Glazer: It’s Time to Get Off President Obama’s Back

I keep hearing the same thing, over and over…

"He’s ruining the nation! Get him out of there!" 

All this on president Barack Obama. Why? Looks to me like he’s doing a nice job, given what he inherited from George Bush and all the problems going down around the world.

Under Obama’s watch we’ve nearly doubled the stock market from a Dow around 6,000 (under Bush) to until-recently, over 12,000. Under Obama’s watch we found and killed Bin Laden. Under his watch we unseated Lybian Strong Man Gaddafi. Under Obama’s watch we’ve also seen some very positive changes in middle eastern countries like Egypt. And maybe Syria next. 

Meanwhile the president has brought home thousands of troops and many more will be back by Chirstmas. Not bad, huh?

So why all the hate? What do you want from this guy?

Hey, you had the chance to put the Clintons back in. I liked that "two presidents for the price of one" deal. Was Hillary the answer? She had more experience with Bill Clinton‘s strong economy. And the rest of the world loves the Clintons.

I just don’t see why everyone is so down on the President – I’m not!
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22 Responses to Glazer: It’s Time to Get Off President Obama’s Back

  1. Super Dave says:

    Just Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone
    Well now you know another reason why we don’t like you.

  2. DER BINGLE says:

    Unfortunately, the moronic mouth-breathing Altevogian uber-ultra-supermorons seem to have a louder, more shrill voice than many of us who don’t think that dividing the populace and dumbing down the country is the way to go.

    Take science, for example. Your leading Republican candidate doesn’t even believe in evolution, which flies in the face of biologists who see the basic truth of it every day. The answer? Dream up something like “intelligent design,” which was just that – entirely dreamed up out of thin air. No basis. No research. No facts.

    And then there’s global warming, which he is sure is all trumped evidence, even though 98% of scientists view it as proved beyond a reasonable doubt, and getting much worse much faster than predicted.

    Rick Perry seems like the guy for voters who thought George W. Bush was too cerebral.

    Kansas is a prime example of what happens with stupid people led by stupider people. Enjoy.

  3. chuck says:

    Huzzahs for the Mandingo Warrior!!
    The folks in my family, who are not felons, voted for him.

    In my opinion, he gets more credit than he deserves for the economy, good and bad. I will say this, the guy don’t get sick at sea, check out the video of him watching the Bin Laden raid, cool as a river boat gambler.

    Who would want this shit job?? Bush/Rove, that most Machiavellian of duos, slither into office with a surplus in the treasury, and burn through it like Amy fuckin Winehouse on vacation in Columbia, while entangling us in needless wars, divisive, polarizing politics and a redistribution of the coin of the realm that made the rich richer and wiped out what was left of the middle class.

    Bogged down in still another pointless fuckin war, which, includes fuckin helicopters (God do I remember that! Again with the fuckin helicopters and hearts and minds shit. ), we are distracted and out flanked by our enemies, in war and in peace.

    Someplace in some circle of fuckin hell, Khomeini watches Americans trudge up the path to Golgotha and thanks George Bush for realizing his dreams.

    Economics is way outta my purview (Help Bschloz!), but I think the Prez shouldda nationalized the banks during the meltdown. Our Chinese overlords are galactically ahead of us when it comes decision time. I think it is called Demnocratic Centralism. I read about the concept when checkin out Lenin, Vlad, not John. They can make dicisions in a day, that it takes our Govt. months or yhears to make.

    Obama had little or nothing to do with Syria, Lybia eta l. We are not even in Voir dire on this deal yet. Those Muslim Brotherhood fuckhs havn’t changed one bit. Sayyed Qutb, his philosophy, his twist on religion and the execution, literally and figuratively is INTACT in these countries. Don;t go getttin all Polyanna Craig, the jury is WAY out and the folks in power, hate America and all things Occidental.

  4. George Wilson says:

    Well, Here’s A Few Reasons, Craig
    Since Obama was inaugurated the unemployment rate has risen from 7.8% to 9.1% and under his watch reached its worst level in 26 years in 2009. Real GDP growth his first year in office was negative, marking the worst performance in 40 years, and overall since his inauguration real GDP growth is right around zero. In his two and a half years in office the national debt has grown by $4 trillion dollars, roughly four times the growth under Bush for the same time period and roughly six times the growth under Clinton for his first two and a half years in office. If the inflation rate through July holds through the end of the year, it will be our second worst annual inflation in the past 20 years.

    We can argue all day about how much the president can affect any of these economic conditions. But when you are simultaneously showing little or no growth in the economy along with rising unemployment and one of the worst inflation indices in 20 years while increasing the debt at a record pace, you’re going to take a lot of heat. As the popular saying during the Clinton campaign goes, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

    By the way, the Dow was 8,000, not 6,000, when Obama took over.

  5. chuck says:

    George, come on buddy
    The unemployment rate is a function of the economy that was inherited by Obama.

    Here is the thing, the ship of state, the American economy, is impossible to turn on a dime.

    Harken back to yester year, or, uh…, 2 1/2 years ago. If there is no infusion of cash into the banking system, a Govt bailout, then the meltdown is Chernbyl.

    When I watch CNN or Fox, it always amazes me, that talkin heads think electing a Republican, or a different Democrat will be an overnight economic panacea.

    The thousands if not millions of variables are so diffucult to assess, that ya gotta, in my opinion, work towards a more permanant solution.

    Obama put all entitlements on the table. The Tea Party, stopped more reasonable Republicans from working towards a compromise. True?? Henry fuckin Clay wouldda left Congress and become a marijauna farmer if he was in Congress over the last 10 years.

    I am NOT a Dem or a Rep.

    It jsut seems to me, that a simple solution, is impossible. We spent our way into this shit on George’s watch, and now getting out of it, will be painful for all of us, no matter WHO sits in the West Wing.

  6. smartman says:

    Here’s The Answer
    Pull all the heavy troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Leave minor support and INTEL gathering assets in place. Let the drones drop endless bombs all day from Tampa and Area 51. Call out the Stealth’s on occasion just as a reminder.

    Restore the deduction for consumer credit interest. Maybe scale it progressively or regressively based on income.

    Make the mortgage industry adjust the ratio of interest to principal ON ALL MORTGAGES so the average home loan is paid off in 15 years not 30.

    Eliminate Capital Gains Tax.

    Make the DEATH TAX 75% of everything over One Million DOLLARS. This country provided the environment and opportunity for you to make a killing. Give something back. We don’t need any more Paris Hilton’s, Greasy Bears or Gummy Bears All this DEATH TAX money goes towards DEBT REDUCTION ONLY.

    Eliminate the federal payroll tax and replace it with a national sales tax. Start at 5% and raise 1% every two years and cap at 10%. Have three periods a year when that tax is waived over a 3 day period.

    Shut down the Department of Education. Get out of the “national” education business. Make it a state issue. Privatize all schools. Go to school and transportation vouchers. Maybe $5K per year per student for K-12. Let the free market and states compete for students.

    Work with unions and trades to set up properly accredited schools for those ill equipped to take the traditional route to employment.
    Stop all government pension payments on all “retiree’s”, except military, under the age of 65. This bullshit of retiring at 50 after taking tolls for 30 years on the Garden State Parkway, and elsewhere, at 80% of your salary + bennies is BULLSHIT.

    Make it illegal to hire fully employed state and local union service providers (firemen-EMT’s, etc) who work 24 on 48 off until unemployment reaches 3%

    Institute a NATIONAL LOTTERY with all proceeds going to DEBT REDUCTION. Minimum jackpot each week of 100 MILLION.

    Force Health Insurers to pay at least 50% for CAM Complimentary Alternative Medicine Treatments.

    Establish some minimum fucking requirements besides age and citizenship in order to run for President. Roger The Plumber is more qualified to be POTUS than Half-Blackbarry, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich, et al.

    Ever read the requirements for C-Level jobs in the WSJ? They all seem to require some real experience, success and gravitas.

    You can read more soon at

  7. harley says:

    smartman…love some of those ideas…
    too bad the politicans could give a shit about the people they work for.
    Will never get done…but those are some great great ideas….

  8. chuck says:

    You got my vote smartman!!!
    On the money!

  9. George Wilson says:

    For a guy who one post earlier admitted economics is way out of his purview, you all of a sudden had a lot of strong assertions as to who is to blame for where we are. I don’t really want to argue about who’s fault it is. All I wanted to do was give obvious reasons why Obama is taking so much heat. If you’re the guy in charge for two and a half years and the economic situation gets substantially worse, you’re going to get a lot of heat. That’s the way it usually works in American politics.

    Just as an FYI, when Reagan took over in 1981 the inflation rate was 13.5%, the highest it had been since 1947. By his third year in office it was down to 3.2%, lower than the current rate. When he took over real GDP growth was negative. By his third year in office it was over 4%, the third best performance in the past 33 years. And in his fourth year in office it was over 7%, the single best performance in the past 40 years. During his first three years in office the debt increased by $450 million. Even after accounting for inflation, that’s about one fourth the growth so far under Obama. So the United States has been through a period as difficult as this one and turned it around.

    Again, I don’t want to get into who’s to blame now and who should take credit for the 1980’s turnaround. But if you think Americans aren’t expecting the president, whoever he is, to improve things when they get this rough, you are kidding yourself.

  10. bschloz says:

    So Obama gets an “A” for 3 years on his watch? of:
    Jobless Recovery —Stagflation
    No Housing Market—Toxic shit still there with record low rates (what to do?)
    Deficit Spending —Hockey Stick charts
    Opaque Wall Street. (HFT–Blind CDS–un-regulated Derivatives) rigged game.
    Food and Gas going bananas .— an insidious tax on middle class.
    Consumer Confidence at lows not seen since Eisenhower
    Bond Market way smarter than Stock Market and predicting tough times. (Very bad for Sr. Citizens and Savers) 0% for 2 more years?
    Pension Funds are basically FUBAR…everybody has to chase yield now based on 8% models..we know that never ends well.
    Before Japan’s Real Estate crash, it’s Stock market peaked @ 41,000 –traded around 12,000 in 2001 and now trades for around 8,900…..Real Estate/Financial crashes are brutal.
    All of Obama’s economic team have left him… today he just named new guy Alan Kruger suppose to be sharp guy.
    I’m betting we will get some kind of colossal infrastructure plan….will probably dwarf the New Deal or Great Deal or whatever it was.

    I was a Pawlenty guy? Oh well, I guess I need to keep shopping.
    Still think Ron Paul is most qualified but that would never happen not a chance.

    @smartman some good ideas

  11. Super Dave says:

    Hey Smartman
    Run for president please.

  12. mark smith says:

    In over his head just like you….
    From the Wall street journal
    ” Mr. Obama’s $3.6 trillion budget blueprint, by his own admission, redefines the role of government in our economy and society. The budget more than doubles the national debt held by the public, adding more to the debt than all previous presidents — from George Washington to George W. Bush — combined.”
    That was in 2009.
    He is a charismatic guy. Has a good cut to his jib. Nice crease in his slacks. But he is not the answer to our problems. He is a part of the problem.
    His stimulis was a waste of money. Did zero to create jobs. Obamacare is unsustainable. He shoved that down our throats when he should have focused on jobs and spending cuts.
    I guess what I’m saying is, Obama is as good of a president as you are a political analyst.

  13. chuck says:

    Ok. I hear ya.

  14. mark smith says:

    walk like an egyptian
    ” Under Obama’s watch we’ve also seen some very positive changes in middle eastern countries like Egypt”
    Our popularity in Egypt is hovering in single digits. They hate us because we are allies with the jews. They really hate the jews. I’d think a cracker jack political columnist like you would know that. Radical islam was the catalyst for the Egypt uprising. If obama , as you imply was somehow insturmental in that uprising, then he is in some pretty fucked up company.

  15. harley says:

    SPENDING….SO WHO’S LEFT butttttttt the government.
    get real b schloz…you would not be doing shit right now but at the career fair.
    As far as the infrastructure plan…..every dollar spent in infrastructure returns 1.41.
    Great investment….great to put country back to work while rebuilding the nation so we
    can compete again….
    see all that constucction to rebuilt alt 69 and i 35….all stimulus recovery money….if not you’d
    see that part of the transportation go to hell….it already was…..and the returns will be
    huge because of product/labor involved in insfrastructure program.
    OH…AND MR. RON PAUL….said we should abolish fema…said in 1900 we had no fema
    and galveston returned to normal after 15 years. Yes…there was no fema in 1900….but the
    government did give out free whiskey because of the nightmare of having to burn 12,000
    bodies who could not be buried……try doing that in joplin…or new orleans…or in
    kansas city….or in vermont…..or in california…..

  16. HARLEY says:

    mark smith….wrong again…
    stimulus did not create jobs….wrong!
    and remember mr. smith that a large portion of stimulus money went to state
    (yes mr. perry…you got 27 billion $’s from the goverment you hate) and
    local governments to keep teachers…fire fighters…police…doctors….
    nurses…etc. on the job….imagine losing those jobs…
    stimulus worked…it helped keep the nation afloat during one of the
    worst economic times since the great depresssion.
    obama had the guts to step up….it was the only way to save the econmy.
    Remember…on sept. 08….we were told the entire society and financial structure
    of america was about to collapse….the nation had to have injection of funds…
    and quickly….if not…..we’re spiraling down to oblivion….

  17. bschloz says:

    Harley, selling is easy…collecting now thats work.
    I’m not against stimulus…you’re exactly right I don’t want to wake up without a Bank America.
    Just trying to vent what I see. I’m really not that up on Politics, just seems like interesting times with 2012 around the corner.
    FEMA? … hope your’e not suggesting that I don’t want to help my fellow man.

  18. Markus Aurelius says:

    Who would have thought Obama, a former con law prof
    could actually trash the constitution more than Bush Jr? No one. Yet, here we are, 3 years in and Obama has done anything but safeguard the civil liberties set forth by our forefathers. No unreasonable search and seizure? How about continued warrantless wiretaps of American citizens? How about fondling 6 year olds in airports in the name of security? Jefferson and Franklin must be rolling over in their grave. And Obama’s top attorney to ensure justice? None other than the attorney who helped defend Chiquita Banana and their hiring of paramilitary death squads. How’s that for a clear conscience. Sorry, Craig — you may have a forum to speak but that doesn’t mean you have any clue what you’re talking about. Obama made his own bed and now he has to sleep in it.

  19. mark smith says:

    Harley, put your helmut on if you’re going to interact
    because you sound retarded. While bank bail outs were needed for a short fix the majority remainder of the stimulus either kept or injected more govt. jobs. Thats not economic recovery, thats just printing money. You keep hoping and changing, it’s worked out great so far. Private sector jobs and business are what make an economy grow, not govt spending. You make Glazer sound like Warren Buffet,

  20. devils advocate says:

    to Der Bingle………Believe….?
    Der Bingle summed it up nicely with the good old Republicans don’t even BELIEVE in evolution. Thats right evolution is not a proven truth just like intelligent design is not either. It takes a random belief system for both sides as in both arguments are based on a certain amount of faith. One side has faith in intelligent design…the other side has faith that the perfect clockwork and beauties that are the universe that surrounds us just happened by chance. Here is a challenge Der Bingle. Take a load of lumber, some nails, some siding, some other building materials…put them in a pile and then throw them in the air! See how many times it takes you to make a house out of the pile…what are the chances of that happening? who knows? I would venture to say they are slim.

    Have faith my friends, faith in religion that is the cause of many wars and bloodshed and molestation, and faith in the religion of science that is unproven, a modern day fashion statement for pompous asses to make fun of people who are as blindly led as they are.

    Look, we are members of a two party system that already has its mind made up before they even hear the facts. By the time Barack Obama got to the white house, im sure that so many people payed him to say this or that, that he couldn’t even say what he really “believed” he to is just a man passing time like the rest of us. his job probably becomes a daily grind like all of us. cut the guy some freaking slack.

    just leave well enough alone, take your beliefs for what they are…garbage all garbage. try to live a good life and enjoy it all those “beliefs” are just comfort food for the mind, a distraction from reality, medication, and peace of mind.

    if it doesn’t harm you, let people live their lives!

    p.s. i love to play devils advocate

  21. Craig Glazer says:

    Obama Will Be The Next President
    WE will be re-elected. Barring a true depression. He can’t lose.

  22. the log says:

    I thought you were Mr capitalist? the king of sting? Now I find out your a freaking socialist. Get over your white guilt my friend. I’ve agreed with most of your writing and have defended you to others. YOU are dead to me.

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