Hearne: 610 Sports Nick Wright Lays Down ‘Explanation II’ – Bashes Local Bloggers

And now, the rest of the story…

Look, I get that most readers, sports fans and people with things going on in their lives besides penning vitriolic comments under assumed names don’t much care about who got some news scoop first.

Just the facts, ma’am and they”re happy.

An earthquake jolts the East Coast, who cares if Fox or CNN reported it first. People want the full, accurate story, the news. Not touchdown dances and gotcha stories claiming some kid with a microscopically small twitter account spread an unconfirmed rumor a couple hours before the actual news was reported.

It’s silly.

Still reporters and media personalities are human. They win awards, get pay raises and feel good about themselves when they break a big news story. I felt pretty good when I broke the one about the Nelson-Atkins Shuttlecocks years ago.

And 610 Sports host Nick Wright probably felt pretty good (and was congratulated by competing local sports journalists) for breaking the story about the Chiefs No. 1 draft pick Jonathan Baldwin fighting with a teammate, injuring his hand and likely to be out of commish for several weeks.

But let’s face it, sports talk radio has a lot of haters. Older dudes resent Wright for being young and cocky, attending a private school, digging hip-hop, even having a black girlfriend. Go figure.

Oh and they love to bag on WHB’s Kevin Kietzman for being cocky, making tons of dough, worshipping at the alter of K-State and running too many infomercials during his show.

You don’t have to fish too hard to catch plenty of haters for either of these guys – that’s the way the game is played – comes with the turf.

However, the breaking news stories game is still played by – not just by getting a skeletal tip – but following up on it, confirming it with legitimate sources, filling in the story with greater detail and making it widely available to the general public.

That’s exactly what Nick Wright did in reporting the story about the Chiefs fight.

And that’s why he was congratulated by his peers and competitors in the media.

However, local blogger Greg Hall – who until recently wrote for this site and has clearly demonstrated a dislike for Wright – learned a local dude had tweeted about the fight to a handful of his friends, and to Nick. Hall then went about building an entirely circumstantial case that the Tweeter, not Nick, deserved credit for breaking the story.

Now here’s Wright’s explanation on the radio Tuesday, in case you missed it.

"I had tweeted out on Thursday, I’m hearing things about Jonathan Baldwin, but we’re doing the radiothon, I don’t have time to research it today," Wright told lsiteners. "I’ll do it tonight once the radio show’s over.

"(So) I got up the next morning, called my sources, sent out the tweets that I’d heard about Baldwin and (Thomas Jones) getting into it. And someone who follows me on Twitter, who is as close to the team as you can get, calls me up and said, ‘Nick, here’s the real story.’ And told me about the Baldwin-Jones fight and that Baldwin had hurt maybe, he thought, his wrist, but maybe part of his hand. Was Out definitely the rest of the preseason, they think week one, and maybe six to eight weeks. I sent a text message to five members of the Kansas City Chiefs saying this is what I heard, true or false? A couple of ’em didn’t respond. A couple of ’em responded, true. To me there’s my verification. I went with it."

That was that until later Friday when…

"Then I see Arrowhead Pride tweet out, wow, somebody named WhiteMamba03 on Twitter, tweeted about a Baldwin-Jones fight on Thursday. So you go to WhiteMamba on Twitter, as I did, and you see a picture of (Chiefs nose tackle) Kelly Greg and his name on there is John Doe – (who) not only tweeted about it but sent me a tweet saying Jones and Baldwin fought. None of the other information, just Jones and Baldwin fought.

"So I myself sent out a tweet saying, ‘Wow, it’s been brought to my attention that WhiteMamba already had this, kudos to him.’ (And) I think it’s done. And then two of the most pathetic media, never-was failures I’ve ever come across in Greg Hall. Let me promote his Web site, greghall.com. And John Landsberg. Let me promote his Web site – who didn’t understand how the Internet worked – so he thought the dot com had to be in the Web site name. His Web site is is bottomline.com.com. Which looks like it was made by a challenged 14 year-old on GeoCities. They both run stories about how I plagiarized from WhiteMamba.

"A few things on this, and this is where it’s gonna sound really arrogant and really self-serving and I don’t mean for it to. But I’ve got to explain it. The reason Landsberg and Hall were so sure I’d plagiarized – forget the fact that the tweet WhiteMamba sent me had none of the details except the fight. Nothing about an injury. Nothing about how long (Baldwin) would be out. None of that.

"But the reason they were certain I’d seen it and certain that’s where I got the information, was because every time someone tweets to one of these two absolutely pathetic people, I’m sure their phone goes off. I’ll bet they get an email and they’re super excited that someone wants to talk to them. And I don’t mean to be arrogant, but I have 10,000 Twitter followers…I get between 300 and 500 tweets to me a day. Do I read them all? Yeah. Do I read them all right when they come in? No. And on Thursday when WhiteMamba was tweeting to me I had my priorities screwed up and I was too busy trying to save the lives of some kids (hosting a 12 hour radiothon for the Salvation Army).

"And so Greg Hall runs a story about me plagiarizing. Greg Hall, the same man who’s radio career lasted 2 1/2 weeks. Who’s career at the Star lasted 21/2 months (actually three years as a freelancer). Who wrote an article a couple years ago about how he is the one to be thanked for Jason Whitlock’s success and how he used to write Whitlock’s columns for him. Now, unbelievably, without Greg Hall, Jason Whitlcok’s gone on to make millions of dollars at Fox, ESPN and AOL. Meanwhile, Greg Hall is a media developer who writes for greghall.com. Shocked that career didn’t take off.

"John Landsberg, on the other hand, is a guy who used to – and maybe still does – post on Internet message boards as Leawood John. Calling people racial slurs and homosexual slurs. I used to post on message boards, too . And he and I would argue about that and now he has a vendetta and writes a a story about how I plagiarized. Fellas, I won’t sue ya because I am a public person and that would be really tough for me to win. But the Internet’s real and you can’t just make things up about people…And I’m done not saying anything when people make things up about my character and my job."


The reason "The Explanation II" is only now going up is twofold.

First, I had a "Groundhog Day" misadventure yesterday, making three attempts to post it only to experience problems with the site that killed it every time. Time constraints prevented me from mounting another effort until now.

Second, most people are not in the exact right place at the exact right time to catch random 15 minute radio segments. However, since the story was laid out by Wright’s detractors online – effectively in print – there was no missing it there.

And now there’s no missing it here.

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13 Responses to Hearne: 610 Sports Nick Wright Lays Down ‘Explanation II’ – Bashes Local Bloggers

  1. olathecat says:

    Seems like you have a “hard on” for Greg Hall since he shunned this site. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but damn…

  2. Rick says:

    And of course after calling Hall a pathetic media never was failure yesterday. Today when he introduces him he says he is the most respected and most read local sports media person in town. Real gutless.

  3. Optimus Jim says:

    All the scoops, breaking stories and other ninnyshit aside, my takeway from this is that Nick Wright acts like a 2 year old when confronted by differing opinions (see Whitlock, Hall, Botello, et al). He didn’t handle himself well on the Whitlock calls and was an ass during today’s interview with Hall. What could have been a decent discussion of semantics and what it means to “break a story” turned into a trainwreck of a segment with Nick trying to embarrass Hall with assorted digs about his career. I don’t know if he has what it takes to dethrone KK but he needs to stop being such thin-skinned baby.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    You may not have a dog, but that’s one of the fastest placed comments in the three year history of KC Confidential!

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    Or how about polite. Hey, Nick did go to Barstow!

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    Funny. I haven’t heard it yet (I’m about to listen now) but both of the people who I spoke with thot Greg got the better of Nick by talking over him and diverting it away from the journalism stuff. Like not calling Nick for comment, not understanding the difference between getting any anonymous tip and reporting and breaking a news story.

  7. Mark X says:

    … on the topic of ..
    …people with things going on in their lives besides penning vitriolic comments under assumed names don’t much care about who got some news scoop first.

    About time for another Fiat 500 post …

  8. Merle Tagladucci says:

    “people who I spoke with thot Greg got the better of Nick by talking over him and diverting it away from the journalism stuff.”

    Journalism? Is that what you call it?

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    Thot you’d never ask

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Not really. What Greg does is really sports info-tainment.

    He catches the soundbites then makes humorous, edgy and/or profound quips.

    However, in the instance he crossed over into the world of journalism by calling out Nick for not breaking a news story. And anointed a kid who tweeted an unsubstantiated rumor to a handful of people as deserving credit for breaking the story.

    In truth, the entire matter was an exercise in overkill. Then again, how many hours did I spend transcribed and rewriting this puppy and there’s one more in the pipeline.

    Call me easily entertained.

  11. PB says:

    Thin-skinned is right!
    I like Nick, but an aarlier poster had it (w)right, he shouldn’t be so damn thin-skinned. He’s no Jim Rome, but he does have a drive-time radio show, alot more than can be said for the likes of Hall and Landsberg. Why lower yourself to their level by even acknowledging them? Nick’s rebuttal to their attacks is the most attention those clowns have had since they received their first handies from a chick. That’s what they want, Nick…resist the urge next time.

    I’m also always amused by the defense of those like Nick and our own Mr.Glazer when they feel their precious egos threatened by even the most inconsequential of haters…Nick: I’ve got thousands of twitter followers, I’m telethoning, I’m saving dolphins, yada yada…Mr.Glazer: I’m so famous and have so many famous friends that nobody should call me out, yada yada…doesn’t those type of responses to nearly invisible folks contradict their whole argument about having such purpose? Insecurity and massive ego never mesh well, but yet it oftens seems, they’re tied at the hip..

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    Points well taken.

  13. DeHall says:

    John Landsberg’s website….
    Is “bottomlinecom.com” — short for “Bottom Line Communications”…..not “bottomline.com.com” You’d think Nick Wright would be able to tell the difference. Maybe Landsberg should sue for defamation.

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