Hearne: Kansas City’s Top 20 Radio Stations in August – For Real!

You guys did a kickass job of indulging me on my explanation of why the seven day, 6-plus radio ratings are bogus…

Actually, you barely laid a glove on me. Not even Kansas Karl. Obviously, you had other radio things on your minds, which is fine. Not that I couldn’t use the abuse. Anyway, here are the Top 20 radio stations in KC for August in adults 25 to 54, Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Read ’em and bleep!

1) Who else? KCFX FM, The Fox, with an 8.7 share, up from 8.6 in July and the station’s best month in a year.

2)  The Rock with an 8.1 share, down slightly from 8.5 in July.

3)  K-Love with a 6.4 share up strongly from a 5.3. No two ways about it, these Christians are lions!

4)  Mix 93.3 FM with a 5.6 share, up from a 4.5 share.

5)  KCMO FM with a 5.2 share, up from 4.8.

6)  KPRS FM with a 5.0 share up from 4.8

7)  WHB with a 4.5 share up sharply from a 3.5 share.

8)  Alice with a 4.0 down from a 4.4 in July.

9)  The Buzz, freefalling to a 3.9 from a 6.1 share.

10) Q104 FM with a 3.8 share, down sharply from a 6.0 share a month earlier.

11) Jack FM (4.6 in July), KFKF (4.1) & NewsRadio KMBZ (3.1) all tied at a 3.7 share.

12) KCUR FM with a 3.6 share up from 2.9. Public radio hanging strong with the suits.

13) The Vibe at a 3.1 share, down from 3.3.

14) 610 Sports with a 3.0 share, up from a 2.5.

14) The Point at a 2.8 share down from 2.9 (the lowest month since its spring launch).

15) WDAF FM with a 2.8 share, same as in July.

16) Magic at a 2.6 share up from 2.1

17) KCMO AM with a 2.0 share versus 1.8 in July.


August was rough riding for Q104 – the country station built on the once mighty shoulders of Randy Miller – falling from 4th to 10th place.

And again, how about those Christians? We must be in Kansas or something.


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12 Responses to Hearne: Kansas City’s Top 20 Radio Stations in August – For Real!

  1. Markus Aurelius says:

    today’s CCM is not your parent’s CCM….
    Hearne, not sure what your point is commenting twice about Christians (are you trying to be funny? clever? passive aggressive?) but you don’t have to be a Christian to enjoy the music on K-Love. Those music lovers that skip over 97.3 on the dial for fear that they might either (1) actually like it or (2) feel guilty probably don’t even realize how many songs used in the score of popular television shows are CCM artists. Even a guy like Zach Braff who is considered fairly musically hip featured the songs of several Christian artists on Scrubs. Where it once seemed there once was only Stryper and Amy Grant, you’ll now find an abundance of talented artists.

    Plus, with Entercom burying KUDL in favor of simulcasting talk radio on the FM dial and 102.1’s change in format, it’s not surprising that K-Love has picked up some of those listeners.

    BTW, the Bible doesn’t ban listening to music. Ever heard of making a joyful noise unto the Lord?

  2. Super Dave says:

    Well Entercom Strikes Again
    Well Entercom as I said all along really jacked up with killing not only KY then do the same to GenX for the The Point format. I say it will be down again in the September ratings lower than August was.

  3. Hearne Christopher says:

    Didn’t mean to put it down. Was trying to be (slightly funny). Really more of a, wow, look at this new phenominon. Because I think that clearly this is a phenominon. And it’s growing, and I don’t think a lot of “regular” commercial radio listeners are fully aware of it.

    It actually makes me interested in listening and looking into it further.

    That they may not even be selling local advertising is also very interesting.

    Thanks for adding your perspective and insight to the equation

  4. harley says:

    kcfx was #1 and #18..
    you got kbeq and kfkf confused…
    nice regurgitation of the facts hernia….great article…very creative….
    and what did randy miller have to do with kfkf? none that i know….
    he was involved i thought with kbeq…NOT KFKF!
    Come on mr. journalism. Get your facts straight. You’re worse than the star
    with your writing. No wonder they fired you.
    Who really cares about radio ratings. They have no margin of error so according to
    statisticians are really a worthless way of showing listenership.
    Maybe turn this subject over the glaze…he can do a better job with his
    limited knowledge of this area. You blew it!

  5. chuck says:

    Remember when they were finding dead girls
    with their legs sawed off in the Mo. River?

    I think Randy Miller took dozens of blow up dolls down to the ‘rivers edge’ (Great movie), cut off the legs and tied them off so they would inflate, and float and launched them on live radio.

    It was horrible.

    I tried so fuckin hard not to laugh.

    I promise to give K-Love a chance next week, if I can beat that rap with Peter “The Rock” (I smell what he’s cookin, and I think its my ass.) up at the Gate.


    ST. PETER: “Hey Chuck, how’s it going?”

    cHUCK: “Before I answer that Pete, will ya answer me a question?”

    ST. PETER: “It’s St. Peter, or the Rock to you pal. Go ahead, we got eternity here, so be your usual expansive and loquacious self.”

    cHUCK: *glances furtively at the flaming red door*

    ST. PETER: “Ya gotta question, or not?”

    cHUCK: “Yeah, Mr. Rock I do, if Glaze was here in this spot, would he get in? I mean that guy had to have a sheet 5 miles long.”

    ST. PETER: “Good question, Glaze did push the envelope, but he is family, so he gets a free pass.”

    cHUCK: “Glaze was in the Mafia!! Godamn! That guy was so cool!! OH SHIT! Sorry about the swearing Mr. Rock.”

    ST. PETER: “First of all dumbass, Glaze was NOT in the Mafia, but he is Jewish, so he gets a pass. Second of all, swearing is now legal up here.”

    cHUCK: “OH, thats right, you guys were all Jewish. Er…, I can swear?”

    ST. PETER: “Liberation day, June 22, 2008. Jesus is still laughing his ass off at George Carlin. They are inseperable. I hear HE is going to send him back down and replace the German pope.”

    cHUCK: “Sure he is. What Shecky Green is busy?”

    ST PETER: “Very funny, lets get to it. For starters, you should just plea out all the self destructive shit, and do your time, with good behaviour I am guessing its gonna be 60 days of solid hangovers while listening to Clay Chastain talk about light rail.”

    cHUCK: “FUCK!!!”

    ST PETER: “Cheer up, that right there used to get you one hour, tied up in a chair in Bob Berdella’s cage.”

    cHUCK: “FUCK!!!!!!!!!”

    ST. PETER: “Yep its all kinder and gentler now.”

    cHUCK: “Is that it?”

    ST. PETER: “Well, ya remember the time ya pulled off of the road and laughed yourself sick over that Randy Miller blow-up doll thing?”

    cHUCK: “You guys saw that? Fuck! I was on the floorboards laughin and slippin around in spilt vodka!”

    ST. PETER: “It was 8:30 in the fuckin morning.”

    cHUCK: “I plead self destruction and ex post facto, you already sentenced me for that shit.”

    ST. PETER: “Not for the humor.”

    cHUCK: “All right, all right…” *Looks over at red door, flames shooting under the crack* I’m ready. I guess I deserve it.”

    ST. PETER: “HA HA HA!!! I’m just fuckin with ya!!! For Chrissakes, GLAZE is up here!!! Come on in asshole!!”


  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    The numbers are there, the information accurate. The fact that you have little to offer other than that KCFX’s ratings were accidentally but accurately repeated speaks to your knowledge of the subject.

  7. Infomaniac says:

    First, there are factual errors in your numbers. Try copying them from a website that is allowed to publish them next time you steal numbers. Must be hard to write everything down when you’re getting them over the phone.

    Second, 97.3 takes NO advertising of ANY kind. They’re a NON Commercial station. They advertise God. They could have a 40 share and not matter at all to the media buying community. They probably picked up most of the geezers from KUDL. Or, the people listening to them are so brainwashed that they can’t listen to anything else.

    There’s this thing called accuracy. Look into ot.

  8. Hidden says:

    Those WERE the days
    yah, why bring Randy Miller into it? a has been. thank God! Doper. why not bring up Johnnie Rowlands? a true blue flaming asshole and failed disc jockey.sorta like his marriage record. 4th wife? he NEEDS to bring in big bucks and work his ass off.

  9. HARLEY says:

    you can’t write..you can’t proofread…your stations and names are wrong…randy “washed up” miller
    did not do work for kfkf…did work for kbeq….
    HAVE you ever bought media…ever bought radio…i seriously doubt you ever worked a day in your
    life…much less have to analyze and correctly decipher radio ratings.
    stop the act…its getting old.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Uh, get a clue. Those numbers are dead accurate and unavailable on ANY Web site.

    Oh yeah, you’re welcome

  11. Hearne Christopher says:


  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    It must be glorious to hang your hat on a typo. The repeated information on KCFX was still totally accurate, just repeated. And yes, I have bought print, radio and television, oh dude that assumes w/o knowing.

    Here’s a thought, how about you try concentrating on the facts reported and imparting your wisdom there. Or do you prefer typos? Guess they would be a little easier to fathom.

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