Hearne: Banned by KU – Forget KU Football & Twitter – It Could Happen to You!

Lost in shuffle and the blistering August heat was a story about banning at KU….

That’s right, banning. I’m not talking about KU football coach Turner Gill‘s banning of Twitter for the team. We’re talking "Banned in Boston" type banning. Or like the time the Plaza tried to banish panhandler Jerry Mazer.

You know, banning.

Take the case of former Pennylane music guru Saul Tucker, aka the KU sports mascot who goes by White Owl

After pyramiding his strange looks and dance moves into a love affair with the KU football team (when it was good a handful of years back) and a 20-something KU coed, Tucker vaulted from homeless dude to toast of the town.

No mas….

Tucker and his far younger fiance have long since parted company and exchanged restraining orders. His "White Owl" persona was hit with a five year ban keeping him off campus. When Tucker tried to relive the magic a couple weeks back on the first day of school he was arrested by police, escorted off campus and issue a tresspassing citation.

Turns out White Owl isn’t the only one banned from KU…

A Lawrence Journal World investigation recently revealed that KU banned 42 people in 2010. Forty-two.

Twenty-eight more individuals have been banned this year through early July.

"Some of those were banned from the entire campus," KU spokeswoman Jill Jess told LJW, "but the majority were only for parts of campus."

"Under a Kansas Board of Regents policy, the university can ban faculty, staff, students or visitors for activity that obstructs the function of the university or creates an imminent threat or danger to people or property," the Journal World resports.

The Journal World petitioned KU for a list of the banned, but KU blacked out the names of nonstudents like Tucker.

"But what they did release provides a glimpse at the kind of activity that can get you barred from stepping foot on the university grounds, at least for a limited duration," the Journal World reports. "Many of the letters simply stated that a person had been banned from student housing facilities for violating drug or weapons policy, or for criminal behavior. But some of the letters describe more unusual cases."

Take the dude who was banned from campus for five years, "after a series of incidents in Watson Library," LJW reports. "’He came in and was yelling at patrons and telling them how hard it is to digest food after killing people.’

"The letter described how he also defecated on the floor of a fourth floor restroom and, with fecal matter on his clothes, asked library patrons if they had any pants he could use. He then entered Anschutz Library at 1 a.m. and grabbed a library patron’s laptop and threatened to slap him. The person also had an extensive criminal history with the Lawrence police."

Sounds like a good banning…

As for White Owl, Tucker could not be reached for this column.

Stay tuned.

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37 Responses to Hearne: Banned by KU – Forget KU Football & Twitter – It Could Happen to You!

  1. Rick says:

    You Know Banning….
    like the sad case of Tracy Thomas???

    The reason white Owl was banned is because he is confused. He should be hanging out at the Indian College in Lawrence with Black Bear, Red Fox and the rest of his family.

  2. smartman says:

    Life Imitates Donation
    Only fitting that someone was banned from the Anschutz library for SHIT. Too good to be true. Can’t make that kinda stuff up in Steven Hawkings brain.

    College campi have always been magnets for whacked out motherfuckers that Mother Earth calls her “children”. Whether they are mentally ill, indigent, tripping on acid or just batshit crazy I say forget the banning. These people need to be used for organ harvesting. With education budgets being cut it’s tough to get your hands on viable domestic organs for medical and psychological research or just a nice piece of liver to go with your fava beans and chianti.

    As for White Owl. I’m sure it tastes just like chicken.

    Maybe you should dispatch Craig to Lawrence for an interview with Saul’s ex. If she loved an old dude like Saul she’ll cream her tye-dyed burlap bag undies for Craig. Hell, she might even shave her arms and pits for him.

    Any truth to the rumor that Saul and Tracy Thomas used to be an item?

  3. Bob says:

    White Owl is a Perv
    Good riddance for that guy. A restraining order by the girl he gave weed to is not the only legal issue he’s had going against him.

  4. Rick says:

    so if u r a perv
    u should be banned? So long Glazer.

  5. chuck says:

    Tracy Thomas morphs into urban/kcconfidential legend
    The girl is getting more run on this site than Glaze.

    Hearne’s Maleficent, kcconfidential gadfly, Tracy ‘s sub rosa dissappearance is now getting more run than the Babushka Lady at a Larry Sells roast.

    Apparently, Tracy’s soldiers, jealous of her absence, seek her presence throughout the room.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see her soon, in good health, riding a chulpabera through the Plaza during a Flash Mob with the head of Jimmy Hoffa stuck on a pike (“Those controlling men!!!”).

    Maybe she is busy counseling the Kardashians. “Kim, your fuckin loaded, just buy the fuckin tape for 30 million, everyone will forget about it. You drop a kid, and they can tatto “Monster Garage” on that ass during delivery. You will need a real job soon. Domination by micturation is NEVER a good career move.”

    I’m thinkin she is gigling her ass off, in some pretty fierce shoes right now, newfound noteriety, being the wind beneath her wings.


  6. smartman says:

    Be Prepared
    Just in case Tracy decides to make a return I’ve renewed my subscriptions to Soldier of Fortune and Blue Boy.

    Problem is she’ll NEVER be one of the boys.

    Even if she had an addadicktome she’d never quite be the tois in Hearne and Craig’s menage.

    I do miss being called a racist thug though.

  7. Rick says:

    SHOCKER in regards to TRACY!!!!

    I can tell you that I believe their will be a MAJOR reveal involving Tracy. I personally was interviewed this week by a HUGE conspiracy guy who has an interesting take on the Tracy banning and situation involving Hearne. He has stated that he will eventually post and reveal the INSIDE story involving Tracy and what the real story is!!!!

    My question is will I get a cease and desist order from T.T. prior to this story being told. Or worse mysteriously disappear.

  8. smartman says:

    BRILLIANT! I had a feeling there was some Dominic Dunne Power and Privilege behind the scenes goo in the breakup!

    How can Tracy cease and desist you?

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    Nice try, but I never “banned” Tracy. That’s her term, I told her she can comment but she says she will not.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    We’re talking about KU

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    I think what one of you will get is a fiction writing award

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    Dominic Dunne wouldn’t lower his standards for such an illusory tale

  13. Rick says:

    Not an author
    Think movies. And bigger then Dunne.

    How can Tracy cease and desist me? because she is wacky. Already sent out e-mails to stop using her name and her fame to further KCC.

  14. Rick says:

    I’m told by
    the end of the day the story will break.

    PS Hearne this is a lesson for you. These are called teases and promote interest. Big stars preparing to write for KCC. Banned Tracy conspiracy to be revealed. Live coverage of Glaze running naked….. Promote brother promote.

  15. Rick says:

    So Glaze has been BANNED
    from KU???

    Tracy says she won’t comment. But yet we still see Tracy Thomas ? .

  16. chuck says:

    Its ALIVE!!!!!
    “Every man/woman who has lived for fifty years has buried a whole world or even two; he/she has grown used to its disappearance and accustomed to the new scenery of another act: but suddenly the names and faces of a time long dead appear more and more often.” (Alexander Herzen)

    The air hangs heavy and pregnant with possibilities as we lemmings scurry back and forth with nervous energy spent mostly in fearful anticipation.

    Will there be bolts in her neck?

    Will lightning shoot out of her hands and into the hearts of her enemies?

    We awiit the war cry, the terror, the anouncement of all tof that which will waste, “HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  17. smartman says:

    Quoting Alexander Herzen AND Helen Reddy…..BRILLIANT!

  18. Rick says:

    Unlike Glazer who picked before the first preseason game and said 7-9. Which then became 6-10. Which then became 5-11. And continued to drop to where he is now at 2-14. I decided to wait until the pre season was over to make my pick.

    But like Glazer I have been all over the board. Between 7-9 up to 11-5. Here were some key questions for me. Can they beat both Oakland and Denver twice? Can they take both Chicago and then the next week the Jets? Both who have erratic QB’s.

    Before I get to my picks let me give you the surprises. I think they’ll lose to Detroit. I also think after four games they will be 2-2.

    But barring major injuries which you can’t predict. I think the Chiefs can win 11 but I’m going to say 10-6 and if I was being conservative I would go 9-7. So still riding the fence somewhat but I say 10-6 again. But NO MATTER WHAT…they’ll win more games then Glazer thinks and he’ll run his streak of being wrong three years straight!!!!

  19. Orphan of the Road says:

    OK, I’ll play
    For the Chiefs to get to 8 & 8, they will need to win ALL of their games in the AFC West. No matter the Conventional Wisdom reguarding the Chargers, they are just waiting to implode. Denver will be two tough wins and neither will be pretty. The Raiders have more talent than the Chiefs but they also have more personalities than Sybil. Campbell can be a good qb when everything goes right but there he is in the Black Hole.

    Buffalo should be a win, if not then the season will be very long and very forgettable.

    Detroit should roll on KC with Mr Suh leading the assault.

    I think McNab gets a new lease on life (maybe game to game though) as he has a real running game and receivers as good or better than he had in Philadelphia. Minnesota will ruin a few teams season.

    Colt game, without Manning a definite maybe. Depends on whether the team goes into the throws of despair IF Peyton is out for the year.

    Dolphins should be a win. Depending on Bush to do something he has never done in the NFL is a desperate move.

    Patriots will just go through the motions and get a win.

    Steelers should have their way too.

    Bears could go either way. By this point in the season they will either be on a roll or in the throws of their latest collapse. Jake Cutler don’t scare nobody.

    Jets have a great team with a so-so QB. You don’t need a great one to beat this team.

    Green Bay, need we ask? Unless the gods of injury again plunk them with a barrage of arrows.

    Only my homeristic mind thinks KC can run the division.

    Now the questions can be answered on the field. May the best team win (unless it is Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, Raiders, Chargers or Broncos).

    As a member of the Kaw Valley Hemp Growers, White Owl give me the creeps. Sure that isn’t Duand Kelly before a KCMOSD meeting?

    I’ve been banned once. The old Capitol Club in Topeka. Stopped me at the door and said I couldn’t go in wearing jeans. So I took them off.

  20. Rick says:

    HUGE NEWS- local champion!!!
    Local Overland Park teen Jack Sock wins Mixed Doubles title at the US OPEN!!!! I’ll be interested to see how much local coverage this gets in tonight’s news.

  21. chuck says:

    Couple things
    smartman, A.H. was that most REASONABLE of guys, to me anyway. 🙂

    Rick, very cool, hope he gets some run (Jack Sock), I am watching the US Open right now, Federer.

    Lemme comment on the Chiefs picks fellas, this is fun, I really think Hearne should have codified our picks, by way of an article posted by Glaze, that would have lent itself to myriad predictions by all commeters. Woulda been cool and easy!

    “Hey all you shitheads out there in comment world, here is what kcconfidential picks, see if you can do better.”

    I digress.

    Rick, I agree with ya in principal as far as the record goes. I think that when the Chiefs play Detroit, they will have to double team Megatron and STILL watch out for Nate. Nate is better than folks think, he has been on some shit teams. Javid Best is weak. Its Stafford and the passing game we have to watch. Glaze was under on 7.5, that was his ongoing theme, I am over it at 8 and 8.

    ORPHAN, I hope you are right, but I absolutely dissagree about the Chargers. They will kick every one’s ass hads down in this division. We have, I sould guess, a 40% chance of beating them at home, and there is NO reason to even fly out to San Diego and play them.

    Still, I hope I am wrong.

    Go Cheifs!!

  22. chuck says:

    This just in.
    Tracy is now, BANNED IN BOSTON!!!

  23. Orphan of the Road says:

    The Chargers will lose two games (at least) to a bunch of jackwads. It could just as easily be us. I put the Chargers in the same class as the Redskins (do you think it would be OK to have a NY Niggers team?), cursed by the football gods for being ate up by the dumb ass. There’s a juju to winning football teams that can’t be quantified on paper or in stats. The Chargers just don’t have it. (Remember if I am wrong I will be cleaning windshields on Broadway before you cross the bridge.)

  24. Rick says:

    2 hrs away
    I’ve been told we are about 2 hrs away from the real Tracy and Hearne story. Banned in Vegas maybe??? Or maybe she is with Glaze and that’s why he is sick.

  25. Orphan of the Road says:

    Banned in Boston
    Condemned in Cleveland and banished in Baltimore. She’s taboo in Philly and St Lou…

    I have a t-shirt Janis Ian gave to me saying, “I’M WITH THE BANNED”.

    Personally I don’t care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members…

  26. chuck says:

    Once again Orphan, I hope your right.
    But I think the Chargers cut a swath thru the AFC West that leaves us all thinking that William Tecumseh Sherman is coaching them, and not Norv Turner.

    The Redskins are in the bottom 15 to 20% of the NFL imo. That said, Tim Hightower should rock this year.

    Dick Clark just called, he, like all of us, is waiting for the Tracy Thomas ball to drop (Insert ball dropping jokes).

    Somehing tells me, no one is gonna wanna kiss their girlfriend after reading the story.

  27. bschloz says:

    Chuck….don’t bullshit…I know your betting tomorrow,— No betting 1st week LOL

    Chiefs roll tomorrow …easy cover….Bowe,Charles, DMac. Explode….take the over.

  28. OLIVER STONE says:

    UNCOVERED-The truth behind the Tracy-Hearne FEUD
    Just as I’ve uncovered the greatest conspiracies in the history of our nation, I do the same with the KCC scandal.

    I’ve spent weeks tracking down sources and confirming information. I’ve interviewed over 37 witnesses including an IHOP waitress, a dark complexion Barbie, a self deluded comedy club owner, and a homeless man living under the Paseo bridge among others.

    If you will follow this trail you will see that it leads to the impenetrable truth. Hearne and Tracy were working together to create a feud in an effort to create a second Frankenstein.

    *Hearne is always looking for ways to increase readership. Currently by far Craig Glazer (Frankenstein) is the most read. Naturally Hearne would like to create a second Craig with the hopes of that doubling the readership. But he wanted a twist. A female annoying obnoxious writer that would create reaction in the readers. Tracy had already both a following and animosity among some readers. Hearne needed something to put her over the top.

    *As this was being considered, the attention getter in the media world was the on air and on line feud between former KCC columnist Greg Hall and local sports show host Nick Wright. Hearne wanted to find his own way to duplicate this interest. Hence the Tracy vs Hearne feud was born.

    *One person close to Hearne states “Hearne’s plan was to create enough heat to ban Tracy, then a public outcry, then bring Tracy back as a columnist who now has a following based on her mistreatment from Hearne and her obnoxious response to that treatment.”

    *Readers didn’t react quite as strong as public relations guru Tracy Thomas predicted. Even with support from former columnist Tony. So Hearne felt to fan the fires he had to write a piece about the KC Star banning reader comments hoping readers would see the hypocrisy. Which they did. Which was the height of the interest in Tracy and the feud.

    *Another insider explains two fatal flaws in the plan. “They didn’t count on the problems it would create by banning her.” “It was like a one sided fight because Tracy had no voice after the initial outcry.” “They tried to resolve that by Tracy making anonymous posts but then she would deny she made the posts which further confused the situation.”

    “The second issue is Tracy went off script.” “She thought it would create more interest if she went after Craig over the Mermaid post.” “Craig had no clue as to what was going on and Hearne was furious.” “Instead of creating more interest Tracy in her attempt to shove the storyline down people’s throats just alienated them.” “She was getting heat but the wrong kind.”

    Hearne put things in limbo but was still willing to consider bringing her back and that’s why he now makes comments about her not being banned. But now with this EXPOSE my guess is that it won’t happen.

    So there you have the untold story of the Banning of Tracy.

    I’m working next on Bigfoot meat is being served at McDonalds. The Burger King is not really a king. Craig Glazer is a virgin. And Hall’s hair is receding.

    See you at the movies Oliver Stone

  29. Hollywood Agent says:

    Hearne baby. There you have it. My first of ten candidates that are interested in writing for you BIG GUY. Oliver hasn’t been doing many movies so he has some free time on his hands. Think of all the possibilities BABY!!! Uncovering the greatest scandals and conspiracies known to mankind. BREAKING STORIES BABY!!!! He’ll make that freaking big nosed Nick wright look like an also ran. Think about it baby. And then let’s do lunch.

  30. Orphan of the Road says:

    He’s had better teams than SD which ended up in the tank. And while history really doesn’t repeat itself, often it rhymes. River Phoenix is just waiting to morph into Jay Cutler. Just a feeling. Maybe I’ve got gas?

    I was about five rows away from that douce from Washington who dress in the Monkey Wards Indian getup when he came to the 700 level of the Vet. He looked like a Christmas goose in about ten-minutes. No body hit him (hard to believe) but they plucked him good. It was a day I almost believed in a god.

    Damn, I hop Faux News covers the story on Tracy and Hearne.

  31. OLIVER STONE says:

    One Thing
    Keep that F*ckin Glazer a way from me. The whole time I was interviewing him he wanted to pitch movies, tell me that we were movie brothers, and drop names of celebrities as if he knew them. I finally had to tell him DOM DELUISE is DEAD so you aren’t going to have dinner with him tonight!!!!!

  32. chuck says:

    NO first week money for me.

    Too unpredictable.


  33. Orphan of the Road says:

    Do you have the loss record on the Raiders for wins/losses on opening day? I’m remembering them having an almost 20-game opening day losing streak in the 60s-70s.

    One year a guy was out of work so he decided to run parlay sheets. The first three weeks of the season were upsets galore and we creamed the guy. That year I was rolling in it for three weeks. Never hit a parlay again. But there was always and forever Oakland.

    First week, Tracy Thomas picks ’em all for $100. Picked them by their local fraternity’s sister sorority. Wins $2-million dollar fantasy league by drafting players based on their tailor and school colors.

    I remember my Philadelphia-area friend attending his first game at Arrowhead. They gave him a 16-oz bottle of beer. He asked the vendor if he was nuts. Giving a guy a bottle. Quaint was how he compared it to the 700-level of the Vet. While Philadelphian are great fans and most of the stories are typical of all stadiums, whatever you read about the 700-level is true. From my experiences dating to 73 is was as close as you could get to Beirut. Perhaps more dangerous, ask that guy in the Monkey Wards Indian suit.

  34. Hearne Christopher says:

    Shall we do it before or after we wake up?

  35. Hollywood agent says:

    Sorry baby I’ll do a lot of things for my clients but I’m not sleeping with you Hearne. I know its Hollywood and all. But I don’t swing that way. But hey about George Michael doing the sports for you? He may be willing to wake up with you.

  36. PB says:

    Now If We Could Only
    Get her banned from KC radio. Those self-promoting ads for her PR/marketing firm have been polluting local radio for 30 years! Tracy Thomas is like the Glazer of the ad world…did you hear my radio spot for the Savoy Grill from 1978? And what about my halfpage Squire print ad for Pumpernick’s Deli from ’87? She’s so cutting edge..up next, a junk fax campaign for TJ Cinnamon’s!

  37. Hearne Christopher says:

    I meant because you were dreaming, not that we would be engaging in anything approaching R-rated activities.

    So dream on!

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