Today: Humble Scribe From Vegas to Comments Crowd; ‘I Told You So’

Get ready to wash the cars, run errands and do yardwork…

That’s how bad this year’s Kansas City Chiefs are. Why watch bad football and drink cheap beer when the Great Outdoors beckons?

With the Chiefs down 41 to 7, humble scribe Craig Glazer called from Vegas to say, "I told you so."

"The headline should read, ‘Humble Scribe says, Will the Chiefs Win Even One Game?’" Glazer says. "This will be Todd Haley‘s last season. Get Marty Schottenheimer back!"

Glazer’s been on record all summer that the Chiefs would have a gawdawful season.

Now he’s in Vegas placing football bets, including the one for $2,000 on Buffalo plus 6 against the Chiefs.

"I put my money where my mouth is," Glazer says. "That’s the difference between me and the cry babies in the comments section. Many commenters and Chiefs fans wanted to wait until the regular season, saying the preseason doesn’t count. Well, does it count now?"

Naturally, Glaze has a "PS" for the faithful…

"I was 5 and 1 in my college bets yesterday and all my pro picks have come in so far," he says.

Including, it appears, today’s Chiefs-Bills game.

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10 Responses to Today: Humble Scribe From Vegas to Comments Crowd; ‘I Told You So’

  1. Super Dave says:

    And the point being
    Those who have so few feats to speak of tend to speak incessantly of even their most trivial feats.

  2. harley says:

    The guy goes to vegas and he thinks only about football…

  3. smartman says:

    Biblically Speaking
    Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days. The Chiefs will just need a lot more time.

    Even though they flat out shit their Under Armor Compression Shorts today, I still have the Chiefs at 5-11.

    Hope Craig is declaring all the money he’s winning on his taxes. IRS software and agents love to scour internet websites looking for people to audit.

    Since strippers usually have some of the the best betting info I’d get receipts for all the lapdances to offset the winnings.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    I hereby nominate this comment for shortest Harley comment on KCC ever

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    Uh, don’t overlook the slim chance – that like most gamblers – Craig might end up with a tax loss rather than gain.

  6. Orphan of the Road says:

    Buffalo wins Super Bowl
    Maybe the Chiefs can join the Big 12?

    The Gambling Glazer starts the season up. Chuck sat the bench and my analysis sucked. I’m ready for a tv gig.

    Do you think Glazer had to wait to collect? I mean the Trojans slide it into the bookies, deep and hard. PAC 12 did the right thing by correcting a wrong call on a touchdown penalty.

    Somebody call Craig and get the over/under on Chiefs’ QBs this season. The line is even worse than it looked in preseason.

  7. chuck says:

    Yum, Yum, Yum…
    Man do I love that fried crow. YUM YUM!!! I am savoring the juices that I am stewing in and the delectable taste of feathers and humiliation.

    That was an EPIC beating.

    Clark Hunt should take some of the 32 million dollars he didn’t spend on free agents and change the sign on the stadium to WOODSHED.

    Every team in the league is gonna wanna show up and whip our asses like rented fuckin mules on Sundays at 1 Woodshed Drive.

    Well, they are not mathematically out of it, I could still be right and the Chiefs could go 8 and 8.

    I coould also grow my hair back, aquire washboard abs and forget how to shoot.

    None of that shit is happening, so Glaze, I am humbled. Your predictions on the Chiefs look pretty good right now.

    I am thinking of Megatron matching up against Jon McGraw. OH. MY. GOD.

    Calvin Johnson will score 3 touchdowns and pick up 250 yards.

    The fuckin Chiefs didn’t even make an offer to Brandon Merriweather.

    32 million dollars, unspent, so Clark could get a little richer.

    I hope he was watching the national broadcast yesterday. At halftime it looked like a scene from “The Day After”. There were 14 or 15 people in the stands at the end of the game.

    32 million bucks is about what he is gonna lose on concessions and ticket sales after this debacle.

    Hey Clark, I got it, take all that cash, and corner the silver market, yeah, that should do it.

  8. harley says:

    I got some incredible seats behind the chiefs bench at sundays game.
    Had never sat there before. What was cool is that you can actually hear the
    players and what they’re talking about. Got the tickets from a friend who couldn’t
    go and i have to admit it was neat to hear what was going on during the game.
    1. CASSEL AND ZORN GOT IN A BIG ARGUMENT. After a 3 and out, zorn walked
    over the cassel. Cassel made a statement and then they both are shouting at each
    other. Cassel was pissed on the sidelines the entire game. He took it out on
    zorn several times…probablly because the play calling was atrocious. I have heard
    that Cassel was not too keen on having zorn take over as a qb coach. And he was not
    happy that weiss had left for a college football job. There appears to be a huge disconnet
    right now between the play calling and what the players are wanting to do. Muir calling hte
    plays after never calling plays for the offense may have hurt the team. Throwing those
    dingy passes of 3-4 yards won’t get a team down 20 points back into the game.
    Cassel was probably pressured into accepting zorn and now with a 3rd new play
    caller in 3 years this has to be wearing on cassel. Plus the lack of a clear speedy receiver
    has got to make it worse. Watch for more confrontations among the offensive coaches and
    cassel if the season gets worse. Cassel was pissed. And he was directing his frustration at
    zorn sunday. could be a sign of things to come.
    RECEIVERS PISSED OFF. On the sidelines all the recievers including Bowe realy only sat
    down for a short time. They were demonstrating their frustration also. You could see something
    was brewing when Bowe was waving his hands on the sidelines after a horrendous non drive.
    It appeared that there was seriuous communication problems….players really didn’t know who was
    to be on the field….sort of like an out of tune orchestra. This is probably due to the fact that
    a new offensive play caller is making the calls and everyones not on the same page. And with
    new recievers…players…it makes it even more disorganized.
    SPECIAL TEAMS COACH. If you watch mccluster you see he has way too many opportunities for
    a fumble when getting tackled. He doesn’t go down like a normal returner. His body twists and turns
    during the tackle making the ball more apt to be hit out of his hands. He never goes down straight
    making the ball even easier for the opposing team to pull out of his hands. As he goes down his body
    moves and opens him up for a serious hit and fumble. I noticed that one coach (i believed it was
    a special teams coach) went up to him at least 3 times and was upset with him. The guy needs to learn
    that once you’re going down on a tackle that you don’t need to twist and turn so much because it
    makes a fumble easier.
    VIEW FROM THE STANDS: Obviously the cheifs weeren’t ready for this game. If you watch romeo crennel
    on the sidelines he’s pissed too. But they have so many holes to fill on defense that if they don’t bring in the
    players to do the job…the coach is basically defenseless in trying to piece together a team.
    Its very apparent that the chiefs have serious internal problems. These must be addressed.
    If you watch haley its obviouls he’s out of his league. After every bad play he’s screaming into his
    headphone…can’t read lips but he was screaming into the headphone during the period when the
    playcaller in the box was calling the plays. Probably wanted to overrule the play called which is not good
    when you’ve got to have everyone on the same page on the field.
    This could explode into a major internal problem. Cassel obviously is frustrated with what’s happening.
    He’ll have to take the flak. Zorn hardly talked with haley during the game. He too appeared pissed.
    From the sidelines it appears that the problem with the chiefs goes much further than just lack of
    talent. Mr. Hunt refused to use 32 million dollars in cap space to bring in new talent. Even after moeaki
    went down they didn’t go out to replace him with what appears to be several good prospects who are
    not with teams right now.
    Are the chiefs headed for the same path as the royals . A stingy owner who forgets coaches are only as
    good as their players on the field.
    If you watched the jets you saw sanchez fling the ball to his good recievers. KC has not one receiver
    comparable to even the 2nd or third string of new yorks. That means cassel has to wait longer for the
    pattern to be run…meaning he has to throw with more pressure on him.
    Throwing dinky passes may have been the problem but a source of the inability of the receivers
    to get separation from their ddefenders.
    Hopefully in a few day these problems can be taken care of. They are hidden from the public.
    Not upgrading your team was a bad decision on the part of the chiefs. Maybe this is all just
    a non issue but when you have this much tension and frustration on week 1…it may not get
    better quickly.
    Haley must go. Pioli must go. Chiefs made the same bad decision that was made by the
    royals. Good team management is not inherited. Pioli and moore didn’t runj teams…their
    bosses ran the team….and great managers aren’t #2….both teams need to admit mistakes
    and move on.
    Haley is cooked if he has a bad year. Can’t see anything else. Probab ly time for clark to get
    on the phone to cowher and beg him and a new staff to come to kc. Only then will this team
    become great again….a winning coach who is organized…focused….and in tune with what it
    takes to win. Till then….its going to be excuses and sour grapes.

  9. Don't care says:

    Everyone ‘told us so’
    Tony is on his blog saying the same thing. I read both blogs this morning after everyone in my office came in this morning saying ‘told you they would suck’.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Craig has been preaching this – and in specific detail – for a long time. Not just teeing off on the team in a generalized way

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