Glazer: My Love / Hate Affair With The Long, Hot Summer

I love the summer…

It reminds me of the end of school, the pool, cars with the top down, wind blowing in my face, the sun, the fun and all those dreams. Hey, my business is strong in the winter and slow in summer. There’s too much else going on out there. Still I can’t help but enjoy those summer days and nights.

These past several weeks have been by far the hottest in our city that I can remember.

We must have had more than 20 or 30 days of 100 degrees or higher. All I could hear from people was, "Man, I can’t wait for it too cool off – this is awful – it’s too hot."

Well, in a few weeks you’ll get your wish. And God forbid, in a few months, it’ll be cloudy, there’ll be drizzle, snow – it’ll be hard to drive anywhere. Hard to see at night with snow pounding the windshield. Bitter cold out. Remember? Yep, we all do.

Then we’ll dream of those 100 degree days and wish they were back.

If you’re like me, around December, maybe even November, you start thinking, "Now where can I go that’s fast and cheap for some pool time and a tan?" Get me outta here! Boy, this weather sucks! I hate it. Why do I live here?

Happens every year. Every year we pine for that mild winter we got a few years back. Maybe, just maybe this one will be kind.

Summer. All those memories. Woodside. The new girlfriends who came and went.  Hoping for the Royals. The Plaza still looking nice this time of year despite the kiddie riots. Outdoor concerts. Art fairs. Food festivals. I wish it was like this all year long.

I know this is a soft story. But if you’re like me, you’ve been thinking about this as well.


Just like George Brett used to say about baseball (and I think he meant summer in general). Just when we need it the most, its gone.

Enjoy the last couple weeks folks.

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16 Responses to Glazer: My Love / Hate Affair With The Long, Hot Summer

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Sad travel note….
    Wanted to take a trip to the beach this summer…after much research of flights and hotel rates, I found it’s cheaper to stay for a week down in Playa Del Carmen at a 4 or 5 star, all inclusive resort than it is to spend a week in Florida. And I’m not talking about some half assed resort with nothing but the cheapest booze and food on hand either. How sad is that? I have to leave the damn United States to get good value on a vacation. Pathetic. And no, there’s ZERO trouble with any sort of drug related violence down in that area.

  2. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    I’m sure excited about football though, will miss the sun.

  3. Bdogg says:

    I’m with you Glazer
    I prefer the hotter summer days than the cold harsh winter days. I like the fact it stays lighter longer and is not dark when I leave the house in the morning and again when I get home from work. Autumn is my least favorite time of year because it means we are closer to Winter and Spring is my favorite time because Summer is right around the corner.

  4. Doormat says:

    The Long Hot Summer
    Hot, hotter, hottest. Glad its cooling off, but yeah, love summer, hate winter.

  5. Landry says:

    100 degree days
    “We must have had more than 20 or 30 days of 100 degrees or higher. ”

    We’ve had fewer than 10 days above 100 and I’m going to miss them when it is 10 degrees.

  6. Orphan of the Road says:

    I’v told you a million times Craig
    Don’t exaggerate. (tongue firmly in cheek)

    The extremes in weather make this an interesting place to live.

    What I dislike about winter is the freezing and thawing when the snow hits. Until it gets below 20 degrees I can deal with it.

  7. Gerald Bostock says:

    Nightmare at Woodside
    I got to the part where Glazer writes, “If you’re like me…” and I ran shrieking from the computer as I imagined that desperate situation. But I understand his position: In my experience, hot, humid weather is hell for guys with toupees.

  8. kcfred says:

    The Summer of 80
    The Summer of 80 kicked this summer’s ass up and down the street as far as temperatures were concerned, misery index too.

  9. bschloz says:

    “Summer. All those memories. Woodside. The new girlfriends who came and went”
    Yep..Glaze your like an AARP mind reader.

  10. Black Barbie says:

    Like You Care
    You cost me money Craig. Asshole.

  11. harley says:

    saw you were using the name i gave you. hang in there…i see the comments are almost 100%
    negative against you and your comments….don’t worry…keep writing…
    WANT MORE WOODSIDE STORIES….the summers ending…give us one more good story
    and pjhotos from woodside…so we chan think about it when its 20 below outside.
    CHIEFS: i HOPE THEY’RE GOOD…ican’t stand to go thru 4 months of football and not
    habve a team like missouri to root for that wins….please chiefs win some games…
    PLAYA DEL CARMEN: go down there at least 1 or 2 times a year….stay in puerto moreles..
    a client has a house on the water there….wow…incrediable great vacation….
    GLAZE….i think people are just wanting you to step up your writing…maybe take a englsi
    writing course at penn valley or online at phoenix university. Tighten up your writing with more
    facts and informatiin….you just need to be more professional in the way your write…who knows..
    one day you may wake up and be as good a journalist as Hearne christopher…(NOT!)

  12. RickM says:

    “The Summer of 80 kicked this summer’s ass up and down the street…”

    And the one in ’34 beat that hands down. Not that I was around then, but with no a/c in most homes, it must’ve felt 10 times more miserable. Imagine it was good business for the movie theaters, though.

  13. DPW says:

    I guess you were not here for the summer of 1980. I was working my way through college in a metal roof, cinder block, un-air conditioned warehouse. I also had a car withot AC and a black vinyl interior. Those were the days…

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes 1980/Hot One
    That was my last summer in KC before I moved to LA. It was a smoker. We had just opened OUTLAWS near the Plaza, a country western night club/bar/restaruant, to replace our white elephant, Stanford East. We were under reconstruction that summer, damn hot. Harley which name? My writing, I admit my mind and speaking ability are far better than my writing skills, I got B’s in high school and college for the same reasons “great story or report or essay, but too many errors in spelling and written gramer, so I agree with you, however thats’ why all mys scripts and book are co written, they are my words and brain power but produced by a better writter. I can write screenplays they are a touch easier, books not at a high enough level. Sal Manna was great with King of Sting, but its all me talking and explaining, he did the research to back up the stoires, which he did do, tough job. Sal was an LA writer for the Examiner/LA Times and coverd two trials of mine, so he knew much of the story, that helped very much. My script writing partner is or was Dan York, he was a VP Universal and gave me a post as a producer with him there in the 90’s, great guy, talented, co wrote and produced, MIDNIGHT RUN and DRAGON THE BRUCE LEE STORY….both well done.

  15. harley says:

    I just saw my freind tom cruise this morning while eating breakfast. when I went shopping ran into
    clint eastwood who gave me $100 bill to go buy some new shoes. while shopping for shoes I saw
    Rod stewart and we talked about putting something together. I told him i’d have my people get a hold of
    his people about a project. After lunch went to have some martinis and ran into jay leno and he was headed
    to have surgery done on his chin. He said we should meet saturday to have some ruffles and tea with
    the prince of wales and his wife who were stopping in to have some fresh mint juleps when we saw
    j lo coming down the stairs with her agent and we talked for about 20 minutes until she had to leave
    and I had a scheduled appointment to discuss busines with Steve Jobs and my taking over the head
    of apple computer when he leaves. He said he was interested and I told him i was also meeting with
    bill gates and his wife to discuss my running the entire microsoft operation right out of my home
    here in kansas city. then guess what…Charles barkley and michael jordan joined us for a drink
    at capital grille and we then went and played some basketball with kobe and larry bird.


  16. Cliffy says:

    ” … I admit my mind and speaking ability are far better than my writing skills …”

    Oh, I don’t know …

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