Greg: "


Nick: Hall & Lands "Over the last six days have violently attacked my reputation and accused me of plagiarism."

"And it was about the jonathan baldwin and thos jones fight."

"called me a coward"  says shud have ignored

Greg: "You know who I am, what I do."

"OK, well I didn’t call you a coward and I never accused you of plagiarism. So there’s two strikes right there. (I) have never used either of those words with Nick Wright."


Nick: " Hold on. You didn’t call me a coward last night on Twitter? What’d you say?

Greg: "No, I didn’t. What did I say?"


NW "You tell me, you wrote it."

"You’re just throwing around words here and you;’ve been accusing me all along of being innacurate and misquoting you. But you spent yest and a good portion of your introduction there just misprepresenting what I said and what I have written."

Nick: "You said I was claiming a scoop that wasn’t mine.

Nick:  "Let’s back up."

"Let’s go to a few weeks ago, or I guess it was a couple months ago, after jason Whitlock came on this show. And I was scheduled – and we had podcasts documenting it before Jason even called – I was scheduled to have my gums fixed on a Thursday and a Friday. That’s a fact. A fact that everyone in this room can verify. A fact that my boss verified"

"You write a column saying I was either on suspension or my mental state was so shaken that I needed the time off. My boss reached out and I reached out and said, ‘Hey, that’s blatantly false.’ You still refused to acknowlege that was false."

Greg insert to above: "All I did on that column is speculate as to why you were gone. I didn’t say or state facts."

Greg: "So I’m going to sit here and listen to you, firsdt of all misquote me and then misrepresent my career."


Nick: "Let’s talk about msquotes. Because I got an email exchange between you and me from a few months ago, talking about quotes. And you write in this exchange that we have a different definition of quotes….and your definition of a quote is not exactly what someone says."

"Yet now when I’m saying you accuse me of plagiarism, and that’s not the exact word you used, you’re accusing me of misquoting you. It’s interesting because I’ve got the email right here of you saying, oh a quote doesn’t have to be word for word what somebody says."

"The only reason I’m bringing you on is because you have made a habit, if you will, of lying."

Greg:  "I’m not lying." 

"That column I wrote about on the Thomas Jones and breaking the story, how did I lie? Show me in that column what is false."


Nick: "That I saw WhiteMamba’s tweet."


Greg "I didn’t say you saw it, I said he tweeted to you."

Nick: "Do you write your own headlines?"

Greg: "Yeah what did the headline say?"

"That he claimed a story that he knows wasn’t his, that’s false."

"No it’s not, you tweeted yourself. You said hey listen whitemamba tweeted this the day before I did."

"Do you understand what it means to break a story?"

"Isn’t it the first person that brings that story to light?"

"No, that’s the source."

AP saw it, AFTER

"That guy’s 39 followers saw it."

"Are you telling me, that it’s scope of audience?"

"You’re doing the same thing to whitemamba, Nick and you know it. you know it.. He broke the story, he had it a day before you did."

"I got more information."


"From WHITE Mamba!"  greg


"Let me give you another example. You write in your column about 8 or 9 months ago that I stalked Kevin Kietzman’s son and attacked him on twitter I bring it to your attention that KK’s son who is 21? 22? Cause in your column you made it sound like he’s a child. Tweeted me something nice about the show and I respoinded to him. You didn’t fix that, you didn’t adjust it…You let (people) think that I was finding my competitors small child and harassing him on the Internet. Why is that OK? Why is it OK to misrepresent? I’m not saying you didn’t accurately say what I tweeted."


"I think it’s one of the cheapest, lowest things I’ve seen you do. And I still think that Nick. What you did is you publically put out there on Twitter that you were having a conversation with KK’s son, who’s in college."


"He publically ut it out." "I didn’t appraoch him. He appraoched me. A grown man approached me."

"He’s three years younger than I am."

Greg: "Ok, that explains a lot then."

"So explain it to me greg, you misrepresented."

"I didn’t misrepresent that Nick, What I did was I wanted to out you. I thot that was a cheap shot."

"That’s the guys family. Leave it alone."  "Hey, I’m not backing off that one."


"Tell me what I did wrong then?" Explain it to me."

"What did I tweet out? That I was having a nice conversation with KK’s son?"


"Yes, yes."


"And that’s bad?"



Nick reading hall’s email on quotes:

"From GH to NW: "I think the quotes captured closely what you said and what it sounded to me as a listener."

"I respond saying that’s not what a quote is. A quote is precisely what someone says."

"You respond in the email, I’ll run your comment but for the record I still disagree." That is the dictionary definition of a quote."

"There’s paraphrasing"

Taking notes versus record. Words off acceptable.


"If I’m changing the meaning of your words, spank me. spank me."

Wrote entire column that jaamal charles not getting the ball would drive him to suicide.

"I tend to remember when people write lies about me."

"…You wrote an entire column based on me being worried that J Charles was gonna kill himself if he didn’t get enuff carries."

"Well, did you say that?"

"No, and I emailed you about it."

"On the WM thing, do you think I got that story from him?"

"Do I think you got it from him? I know that he tweeted you. Nick, only you know that."

"Where’s the lie?"

Read all the tweets

"I would say that there’s a very good possibility you saw that tweet. You may not even remember it, nick. But I’m thinking you saw that tweet. And yeah, I’m going to go with that story."

"of course, you are."

"I’ll give you credit, man. You’re good at the witty one liners after quotes. You’re good at getting people riled up. And you are consiously in your ability to lie about people."

"I’m still looking for a lie in that column."

"I told you about a dozen lies youve written. A dozen. About me being suspended, which you wouldn’t come off of. About me knowing I got a story from someone that I didn’t. Which is the lie in that column. About me saying JC was going to kill himself. About me harrassing KKs son on twitter when he appraoched me."

Whitlock lie plagiarism


 "I know that since you’ve stopped writing his columns, amazingly, he’s maintained a ridiculous level of success

"And you’re a software programmer who blogs for 1,500 people a day. I know that. And I know the segment’s over."








‘Which is you write that your definition of quotes i


Nick: "The only reason I’m bringing you in is you have made a habit of lying."





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