Hearne: Kansas City’s Top 10 Radio Stations in Men 25 to 54 in August

It’s August, fall and football are already in the air…

Why not, given the sorry state of baseball here? It’s hardly surprising that local sports talk stations were looking ahead to the NFL season. Despite the Chiefsn poor preseason play.

Music heavyweights KCFX and The Rock were softer but still strong. But who tied a lead balloon to alt rocker The Buzz‘s formerly high flying kite? Maybe Lazlo should spend more time in a real church and less preaching politics in his. And now…


1)  KCFX FM with a 11.9 share, down from 12.8 in July. Still going strong but awaiting will a shakey Chiefs season take a toll?

2)  The Rock with a 10.1 share, down from July’s 10.6. Johnny Dare still living large with new contract in tow.

3)  WHB with a 7.7 share up from 6.2. This is why you gotta ignore bloggers touting 6-plus and 12-plus seven day ratings that plainly do not matter. And where you’ll find ridiculous headlines like this one: "KCSP STILL AHEAD OF WHB"

4) 610 Sports with a 5.2 share, up from 4.2. See what I mean? A strong showing from Nick Wright and company, but not strong enough.

5) NewsRadio KMBZ with a 5.2 share up from 4.2. Are things starting to gel for KMBZ’s new AM-FM simulcast? They’d better. Entercom forfeited up thousands of paid monthly ad spots on KUDL FM to simulcast KMBZ.

6)  KCMO FM with a 4.5 share up from 3.6. Baby boomers and their kids still living large.

7)  Q104 FM with a 4.3 share down from 5.8. A really bad book, better hope it’s a one off.

8)  Alice with a 4.2 share, up from 3.7 in July.

9)  KFKF FM with a 3.9 share up from 2.6. Hard not to do the math, Q104 down a point and a half, KFKF up about the same.

10. The Buzz with a 3.9 share, rocketing downward from 6.3 the month before.

Let me remind you again that WHB did not lose to 610 Sports.

Bloggers who don’t have access to ratings – and most don’t – have disingenuously or naively reported that 610 topped WHB. However that’s based on nights and weekends when the Royals play and has nothing to do with the head-to-head weekday matchups, where 90 percent of the stations revenues and listeners are won and lost.

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6 Responses to Hearne: Kansas City’s Top 10 Radio Stations in Men 25 to 54 in August

  1. harley says:

    HEARNE…is this all you have to write about? Boring…irrelvant…..stupid….inane…
    out of touch…out of mind…whatever you call these regurgitation of radio ratings that
    mean nothing its all just b.s.
    Now mor smarty….how many clients of radio buy for men in that age group.
    Not too many…so again you’re proven wrong.
    If you want to discuss serious issues give me space to write something intelligent.
    You and glaze are wearing thin with the readers that are left.

  2. Markus Aurelius says:

    c’mon Hearne – don’t leave us hanging…
    Who are the anonymous bloggers touting that KCSP beat WHB? How else can we make fun of them if we don’t know who they are….. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

  3. Markus Aurelius says:

    Never mind – you gave us enough info with
    the bold-faced headline. I googled it and figured out it was John Landsberg. He clearly has no clue what he’s talking about. Does anyone actually pay him money for the work he describes on his website or is the guy independently wealthy? I don’t get it.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    Long before I bought media and covered it I was interested in how television and radio stations were doing and how they stack up. That you personally find it less interesting is disappointing, but doesn’t mean that others aren’t interested.

    Email me at hearne@kcconfidential.com if you’re interested in putting your “money” where your mouth is

  5. Hearne Christopher says:


  6. Mr Cume says:

    610 has more listeners than WHB. Period
    Men 25-54/ August

    610 103,100 listeners weekly
    WHB 77,700 listeners weekly

    Those are the facts. The station with the most listeners wins (share is BS as it counts quarterhours and not people). Who gives a shit if there is baseball or not? They are called SPORTS stations and last I checked baseball is a sport. WHB will probably go by them when baseball is over and they can say they won. Big deal.

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