Hearne: Maye Day, Maye Day – Jardine’s Adds Last Minute Marilyn Maye Show Friday

This just in, from Jardine‘s jazz club owner Beena Brandsgard

I mean, Beena Rajalekshmi. I mean, Beena Raja. Due to popular demand, the jazz club diva with the musical last names has added an additional Marilyn Maye show to this week’s mix.

"I added another show tomorrow at 5 p.m.," Raja says. "Because of the call volume."

Early reports from Roger the Plumber and Tracy "I got banned" Thomas are that Maye’s show is the best ever. Roger and Thomas celebrated their birthdays Wednesday at Maye’s show at Jardine’s.

How good is this year’s incarnation of the 80-something Maye?

"Oh my god, unbelieveable," Raja says. "She’s better than ever and she’s doing lots of different stuff."

Such as confiding to the crowd that she’s getting married…

"She did say that she’s going to get married and somebody asked me if it was really true," Raja says. "But it’s just part of the intro to a song and it’s funny."

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