Starbeams: Santa Lands SUV in KC Attic, Apples Fall on Jobs Report, iPhone 5 to Sprint

An SUV lost control, hit an embankment and landed in the attic of a house at 43rd and Kensington Wednesday. There was speculation the driver could have been drunk…or Santa.


Kansas City School Superintendent, Dr. John Covington unexpectedly resigned because of conflicts with the school board.  He is the 26th superintendent the district has had in the past 40 years. The good news?  He can be my Facebook friend now.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs is leaving his post after helping create what was recently, a company worth more than the U.S. Government.  The price of Apple stock dropped seven percent after the announcement. Even the price of apples at the supermarket dropped briefly.  And apples started dropping from trees.


The Wall Street Journal reported that Sprint Nextel will get to start selling the iPhone in mid-October. They report Sprint will sell both the new iPhone 5 and the current iPhone 4.  Sprint is looking to maximize its profits. In fact, if you want to make a call on the Sprint iPhone, you’ll have to insert 4 quarters.  Also, area businesses will be able to rent space at the Sprint campus with the new iPhone.
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2 Responses to Starbeams: Santa Lands SUV in KC Attic, Apples Fall on Jobs Report, iPhone 5 to Sprint

  1. Super Dave says:

    Wasn’t Santa
    He was with me all day.

  2. BarKeeper says:

    The School Supe
    The sack of dog vomit resigned to take a higher paying job that he’s been pursuing on our time for months! None of his issues with the other vomit sacks on the School Board were all that major. This puke was job hunting the day he got here. In two years, he didn’t even move his family to KC.

    But this bunch of backwoods hicks at the Board will probably pay out his contract and give him a bronze plaque to take to the next job. That’s how they operate downtown.

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