Glazer: Time for Matt Cassel to Prove Himself or Get The Hell Outta Town!

Location, location, location…

That’s what they say about buying real estate or opening a restaurant. In the NFL its quaterback, quarterback, quarterback!

So lets get right to it Chiefs Nation. Thus far, Matt Cassel,  THE FRANCHISE, ain’t doing so hot.

I’ll admit that I loved it when we traded/bought/ stole Matt from New England.

Hey, tons of teams wanted the Matt Man. After all, he was schooled by one of the best quarterbacks to ever play, Tom Brady. Matt had a huge year in 2008 for the Pats. THE FRANCHISE had a quarterback rating of 89.4, threw for 3,693 yards, 21 touchdowns and just 11 interceptions. He won 11 games. Damn.

Yes, he had a strong team, but he even hit mini bombs in the snow. IN THE SNOW FOR GOD’S SAKE.

I made sure I was Nick Wright’s first guest that day we stole the FRANCHISE.

"Nick, I am once again a Chiefs Fan. We got the best pick we could have, the best." 

Nick agreed. We both loved the idea of Matt Cassel. That was then.

Since that time, we gave Matt year one to screw with, right? The line was bad; we didn’t have a good running back, no good receivers. The defense stunk. We had a new coach. The net result; Matt had an ugly, quarterback rating of 69.9, 2,924 yards throwing, 16 touchdowns and 16 interceptions.

OK, it was his first year with the Chiefs.

Then came last year. He was much better with a 93.0 passer rating, 3,116 yards, 27 touchdowns, and only seven interceptions. Sounds good, a division title, pro bowl. 

What a year, right? Wrong.

Matt is 6’4" 230 Pounds. He’s a seven year pro. Matt was drafted in the seventh round in 2005, He even threw two touchdowns for the Pats in 2005. He played in 12 games from 2005-2006. And he’s gonna be 30 this year.

This ain’t no kid. He should be on top of his game by now. The clock is running out.

Oh, about last year…

Come on, a ton of his yards came in games that didn’t matter. Like Denver beating us there four million to seven. He threw for 20,000 meaningless yards to D-Bowe for his 40 TD’s that year. Please.

Here’s the stat that is scary:  Matt came in LAST for throws over 20 yards that were completed. LAST IN THE NFL. LAST.

He ain’t no Elway, Montana, Aaron, Manning, Big Ben, or even Trent Green (God help us). I

n fairness to the heir apparent to Len Dawson on Chiefs TV broadcasts, Trent Green was a good team manager. He had some nice moments and games. In fact, other than Dawson, Trent was the only good quarterback we kinda developed here. Yes, I know we got him from St. Louis and Lenny from the Steelers in 1877, but we have drafted nobody as quarterback in more than half a century that worked out.

Grbac was the only QB who even got close to being a star and we know how you guys love him.

Matt has a soft arm. He’s very slow to get the ball out. He doesn’t seem to always see the field and you can see when things fail for him. It’s the line or it’s the receiver’s fault – he doesn’t say it, but his body language and eyes tell us that.

A good or great quarterback makes it happen.

It’s HIS job to make it happen. Matt to this point in time can’t do that.


So unless Matt THE FRANCHISE has a career year this year, he ain’t the guy.

So unless we see a huge improvement – I mean huge – last year was b.s.and the entire NFL knows that. So don’t give me this division winning crap. By season’s end we were IN THE BOTTOM OF THE LEAGUE as far as good teams.

No, we were not a real playoff team and Matt stunk it up. Our entire team stunk it up.

We looked like a joke and the rest of the league knows that. We DID NOT DESERVE TO BE THERE.

I believe this will be Matt’s second to last year here. Again, he can prove me wrong,

I like the man, but he has been a huge bust. Huge. Scott and Todd were counting on him. They know everything I’m writing here is right on. I’m certain this is how they feel right now, too.  That Matt is keeping them down. We have talent building on defense, we need a quarterback to help build a couple receivers now.

COME ON MATT, let’s git ‘er done boy!
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33 Responses to Glazer: Time for Matt Cassel to Prove Himself or Get The Hell Outta Town!

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    There aren’t 32 NFL caliber QBs in the Universe
    Much less the NFL.

    When Andy Reid became the Eagles head coach, after dazzling the owner with his notebook presentation on the long -snapper, he brought along his QB of the future Doug Pederson. On your FB page you called Cassel the WORST QB EVER in the NFL so obviously you never saw Pederson play.

    Matts a journeyman who showed if he is surrounded by ultra-talent can be good.

    The great teams, for the most part, develop a QB they draft. Few gunslingers have been successful in the NFL. (BTW Trent was a Redskin before he was a Ram, drafted by the Chargers before being cut and going to the CFL).

    What I saw last year was Matt gaining some confidence and showing he had the tools to win but by the end of the season the team was so beat up (lack of depth) he/they reverted to the previous year’s level. I think the term they use is a one-look QB.

    He is light years ahead of Brody “The Human Q-Tip” Croyle. He is sort of a Ron Jaworski without the lunch-box mentality and personality.

    I remember one season when the Eagles had nine different starting QBs. That was brutal.

    We are still a couple of years away from being truly competitive on a week-to-week basis.

    NY Giants went to a Super Bowl with Kerry Collins who is probably equal to Cassel. So who knows?

    It wasn’t just Chiefs fans who had little love for Grbac (from Winipedia)

    Grbac was drafted in the eighth round of the 1993 NFL Draft by the 49ers. He served as Steve Young’s backup from 1994 to 1996. In 1997, Grbac signed with the Kansas City Chiefs to be their starting quarterback. His best season statistically came in 2000 when he passed for 4,169 yards and 28 touchdowns with a passer rating of 89.9 en route to the Pro Bowl.
    Grbac also played for the Baltimore Ravens before unexpectedly retiring in 2001 when the Ravens cut him in a salary cap move after he refused to renegotiate his contract. Grbac retired because he did not want to uproot his family again to move to another city. Many speculated he retired in part because of the treatment he received by the Baltimore fans and press. At the time of his retirement, Grbac had been in negotiations with the Denver Broncos

  2. smartman says:

    John 3:69
    C’mon Craig wake up and smell the menstruating cheerleaders.

    The Chiefs need to cut all 3 QB’s like they were a kilo of 100% pure Peruvian Flake.

    Matt Cassel hasn’t been THE MAN since high school. Tyler Palko looks like a Special Olympics QB and Rick Stanzi, who I had some hope for, is just AWFUL.

    Clark and Scott need to work out a HAIL MARY deal to get Carson Palmer here. Carson is not gonna deal with the Bengals and he’s the PERFECT guy if the Chiefs are serious about winning. He’s a leader. He’s got a winners swagger.

    Matt Cassel is a great backup. He’s not just tough, he’s Ford Tough. He’s just not a leader like Brady, Manning, Rodgers, etc. He’s not even Trent Dilfer.

    Haley has to go too. He’s lost control of this team. No discipline or respect for him or each other.

    The Chiefs make the Raiders look like Navy Seals in the discipline department.

    At least with the curfew in place the only Black(s) Out we’ll have to worry about will be on TV.

  3. richardcranium says:

    My Lord, you are horrible. You offer no statistical insite, nor information. You have no knowledge of actual football theory or how the game is played LET ALONE NFL workings. Your ideas are weak, your information is always based on knee jerk reactions, and your source of emphasis is a 27 year old jock sniffer that lets you on the air. Sir, you have no worth in the sports information world, and you may need to retire from this line of “posting”.

  4. Landry says:

    The Franchise
    First off, nobody but Glaser uses that nickname.

    “Then came last year. He was much better with a 93.0 passer rating, 3,116 yards, 27 touchdowns, and only seven interceptions. Sounds good, a division title, pro bowl.

    What a year, right? Wrong.”

    Your ignorance of sports is astounding. That is a fine season for a quarterback. An almost 4 to 1 TD to INT ratio is fantastic.

    How about this nickname… Craig “Knee Jerk Reaction” Glaser? Or should it be Craig “Page Views” Glaser? Just type what ever stupid crap you can to incite page views.

  5. PB says:

    Jury Is Still Out
    On Cassel. He was having a great year statistically and leadership-wise before the last couple of games last season. Still a virtual pup as a starting QB so it’s still too early to write him off. Valid point about lack of arm strength and I don’t think he’ll ever be the type of QB to single-handedly pull out a victory ala Joe Montana or Big Ben, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a successful, long term starter for this team. Seems the Chiefs have at least recognized his limitations and are attempting to build the offense around playmakers at the other positions (good running game, big receivers that can go get the ball and run well with it afterwards) in order to lessen the pressure on Cassel having to do too much. Perhaps the Chiefs front office overestimated Cassel’s abilities, but until he has at least another year in the books, it’s simply too soon to give out a pass or fail grade on him as The Franchise. Again, I doubt he’ll ever fulfill that role the way a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady does (few do), but with the right players around him on offense and a solid defense, I think he can still be a more than serviceable QB with a perennial playoff-type team. We’ll see.

  6. Cliffy says:

    Anybody who cares to follow Chiefs just a little bit knows Cassell’s shortcomings. It’s ridiculous to think he’s going to all of a sudden become a top-tier NFL QB. If he has a decent supporting cast he can be effective. That’s all we can hope for. Stop making such ridiculous statements. He has not been a “huge bust.”

  7. smartman says:

    Even though Matt hasn’t received all $63 Million yet, let’s assume he does and during his tenure fails to do any better than an AFC West Title.

    At that point would you be prepared to call him a bust?

  8. Cliffy says:

    smartman, I think Cassell is the QB Pioli thought he was getting. If he fails it will be because Pioli didn’t put the right system together around him.

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    So Once Again, Haters? I Do Know
    My Super Bowl, Play Off picks said it all last year. I did use stats guy who thinks my last name is Glaser. Learn, Listen, Read. I will go this far, I am THE BEST VOICE FOR WHAT IS LIKELY TO HAPPEN IN THE NFL. AT LEAST IN KC. I MADE MY MOVES AND PREDICTIONS. I will be right, again, and half of you comment folks will still bitch, it always ends on he doesn’t know football, nor does Nick or whoever, but you do? Right….stick with the Glaze, he will lead you to glory!

  10. bschloz says:

    Tough Crowd…..last NFL start he lost a playoff game.
    He had his guts removed a couple weeks earlier?
    I like him ….has that dumb jock look…I think he can lead.

  11. Cowboy says:

    Glazer Hard On Matt
    Glazer Matt is not that bad. He did have a decent season last year. Yes he has not been great, but lets see one more year before we write the guy off.

  12. Nick says:

    Worse then Hall
    I should of mentioned this on the show today. The only one worse in KC then Hall is Glazer. Sorry bud. Had 2 say it. But U R still funny and interesting. But U know shit about sports.

  13. Rick says:

    Craig you never let facts or reality invade your thinking do you? So let’s review:

    I’ve already pointed out hat you were wrong the last two years and you acknowledged that. But felt you should get points for being close. You’ve also already changed your prediction for this year. But yet you continue to say things like “I’ll be right again.” If you are right AMEN. But it will be the first time. I guess you figure if you keep telling a lie long enough either you will believe it or others will. But Bro when it is in writing its hard to deny.

    Repeat after me. You have been wrong the last two years. Rick has been right. Therefore my guess is that DOES NOT make you the best voice in KC for football.

    But hey lets throw one more FACT out there to help you break through your delusion. You say this “YOU WILL NEVER WIN A BIG ONE WITH A QUARTERBACK WHO CAN’T TAKE OVER A BIG GAME. NEVER.

    Craig have you ever heard of the SUPER BOWL???? Would you like me to list the number of non super/big time quarterbacks that have won Super Bowls???

    This just shows you are clueless and the LAST GUY anyone should take football tips from. And that is not hating. Just FACTS!!!

  14. Rick says:

    And here is a starting list 4 u Glaze
    Let’s see Jeff Hostler, Mark Rypien, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer. Those guys going to make your top 25 QB’s Glaze? All Super Bowl winners. Quite frankly I would say Jim McMahon and Eli Manning are pretty shaky. Heck they were saying yesterday ELI is NOT EVEN a TOP TEN QB NOW!!!! Yet he has a ring.

    But hey Glaze I’ll let the public have their say. Try to resist the temptation of posting under a different name. All those that believe Craig is the voice of NFL locally and he should be followed vote yes. Those that think he is an interesting guy but is full crap vote PRO CRAP.

    Let the public decide ok Cowboy….

  15. Orphan of the Road says:

    Don’t forget
    Jim Plunkett and Doug Williams.

    Then there are the no-so-greats who made it to the Super Bowl (some more than once)

    Craig Morton, David Woodley, Vince Feragamo, Tony Eason, Stan Humphries, Neil O’Donnell, Rex Grossman.

    How about the greats who never even made it?

    Randall Cunningham, David Kreig, Warren Moon, Dan Fouts.

    Maybe if Craig gives us a weekly tout sheet for the games he can prove his prowess?

  16. harley says:

    no more…no more…no more…no more…and you re so off on all sports
    you make a monkey look intelligent.

  17. kcredsox says:

    Nice Stat
    “He played in 12 games from 2005-2006.”

    Have anything to back this one up Craig?

  18. Skeptic says:

    Glazer, your skin is getting so thin it’s going to rip. Bitching about misspelling your name?

  19. Rick says:

    Well Craig
    it appears that many of the fans have spoken. It doesn’t appear you are the sports legend/best voice that you think u r. Keep sharing your opinion. But realize its just that. An opinion. And no where close to being an expert opinion. But we appreciate the conversation it generates.

  20. Orphan of the Road says:

    Well Rick
    Remember opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one and they all stink but mine.

    Chuck, smartman, harley and a few others are the real entertainment here.

    Once in a while a real nugget come up in the blog but then even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

  21. jack says:

    Im not comparing
    Cassel to Dawson but Lenny was 35 when he won the superbowl. Who woulda ever thunk that?

  22. Craig Glazer says:

    Thank You All For Setting Me Straight. Not.
    First off, the stats, which some of you guys say I never use, I do when needed, are from online sports blogs on players, teams, etc….the Cassel information can be found by simply putting his name into google and writing Matt Cassel Career Stats. There you go. Yes he played in 12 games in 05/06. Mop ups for Brady, but he did play and did throw two touchdowns.

    Look guys in speaking to the Program director today at 610: he said Craig everyone thinks they are expert on sports and almost nobody knows anything but them. In a way true. If you watch the predictions from players/on air guys/ former coaches on TV programs before games, they are wrong way too often. Hey they don’t have to deal with the spread either. Does that mean they don’t know sports? No, it’s their opinion thats all, based on their knowledge of the game, playing, watching, betting, coaching on and on. On Mike and Mike ESPN, Geeenie is known for being wrong on his picks, but he is still a strong voice on air. He didn’t play the game, he watched.

    Nobody knows everything. With Nick,Soren and Kevin, one thing they have in common, none of them played any bigtime sports, none. They observe and give opinions, thats all. In their cases, its their job! It’s not mine. I have tons of experience working with players, knowing too many players in the NFL, being behind the scenes for years, producing sports films, and yes playing both baseball and football on teams through and until High Shcool, so NO NOT BIGTIME EXPERIENCE EITHER, Hey I went out for football at ASU and was cut quick. I tried, and am in shape and a decent athlete. However I have watched the NFL closely for decades, have some insight, and share that with you. If you don’t agree fine. I’d like to think I am correct more often than not. Hey if I say a team is going to win say 6 or 7 games and it ends up 5, well thats in the pocket. Rick when you say I was ‘wrong’ on scores, come on boy, they were close enough. I know I pissed off some people with repeating my near perfect post season predictions last year in the NFL, but still pretty darn good. Including riding with Green Bay all year, even picked them when they were 7-5 to go to the playoffs and win it all, they did. Not too shabbie, huh.

    This year, hey Harley in a way is right, the good teams are kinda obvious, Pats, Steelers,Eagles, Packers, Tampa Bay,Falcons, Ravens, and Lions…a couple others are maybes like the Giants,Bears,Vikes, Chargers….likely on the downside are the Colts, maybe the Jets, but we’ll see. The Chiefs are a bubble team, average, too many holes to fill, don’t have a set line up really much of anywhere. Just not sure who they are. Matt is an issue, he has not been bad, he just hasn’t been real good. You need very good in this league to win it all, very good if not great. Sure a superior defense can be huge, ala the old Bears with Jim MacMann or the old Ravens with Trent, but overall that doesn’t often work, does it? I stand by what I wrote. I hope Matt turns it around this season, I was huge on him, I’m not anymore, we’ll soon see. Like one of you wrote, opinions are like assholes….. you know the rest.

  23. JB says:

    These sports ‘articles’ from GlaZer are an embarassment to other bloggers, much less real journalism.

    Don’t you have to have at least a fundamental understanding of the subject matter to get an article posted? These stories make the Yahoo sports writers look like geniuses.

    Cassel played in 14 games from 2005-2007, but none of them were starts. He threw a total of 39 passes in those 14 games, all in mop-up duty. Maybe GlaZer should do more research than a 4 second glance at

  24. Rick says:

    Geez…Craig at least be consistent. In just this article you’ve gone from they suck to now they are a bubble team…… Doesn’t ur ass hurt from riding the fence?

    Here is where I think the issue is. Your brain says they suck. Your heart says otherwise. You love the Chiefs and you want them to be a winner. In fact you have been wanting them to be a winner for ages and have been hurt and frustrated for years. And all that comes out in your writing.

    But here is the most telling line is this. When talking about the so called experts you say “it’s their job” “It’s not mine.” EXACTLY. So stop trying to BS us with all of this I am the expert follow me crap. Just share your thoughts. Keep the ego out of it. And you’ll be fine. And hopefully this will set you straight but we aren’t holding our breath.

  25. kcredsox says:

    70 yards passing in 12 games, that’s what I’m talking about, Superbowl quarterback there!!!!! That is a franchise QB if I’ve ever saw one.

  26. Cliffy says:

    Craig used a “not” joke!!
    You’re going to have to call out all of your alternate personalities on this thread. You’re getting your ass handed to you.

  27. Bad ASS Maureen Cowgirl says:

    No you guys are all wrong. Craig Glazer is a sports afficianado. Hes right again here! He’s always right! And he’s a really cool guy. All the babes always swoon over him at Woodside. Hes like the James Bond of Kansas City! And Hearne is really cool too! Hes like MoneyPenny!

  28. Craig Glazer says:

    As I Already Explained
    Again more than a moron guy, I SAID HE THREW TWO TOUCHDOWNS, HE DID, NEVER SAID HE STARTED BEFORE BRADY WENT DOWN, I WROTE HE WAS IN TWELVE GAMES IN TWO YEARS MOP UP, HE WAS…SO YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS AN IDIOT NOT ME. As far as knowing sports. I do, proven and I know you guys love this I PRODUCED FIVE COUNT’EM FIVE OF THE ALL TIME BEST SPORTS DOC/FEATURES, GO TO or where ever you want, Amazon…don’t care, all the Champions Forever Films, Ali, the Latin welter/middle weights/The Drivers, Ali again….SO PLEASE STOP WITH I DON’T KNOW SPORTS HOW MANY MOVIES ON SPORTS HAVE ANY OF YOU OR TALK SPORTS GUYS HERE DONE? Uh, Zero! YOu all stop. I won’t. My predictions are OUTSTANDING, simple as that. You complain about nothing, just jealous shom talk. Rick, in a way you are kinda right, I do hate to see our teams fall so much and so often, but they do, its a fact, so it is what it is, the CHIEFS ARE AT THIS POINT AVERAGE WITH A TOUGH ROAD OF BETTER TEAMS TO PLAY…SO AGAIN 6/7 wins looks to be the case. Sorry. IF THEY WERE GOOD, THEY COULD COMPETE AND BE 10-6 or 11-5, THEY JUST AREN’T THERE. Again Sorry. About Matt, he is still UNPROVEN in year 8. Sorry. You can all jump me in about week six, if I am right, SHUT THE HELL UP….hah, your comments are fun though….

  29. Cliffy says:

    How much time to you spend editing Glazer’s articles, Hearne? Must be a lot. His posts are fairly well written and relatively easy to understand. Unlike when he posts in the comments section … when it looks like the work of a 6th grader.

  30. Rick says:

    HEAD HURT. Ok so lets all jump aboard the Glazer logic train. Craig believes that because he has made sports movies this makes him an expert on sports. (Even though none of them have to do with football but that’s another whole argument),

    So following Craig’s logic then obviously we should have George Lucas lead NASA because he has made space movies.

    I’ve driven a car for some 30 years so that MUST mean I’m an expert on cars.

    Harrison Ford has done several Indiana Jones films so he should be an expert on finding buried treasure.

    Nicholas Cage should be in the penal system because he did a movie in which he escaped from a prison.

    I hate getting into one of these “who’s got a bigger one contests.” But Craig as a former professional athlete who has a resume much longer then yours, I still I don’t think that makes me an expert on all sports. I think it gives me some insights. But i can assure you I’m completed ignorant in other areas.

    I think its cool you share your thoughts. I agree with Hearne you don’t have to be an expert to write about sports. But I think if you KEEP claiming you are then it just shows you are insecure and is annoying.

    And Sean Connery should be the head of the FBI because he was James Bond.

  31. Rick says:

    U don’t want to know
    Cliffy, u don’t want to know the answer to some questions in life.

  32. Super Dave says:

    Well Another Opinion Is
    Arguing with a fool is like wrestling with a pig in the mud.

    It shouldn’t take you too long to realize the pig likes it.

  33. Rick says:

    Well stated and concur.

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