of money on my beautiful rear end Craig. I bet they all hate your ass. They are still gonna be good. I never really did understand football much. Who cares, they cute and rich. They spend money honey. What is the deal with you and that black girl Becky on Johnny Dare? You date her? Please she is not up there with me, you shouldn’t have her on the radio so much, draggin yo ass down babe. It’s your life so whatever you want. When you commin down? Maybe we can go out one night, if you lucky. I still love Neil Smith. Where he at?

  14. Super Dave says:

    The Only Way
    The only way I will ever follow you anywhere would be if I am dead, in a coffin and you are driving the hearse.

  15. Craig Glazer says:

    OK Super Dave Your Wish Is Granted
    You win, you can die now. You have my blessings on it, I got shotgun.

  16. Voice Of Reason says:

    Super Dave You Walked Into That One
    I think Glazer got you on that one Dave.

  17. Super Dave says:

    He Didn’t
    He’s never got anything in his life.

  18. your former parole officer says:

    You have a shotgun?
    Federal felon in posession of a firearm = 120 months mandatory. You are on a public forum dumb shit, I’d watch what I say if I were you. The feds don’t care who you “worked” with, whose ass you kissed. As a convicted federal felon you can never own a gun. Your writing is also criminal, you butcher the english language.

  19. chuck says:

    Pride goeth before a fuckin fall.
    OK Glaze, my crow is digested and is now scatalogical history.

    It was just the first round buddy. I tole y’all that the first week is flukey (“Hand me that Latte Brittney”).

    Chiefs get killed in Detroit. KILLED. Jon McGraw is covering Calvin Megatron Johnson. Sweet Jesus, what an ass kicking.
    Detroit 34 KC 15.

    Arizona @ Washington. Wahington 21 Arizona 20

    Baltimore at Tennesee Balt 31 Tennessee 10

    Chicago @ New Orleans N.O. 42 Chicago 31

    Cleveland @ Indy Cleveland 24 Indy 10

    Green Bay@ Carolina Green Bay 45 Carolina 28

    Jackson ville at New York Jets New Yor Jets 24 Jacksonville 13

    Oakland @ Buffalo Buffalo 21 Oakland 20

    Seattle @ Pittsburg Pittsburgh 37 Seattle 20

    Tampa Bay @ Minnisota Tampa Bay 28 Minnisota 24

    Dallas at San Fran Dallas 35 San Fran 27

    Cincinnatti at Denverr Cincinatti 21 Denver 17

    Houston at Miami Houston 34 Miami 24

    San Diego AT New England New England 31 San Diego 28

    Philly at Atlanta Philly 37 Atl 24

    St Loius at New York Ginats New York 28 St Louis 17

    There ya have it Glaze…. 🙂

  20. chuck says:

    Chiefs season looks lost but
    Chekc out Justin Houston.

    He is in all the wrong places right now, like rooks always are.

    But what a fuckin killer!!

    I remember screamin my ass off for Pioli to take BJ Raji and the fucker took Tyson Jackson. Wow. Really nice, then I remember screamin with Rob for Pioli to take Brandon Spikes (Thought at that time, Jackson would get beter, so didn’t scream for T Cody) and they took Dex McCluster. Spikes is killin in New England.

    Anyway, maybe the Chiefs finally got lucky, The Pot Head Houston can fuckin play. He is fuckin evil, I am tellin ya. Wow. Remeberr when Warren Sapp dropped to number 11 because he tested pos for pot?

    Justin Houston can play.

    I hope we lose more that Indy.

    Can you imagine Andrew Luck goin to Indy and those fuckers don’t miss a beat.

    DON’T GO Chiefs!!!!!!!

  21. chuck says:

    Hey Glaze
    One of the biggest scandals in KC Histoy (And I never did understand what really happened.) was the Marty Schot and Greg Hill scandal.

    And I didn’t know anybody, so I never did understand exactly what happened.

    Hearne, this IS KCCONFIDENTIAL right?

    What really happened?

    Call your lawyers, then write the column.

    Us dweeb hoi polloi in the woods, without access to the tower wanna know.

    Inquiring minds and all that shit.


  22. bschloz says:

    I love this shit
    Glaze …nice job in Vegas…did you end up bringing any money back to KC?
    KC needs to bounce back in Detroit. Haley or Zorn need to take the offense over.
    Thought the Pope reversal was a killer….still had fun at the game ….KC Clowns lol good one Craig….
    BTW Kerouac was way before you on the Chiefs Suck bandwagon…aren’t you going to give him some credit– you’re stealin his thunder.

    Chuck thanks for the picks…I need another day. to digest…I too had pretty good weekend — like the Chiefs better as total dog. LOVE THE NEGATIVITY.

  23. Craig Glazer says:

    Love You Chuck/Bshloz/and More Than A Moron
    First off, guy who wants to get me busted with IRS and FEDS,…..I own no shotgun..more than a moron that meant…SEATING IN THE CAR…I GOT SHOTGUN MEANS FRONT SEAT BY DRIVER, thank you….I place bets in Vegas cause I know who I am and don’t forget that too often, so I get it…

    I like most of your picks Chuck….good job…

    Bshloz, well my winnings paid for the trip, it ain’t cheap out there, with taxi’s,tips,food,clubs,pool stuff, pool drinks on and on,its like 200 a day just to show up, without gaming…the tables will kill you, so I stay away from them, bet here and there…to kill time…or with a date…sadly your Sports Bets don’t count much with the hotel, they want you on the tables losing…still I came out ahead for once….my Chiefs bet won’t pay me til 2012, when season ends, even if the Chiefs are say 1-9 and its over, you have to wait til the end of the regular season to collect…Casino’s hold all the cards, they don’t take your name on the bet, just if you win so you get to pay taxes if its much…they also hope you LOSE THE BETTING SLIP, happens alot, they have no record so you are screwed….every angle they know…

  24. Orphan of the Road says:

    Looks pretty good Chuck
    McNab looked like he was 100-years-old on Sunday. Had he an iota of the ol’ McNabb, well SD was very beatable on that Sunday.

    Cardinals ice the Redskins. Rex Grossman is gonna lead no one to the promised land. Home team should be a +7 when all things are equal. Redskins are +4.

    Oakland will beat Buffalo. Fitzpatrick is the new Campbell. Age & treachery trump youth and a bad haircut. Hopefully Buffalo fans didn’t buy their Super Bowl tixs after beating the Chiefettes. Buffalo +3.5, see above.

    Chuck, the story going around about Greg & Marty is they were both doing the same gal. Marty doesn’t like to share (although I heard she was Greg’s gal). Sound plausible since Chiefs didn’t resign Greg, even with Allen retiring.

  25. Rick says:

    I can say
    that I spoke some time ago with a former writer on this site that confirmed that the Marty rumors were not rumors and he indeed was engaging in adult activity with Greg Hall’s girl who apparently wasn’t the “real deal”.

  26. Rick says:

    Freudian slip. Greg Hill not Hall. Of course………..

  27. chuck says:

    Was there a kid?
    Did she work at Tanners?

  28. Orphan of the Road says:

    Are you saying the the love triangle included a Shim?

  29. Rick says:

    Its been ages
    but yes if I recall correctly she worked at Tanners.

  30. chuck says:

    A shim. Heh, heh…
    That kills me. 🙂 A shim.

    Wasn’t there a kid?

    What ever happened to Greg Hill?

  31. Orphan of the Road says:

    I confuse easily. 🙂

    There was an All-State QB in Media, PA who later on took to cross-dressing. I was walking down the street and I see this pretty gal putting a hurting on a guy I knew. It was shim!

    Hill signed with the Rams after KC did not resign him. Two-days later they got Marshall Faulk. Next year Detroit picked him up when Sanders retired. Out of football since 2000.

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