Hearne: Hate Radio 980, Buzz v KanRocksas, Glazer Naked, LeRoi, Crosstown Exit

So many bases to cover, so little time…



The on-air, quote of the month honors for August goes to 610 Sports host Nick Wright.

For his triple diss of blogger Tony Botello, radio chick Darla Jaye and NewsRadio KMBZ.

"(Tony) has a weekly spot on Hate Radio 980 with all 63 I.Q. points of Darla Jaye."




Another reason for the bad blood between last month’s KanRocksas fest and alt rock station The Buzz, which refused to accept advertsing or help promote KanRocksas:

A number of the acts that played KanRocksas were penciled in for Buzz Under the Stars shows. Insiders say KanRocksas cost Entercom and the Buzz as many as three City Market shows this summer. Three.

Crossroads lost some shows too, but managed to contain its disappointment rather than declare war on KanRocksas.



Craig Glazer‘s pal Sam Mellinger, sports columnist at the Star, tiptoes around saying pretty much the same thing as Glazer about this year’s Kansas City Chiefs.

"Maybe it’s not as bad as it looks," Mellinger’s column today begins. Later adding, "Whatever plan coach Todd Haley and the Chiefs had for this preseason turned into a bag of stink."

Now here’s Mellinger’s hedge…

"If the Chiefs beat the Bills in the opener, this is all forgotten, wasted energy, we move on."

Glazer’s take on Mellinger’s Bills theory?

"No way. The Bills are a real bad team and we’re playing them at home. So we could beat ’em and it could be one of our three or four wins. But then come the losing streaks. This team is a train wreck."

Is Glazer prepared to eat crow if the Chiefs make the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl this season?

"If that happens, I will walk naked down Shawnee Mission Parkway in Fairway at midnight with my head shaved."

Stay tuned…



Re the closing next month of Crosstown Station downtown….

I remember staking out the venue prior to its opening in late 2007 trying to find out who would be running the show and what sort of music they planned to promote. Super nice guys, very earnest, but they were mostlytalking about booking lesser known, quasi non-mainstream acts that sounded like they’d be hard to make bank on.

Crosstown had a great stage and sound setup though and was understandably very proud of its tech.

Now a confession; the initial reason Crosstown sparked my interest in was the almost universal distaste for the arguably lame mural adorning the club’s south facing wall. An ass shot of a dumpy, a middle-aged-looking guitar dude leaning over from behind while blazing away.

The $64 million question: When Crosstown goes, should the guitar fatty mural stay?

"No, paint it over," says one downtown business neighbor. "One fewer big butt to look at."



A moment of silence please, for departed Pennylane music guru LeRoi Johnson one of the Pitch‘s earliest institutions back in the alt weekly’s record store rag days.

The good-hearted Johnson was an institution at Pennylane and to followers of the early Pitch. But to say his reviews were succinct would be an understatement. However, sadly, as the Pitch matured in the mid to late 1980s and took on more serious music critics such as Danny Alexander, David Cantwell, and Mike Warren, editors felt LeRoi’s reviews were lacking in depth and the paper moved on.

Everything to its time….




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15 Responses to Hearne: Hate Radio 980, Buzz v KanRocksas, Glazer Naked, LeRoi, Crosstown Exit

  1. Pity poor Slanderella says:

    Poor, poor Slanderella. The slipper sure fits him.

    You really ought to follow up and see if he has a lawyer-slash-sucker who wants to lose a libel case.

  2. RICK says:

    Let’s see he started out a few weeks ago saying 7 wins. Then after the first preseason lost he went to just 6 wins. I asked him to make that bet and HE REFUSED!!!

    And now he is down to 3 or 4 wins!!!!!

    I PREDICT at the end of the season Glazer will be RIGHT and then will proclaim that HE WAS RIGHT on the Chiefs victory total and he has DOCUMENTED proof to show his prediction.

    And guess what. HE WILL BE RIGHT. WHY?????? Because he has made like 12 PREDICTIONS NOW!!!!!

    GLAZE CAN YOU BE A MAN AND MAKE ONE F*CKIN PREDICTION on the Chiefs victory total. Stop riding the fence. Stop saying it will be around this many victories. STOP BEING A WUSS!!!!! If YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE MAN STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND BE THE MAN and make a prediction. Not all this wimpy ass change ever two or three days.

    And if you run naked do it at the Plaza so someone can shoot ur a*s.

  3. Rick says:

    IMPORTANT prediction
    Glazer just called me and said he predicts it will be sunny, cloudy, rainy, or windy Saturday. But no snow. He believes with this bold prediction he is not only the best sports person in KC but the best weather forecaster also. Thank you Craig we bow at your feet. Which Black Barbie says are very small.

    Tune in later to hear ten things overheard from Glazer last night at a sports bar.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    Maybe I should change the masthead to “KC Hate-fidential”

  5. Harlow says:

    Handsome Glazer
    Not my favorite Craig photo, but Hearne he’s a nice lookin piece of tail. Sorry Craig thats how us girls talk about you.

  6. Rick says:

    Nice shot
    Hearne. Don’t hate em. Just frustrates me. I like decisive people. Not people that change their mind with every blow of the wind. Of course Glaze’s response would be “I’m not changing my mind.” “They suck.” “Be it suck with 4 wins or 7 wins they still suck.”

    Craig just as a BROAD view of what an accurate prediction is. He thinks if he gets within five wins that means he’s a genius. Obviously I dispute that fact. And of course it then irritates that he’ll spend all of next year telling us “How right I was”.

  7. smartman says:

    How About

  8. Gerald Bostock says:

    nightmare scenario
    Craig says “”If that happens, I will walk naked down Shawnee Mission Parkway in Fairway at midnight with my head shaved.”

    Please keep KCC readers informed of the time and place for this so we may make plans to be far away.

    Shave your head? don’t you mean “take my toupee off” ?

  9. Maureen says:

    Craig Is Still Cool Baby
    Craig you can post my photo if you like, but I am in a relationship. Dude who says toupee, whatever it is, transplant or extensions, he is hot as shit, I know cause I was with him. So hate all you want does no good he’s a true ladies man guys…nice bod too. Glazer don’t get excited I’m in love with someone now so you are out. However we have Chiefs season tickets and I hope you are wrong. Go Chiefs.

  10. Calvin Klein says:

    My latest fragrance inspired by Maureen
    It’s called Mildly Retarded. With hints of desperation , silicone, and botox. Maureen, when you must feel like a dull witted 4th grader only Maureen will do.

  11. can't say says:

    Hey Maureen…
    “Hot as sh*t” Wow that sounds appealing. Hey Maureen does this number mean anything 2 u? $300. Bad girl.

  12. Rick says:

    Brodie Croyle didn’t make the Arizona Cardinals roster and has been cut.

    Todd Haley was overheard saying “Someone ought to cut Glazer.” But not sure what that means. Maybe cut him some slack for being a terrible predictor.

  13. tony says:

    so … when did this become a sports blog?

  14. Rick says:

    It’s not
    that’s the problem.

  15. Gal says:

    That’s all you got for LeRoi? Really? He was an institution at Pennylane and in Westport.

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