Starbeams: Top 5 Signs Your Labor Day is Gonna Suck, Driving Miss Kardashian & Plaza Teens

Kim Kardashian received a $450,000 Ferrari as a wedding gift from…herself. 

It’s a white 2011 Ferrari 458 with a carbon fiber interior, $15,000 wheels, a see-through glass engine compartment in the rear and a ton of other features.

***Let’s just hope there isn’t there isn’t a video leaked showing Ray-J driving it.


If you think the violence on the Plaza was bad a couple weekends back, this weekend a group of local teens plans to gather on the Plaza, get on Facebook and interact with their teachers.



#5.  The only person who invites you to party is Mayor Sly James‘ son!

#4.  You live in Kansas City North and the only cat sitter in the hood has 100 cats.

#3.  You can remember when you looked forward to Labor Day because you had a job.

#2. The only thing you pick up at the end-of-season pool party is cryptosporidium.

#1.  You have to spend a full extra day with your family!
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4 Responses to Starbeams: Top 5 Signs Your Labor Day is Gonna Suck, Driving Miss Kardashian & Plaza Teens

  1. Craig Glazer says:

    Might Be Worth It
    She would be damn hot for a night or two, then, I don’t know…good story Kelly

  2. Steve Balboni's moleskine says:

    Balboni wears a no fat chicks t-shirt @ Buzzard
    Women who have plump round asses in their twenties have huge asses in their 40’s—Secretary Spread. That’s why the smart ones pick the super skinnys- because women fill out as they have kids and get older.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Where Can You See Her Porn Tape
    She took down most of her porn on utube and other sites, how do you get it now? Must have been a good one.

  4. steve balboni's moleskine says:

    Torrents, Mr. Glazer. That’s how you find anything.

    Download microtorrent and go to the pirate bay.

    If you squint really hard you can pretend Ray J is Marcus Allen.

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