Glazer: Hey, Ricky! Matt Cassel is Done, Bring on the Quarterback Controversy


With my sharp eye and clear vision of this years Chiefs season we can say this: ITS OVER…

This is a lost season. There are simply way too many holes to fill with a tough schedule. Not like last year when we played Grandview every week, and still needed lots of luck to win those 10 games. Oakland, Baltimore, Denver and Oakland showed who this team was at season’s end. Oh yeah, add San Diego to that list. Ugly. Down the stretch we were 2 and 5, guys. One of the NFL’s low level ball clubs.

Last year’s Chiefs were phonies.

You know it. I know it. The NFL knows it. And the team surely knows it. Head Coach Todd Haley damn well knows it. And maybe some guys on radio should know it too, huh?

 Haley proved how much work Matt Cassel needs. NONE, I guess. He looked beyond bad – again. Slow, didn’t see the field, team did NOT really respond to him and yes, a quarterback rating of 59.5. FOR REAL. Matt the FRANCHISE, was 6/13 for 59 big yards. The Rams did anything they wanted all lst half too. On offense and defense. Our first team was an F-, Len Dawson said so.

A good young quarterback, Sam Bradford, in his second year was 8/14 and went 7 in a row without a miss. Before you could say "Chiefs and Chopper" (even they have left the Chiefs), it was 14-0 Rams and over.

Haley is clearly playing possum.

This can’t be for real? Right? Wrong. It is. Our defense looks asleep. That was the first team out there guys. Couldn’t stop YOU from going 20 yards a carry. Like Stevie Jackson with his quick 70 yards on 15 carries.

We had a bright spot…

Ricky Stanzi, the young quarterback is likely to lead this team before season’s end. He has a stronger arm, sees the field and well.

Matt has proven that he is just a nice backup quarterback, not the man.

The cry will go out for RICKY,, uh, now! Stanzi was 8/14 for 121 yards and our only TD – a nice 32 yard mini bomb to a guy named Slate.

Ricky had a quarterback rating of 109.5.

This is a lost season, start the kid. Maybe he is another Bradford. It’s time to find out. We need a quarterback to build a team around. Matt has shown it’s just not him. So sad, but so true.

Oh Ricky your so fine, your so fine – Hey, Ricky! Hey, Ricky!

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14 Responses to Glazer: Hey, Ricky! Matt Cassel is Done, Bring on the Quarterback Controversy

  1. bschloz says:

    pre season
    Is meaningless …there I said it. Whats the point of laying out in these meaningless practices?
    2. I would probably pop for season tix if i didnt have to pay up for these dumb games.

    We will own the West AGAIN.

  2. Rick says:

    Right Call Wrong Guy
    As I watched the game last night I said to myself “Watch Glazer write a piece about one of the back ups being the starter”. Well, true to form. Geez Glazer wishes he had my track record for predictions.

    I do think the Glaze is right in one regard. We need to call someone alright. But its not Ricky. Its PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Brian Waters will u come back? The OL stunk!!!

    All that being said bschloz is right. ITS PRE SEASON.

  3. Rick says:

    This is what happens when you write a column after a Friday night of drinking. Stanzi will lead this team before the season ends. Not even if their is a plane crash.

  4. READ THIS says:



  5. Super Dongman says:

    It’s only pre season but…
    The Rams looked damn good! I’m not a fan of either team but you can see in Bradford’s cross eyes that he’s hungry! The Rams also has one of the best running backs in the league, Steven Jackson! I will bet anyone QT’s sodas for the entire summer that the Rams will not only have a better record than the Chiefs but they will go deep in the playoffs. Everyone needs to remember that this was the third pre-season game of the year and usually means that the starters play most of the game to get ready for the regular season. Also, you heard it first from the “Donger” that Chief’s running back Battle will be cut from the team any day now! He looked like crap and couldn’t keep control of the football! Take that sports radio guys!

  6. Cowboy says:

    Matt Is In Trouble
    Glazer is right on one big count, to win the important games and go deep in playoffs, got to have a top 7 quarterback. Matt doesn’t look to be that, can’t build around an ok quarterback. So yeah, Matt is on a short leash.

  7. Taco Time says:

    Chiefs and Chopper
    Chiefs and Chopper, Chiefs and Chopper, yeah baby, we gonna be a good team bro.

  8. Merle Tagladucci says:

    I love unintentional comedy.

  9. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Really Glazer?
    I’m not a Chiefs fan here, but are you REALLY going to judge Stanzi against a bunch of third and fourth string schmucks who probably won’t even make the Rams final roster? Come on man, this is preseason. Cassel could’ve performed just as well against those stiffs.

  10. richardcranium says:

    You people are supposed to click on Glazer’s sports tag with a smile and laugh at the inane ramblings of a man past his prime in everything but ho chasing and substance procuring. It should be read “tongue in cheak”……even if he doesn’t understand why.

  11. Rick in PV says:

    At least Cassel is tough as nails. He has gotten up from some vicious hits that would have sidelined lesser men. Why Pioli devalues linemen so (drafting them in the low rounds, picking up scrap heap castoffs) is beyond me. I predict we will pay for this failure all year, no matter who is at QB for the Chiefs, or who the opposing running back is.

  12. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Sorry Doubter’s, Glazer Is Right.
    If you listened to the morning show on sports or read the KansasCity Star this weekend. Glazer is not only right, he is DEAD right. This team is in big trouble. They are now 2 and 8 in the last 10 games they have played. Our Chiefs are in last place in almost every category there exists. Last in rushng, passing, scoring, list goes on and on, right now this is clearly a poor football team. There is no explantion for such a poor performance. This is a football team that needed to gain confidence after being slaughtered by Oakland and Baltimore. They have not done that. At what point will some of you guys admit Glazer is right and we were not?

  13. chuck says:

    Don’t panic.
    After the last pre season game, I’ll get ya home.

    Hang in there!


  14. BS Nerdlaw says:

    Are you serious? Every category??
    So, we are dead last in every category? Oh, man…this season is over!! We are dead last in every pre-season category! What are we to do??? I mean, why even show up on September 11th?? Because history has certainly shown that how you do in pre-season has a direct correlation with how your season is going to turn out. Why bother??

    If you guys would have just waited until 2 or 3 regular season games to say these things…it would hold more water. But since there is NO WAY you can know how it’s going to go by practice games, that are simply used as evaluation….this is way to early to be making these declarations. I don’t know how many times commenters have to get this through your heads. WE”RE TALKING ‘BOUT PRACTICE!! If they play this poorly a month from now…then great. You guys were right.

    But since you guys didn’t wait long enough….IF (and this is a big “IF”) this team starts out with success, then none of you nay-sayers better hop on that bandwagon if the team starts to do well. Because to the rest of us who actually wait to see what happens before judging them, you will sound like the adults in every Charlie Brown cartoon…..”Wah, wah, wah, wah, wahhhhh!!!”

    Your comments just won’t hold any water.

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