Glazer: Chiefs Send in the Clowns, Prepare for Worst

I’d like to tell you that Scott Pioli, Todd Haley and Clark Hunt had a meeting last week and decided to GO ALL OUT TO GET A WIN AT GREEN BAY…

And that it worked. But instead it was a clown act. The desperate Kansas City Chiefs used their starters – THEIR STARTERS – almost the ENTIRE GAME. THE PACKERS, never had their first team on the field. Yes, Aaron Rogers saw one series but he was in the Chiefs end zone before Clark could call Scottie and ask, "So do you still think we can get at least 50,000 to the home opener next week?"

The answer: NO.

Even ye of little faith (and me) must now sit down, shed a tear and say to ourselves, "There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home." Then maybe we can click our heels and get back to Kansas from this nightmare.

Hey Chiefs fans, it’s only just begun. This is a doormat team. Yes, we have some good players – we all know their names – but we have no team. There is no offensive line, none. No D line, or almost none. And finally, there is no quarterback.

Matt Cassel is clearly a flop. No, he’s not The Franchise. In fact, it’s likely we’ll go through all three QBs and maybe a veteran before the CLOWN ACT SEASON ENDS.

Why? They will all go down, hurt, like Matt did tonight.

I am not going to go over the game again now. You saw it. Fumbles, interceptions, we even tried a fake punt (play of the game and it worked) and an onside kick. The Chiefs and Todd Haley are that desperate to get a win. Why? To keep YOU ALL OF GUYS WATCHING THE CLOWN ACT.

Folks, Chiefs Nation, this season will show you, me, the wicked witch and Dorothy, that WE HAVE GONE ALMOST NOWHERE SINCE THE FORMER CLOWN ACT OF HERM EDWARDS. Yeah, Herm had a phony playoff loss as well.


Nobody, and I mean nobody will remember the division title from last year. Nobody in the media anyway.

Oh by the way, Trent Green, for god’s sake man. If you want Lenny’s job, learn the game. Didn’t you used to quarterback? Brother, a game delay does not give the offense an automatic first down. Maybe that’s why you never won a playoff game. Also Trent, when there is time on the clock and its 2nd down at mid-field, the Chiefs don’t need to "Heave one into the end zone" to win. Brother. See they were down by just ONE, so a field goal, which we clowned off to end the game, would have won the game, Trent. We didn’t need a touchdown. Lenny, please take him to lunch.

Bright spots…

Wel, D-Bowe had a couple nice catches against the World Champion’s 8th stringers. Yeah, they didn’t bother with playing guys like Clay Mathews against us. Dexter had some good catches when he was not fumbling along with Jamaal Charles. Yep, all our boys played until the end. Green Bay’s starts were probably watching another game on TV along the sideline.

They have a real football team, we don’t.

By mid season you folks will be going, "Yeah, what have Scott, Todd and Clark done to move this team forward?"

Answer: Not much!

Hey, Carl Peterson had a five year plan that failed four times but this could be worse.

Don’t ever say in the comments section that I don’t know sports. Ever.


Boy, hope Vegas didn’t see this game; the Chumps are still 7 1/2 over/under for wins., Meaning they need 8 wins to beat me. Sell the home and kids, bet it on the under. If we lose to the Crappy Bills Sunday, we could be a team looking to win A GAME from someone, anyone.

Enjoy the season. I will. Hey, the Royals are looking a bit better huh?

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27 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Send in the Clowns, Prepare for Worst

  1. Jimmy says:

    So, if they’re as bad as you say
    Are you going to just keep repeating this diatribe for the next 16-17 weeks?

  2. Cowboy says:

    Man Oh Man
    Glazer I surrender you and ONLY you my old friend said that the Chiefs were a horrible team, not just a team that would have a set back from 2010/11. OK,OK,OK, YOU WERE AND ARE CORRECT. I saw it, man oh man are they terrible. Glad I don’t have to pull for them. Hey that Houston is a good one though. Yes it will be a few years before they can compete. It’s a shame. Mid way through last year I had hope for their future, now, oh man oh man. The good news is in the NFL it can turn around in a couple years. Or never.

  3. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    TV Coverage
    Hard to say what was worse the game or the third grade TV crew. The only score of the game came when Scott Pioli was explaining how deeply he cared about players he would release. If the day comes when he isn’t close to them, its time to leave. Scott how about after this season coming up, don’t let that door hit you in the rear. The story above is I’m afraid way too true. WE Chiefs fans deserve better.

  4. Tiger Tail says:

    It’s Only Pre—–Season
    Right. Losers for sure. That was hard too watch. My MU Tigers will be greaaaaaat this season. We will win at least ten.

  5. Funny Man says:

    We Don’t Want To Get Anyone Hurt
    Haley what the hell. So you play all the starters and get three of them banged up? Cassel, Charles and ah, who cares. Make up your mind Todd.

  6. Kerouac says:

    Told all ya alls so
    2 wins low end to 5 wins tops in 2011 for kcindy. egoli’s hand-picked puppet hailme would have to go 11-5 and make it to the playoffs this year to merely tie Herm Edwards results his first three years as an NFL Head Coach. Don’t hold your breath fandumb…

  7. smartman says:

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  8. chuck says:

    Its all about expectations.
    The Chiefs are in no way comperable to the Super Bowl winning Packers. The packers lost 16 starters by the 5th game last year, 16, and STILL won the Super Bowl! The second stringers on teh Packers could, and if cut, WILL play in the NFL somewhere. The 3rd stringers for the Packers when cut, could, and will play in the NFL if they are cut, and maybe the Chiefs will get a couple of them.

    The Chiefs didn’t beat them last night, and they won’t beat them in the regular season either.

    If you guys thouught the Chiefs were going to the Super Bowl this year, quit reading this, and go back to your Leggos.

    Fans should be looking for improvement, and this year (As in, for instance Tampa Bay.) an 8 win season, with a far tougher schedule IS improvement.

    The Chargers will run away with this division, probably 11 wins and then, as usual, choke like Mama Cass on Man V Food in the playoffs.

    The Raiders lost the best D back in the NFL. Their QB sucks, their recievers are pretty good, 6 wins.

    The Broncos look pretty good with Von Miller and Elvis back, but the QB is lunchbox, and the team will struggle to win 4 to 5 games.

    Chiefs beat Buff, Beat Detroit (Nick Fairly still out, Stafford will get another run in his hose, Suh will punch a referee.), We shouldn’t even fly out to San Diego. We get murdered there, take the Chargers and the points no matter what the points are. We will kill Minnesota, I don’t get why Glaze thinks these guys are so gret, their offensive line is terrible and AP is the ONLY thing that scares ya. At Indianapolis, I think we have a 50 – 50 shot. The Colts are in NO WAY the old Colts, and Houston runs away with that division. Peyton is getting creakiy, Regging can’t get separation, and Austin Collie has MORE knee issues. I think we win it. At Oakland, I think we win it. We gotta stop some great running backs like AP and Darren McFadden, and I know the Chiefs are suspect against the run, but both Minn and Oakland are one trick ponies. We stack the line and make the QB beat us. San Diego home, I think we have a 50 – 50 shot, just because it is Arrowhead. The Chargers ain’t fuckin around this year, so iffy deal here. Miami is fuckin TERRIBLE!! Reggie Bush is there number one guy, the number one draft pick, Thomas is a BUST! No QB. We kill these guys. Denver, we win. At New England, we get slaughtered, once agian take the Pats and the points. Pittsburg. We win. The defense is old, buyt this time Troy P will be banged up, this will be a BIG scoring game, bet the over big time on points. Mike Wallace and Big Ben will light up the scoreboard, so will we. At Chicago, we lose. Its cold. At New York Jets, we lose. Its cold, on the road, we can’t stop Shon Green because the Jets are too good. Green Bay, we get killed. Oakland we win. Denver we win.

    I got us winning 10 games, Vegas has us UNDER at 7 1/2.

    I just gotta predict a better outcome thjan Glaze, Vegas and Kerowhack so far.

    Put your fuckin money on me baby, the Chiefs go OVER 7 1/2.

    We are a little better than last year, and will end up 8 and 8.

    I got a two game cushion Glaze. 🙂

    New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl (Kicker problems, but should be solved by the 8th week.). Mark Igram is the real deal. Saints and the Phillidelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game. Green Bay, has a bad hangover. I can relate.

    Patriots win the AFC against the Houston Texans. Steelers and Ravens take a step back.

    Division winners

    San Diego. One and done. Pittsburg, one and done. Houston. Patriots. Wild cards Jets Baltimore. By the way, Mike Silvio, a big time writer and prognosticator, says teh OAKLAND RAIDERS GO TH THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Wow, and I am makin 30K again this year.

    Division winners.

    St. Louis. Green Bay. New Orleans. Philly. Wild cards Atlanta and the Giants.

    As with any season, injuries can kill ya, but this is what I got before the season.

    If you bet my predictions, remember, Caveat Emptor. 🙂

    If the Raiders actually GO to the AFC Championship game, it is a slign of teh apocalypse, and we got bigger things to worry about.

    Ok, start tearing me a new one. 🙂

    Go Chiefs!!!

  9. Kellys Man says:

    Give Them Time
    Glazer you jumped the gun again. Those games were just practice. Right now the Chiefs are 0-0 and in first place, they will kill Buffallo and win the division again. I watched the game, Trent Green is already better than Dawson. As an announcer and as a player. You don’t know beans.

  10. Bob Loblaw says:

    wow Glazer
    Knee-jerk much?

  11. Orphan of the Road says:

    Enny, meanie, chili, beany
    The Chiefs look like that cart in the back of the supermarket, the one with all the cans with labels missing. You might be getting a can of Snapper soup from the Original Bookbinders. Or it might be a Strongheart dog food. You take your chances.

    I’ll give chuck bonus points for fleshing out a season in advance. Takes nerves of steel to do this especially based on what the Chiefs didn’t show in the practice games.

    I remember a couple of years when the opponents looked like they were unstoppable and yet the home team was able to master all of these losses the experts penciled in before the season. What looked like six sure losses turned into wins and the mighty foes reduced to chum by seasons end.

    The Raiders, bet them to lose opening game, ALWAYS. No reason but you will win many, many more than you lose.

    I see one flaw in your evaluation chuck, Minnesota. McNab will re revitalized after his Washington experience. He will have a first-class running back and competent receivers. He’ll have a chance to reinvent himself. Ex-Eagles QBs have always had good luck in Minnesota.

    Winning eight games will be an improvement over last year although the lack of depth on the lines will have the team flirting with disaster every week.

  12. Merle Tagladucci says:

    More free comedy from the Glaze.

  13. BS_Nerdlaw says:

    Let’s not overlook…..
    ….the fact that Tyler Palko was our QB for nearly 2/3 of the game last night…and he accounted for 3 (2 1/2, to be specific) of the 5 turnovers last night. So yes, the majority of our starters played last night…but when you have a weak, off-his-back-foot throwing, bad back-up QB throwing INTS (1 for a TD return), then it doesn’t matter who else was in and who wasn’t.

    Maybe I’m looking at things with rose colored glasses, but I saw our starting QB make some very solid throws last night (he completed 15 of 17 passes). I saw a defense that only allowed 1 TD at the beginning of the game….and given the hand they were dealt, only gave up field goals (which also came from turnovers by our offense). In my opinion, the D played better than they did last week against St. Louis. They held their ground, and did not allow the running game of GB to get much for the majority of the game.

    I saw amazing catches from D-Bowe, good running from McCluster, and even some good catches from other receivers like Urban, Breaston, etc. They were moving the ball well, and it was only the turnovers that stopped the momentum. I realize that’s a big deal, but those sort of things can be fixed. I’d rather see things like that which can be fixed, then to see a team that can’t move the football at all. The penalties and the turnovers need to be straightened out, or we are in trouble. But I still have faith that this team can get that part worked out.

    Again, this was a PRE-SEASON game. This team cannot be properly evalutuated until after a couple of regular season games. I thought there were some good things to watch last night…and I’m at least relieved to know that this team is capable of moving the ball down the field. It is not so cut and dry…there were several factors in last night’s game, and I just don’t understand all this knee-jerk, the sky is falling, reaction. Please, please, please…let’s just wait to see how things play out. If we start the season 1-3 or 2-4, then I will share in your despair. But let’s not give up hope yet! It’s the NFL, and anything can happen!

  14. KU Forever says:

    Who Cares
    Glazer is right, has been for nearly two months on these monkeys. Come on boys and girls, this is a joke team. Hey want to see a real winner, watch Bill Self and his Jawhawks win the Big Twelve again. The Chiefs are pooh pooh.

  15. kcfred says:

    Green and Glaze
    As an announcer, Trent Green is a hell of a quarterback, as a writer, Glaze is one hell of a bowler.

  16. Radio Man says:

    Sorry Glazer
    I think no matter how right you are or how funny you are, the people who don’t like you much will continue to jump your butt. Hey I heard you on Johnny Dare I think Thursday morning. That stuff with the black girl, Chocolate something, funny as anything I have ever heard. Little Dick song is great. One reason Dare is so popular are those kinds of bits. Haven’t seen the cartoon but will check it out today. I’m a huge Chiefs fan, but I am so down about them now, your points are well taken, they look very bad, very bad.

  17. Royals Fan says:

    So Now You Like The Royals Better
    You have been nothing but hateful to both teams. If I was a player and saw you out somewhere I ‘d come up and spit on you Glazer.

  18. Harlow says:

    Temper Temper
    Boy Craig these fans get pissy. It’s not your fault the Chiefs are dogs. I think our Royals are getting better though. Hosmer is gonna be a super star!

  19. Rick says:

    JIMMY…2 answer ur ?
    Yes he will

  20. Rick says:

    Bob Loblaw…2 ANSWER UR ?
    Yes Craig jerks a lot.

  21. PB says:

    I Don’t Care…
    …about the Chiefs comments, that Ronald McDonald pic is classic! Well done.

  22. Hearne Christopher says:

    Give Craig some credit, he’ll come up with some new diatribe to go with his game comments

  23. Hearne Christopher says:

    More free? last time I checked he was charging people for it in the Legends

  24. Matt says:

    Craig you don’t know shit about sports…
    there you go 🙂

  25. Craig Glazer says:

    Thats why I get to do this and you don’t. Mah, hah, mah, hah. Thank you for your concerns.

  26. Packers Nation says:

    You Guys Are A Joke
    My team walked you with the third string and less. The Chiefs won’t win five. I am shocked you guys played your starters all the way. We never did. Green Bay will face New England in the Super Bowl. I am sorry your team is so lame.

  27. chuck says:

    40 minutes ago, Green Bay released
    enough players to get to the 53 man limit.

    3 Are already signed with other teams for undisclosed draft picks.

    No, the Chiefs have nothing so far. 🙁

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