Glazer: Leaving Las Craig-as; Bright Lights, Big City, Changing Times

OK, so I was 100 percent right on the Chiefs

No need to dwell on that now, we’ve plenty left to worry about. Vegas was a nice time. My trip out sucked but the four days there were fun. Rio has great pools and a nude private pool. The new thing is semi-nude dancers in every ultra lounge bar and in casino bars for the first time.

New hotels come and go – they open big, then die way down. The new three hottie hotels are, of course, Encore (a couple years old but upscale and classy with great food). The newest is the spectacular Cosmopolitan – wow, eye popping! And lastly, Aria with one of the top new clubs, XS

Again big bucks for everything, drinks start at fifteen bucks.

Full comps are tough at newer hotels. Staff changes translate into there being no true pit boss to call – they’re all corporate. 

They judge you by what you spend (lose) and you need to be a six figure gambler to get their attention.

Seven figures for comp, whatever-you-wants. Of course, at lesser hotels its easier. Celebrities can get some things, but not like the good old days when a somebody was worth having in the hotel – they need the money today.

Vegas is busy to decent on weekends and slow on weekdays, but so is America.
My gal pal Gina, the actress, stopped by Vegas to say hi and hang out a bit. She just finished having a couple nice parts in TV/Film including Clint Eastwood‘s "Hoover."

There are lots of better looking girls out here – more than normal – young ones at the pools.

As in my photo, sometimes what you see in Vegas needs to stay here…

"I like Big Butts, I can’t say why" – well not that big – damn.
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30 Responses to Glazer: Leaving Las Craig-as; Bright Lights, Big City, Changing Times

  1. smartman says:

    Own A Piece Of The Rock
    C’mon Glaze. Hit the Quik Trip on Noland Road in your Porsche with $200.00 worth of crack and a case of Keystone and you can have all the rude-crude-nude-straight-bi-tri action you want. In by 9 out by 5. Dude their named Terry will handle all your action with a 5% vig on bets of $1000.00 and up.

  2. TigerVIP says:

    is in Encore actually. Great club.

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    Not 100%
    You said you thought the Chiefs would win the game but not cover the points. So you are only 99.9% correct.

    ESPN reporting Berry is through for the year. If so stick a fork in ’em for sure.

    What was the mood in Vegas after USC double-payout? I can’t imagine the sports books were real happy.

  4. harley says:

    figure he’d like the pool at rio….
    filled with nothing but strippers and hookers. Figured you being the jet setter you are
    that you would know this….
    while other hotels closed down their topless pools rio added a promtion with a strip
    club in vegas….great…nasty strippers and hookers….
    Sorry glaze…i’m not into black chicks…hookers…hos…etc…..found one woman who was
    all i needed and she’s classy and doesnt have to work the streets or the
    stripper poles for her money.
    Stop worrying about diseases and aids from the girls on
    the streets…come on out for some classy women!
    and no free comps don’t require a 5 or 6 figure gambling marker…if you play they want
    you to stay….the longer you stay the better their odds are of cleaning you out.
    I learned from family and friends how to gamble…and football isn’t one of them.
    i can make great bank playing craps…i know the numbers…i scout the tables…
    i know the stats…and as my dad always said….6 and 8 are great!
    Next time you go to vegas I’ll set you up with tiffany…she’ll show you where the
    action is….

  5. harley says:

    SAW that marcus allen was now a commentator I think on a fox affiliate. Saw his name while
    watching college game….
    He’s not out of sight…just trying to build up a name for himself. I did work with marcus while
    he was here in kc…very sharp…very smart….maybe he just got burned out on football and
    needed time away…that happens you know.
    anyway…hope he does well…he’s probably going to get some gigs on some smaller
    networks but wouldn’t be surprised if he moved up quickly.
    wish him luck

  6. d says:

    What Glazer wrote
    “Allen just signed with Fox Sports Net.

    He did some work – not much – on the MU game yesterday with anchor Kevin Fraiser. Kevin did 90% of the talking. Marcus at 51, looked great, but acted uncomfortable. Like he didn’t fit. It’s a big comedown from the BOOTH at CBS and the money is far less. “

  7. Matt says:

    get back to pussy….asap. (even if you make it up)…

  8. That Guy says:

    Used to be at KCC, back when there was a “real “sports writer here, that the comments section would have 40-80 comments… now you wheel out this over the hill, self centered goof, who says “I am the sports writer, and although there were several sporting events worthy of reporting on yesterday, forget them, lets talk about me”….

    ??HUH??? All I can say is WTF?…..

    so today you have 7 comments…and a goofball wanting to show s us slides of his vacation……NEWS FLASH — NO ONE CARES ,it is not cute, or cutting edge, or funny… it is lame…. as lame as your fatboy “sports writer…. make that NONsports writer

    hearne, as I suggested (for free) a month ago…. you should just cut and paste headlines and maybe link to some websites …and let the comments people have some fun, and spout off about how much the Cheif sucks etc etc….

    Hearne, your buddy is lame as fuck…. I may be hard to see it from so close…. but come on man, this NON writer is hurting you here… why cant you see that? Do the smart thing, my “HEADLINES/LINKS” idea is a good one..

    And you can trust me, I am unbiased, I am not saying link to my site, I am offering you a good tip… which is more than fat douche boy saying “lets NOT talk about sports, lets talk about me”

    WTF??? Why would we? why would anyone? No one cares.

  9. That Guy says:

    Opening NFL weekend and……
    It is opening weekend in the NFL and doucheboy wants to show us his slides of his Vegas vacation??

    The biggest sports week of the years, US open tennis, baseball season coming down to it,
    The NFL kick off the season….and doucher wants to talk about him???? man, that is just sad, it is not even funny.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Forty to eighty? Greg was getting 8 to 16 the last month or three other than the maybe 80 when he broke the Paul Splittorf story. You prefer sports radio gossip? That’s fair. But the numbers don’t lie.

    That said, we are looking at specific sportwriters and my goal is to give you that wish you wish for.

    Keep the faith!

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    Did you miss the story about the Chiefs losing?

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    Can’t Win With You Guys
    Come on boys, thought you’d like some nice Vegas photos and stories…you say hookers and strippers and bears oh my! We have all season to break down our Chiefs Clown show and more…I got it all right so far…

  13. That Guy says:

    Thnaks Hearne
    thanks hearne, I will keep the faith 🙂

  14. That Guy says:

    Yes I did miss the story about the Cheifs, I saw Donnely stroy below, and it was there before…. anayway..mised it..

    btw- I dont really desire radio gossip like whathisname did…but it seems sports can be a real cornerstone to attracting readers on other topics… and so much was happening in sports this last weekend which I am sure local schmo (me) would love to chimne in on…e.g. The US opn finals in NY, NASCAR’s final race before the chase, basball winding down the season, with of course, Philly running awya with it becasue they are rigged with pitching… and on and on..

    Good luck finding a sports guy or gal..maybe both or all three….. but really you might try the headlines thing and see how it goes. just scan some sport sites espn/nascar/tennis/NFL,MLB etc etc..and rewrite the topic/contoversy/headline of the day and post 5-6 of them…maybe have dialy contest where reader/people can submit a good headline and if the headline gets a bunch of replies…they win a pat on the back…and 10 pats on the back is worth a woohoo…and 10 woohoos is worth an attaboy…or something…I dont know 🙂

    keep on keeping on

  15. T says:

    why do you always hate on craig?
    let me guess…he’s over 50, gets hot chicks on demand and… you are not him? xoxo

  16. Eat it Don't Beat It says:

    Craig; seeing you try as hard as you can to come off as a fast living, classy guy, and knowing how important it is to you to come off as a stud, I guess it must be sad for you to look in the mirror each day and have nothing but a common, providencial fool look back. Say hi to Dad and the two other losers.

  17. harley says:

    hernia is wrong again…
    visited greg halls site…very nicely packaged…easy to read…and some really good stories.
    He mixes what other sports pundits (many of whom have years of professional experience
    covering sports) say and then adding his take on the issue.
    I may have disagreed with hall in thepast but he still has developed a good following.
    and many of the people who used to read and comment on kcc are now
    on his site…so you’ve lost readers. And he’s getting lots of comments per story.
    If you took the time to read you blog hearne you would see that 75% of the comments
    are attacking the writer…not the story.
    Truth is that everything glaze writes is about himself and his name dropping game.
    we saw in vegas that this huge star carries no weight. He’s a huge nobody outside his
    little following in kc. Thats okay. Still like reading some of his stories. Still think he could add
    some great opinions to this site. He’s had some good stories…some really good opinions…but
    sports is not this guy’s bag. No stats…no rational discussion…just his first hand accounts because
    he thinks he knows everything.
    and he responds negatively to the people you want to keep as readers. No readers means no
    advertisers and no income for you. Either keep him from commenting on his own stories
    or limit his reactions to positive writings…
    Glaze has some good ideas…he can write articles about thought provoking…interesting…
    moving subjects like uh….like uh….strippers…hookers….parties….the entertainment scene…
    the city….and yes…theres an audience for those types of articles…and i enjoy reading them
    when he does something good.
    Hernia…step up and do what you said the star failed to do.
    As far as your articles…wheres the gossip…the stories about movers and shakers…wheres
    the stories about whats happening in this city. Appears you lost your contacts and your
    edge. Instead you fill your front page with stories about who’s winning the radio station
    wars and try to act like an expert. Its not what you do well. You used to get huge readership
    at the star with articles about people…events….parties….but you’ve stopped that.
    There is a void for you to fill. Just do it. Get back to your roots.
    But stop the continual drivel of articles that noone wants to read anymore.

  18. Cliffy says:

    I just saw an ad for a concert at the Midland that took place two weeks ago (Zappa Plays Zappa). It’s what I have come to expect here. Old news. Old, worn out Glazer and Hearne. (yawn)

  19. COWBOY says:

    My Hats Off To You Glazer
    Again you called it all correctly, nice work. I know how hard that must be, then you are right and few people extend any “slaps” on the back, get used to it my friend. They hate you when you are right, they hate you when you are wrong.

    Enjoyed the Vegas trip stories, like the fat butt photo. I like the blonde better. Tell me, do all the major hotels have sports book now? Are all the online prop bets available as well? I know you can’t call in for information but can you get questions answered outside of betting lines now? I’d like to know, haven’t been there in a minute.

  20. Monkey Man says:

    Come On Now
    Glazer bet you saw some nice black ass, not just that big fatt one. Show us the good stuff brother.

  21. Kellys Man says:

    Chiefs Will Be Back
    I agree with Harley and Chuck and Cliffy, YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT SPORTS GLAZER! THE CHIEFS WILL END UP WINNING THE DIVISION JUST LIKE WE ALL SAID. You are the loser not them. You and Nigro lost Red Friday cause you were both assholes. Now look at it, bigger than ever at River Market and Power and Light. Jerk offs. Both of youse.

  22. BS Nerdlaw says:

    If a writer’s success is based on number of comments…
    ….then why do you continue to let Kelly Urich write his ridiculously un-funny Starbeams posts on a weekly basis? He’s lucky to even get one comment on any of his postings, and when he does get one…it’s usually someone writing to say “that wasn’t even remotely funny” or “why are you still on here”?

    I’m sure most people like me just scroll right on past that post now….looking only to see the “0 Comments” listed below it and moving along.

  23. Hearne Christopher says:

    Don’t be so sure. Certain types pf stories – controversial ones about sports and politics – draw lots of comments. Most stories don’t. Tony gets tons of comments and some of his bigger stories. But his top four stories at this moment have 16 comments, 5 comments, 6 comments and zero comments.

  24. Cliffy says:

    Yeah, Hearne. But, unlike Glazer, Tony doesn’t post under a half-dozen fake identities to raise his comment count.

  25. smartman says:

    @BS Nerlaw
    Notice how Hearne avoided answering your question about Kelly Urich?

    And then on Kelly’s most recent post Glazer comments and says that it’s funny.

    I ripped a fart today that got more laughs then any of Kelly’s stuff.

    This site is just a microcosm of how the world works. People surround themselves with people that tell them what they wanna hear instead of what the need to know.

  26. Cowboy says:

    Yeah Hearne Cause We Are All Glazer
    Cliffy do you want to hang out with Craig Glazer so you can learn how to meet girls. You really hate the fuckin guy its great. But I am Glazer, right. Right.

  27. Better Man says:

    Who Is That Very Hot Red Head Craig?
    Is that the girl in the story? She is smashing. Lucky you. How old, my guess is 30 something?

  28. The Major says:

    Make Money Bet College Football
    You guys are dumb bells. Bet college ball. This week is easy, Oklahoma over Florida, bet the ranch Kansas City.

  29. KU Forever says:

    My Jayhawks Are Undefeated
    2 and 0 kids, stick that up your ass hole Glazer. Your Tigers suck.

  30. Tiger Tail says:

    Hey KU Forever
    MU will trounce the gay Jayhawks this year in football. We go to a bowl game you go HOME.

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