Glazer: Read My Lips; No New Division Titles. Chiefs Season Over Before It Starts

I know many of you Chiefs fans are pissed at your humble scribe for being THE ONLY MEDIA GUY IN TOWN, to tell you well before the preseason ended, that not only would they not win a division title, they’d be one of the NF L’s doormats.

Sorry, radio guys, you didn’t say that.

You rode the fence, like the Star‘s Sam Mellinger. I didn’t. I took a ton of crap for being honest. Now you can see that it’s gonna be kinda tough to call Mister Glazer "a man who doesn’t know sports" ever again. This was a big and bold call.


Not officially but very close.

Coach Todd Haley had PROMISED to run a preseason where no important player would be injured.

Hey, his team has a tough schedule, right. We need all those guys. He fired Brian Waters (pushed him out). Brian is the quarterback of the O line. Now he’s gone and the line is gone. They don’t know where to be or what to do. They let Mike Vrabel go. He was effectively the linebackers coach and in a way the coach of the defense on the field.

Yes, Brian and Mike were getting older, but this weak team needed these two locker room leaders and on the field leaders.


For a team in mental trouble not very good, NOBODY EVEN LOOKED GOOD. Except Ricky (He’s so fine).

Then came the pain. Haley, looking foolish for getting his ass kicked week after week, breaks his game plan and starts ALL THE STARTERS IN GAME FOUR. This to avoid an 0 for 4 feeling. Hey, the Packers told him they were not going with their starters for more than one series and they didn’t.

It was long enough to win the game though. Aaron Rogers scored in like one minute and left the game with a win.

Now no injuries during preseason, right?

We lose Janathan Baldwin our number one draft pick maybe for most of or all of the season. Our starting tight end is out for the year, injured in the final game. And now, our starting quarterback has a broken rib. MATT THE FRANCHISE IS OUT.

So a must win against the Bills Sunday is now likely a loss.

The Chiefs are off the board in Vegas. Vegas had them at 8 1/2, meaning they needed 9 wins to beat the spread. I told you to BET EVERYTHING ON THAT LAST MONTH. Today YOU CAN’T BET ON THE CHIEFS, BECAUSE THEY ARE A JOKE, THEY ARE OFF THE BOARD (too many injuries to be taken seriously anymore).

Rumors are flying at Arrowhead.

Todd and Scott Pioli ARE ON THE OUTS, FOLKS. Yes, they don’t care for each other, but…


It will be Todd Haley. HE WILL LIKELY BE LET GO AFTER THE NOW 2 or 3 or 4 win season.

Someone’s gotta take the heat and it won’t be Scott. Yes Matt may also go. But he was Scott’s, so maybe not. That depends on Ricky. Again, the man I said would start this season and he will.

They will go with Tyler Palko for a minute but not forlong. He will be injured or stink and then we will have a veteran, likely if available Kyle Boller. He will go down and then, OH RICKY, YOUR SO FINE, YOUR SO FINE, HEY RICKI!

By then we will be like 0 and a million so it might not be such a good thing for the talented Iowa quarterback to have to play with that depressed group of Chiefs.

So don’t be upset with me, it’s not my fault.

I want to be a fan. I want to go see the games with you. But damn, let’s get a coach and get a team.

 A few good players are not a team. Lets be honest, none have really lighted things up – none.

Even Jamaal Charles has issues. Just like he did last year. He can’t pick up key short yards, not many touchdowns. D-Bowe takes entire games off. Tamba Hali is a good sacker but can he stop the run? Derrick Johnson is Steady Eddie but needs more sacks and big plays to be a gamer. Matt never reached a high level. Brandon Carr and Flowers are called great, but their numbers and mistakes don’t demonstrate that. Teams often throw at will on the Chiefs over Eric Berry, Carr and Flowers.

Let’s get real fans. Coaching is clearly an issue.

Todd’s record in three years will be below Herm‘s, which was horrible. CALL MARTY, CALL MARTY, CALL MARTY.

Please don’t get Ricky hurt, he’s too fine.

Yep, the season is over before it even started. Find another team to follow, the NFL will be fun with or without our terrible Chiefs.

So, so, so very sorry.

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82 Responses to Glazer: Read My Lips; No New Division Titles. Chiefs Season Over Before It Starts

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    As The Wolf said
    Well, let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet.

    Before you crown your self King of the Sports Dip Shits, let us play out the season to document your prowess.

    I say Chuck, smartman and harley can hold their own week-by-week with you on prognosticating. Give them some band width for say game day?

    Let us see what the season brings. Heartaches by the numbers, eight wins is a great season.

    I’m thinking you will find me and Chuck in some dive singing Tonight tTe Bottle Let Me Down more often War Paint will take a victory lap.

  2. Monkey Man says:

    OK Glazer If It Makes You Happy You Were Right
    You were on it my nigger. We are crap. Man is this so terrible, waited all year for nothing. I am depressed.

  3. d says:

    I know many (3) of you Chiefs fans are pissed at your humble scribe (annoying boar) for being THE ONLY MEDIA GUY (blogger) IN TOWN…

    There are tons of guys sitting at the bar down the street saying the same thing you are. They just don’t have a friend that is stupid enough to let them put it on their web site.

  4. mark x says:

    … this ain’t exactly news, Glazer
    Cassel, Palko, Stanzi … does it really matter? The results will be the same. Might as well play the rookie … he’ll swim or drown…

    Haley. … again, does it matter? … he sucks, but the players suck too … the biggest mistake of the off season was allowing Weis to leave … should have fired Haley & PROMOTED Weis …

    So, yeah, the Chiefs are a clusterf**k .
    Since you can’t fire the entire coaching staff & 95% of the players at once KC is stuck again for another losing season …..

    I know Glazer will enjoy ragging for the next 16 weeks on the Chiefs …

  5. mark x says:

    … this ain’t exactly news, Glazer
    Cassel, Palko, Stanzi … does it really matter? The results will be the same. Might as well play the rookie … he’ll swim or drown…

    Haley. … again, does it matter? … he sucks, but the players suck too … the biggest mistake of the off season was allowing Weis to leave … should have fired Haley & PROMOTED Weis …

    So, yeah, the Chiefs are a clusterf**k .
    Since you can’t fire the entire coaching staff & 95% of the players at once KC is stuck again for another losing season …..

    I know Glazer will enjoy ragging for the next 16 weeks on the Chiefs …

  6. Cowboy says:

    It Never Ends
    Oh man, they won’t let up, huh. Hah.

  7. chuck says:

    Hearne has banned me??

  8. chuck says:

    Goddamnit-this thing will not let me respond!!

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    I got an idea…

    Maybe they could tweet it out to a few dozen friends under a fake name and proclaim they broken the story as news

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Surely not!

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    Uh, no

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    Keep hacking….

    Chuck? Chuck? Come in, Chuck. Open the pod bay door, Chuck. Open the pod bay door….

  13. smartman says:

    There is a code error in the math question sometimes. Even when you enter the right answer it won’t accept it or your post and ask you to retry. It’s a Harry Potter Lazarus thing.

  14. chuck says:

    I will try again Glaze.
    No doubt, all Chief’s fans should be shakin in their boots right now. We didn’t re sign S Smith, Siler got hurt, on Ir, Tony M. is on IR, and Castle Keep has a cracked rib (Gimme a fuckin break, Dan Pastorini played with 4 BROKEN ribs.), the schedule is packed with AFC East baaaaadassses and we had a soft schedule last year.

    Here is the problem Glaze.

    Your headline, “Glazer: Read My Lips; No New Division Titles. Chiefs Season Over Before It Starts” pre supposes that anyone besides KELLY’S MAN (Who lives on a couch, in an alley in Westport, and thinks he is fuckin Scarlet Johanson after 1 beer.), siad that the Chiefs would win a division title. In fact, pretty much everyone, including me, said the Chargers will run away with it and the Chiefs will be an improved team if they go 8 and 8 with a tougher schedule.

    I said they will go 8 and 8, and I still think they will.

    Kerowhack, Monkey Man and Glaze, think 4 to 5 wins is the ceiling. Thats ok.

    But here, here is where your credibility goes for a high speed ride with Ryan Dunn.

    “Even Jamaal Charles has issues. Just like he did last year. He can’t pick up key short yards, not many touchdowns. D-Bowe takes entire games off. Tamba Hali is a good sacker but can he stop the run? Derrick Johnson is Steady Eddie but needs more sacks and big plays to be a gamer.”

    On the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl team, these three guys start every game, even without Green Bay’s injuries last year. EVERY FUCKIN GAME. The idea that those 3 guys are just another “guy” in teh NFL is preposterous. THEY START EVERY FUCKIN GAME. they are fuckin studs, every day of the week, including Sunday. D Bowe, is, even after his big year, VERY UNDERVALUED. He might be the best recieverr in the game, after the Johnsons.

    Arrowhead Addict, or maybe Arrowhead Pride, posted a really killer take on Ricky Stanzi, so I am with ya there (I just know what I read in teh newspa….on the internet.).

    Now I realize, that to be a great gambler, which I know you are, you have to be blown by every wind, and wet by every rain.

    I am a homer, and I love the Chiefs, so my rose colored glasses might be smudgy.

    Still, I think the home town team, will muster up 8 wins, and I will keep the farm.

  15. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Is Glaze Trolling for comments?
    Glaze do you believe this? Or did you find out that you only get people to comment if you shit on the local sports teams? I’m not mad at ya, just wondering.

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    Uh, No
    Just the Truth…..

  17. chuck says:

    Orphan. smartman
    I, like Monkey Man, would be honored, if, as Monkey Man would put it, you would be my “NIGGER”!!!

    Fuck yeah!!! BE MY NIGGER!!!!!!





    FUCK YEAH!!!

  18. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Just stepped out for a minute. I miss anything?

  19. harley says:

    pretty easy to see the chiefs have problem the minute the schedule came out.
    Your prediction is not all that bold…in fact ….many people with more knowledge
    than you predicted this long before you did.
    Looks like cassell will play against bills…so you’re wrong there….
    Watch for the running game to take over since casell might have problems
    throwing the ball….charles/jones need to step up their game and buffalo is
    the perfect team to do it to.
    So your predictions for this season and the rest of your ridiculous predictions
    are pretty simple mindded. The very obvious.
    Remember I pick specific occurrences…not hyped up b.s.
    Like picking ku to lose in the elite eight (it went as I s aid)
    And saying that MU would leave…eventually. I remember when the
    calm about the big 12 occurred after nebraska and cu left e eryone jumped
    on me for predicting that the big 12 would fall apart…mu would leave…
    which was a long long shot prediction at the time. Now look what happens…
    the big 12 will disintegrate and fall apart and our local schools will be looking
    for new homes………….wow….never question harleys ability to predict the
    now here’s another….you will find some bar ho and put the meat to her
    this month. Vegas is behind this call.
    So before our humble scribe goes “out on a limb” with another phony
    prediction based on no knowledge of anything except hookers…hos
    and partying….maybe you need to check and see what the real
    experts are predicting… champions
    have gone 0-4 in preseason before.

  20. smartman says:

    I got your back. Even when you pick the Chiefs to go 8-8.

    I have ’em at 6-10 and predict a win over the Bills 16-13. They will rise to the ocassion on Opening Day. This might be the biggest MUST WIN game of the Pioli+Haley era.

    If they flame out against the Bills even the Adjustment Bureau won’t be able to help.

  21. Cowboy says:

    What Predictions
    Harley ok, what is your take, who wins the dviisions and who is in the big dance. Just so I will know now.

  22. Rick says:

    He’s LOST IT
    The fact that Glaze refers to himself as a media guy clearly indicates he has lost it. Hearne ban him and bring back Tracy. She makes more sense.

  23. Harlow says:

    No Rick You Are
    Rick aren’t you the guy who wrote one sports story? Or is that another guy? You dog Craig, he has not attacked you has he? Not a media guy? On four or five radio stations a week and does sports on air as well? I hear Craig weekly I never heard of you Rick. I guess you think Craig and Hearne will like you for being a whinney bitch? Maybe instead of being a cry baby you should write some comments with more information about sports than ragging on Craig or Hearne?

  24. Cowboy says:

    Good Point Harlow
    Glazer Matt says he will play. So now the Chiefs can win maybe one game or so? Are they still off the board in Vegas? What is the over under on them now? I think they can win four maybe five with or without Matt Cassel. They have a decent set of playmakers, in a game or two they will explode. Like someone said, they may just try a ground game with little passing.

  25. Orphan of the Road says:

    I’ll be there should you need it.

    Eight the hard way…

  26. Ryno says:

    Well Put
    Glazer, this comment says all anyone needs to know about your knowledge of sports – “Tamba Hali is a good sacker .” A good sacker huh? No one with any sports knowledge at all speaks like that.

  27. BS Nerdlaw says:

    My 17-year old cousin is a good sacker too…..
    …He recently won Employee of the Month at the Roeland Park Price Chopper.

  28. BS Nerdlaw says:

    So, Jamaal Charles can’t get many short yardage TD’s….
    ….and yet, he managed to score a TD from within the 10 yard line 5 out of 6 attempts last year? Wow, you’re right…that’s not a very good number. REALLY???

    You can’t blame Charles on that stat…if he was only given the ball 6 times in that situation? I don’t claim to know everything about football, but that stat sounds pretty good to me. Blame that one on the play calling…not the player. Wow!

  29. Rick says:

    The chick that keeps coming here telling us who u want to screw and do? We know what kind of content you have. Is it true that u offered ur services for $300? That you have to wear a no pest strip on your panties? If u read then u know that my comments about Craig are supported. But of course if u r just trying to figure out who u can “sack” then I’m sure u can’t understand. RIDE EM COWBOY!

  30. harley says:

    sorry but this guy needs to go. Hernia….is this the best you can do? with all you connections and
    great writing know how this is the best you can provide us. A guy who knows not one techincal thing
    about any sport. A guy who can’t write. Even the star woulden’t let this guy write the obits in their
    This site is becoming a snooze fest….a poorly run amatuer site…..get rid of this guy and b ring
    in some real writers who can evaluate and intelligently talk about sports.
    And you’ve missed many big stories….big 12….that would get good readership. Instead glaze
    regurgitates inane stats…makes comments that are wrong….and gets pummelled by the readers
    who see thru his thin skin.
    come on…is this the best you ca n do hernia…
    If i want to read about sports i go elsewhere. If i want to read about black strippers/hos/pu$$Y/
    hotties/etc. i’ll read glazers column….but this guy is one big joke.
    And cowboy…are youi the unemployed former sports caster from 610 who fell off the face
    of the earth? You too were a loser in your evaluations.
    Now…hernia…take this site to the next lev3el….your readers are beating the sh*t out of
    glaze in the comments section.
    make the move….you are the laughing stock of this town….and you have really gone downhill
    professionally since the star fired you.
    And all you people who claim I hate glaze…you’re3 wrong. Its just he’s worn out his welcome
    in the professional sports arena…I’m sure he’ll respond with a comment about his
    videos with ali…his closeness to pro players….here’s what he is….a “groupie”…a guy
    who wants to be around famopus people thinking their fame will rub off on him
    Proffessionally he’s the worst. As a person and personally i could have a blast with the
    guy having drinks….this is not personal…its about helping hernia improve his site before
    it crumbles……

  31. Craig Glazer says:

    My Phrase
    “Sacker” my phrase, so it is what it sounds like. Makes sense huh. Tamba ‘sacks’ quarterbacks, thats what he does and well. So far. About Charles, again he was NOT GOOD on short yardage situations, hardly ever. As I stated, thats why Cassel threw on thrid and short and fourth and short, doesn’t mean he never scored inside the red zone. As a short yardage guy, terrible, so was Jones, thats why we brrought in the man from Baltimore and are trying to use Jackie Battle more, to pick up tough yards, our guys to this point can’t. Thats why our running game ‘tops in the NFL’ was bullshit. Everyone knows that but you BS guy. I saw how well it worked these past months ending the regular season at 2-5 and adding another 4 staright losses, lets see thats 2-9….nice. Great running game. Baltimore,Oakland,San Diego, and Denver were really on their heels, huh? But you are right these Chiefs are dynomite. THE GUY ON ESPN YESTERDAY PLACED US FOURTH IN OUR DIVDISION, THEN BAYLESS CAME OUT AND TOOK OUR HELMET OFF THE TABLE(chiefs helmet) and threw it on the floor saying “only San Diego matters in this terrible division, worst in football’ frankly I’m not sure Oakland is that bad, but Chiefs and Denver are not looking too good. But you know better with Charles and that NFL best rushing game I’m sure the Chiefs will win game after game after game…. find a new hobby dude.

  32. harley says:

    glaze…get some new stories…
    what aboyt stories on hookers…hos…stings….robberies…westport…power and light…
    plaza….race relations….etc…
    those i can see where you have credibility….the rest of your stories are ridiculous and

  33. Ryno says:

    New phrase to use instead of sacker
    Glazer, I’m gonna do you a favor so you don’t go around referencing guys who sack the quarterback as “sackers.” Frankly it makes you sound like an 8 year old kid who is just learning the game or a 44 year old mom of a highschool player. Let’s try using “pass rusher” from here on out. I think you’ll be better for it, got it? Also, would you call a good kicker a good “field goaler?”

  34. can't say says:

    Glazer =
    Glazer = media guy the way Harlow = lady

  35. BS Nerdlaw says:

    Good call, Ryno….
    ….Terms like that do tend to take away any and all credibility on any sports-related articles on this blog. It’s pretty tough to read.

    Glaze, in some ways I think you miss the point. The people on here who rag on you are not trying to tell you that we think the Chiefs are going to win game after game after game. I have never said that I think the Chiefs are going to win it all this year. But you making these bold predictions of a 2-win, 4-win, and 5-win season is just insane…especially when Week 1 hasn’t even officially started yet. The point is that…It’s the NFL, and anything can happen. You think because Skip Bayless throws a Chiefs helmet off the table, that this confirms your argument? When was the last time anyone took that guy seriously? Not to mention, he’s a long-proclaimed Raiders fan…Of course he’s gonna make a statement like that!

    Most people on here have no idea how the Chiefs season will turn out….Most people still think an 8-8 record is fairly accurate. They may disappoint and win less than that…and they may surprise and win 1 or 2 more. We have no way of knowing. Let the season play out. But to say that with the core young players we have (Most of them all returning from last year and getting better) , that we will only win 2 games and be a doormat is preposterous. Most NFL experts may not think the Chiefs will shock the world, but the national perception for this team is not that we will get trounced by everyone we play. Yes, our schedule is tough…and we may not win 10 games again. But that doesn’t mean we won’t still be an improving team playing tougher teams.

    Going off with these articles, telling us how awful we are gonna be is simply a ploy for you to get more hits on this site…because you know people are going to reply with vengeance and it improves your ratings on this site. Making statements like CASSEL is finished, or Jamaal Charles has issues, or Tamba is a good “sacker” does not help your argument….it only hurts it. If they start out 0-5, 1-3, or 2-4, then we’ll all bow to you, Humble Scribe…but if that doesn’t happen, expect these comments to continue from the readers with every Chiefs article you write. Try to be a little less contoversial just for the sake of being controversial. We had enough of that already with Whitlock.

  36. Cliffy says:

    Harlow = Glazer’s right hand (that is, unless he’s left-handed)

  37. Rick says:

    B.S. GREAT STUFF!!! U hit it out of the ballpark. Well said. And when someone has to use a national player to support there argument it tells me they don’t feel secure in there argument. And what is really irritating is that Glaze’s prediction for the Chiefs is an ever moving target. He’s predicted so far any where between 2 to 7 wins. If they win a couple of games he’ll be back telling us they will be a playoff team. No scruples.


  38. Cliffy says:

    A little sports development known as “conference realignment” seems to be making the rounds in sports circles. Our three local universities just might find themselves going to separate conferences ending decades-old rivalries … not to mention the economic damage that our fair city will realize. Yet we get article after article about how bad the Chiefs are going to be this year. Thanks for staying out there on the cutting edge, Glazer. Nice work.

  39. Rick says:

    Don’t u understand Cliffy
    he’s a “media guy” and this is cutting edge stuff.

  40. PB says:

    Yeah, a real Lone Wolf
    you are. I don’t know about the media types nor do I care as they know no more than Joe Fan, but certainly you weren’t alone in predicting no repeat of AFC West title. In fact, the majority of fans on here and otherwise were predicting anywhere from 4-8 wins, which is still where they will most likely end up. I’ll give you this though, Craig…you are alone in that most people would have at least waited for ONE game to be played before patting themselves on the back with both hands. Remember, “I told you so!” only works on subjects in the PAST tense. I can hardly wait for your self-congratulating posts AFTER the fact, that is if you survive your inevitable head explosion.

  41. Rick says:

    I Never Heard Of You
    Harlow says “I’ve never heard of you Rick.”

    TOP 5 REASONS HARLOW has never heard of Rick

    5-Name is not on any comedy club’s bathroom wall.
    4-I hear the word Rick and think of Dick and start salivating and forget everything else.
    3-Up at 5:30 in the morning so I can catch all of Glazer’s radio appearances. No ability to think of anything else.
    2-I didn’t know after sex you are suppose to ask them for their name???
    1-Rick’s name has never been on the list of men to contact after getting another diagnosis of a sexually transmitted disease.

  42. BS Nerdlaw says:

    I can see the headline next Monday….
    “Humble Scribe is still convinced this season is over”

    I’m sure that even if we do win our first game against Buffalo, it will still be the same old story on this site. Regardless of how good we may or may not look on Sunday, the blog will still include a long-winded rant about how awful we are. Glazer and Cowboy will still call us doormats, and they will say that we’ll still be lucky to win 2 or 3 more games. I’m sure they will say we will get exposed the following week by that mighty defensive juggernaut that is the Detroit Lions…because they have good “SACKERS” on their d-line!!

  43. Cliffy says:

    Cowboy = the inner voice that tells Glazer he is smart and handsome

  44. Craig Glazer says:

    Thanks For The Back-Up
    Yes you read my mind guys/girls. I did say 6 or 7 wins before preseason, now I see less, thats all. They stink, thats all. Are they gonna be a better TEAM than last year, NO. Thats all. Are we building anything? NO. It all starts at quarterback, we don’t have one, yet. Maybe Ricky one day, who knows, it ain’t Matt, he is not the guy to take us deep, no way. Just like Trent couldn’t, this guy is worse, with less talent around him.

    People YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A SOLID LINE UP OF PLAYERS, in some spots we aren’t sure who will even start, come on guys, thats the mark of a shmo team. Not a contender or a team getting better, right. We do need more SACKERS, thats for sure…..I say CALL MARTY.

    Thank you for all your advice and help, when I am in Veags Friday I will report back to you all, live from the strip…..hey college bettors, any tips? I got Saturday at the casino open for you….who is the sure thing on Saturday?

  45. Rick says:

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Maybe Glaze will stay in Vegas.

    Hearne “He can write from Vegas.”

  46. chuck says:

    Here’s the thing
    Glaze’s predictions are no better, and may be worse than us folks posting comments.

    His denegration of J Charles , Bowe and Hali to reinforce his premise is absurd, even if he turns out to be right and the Cheifs win 5 games.

    Nerdlaw is pretty much dead on.

    Glaze is a fabulous raconteur, when the stories are subjective. His stories a few weeks ago were top notch, first person reporting, on his favorite subject, himself. They were mesmerising.

    There is actually nothing wrong with Glazes takes, its just that the sports section of this blog is fucked.

    As peviously metioned by Cliffy, there is a HUGE fucking story with teh Big 12, and NO MENTION!!

    Its easy to critisize, and I am a big Glaze fan, but I liked it better when we had a real sports guy like Rick, who dedicated his efforts to sports and then we could fuck with him (No offense Rick).

    An extemporaneous take on sports, is just that, and that is what the Glaze gives us.

    Thats cool.

    But it only scratches the surface of a very interesting topic to the folks who are in this room, as is evidenced by the pejorative commentary, when we are fed encessant takes by the Glaze.

    Glaze doesn’t have to STOP posting about sports, hell its fun giving him shit.

    Hearne needs more stability, imo, with the contributors to the site.


    Tonight, the BFFL Fantasy Football League,(20 years this year) is underway!!

    Tomorrow night, Coaches, I have first pick, first round—-Ray Rice.

    Remember, no wagering on first week NFL games.

    Glaze is right about one thing, every year, even with mostly the same players, you still will have a DIFFERENT team.

    Wish me luck, the payout is 1500. and I’ll need all the luck I can get.


  47. Hearne Christopher says:

    Ah, but KCC has a few new (old) trick sup its sleeve. Stay tuned.

  48. Hearne Christopher says:

    To paraphrase a certain VP candidate from the past, I know Tracy Thomas and I know Craig Glazer and Tracy Thomas is no Craig Glazer. More sense, huh? How well do you know TT?

  49. Hearne Christopher says:

    Who would you have left to bag on then, big guy? I mean besides me. Not that I’m not game.

    I do like your previous prediction on Craig a couple comments up.

  50. Hearne Christopher says:

    I think everybody’s analysis of the Chiefs is and should be an ever moving target. It would be foolish not to evolve and move with the times and new information.

    I think the bottom line is that Craig has remained ultra bearish on this year’s Chiefs team from pretty much the get-go. So we’ll see.

    However you cut the cake, he’s not afraid to lay it on the line, is he?

  51. Hearne Christopher says:

    Sure wish I could lasso me a Cowboy (and don’t take that the wrong way)

  52. Hearne Christopher says:

    He’d better write from Vegas. Question is will he be, right from Vegas

  53. Harlow says:

    My Word
    So thats how you boys act? My God, what a bunch of little boys and babies. First off, I haven’t seen Craig in years. He seems to be a pretty good guy from what I knew and know of him. My friends know him and say good things, thats all. I read his stories and they are very entertaining and funny. Why would you say evil sexual things about me, you never met me and don’t know me? Bunch of sick old men, sitting in their tidy whities peeing on themselves. I do not know what you men look like, I know what Craig looks like now. Are you just jealous of the guy? Instead of attacking the person write what you think, most of what I see is hate mail. One or two of you does some nice work, Smartman and Chuck, but whoever Rick is and some others, you must not have real jobs.

  54. Hearne says:

    My Two Cents
    Allow me to say this; a lot of you guys focus on the fact that Craig’s been unleashing a drum beaton how lousy this year’s Chiefs are and will be once the regular season starts.

    I think that’s fair.

    However, what most of those critics fail to note is, that’s by far and away not all the he’s doing. He’s breaking down parts of the game, players, giving insights on how the team is faring with the odds makers in Las Vegas and sliding quite precipitously out on a pretty dainty tree limb.

    Come on, the Renaissance Fest has started, can I hear a huzzah or three?

  55. chuck says:

    Let me reiterate, I am a big Glaze fan.

    But if a dumb ass commenter like me, says that J Charles, D Bowe and T Hali are negatives when it comes to assessing the Chiefs and Cheif’s talent, then wtf, its just chuck and he is in his fuckin cups.

    But if Glaze, under the auspices of kcconfidential takes on three of the best players in the NFL, and implies that the Chiefs will only win 5 games because of same, well…

    If they only win 5 games (Which by the way, is just an opinion and is fully warranted by a subjective take by the Glaze, totally cool.), it will be BECAUSE of the efforts of those top players on teh Chiefs and probably, and more secifically those three guys.

    Glaze’s posts are a lot of fun, but if he posts stuff like that, then no one, including Glaze should be pissy about the blow back.

    In all honest, since Siler, Tony M. went on IR, and Castel go nicked, its gonna be a close call for 8 games.

    Tony was worth 1/2 game and although it is hard to project Siler’s influence, according to dozen’s of internet sites, San Diego and National, he was an ascending player that would have covered the idiotic move of lettin S Smith get away.

    So, Glaze’s bet on the under, is logical and makes sense, its the commentary which leaves him open to criticism.

    Just sayin…


  56. Craig Glazer says:

    Fair Enough Chuck
    I have no issue with you Chuck. You always go on the content not the person. Thats fine and fair. Hey anything can happen, I could be wrong and The Chiefs have a fine season. Like Harley said, “thats why they play the games” you never know. Course Herm said that and look at his record. It is rare that a team with so many issues and no pedigree can overcome all that in one season. This team has no history of winning, especially big games. So its hard for me to see them doing well with all the issues at hand. Too many to name again, like twenty. Their lines are in deep question their quarterback has yet to step up and play real well, so on….too much with a tough line up of foes. They got away with it last year cause of an almost scary easy group of teams too play. I find that really odd, they were almost hand picked it seemed. Other than San Diego in the rain game we beat nobody that mattered. And we struggled through many of those wins against really bad teams. So clearly its hard to call the Chiefs ascending. But Chuck and others, lets see. We should beat the Bills, they are ranked one below us and its at home, A loss there and look out….

  57. bschloz says:

    Are You Ready
    Glaze I love your enthusiasm for Pre-Season football?
    You couldn’t pay people to go to those shitshows.
    Chiefs -6 whaa….somebody aint tellin the truth then?? What league is Buff in?
    …bottom line Chiefs are loaded with SEC, PAC Big 12 guys….they are infused with NE winship—plus the Chiefs are just a great franchise….best fans in the game. Defending WEST Champs.

    Bet against Pioli and lose your wrist watch.

  58. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Chocolate Becky is tearing Glaze up!

    ” He has a small penis but it works”
    ” More balls that dick”

    Greatest interview ever!! Glaze you are awesome!!

  59. chuck says:

    Ok 🙂
    Go Chiefs!!!

  60. Orphan of the Road says:

    Water cooler sports
    Craig, when you do these sports blogs it is just guys around the table. You proclaim too much, too early. It’s preseason for the homers and they deserve a little fantasy before the cruel season hits them.

    I had a professor in college who said, all we are trying to say is the grass is green but using other words. When you called out the three players you didn’t make your point. I feel it will be hard for any of them to match last years stats as they were so good. But they can improve while not matching those stats.

    You don’t have to be a sports geek to be entertaing, informative and provocative. One of my favorite sports guys is a Philadelphia comedian who does the over-night on WIP. Give him a listen sometimes Glaze, it might be your niche.

    Chuck, I am shocked you are a fantasy football guy. Explains the drinking though.

    And as Chuck said, Glaze taking the under is the prudent bet. I’d take the over but not straight up.

  61. Rick says:

    Great comeback. U must of been on the debate team.

  62. can't say says:

    I believe she did the debate team.

  63. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    What Matters Is Response
    As most of you have read in the past, Craig and I are often on opposite sides of the fence. However I believe response is key on these sites. Thats what makes me read these stories. Frankly I enjoy the comments as much or more than the stories. Craig gets by far the most response, good and bad and worse. Hearne has been much better as of late, I think without Tony and Greg he has picked up the slack. Craig clearly gets upset when he is attacked too hard. Sometimes it is too personal and he is justified. Someone mentioned Whitlock/Glazer yes I see some similar things between the two. One they are both not very PC. Thats good today. One is a ladies man, one wanted to be one. They both think they know everything. They are KNOW IT ALLS. That is no doubt. Craig is extremely entertaining and funny, on purpose I think at times, other times, he believes his own bs. Maybe he knows more than some of us, not too sure. So keep on his ass people. I love it.

  64. Rick says:

    Yes but understand
    Yes but understand that sometimes it gets old. It’s like being around that crazy wacky drunk friend. At first its funny. But eventually it becomes obnoxious. So yes while Craig in his buffoonery may get a lot of feedback. And sometimes we are laughing because he is so far off and so convinced otherwise. Eventually u just get pissed and don’t want to be around the idiot drunk any more.

    Now what is the save gracing at least at this point for Craig is that he mixes it up. He does bad sports, tells a story from his past that has interest, and then hits an emotional cord with the Mermaid ill mother story. Also much like Charlie Sheen it is fascinating to watch (or read) his incredible insecurity on display.

    So for now it works. But don’t be surprised at some point it just gets old and people move on.

  65. Rick says:

    Another ?
    What is the goal of KCC? If the goal is to have a loyal niche audience then Glazer is fine. Golf is a niche sport that doesn’t get huge ratings but appeals to a high income crowd. So nothing wrong with finding an audience and then catering to them.

    But if your goal is to be main stream. To be the place people go for news, sports, and content. Then Glazer is not the person u want representing. He turns off a large segment of the audience and especially women. So u aren’t going to make it mainstream with him. And I’m sure some advertisers would stay away for the same reason.

    So depending on your business model applies to the value of Glaze.

  66. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    I Think He Is Just Getting Started Rick
    Glazer has been on this site at least two years or there abouts. He is very popular here and in the media, tV, radio from what I see and hear. Have you heard him on Johnny Dare? That is so funny Rick you should check it out. I got a call from my doctor, Larry Goldmen today about Glazer and some black girl going nuts on 98.9 and J Dare. The guy is wacked at times. Love it, so do most people. You get “liking someone in the media” mixed up with popular. Glazer is popular and Kelley Urich also on this site is liked, but Glazer is the star in a way cause he gets noticed and people either love him or hate him, kinda like Howard Stern. Check him out on Dare Rick.

  67. Taco Time says:

    Glazer Goes I Go
    I read this thing cause of Glazer. He is a crazy bastard, but man he is one cool dog. He is scandelous, I like that man. He acts and says what he thinks, don’t give a damn what others say or do, just his own shit. I like that, how can you not. Man today on Johnny Dare they had this girl, Chocalete Becky on, oh God damn it was beyond hilarious. She called him out and every name in the book, I mean they even used the N word, she is black and she used it, ON THE RADIO, I love it. Craig is smart and sometimes he plays with yo head Rick. Thats all, don’t hate him, it won’t serve you my brother, do your thing and let him do his shit. See it all works out. I love the Chiefs but they are dogs.

  68. kcfred says:

    how many comments are i mean henry, harlow, taco
    I say the over/under is 5. What say you?

  69. Rick says:

    Has 2 be over 5 BUT…….
    it could also just be he has multiply personalities.

    But 4 the record both writers(or the same writer) confirmed EXACTLY what I said. He has a SPECIFIC fan base but its doubtful u will ever attract beyond that.

    Not sure about Craig being smart but he must be honored for two things. Running a successful business. And keeping himself in the public eye. And obviously their is a reason he is on these radio shows.

    No way Craig plays with my head. As already mentioned 1000 times. Not a hater.

  70. Rick says:

    Also u forgot kcfred

  71. Cowboy says:

    You got me hoss. Do I get to sleep with all those hot little babes now? Please. I’ll take that Harlow girl hows that?

  72. Harlow says:

    Now I’m A Guy
    Thank you for not callng me other names. I guess its kinda funny.

  73. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    So is Mermaids family doing better? Really?

  74. Craig says:

    debbie’s family
    dont know anything current. hopefully we will hear from her soon.

  75. inspector clueless says:

    3 in a row
    It does seem odd that the 3 ‘posters” most often associated as actually Glazer, just posted in a 3 minute span.

  76. Cliffy says:

    It’s a known fact Glazer posts under several names. He even got caught doing it a couple of weeks ago and he doesn’t care. It’s just one of the reasons I consider him to be such a pathetic and laughable character.

  77. Rick says:

    HILARIOUS a few weeks ago when he wrote about himself but forgot to use an alias and posted under his own name. FREAKIN Classic!!

  78. Monkey Man says:

    Love Choc. Becky On Dare
    That was classic my young brother man. She was so funny even we liked the show. Hey Rick dude, you wrote like several stories on what a dumb punk Glazer is right. You got to tell us about the sports, maybe you will be smarter than him. Just cutting Glazer down doesn’t make you the man. Brother is a funny white guy. He is.

  79. Rick says:

    Where r u monkey man???
    I don’t believe I’ve wrote anything about Glazer being a dumb punk? U must have me confused with those that write about his writing and make fun of his use of words like “sacker”. That’s not me.

    “You got to tell us about sports”. Again where are u? I’ve wrote several times about sports and me and also about Glazer’s EARLY Chiefs predictions. Where have u been?

    I’m sure in some areas I am smarter then Glaze and I’m sure in some areas he’s smarter then me.

    Glazer is white????

  80. Rick says:

    Why harlow
    Why would we say evil sexual things about you. Oh I don’t know……maybe it has something to do with you always talking about urination and wanting people to pee on your leg, tidy whites, who u r hot for. Things of this nature. Just a guess. Act like a tramp don’t then be surprised people treat u like one.

  81. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hey, The Star didn’t build its business model around me or Jason Whitlock. Or Steve Penn and Hendricks even. It’s a buffet. Come and sample a little of this, some of that and hopefully we’ll be able to stock a few entrees that you’ll find to your liking.

    And don’t forget, I’m still in search of the lost chord(s)…

  82. Hearne Christopher says:

    You guys trying to convert the comments section into Salem?

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