Glazer: Why Pro Sports Stars Care Less About Fans & How Otis Taylor Broke My Heart

You cry, get upset, throw things, pay thousands to watch them play, stand in line, wear their names on a shirt, speak highly of them….

Truth be known, NFL Players think you’re a pain in the ass! They don’t like you. They like to hear you cheer for them at a game or stand and clap, wear their stuff and glorify their names, but no they don’t like you or want to be around you.


I’ve hung with way too many players – even baseball players. And they don’t much like fans. Almost none of them. Oh, they say they do on TV and on the radio. "We have the best fans…"

Yeah right.

Behind your backs, they hide from you guys unless you are a hot, 25 year-old, big-boobed blonde.

Otherwise, PLEASE GO AWAY. And no, they don’t want to talk football with you. EVER.

I partied and was friends with guys like Marcus Allen (we even doubled dated), Nick ‘the kick" Lowery, Neil Smith, Derrick Thomas, Johnny Damon. I even hung with Joe Montana and tons of others.

Hey, don’t get me wrong some of them are great guys.

But none of them like fans. Marcus used to pay guys at Stanford’s to keep guys away from him.

"I hate when they pat me on the back," Marcus said to me many times. "It hurts after awhile."

We love football players because they wear our colors and they represent the city you and I love.

We love Kansas City, THEY DON’T.

Most of them hate living here. So after the season they go home. Or somewhere. Somewhere else. ALMOST NO CURRENT CHIEFS LIVE HERE. Even top hero’s like Marcus, Joe,Tony – they’re all gone, and will never be back. They ain’t from here and don’t care.

You do, they don’t.

Is it all about the glory, the money, the cheering, the hopeful future on ESPN, commercials and girls?


Hey, there are a few exceptions. Len Dawson stayed. So did George Brett. But they’re old-school and you know how much they love signing autographs and talking to fans. Not.

Ted McKnight stayed. So did Walter White, Ed Buddy, Frank White (from here) and about 10 more. That’s it. Out of thousands who played here.


See, in real life we want to play and represent our loved city. But we can’t, so pro players are our stand ins. That’s all. I remember going to the Chiefs Super Bowl parade in 1970. I was a tweenager. I think it ended at Liberty Memorial. On stage were Hank Stram, Dawson, Lamar Hunt, Bill Grigsby and my hero, Otis Taylor. He pushed me away.

I had a tear in my eye, didn’t he know I loved him?

Years later I did several events to try and help get Taylor to the Hall of Fame – including two with Dawson and KC Mayor Kay Barnes. I was the chair, it failed.

He is an old, sick man who was ditched by the Chiefs and the league.

I forgave him for not caring about me – the little fan in 1970.
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34 Responses to Glazer: Why Pro Sports Stars Care Less About Fans & How Otis Taylor Broke My Heart

  1. harley says:

    Joe montana wanted to stay in kc. He loved the idea that his kids wouldnt have to live in
    a gated community….it was his wife who hated kc…and thats why he left…
    Marcus was an l.a. guy…so its hard to see him staying here….
    comeon glaze…don’t just stretch the truth here…be honest about these guys.
    People love kc and if they don’t they can leave….wont be missed

  2. chuck says:

    I’ve never fuckin like them much either.
    Worked at some bars where the D’bags would frequent, if your not talking sports, more specifically the sport they play, these fuckin cretins are as intellectually scintillating as a starfish.

    For the most part, tthey are one trick ponies whose shelf life is directly related to a bad MRI.

    Sans sports, most of these fuckers are cleaning the sneeze shield for Phil at Waldo Pizza.

    Yesterday, ESPN reported, that Terelle Pryor had to take his Wonderlic test (It basically qualifies you to walk and pick your fuckin nose.) twice, because he the first time, he graded out at a 7. A fuckin 7!!

    One more time, a SEVEN!!

    The fuckin guy needs a tutor to fry an egg. He gets naked to count to 21.

    Vince Young, a Texas graduate (Smirk, smirk), also graded out at a 7. These fuckers are modestly qualified to drool into purple drank.

    Bubba Gump will redesign the the Hadron Collider before these two fucks learn long division.

    There are obvious exceptions Glaze, but I wouldn’t sweat the approval of foks whose identity is metaphysically tied to quick twitch fibers.

  3. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Glaze, they only liked you
    for the Coke.

  4. harley says:

    you’ve run out of topics to write about….who cares about those jocks?
    really no big deal….and why has taylor been ignored by the chiefs?
    did they have a problem?
    glaze…get some new topics…as another reader pointed out this site
    is becoming a snooze fest…you’re included!

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Miller Time Person
    I know there is not much I can do to stop the moron’s of the planet like some here from going on and on about me and coke. While I used it as almost everyone I met has done, it was not that big a deal in my life. I’m not Charlie Sheen, wish I had his career though. I become a good tie in mane with party time for too many reasons, the clubs, the entertainment business in general, my highly publicized court case. Which ended up being a total nothing. Nobody even the govenrment in the end felt I was dealing drugs. The 2001 case was simply to get me out of the mayors race. I didn’t even smoke a joint after that for nearly a decade. So you can keep all that noise up.

    However my body tells you different, I do radio three days or more a week and have to be in studio by 6 or 7 AM often. Not too much room for super late nights anymore. AS for back in the 90’s, most of the players I knew didn’t use blow. Some did smoke weed, what a suprise. The few who did party too much, well it showed in their play and they left the game too early in their careers or the good play went bad.

    I was friends with some of these same guys, Marcus Allen, in LA, before I took Stanfords over in 1990. Trust me those cats in LA didn’t need me for any drugs, those were everywhere. We just had a similar circle of friends that crossed paths. Actors, film and TV people seem to attract each other. Through Sonny Landham and even Mickey or Busey, I met guys like OJ,Marcus,Lyle Alzado so on out there.

    I know that was a waste of time, cause ‘haters’ love the dope crap. Funny before the 2001 incident my name wasn’t connected to all that crap as much if at all. What’s a fellow to do? Oh well.

    By the way one thing I left out. Celebrities hate it more when people start not knowing who they are! Then they miss it. I see that with older ball-players and comics. Like in Vegas when you go through the casino and its looks and ‘please sign this for my son’ to a few nods, that really hurts. For most of these players its “boom or bust” with attention. Not enough, they feel bad, too much, they want to run and hide. Part of the job. Things could be worse huh.

  6. Matt says:

    The games are interesting….at times
    But there’s nothing about the players or fans that inspire very often. To deeply care about these guys only shows personal degradation and applies perfectly to the “get a life” tag.

    Now Glazer….I’d hang with him. His bullshit stories and self appreciation would be very entertaining. Craig pushes the envelope (right or wrong – true or bs). 99% of the time these athletes bring nothing to the table. I know… I was one.

  7. Cliffy says:

    In case you were wondering (like me) the Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. It is expected to address some of the most fundamental questions of physics, advancing the understanding of the deepest laws of nature.

  8. Cowboy says:

    Many Forced Into Community Roles
    Man some of these guys had charity events in their own name and NOSHOWED. No call, didnt care, over slept who knows. It’s common. On the other hand George Brett, Dawson, Watson, and many more who really live in Kansas City, much better to work with. Understand these stop stars are called daily for charity events and autograph signings. Many of them receive no pay. Guys like Hall of Famer Bobby Bell make a living giving speeches and showing up. Hey thats what you get if you are one of the lucky ones after an NFL career or Baseball ends. People usually only love you when you play. Not too many Bretts and Dawsons out there, mostly “who was he’s”

  9. chuck says:

    Glaze did coke, big fuckin whup.
    I wish I woulda know Glaze back in the day. I always got the shittiest coke.

    Had to do lines off of a little mirror on my knee, sittin in the shitter crappin myself blind.

    Ya gotta be young to do that shit.

    Terrible hangovers, and me, I am a world renown authority on hangovers.

  10. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Sorry Glaze
    Didn’t know that the fact that you loved doing drugs was a sore point. It will never happen again.

  11. BS_Nerdlaw says:

    Hey, at least this wasn’t another sports article about…
    ….How the Chiefs season is done after week 3 of the pre-season. We didn’t have to read about how Ricki Stanzi should now be starting over Cassel, because he had a good 3rd and 4th quarter last week against the Ram’s 3rd-stringers. No remarks about how this team only has 2 or 3 talented players, and we’re going to be awful because our pre-season stats aren’t very good. No comments from Cowboy about how deadly-on those statements are, and how lowly this team will be.

    Oh wait…Yeah, that’s probably gonna come tomorrow morning after the game. We’ll be waiting.

  12. chuck says:

    Thats right Glaze.
    Ya gotta post something tomorrow, so us peanut gallery yokels can make our predictions. 🙂

    Tomorrow we all gotta go on the record. 😉

  13. Robertoe says:

    Joe Montana and KC
    Give me a fucking break Harley. Joe Montana would not have stayed in KC with or without wife factors and with or without kid factors. Did he say nice thing about KC when he was talking to Kansas Citians? I’m sure he did

  14. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Had Both Good And Bad Issues With These People
    Went to George Bretts restaurant on the Plaza. Had just opened, had my kids with me, he did sign their shirts, but when I brough over a ball, he said, he had done enough for us. What could I say. He was having a beer. Wasn’t mean, just disinterested. I can see why the guy gets upset, maybe ten other people came up to him for autographs. I’m sure it gets old, but hey he is promoting his place. It didn’t last long. Had a nice experience with Len Dawson at a Chiefs event, he couldn’t have been more of a gentleman to us. So different days different attitudes. They are only human. But yes it’s about them, not us fans. True.

  15. KU Forever says:

    Different With College Jocks
    Players do care about their college. They have pride in the team and that town. Like KU. They always come back. We love them and they love us. I agree not as much with pro players, thats about the do-ray-me.

  16. Robertoe says:

    I’m kinda on the players side on this deal. Who started the lame ass sign my suchandsuch anyway? It would get tedious as hell. I have never bugged anyone for their autograph and never would. And I’ve watched this low class endeavor. These folks are bumpkins. Frequently, they’re just selling the signature on some stupid sports website or ebay. They’re contributing to the stupid fucking celebrity sports worship. I want to see these guys performance on the field, not having to deal with a bunch of life-less autograph hounds..

  17. Hot Carl says:

    Otis Taylor was my favorite Chief when I was a kid. When I turned 30 I got the opportunity to eat lunch with Otis and he was as genuine and as nice a guy as anyone could ever meet. Just the fact he took an hour of his time to eat with a total stranger was pretty remarkable He told me some great stories from his college days and a fantastic story about how the AFL Chiefs hid him from the NFL so that they could sign him first. He even brought and signed a football for me. Great guy, great player…and it’s a crime he’s not in the Hall of Fame.

  18. Blackjack says:

    Get a life
    I agree with the above comments about autograph seekers. Is there anything more asinine, pathetic and degrading than the juvenile hero-worshipping bestowed on these athletes from the autograph-seekers? Mostly from grown men no less. No wonder these professional athletes don’t like the fans, and it is no wonder that these athletes are so spoiled and have the self-exclusive, self-important attitudes.

  19. Rick says:

    But Craig
    u think they like you??? It may not be free dope. It could be a free ticket, meal, or a good seat. But trust me they aren’t ur friend either.

    I only hung out with Marcus once. And he was great to the fans. It was at a Boogie Knights concert in Westport. He was looking for the ladies no doubt. But have heard horrible stories about him including Jim Rome hating his guts.

  20. Ricky Richter says:

    They Only Care About Themselves Rick
    Yeah for once the Glazer is on the beam Rick. I was at a bar on the Plaza in 97 or 98, Marcus tried to pick up my date when I went to the john. Gave her a card, the whole nine yards, and the dude was married. Didn’t sit well with me. He knew she was with me.

  21. Robertoe says:

    no problemo

    Ricky, I can guarantee you Glazer doesn’t see anything wrong with what you just described. Right, Craig?

  22. chuck says:

    Marcus Allen was total fuckin D’bag
    Ran into him at a Polo retailer (?) in the 90s. on the Plaza. What a fuckin poseur fuckin prick. He was ate the fuck up with himself.

    Joe Montana came into where I worked, nice guy, was fuckin everrything in town. Oh well. His wife, a blonde was way hot.

    At Mittys, Wendel “The King” hayes used to come in. Gotta tell ya, what a fuckin asshole, so was Jan Stenerude (Fuck the spelling, he was an asshole, wanted to pick fights and we always had to watch him.) One night he was there with Garo Yepremian, no shit, he was a nice guy.

    Bobby Bell, there all the time, class act.

    Willie Lanier neverr said shit, nice guy.

    Gary Butler (Tight end) always had tons of pills.

    Ed Budde, great guy, used to party with Carl Roscoe (Very cool funny guy, ya gotta know him, god he is great.), great stories.

    Morris Stroud, he and I were friends for a while, really nice guy. The best.

    Joe Thiesman, nice guy, kinda arrogant, but ok guy.

    Whitney Paul, nice guy, total ghetto.

    Gary Green, great guy.

    Burris, nice guy.

    Abner Haynes, came out to our football practice when I was a kid, very nice guy.

    Lenny Dawson would talk to anybody, and once, during a sat fight at Kemper, we BSed for 10 minutes, nice guy, total class act.

    Buck Buchanon, very subdued, nice guy, very skinny when I met him.

    Steve DeBerg, very fuckin funny. He was in a soap box derby thing with my kid, had a couple of laughs with that guy, so did every body there. I liked that guy a lot, so did every body.

    Lake Dawson. ZZZZzzz

    Budde’s kid, Brad, nice guy.

    Met George Brett, he intiated the contact, because my boy said, “Is that Goerge Brett?” at Dos Hombres. He was very nice.

    Yogi Berra, fuckin awesome, he is perfect. Fuckin hilarious, met him and Hank Bauer at Strouds, great folks!!

    Bunch more, but I gotta go get someone. 🙂

  23. chuck says:

    Before I go…
    Ran into Derrick Thomas a few times out in Independence (What can I tell ya).

    What was that club?

    Its been 15 years or so.

    I always though he probably had the best coke, he sure looked like it.

    Very nice guy.

  24. chuck says:

    40 HWY?
    Can’t remeber.

  25. that dolla stanks says:

    that would be
    buns……not sure what it is now.

  26. Rick says:

    I think the point Chuck makes without saying it is this. Chiefs players are just like say comedy club owners. Some are cool. Some are a-holes. You can’t just put them all in one bag and say this is who they are. Back to Marcus. Indeed just because my experience with Marcus was positive I would not trust him with my girl, my sister, my mom, or my female dog. And others as I refereed to Jim Rome say he’s a jerk.

  27. kcfred says:

    Lenny in the bathroom
    It was at Houlihan’s I believe on the Plaza, where you have to walk down the stairs to get to the john, which was a long urinal at the time. Think it was 1983-84, I’m standing there, minding my business and a very (alledgedly) intoxicated Len Dawson stumbles through the door and saddles up next to me. I say something like “Hey Lenny, thanks for everything” and the next thing I know Lenny reaches over to shake my hand and pisses all over the side of my leg. I mean everywhere. He went on about how sorry he was and when I returned to my table, I was the star becuase Lenny the Cool had relieved himself all over my right leg.
    I should open a museum.

  28. Timberland says:

    Lenny Was My Neighbor
    Lived at The Sulgrave for years. Had lots of local stars there, Stan Glazer, Tony G, Donnie Edwards, Dick Vermeil,Craig Glazer, Several news people from TV and yes “Lenny the Cool”, he was my neighbor. He rented two apartments had the walls taken down, nice place. I spoke to him weekly sometimes daily on the elevator, got to tell you all, he was drunk almost every night. Great guy, just liked to get hammered. P.S. Glazer, the younger one, had more women at the door on weekends than a Vegas Strip club, oh my God. My wife wanted to move over it, but he later moved out. Never had a run in with him or Stan. Dick was a sweetheart.

  29. Matt says:

    Marcus was next on OJ’s list?
    Word has it OJ’s old buddy had his way with Nicole while they were separated and the juice wasn’t impressed. Mrs. Simpson was very hot but Marc should have used better discretion.

  30. J.P.Connolly Show says:

    Live In LA
    True Information. OJ was a moron. Marcus wasn’t.

  31. Maureen says:

    Craig is so cool I’d love to have him piss on my leg!

  32. ritchey says:

    you are right and wrong on this
    Craig, Ritchey here. I have clients that are ex pro and the are just like average joes, mark Collins is about the nicest genuine person as is Lothamer and others. The others are great until you ask about football. They just want to not be the player anymore just do businesa like all of us.

  33. Rick says:

    Was a mutt
    Maureen what about the mouth? Nicole Simpson was a plastic mutt. But yeah Marcus got some of that.

  34. BarKeeper says:

    Marcus and the Juice
    These ratdicks would hump anything from a movie star to a steaming pile of sheep shit.
    Discretion? They never heard the word or entertained the concept.

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