Caitlin: Celebrate Fashion’s Night Out, Kansas City Style, Thursday Sept. 8th

If you like special discounts, parties, giveaways, or FREE BOOZE—you’re in luck! 

This September 8th marks the third annual Fashion’s Night Out (FNO), an event originally launched to stimulate sales and generate buzz about Fall Fashion Week in New York City. And this year, participating shops and boutiques are even more wide-spread. For the first time, many Kansas City retailers are participating in the nation-wide event.

Looks like the hottest spot to be is the Country Club Plaza, which will be host to live DJs and bands throughout the evening. So, here’s my advice…

  • If you’re in it for the booze…check out Nichols & Wyandotte near Halls for champagne.
  • If you’re in it for the party pics…visit Mermaid Courtyard where INK and SPACES will be set up, complete with their very own red carpet.
  • If you’re in it for the fashion…go to Valencia Courtyard to see models from Banana Republic.
  • And if you’re in it for the music…check out the Penguin Courtyard, where the Ernest James Band will perform, or the Neptune Courtyard where The Magnetics will play. 

Also new this year, many online stores are offering special deals and discounts to their customers. For a complete list, visit

If you just want to buy a piece from this year’s FNO Collection, check out the link below:
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