Starbeams: KC Schools Sellout. Rick James Son of Sly? Dead Cats & Lady Gaga Peek-a-boo

Former Kansas City Schools superintendent Dr. John Covington will make $225,000 this year as Detroit’s superintendent. And he took a $175,000 signing bonus. In other news, this morning I was walking through the Plaza and panhandler Jerry Mazer gave ME money.


The Mayor of Kansas City’s son turned himself in on a charge of grabbing a woman and punching her last Thursday night at the Point nightclub near Westport.  The 23 year old Kyle James posted a $500 bond. He was handcuffed during another disturbance near Power & Light District last month.

Wait a minute…is this a story about RICK JAMES?


Animal Control officers removed more than 100 cats from a lady’s home in Kansas City North.  They also found more than 50 dead cats in the home.  Neighbors had been complaining about the smell from the house until police finally received an anonymous tip….from a mouse. 

It was an anonyMOUSE tip.


A man’s been arrested and accused of taking pictures of women in the Downtown Marriott’s restroom.  A woman spotted the man standing on a toilet in the next stall looking her over.  When confronted he said he was "cleaning the vent."

Cleaning the vent?  Remind me to send that to Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go run Lady Gaga out of the men’s room…

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