Glazer: The Rise & Fall of Former Chiefs Star Marcus Allen

What ever happened to Baby Jane?

Marcus Allen was maybe the most overall popular pro athlete in recent Kansas City history. Sure there’s George Brett, Len Dawson, Joe Montana and Tony G, but none had that sexy presence like Marcus. Everyone in KC wanted to meet him, see him and speak to the handsome football star who helped turn the Kansas City Chiefs into one of the most popular football teams in America.

That was nearly two decades ago – wow time flies, huh?

Oh sure, Joe Montana was our BEATLES. More than a legend. Marcus was more a Mick Jagger – too sexy for his shirt and pants. But man, could he play ball.

Allen had just been kicked out of LA, for many reasons – rumors of too much party time with OJ and crew. His game had gone from great to awful in just a hand full of seasons with the Raiders. Marcus, won the 1982 Super Bowl MVP and Rookie of the Year but was dumped. He came to Kansas City and rebuilt his superstar career. Really, he was better as a Chief.

Allen was the first NFL player to rush for more than 10,000 yards and catch for more than 5,000. Allen had 145 TD’s total. The best short yardage man in NFL history. No stopping that guy at the goal line, EVER. Along with Montana, Neil Smith, Derrick Thomas, Dale Carter, Mark Collins and a cast of household names. Those Chiefs were special.

And oh yeah, they had a great coach Marty something or other.

Allen left the Chiefs after the 1997 season. He was already 36 years old. The Chiefs offered him a two-year, multimillion dollar deal, but he wanted to go to TV.  He went to CBS Sports, the big show, he would be a star, maybe the next Bryant Gumbel. Never happened. His anchor career lasted just past one year.

He was moved to reporter and then special interviews and then gone.

More rumors; too many girls. Maybe an executive’s girl or wife? He ran all over KC while married with more girls than anyone I’ve ever seen. The guy had it all – good looks, well-dressed, well spoken, Hall of Fame, superstar. Kansas City was hurt when he left and never really came back for much.

He broke all ties to KC shortly after he ran out.

Today Allen is a mystery. We all know about his relationship with OJ. Allen had gone straight and OJ hadn’t.

You almost never see the guy on TV, a rare Super Bowl stop by, or comment. NO real clear job.

Allen just signed with Fox Sports Net.

He did some work – not much – on the MU game yesterday with anchor Kevin Fraiser. Kevin did 90% of the talking. Marcus at 51, looked great, but acted uncomfortable. Like he didn’t fit. It’s a big comedown from the BOOTH at CBS and the money is far less.

But it’s a start back up.

I’ve often wondered why Allen isn’t a color analyst with one of the networks for big bucks. There’s something wrong somewhere.

Allen made good money but not live rich forever dough. Saw him in LA a few times and he seemed relaxed. Bored maybe.

We hung out in KC and LA before he became a Chief. He even stole a girl or two from me.

It just seems Marcus should have done more after he quit. Maybe it was more questionable choices, timing, bad breaks or just the guy didn’t care. He’s a true mystery. A man who could have been KING OF KANSAS CITY and maybe the sports media.

Kinda just got very quiet. Maybe now he’s on the way back.
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15 Responses to Glazer: The Rise & Fall of Former Chiefs Star Marcus Allen

  1. newbaum turk says:

    Allen is not a broadcaster anymore because he was so bad at it. Simply did not have the voice or ability to be good at it. As for the women you got that right. I once saw his wife and you talk about gorgeous. Most guys wouldn’t leave the house if they had her but as Chris Rock says, a man is only limited by his options. Joe Montana did pretty well with the women here too despite being married as well.

  2. Packers Nation says:

    Watched Allen Tonight On Fox
    Yeah he does not seem real comfortable. Like he wants to be somewhere else. Great player. Maybe best Chief of modern years. He was the go to guy for all those years, even though he was slowed by age, still all the big plays were his.

  3. KU forever says:

    Thank You Craig
    I too wondered about Marcus. Why had he gone and hid out. Yeah, I agree who could have owned this city, made big money here,guess its just to small town for Allen. He was something. Hope he is happy as a kinda past it star in LA. I disagree with the comment made here by someone I think he was good, just something did happen. Strange story for a guy that was so popular.

  4. smartman says:

    My Ding-A-Ling
    Could be that when word gets out that you like pissing on white women and your nickname, or your penis’nickname is “DRIFTWOOD”, might be kinda hard to get respectable broadcasting work.

    If it was Joe Montana or Joe Namath gettin’ off pissing on black chicks that shit would be all over the news about them being racist wanna-be slave owners.

    Marcus is just another Jekyll and Hyde, smoke and mirros moolie like OJ.

    Faye Reznik still has loads of dirt on Marcus that’ll get her another book deal if his star gets too bright.

  5. Cowboy says:

    Well Glazer you were 100% right. I saw last night that Matt Cassel is done. Man your Chiefs, as you said what two months back, are the NFL’s worst. Nobody called that one but you old buddy. So all the Glazer haters go hide. He was right. I agreed to some extent, no I didn’t think they would only win 2 or 3, not that might be uphill. Haley is on the hot seat. You called it all, you got my pat on the back brother.

    Maybe Marcus is available. Haley call him.

  6. Packers Nation says:

    Cowboy With You
    Saw ESPN this morning, they said the Chiefs were one of the two worst teams in the NFL. The only reason they might win a game or two is they play Denver and Oakland, otherwise a good canidate for 0-16. Glazer you called that one. Hey you said my Packers will win it all. I’m with you on that.

  7. Harlow says:

    Tony Was A Dreamboat
    Tony was so handsome, I think he was the MAN, not so much Marcus with the babes, maybe I am just a Tony fan. However I agree Marcus was the better football player. No I am stupid, Tony was kinda over-rated. He really never had that big game like Allen did. Still I’d jump Tony anyday.

  8. bschloz says:

    Dude was a TD machine. Beautiful athlete– who will ever forget him reversing the field in Super Bowl.
    Glaze, I think it’s funny you like hanging out with all these jocks? Did Marcus have some good ideas about controlling Flash mobs in Westport? He was always a Raider to me.

    @smartman how bout some Marcus Allen Ford failed promo jingles …..

  9. smartman says:

    Marcus Allen Ford your official WATERSPORTS Headquarters.

    Marcus Allen Ford, where BLONDES have more fun.

    Marcus Allen Ford at Thirty-Ford and Broadway. Home of the $6969 Escort.

    This Wednesday is Ladies Night at Marcus Allen Ford. Let Marcus take you for a test drive!

    Marcus Allen Ford has 12 Limited Edition Shelby Cobra Mustangs. Once you drive black you’ll never go back.

    Marcus Allen Ford’s Signature Service. Let us check under your hood.

  10. Taco Time says:

    Raiders Fan
    We owned the man. He is back where he belongs California. He was our MVP not yours, you just rented our boy. Marcus is way too cool for KC Chiefs. Hall of Famer, yeah buddy.

  11. Black Barbie says:

    I Love Neil Smith
    Neil is my favorite man on the Chiefs. Marcus Allen came into Temptations my first year there, I was 18, he was I think doing games as a talker man, yeah. He only tipped me 50 bucks, a cheap ass like his buddy Craig. Neil he give me 300 twice and asked me out too. He offered me a car and all kinds of stuff. Marcus just wanted to meet me after work, at like 4 AM at his hotel in Crown Center. Shit on that. Cheap ass jerk. Like I need his little old dick for free, come on now. Craig where you and Johnny been you mad at me, I am not mad no more cause that girl on the radio is some raggedy assed black ho, not me.

  12. Bob says:

    “Could be that when word gets out that you like pissing on white women and your nickname, or your penis’nickname is “DRIFTWOOD”, might be kinda hard to get respectable broadcasting work. ” Smartman

    Fantastic story. He got that name from OJ’s ex-wife that OJ murdered. She was walking on the beach with her sister one day and they were talking about Allen’s cock. Her sister asked how big it was and there was some driftwood washed ashore. She just pointed at the driftwood. He was henceforth known as Driftwood between them. Until OJ cut her head off. Her sister was one classy bitch. She cashed in on her sister’s murder with Playboy and a book. At least we got the Driftwood story.

  13. bschloz says:

    $6969 Escort …..*****

  14. chuck says:

    Packer Nation
    Really, come on, is this Kelly’s Man??? 🙂

    The Chiefs are better than all 4 teams in the NCF West, Better than Chicago and Minnisota, better than Carolina, Better than Miami, better than Buffalo, Jacksonville, Tennesee, Cleveland and Denver FOR SURE 7 to 8 wins outta 10 times.

    They are in no way, one of the worst 2 teams in the NFL.

  15. chuck says:

    Black Barbie
    What does a “Talker Man” tip?

    Marcus Allen was such a fuckin douche bag. Insufferable. Listening to that fuckhead talk, was like watchin “Basketball Wives”. Ya jsut wanted to get outta the room before your clothes went to sleep.


    Just brutal.

    Without football, he redefines the term quotidian.

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